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 TASK Group yourselves in threes. Your mission will be divided into 2 parts. In the first part, all 3 of you work collaboratively. In the second part, you work individually. PART I (collaboratively)  Search the web for information regarding the amount of brain damage and other injury boxing causes to boxers.  Find testimonies of surviving boxers and dead boxers’ grieving family members.  Gather statistics of deaths among boxers.  Compile your work and get ready for PART II.

PART II (individually)  S1: write a persuasive letter in the form of an essay to the Federal Boxing Commission in which all the information crucial to the banning of boxing will be presented.  S2: Make a PowerPoint presentation that will create a great impact on the Federal Boxing Commission. The presentation will show explicit pictures of wounded boxers, along with notes describing the damage the boxer has undergone.  S3: Compile videocasts of surviving boxers’ testimonies and dead boxers’ grieving families.