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Target learners: 11th & 12th graders

Objectives: Use laws.

Assessment means:

Teaching Strategies:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of Copyright & Fair Students’ answers to the 5 appendices.

a. Students take a mini survey. (Appendix 1) This survey helps students reflect upon important issues that will be brought up during the lesson. b. Students watch a copyright video and do an activity. (Appendix 2) This brief but informative video gives students an idea about what copyright is and who it works for. c. Students read the slides on copyright and complete a chart. (Appendix 3) This set of slides explains the origin of copyright and how it evolved over the years. d. Students read the slides on copyright and answer the questions. (Appendix 4) This section addresses some common issues like how much one can copy or what to do prior to copying. e. Students read the last part of copyright and answer the questions. (Appendix 5) This last section shows who to address for authorship copyright. 

Resources and required time: Resources

Survey (Appendix 1) + Appendix 2 + Appendix 3 + Appendix 4 + Appendix 5

Time (minutes) 3 15 20 15 7

Lesson plan