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The Neuberger Museum of Art is my favorite place on campus. The acumen you acquire is staggering.

You truly develop an academic support system.

Purchase has an enormously diverse student population.

Purchase is all about exposure to new directions.



You become involved with your peers on an intellectual level.

The campus proximity to the city is priceless. My internship jump-started my career.

It’s different here. Creativity and openness transcend the traditional academic journey. Each of us is a singular nexus to uncharted territory. A fresh, new map point to destinations unknown. Together, we create a geography as colorful and complex as the wide-open world. An education at Purchase College will prepare you for any career in any job

Zachary Pace Program of study: Literature

STUDENT BIOS & VIDEOS Find out more at:

market. It will also prepare you for life. You won’t just study. You’ll learn how to

Real mentoring I have a really strong academic support system here. Student/teacher rapport at Purchase is amazing. Our professors are integral to our lives. Mine have encouraged and urged and supported me in all sorts of ways—in the classroom, in the library, and out in the real world, too. It’s thanks to them that I’ve been able to jump-start my career by pursuing literary internships in Manhattan and Brooklyn, publishing my own poetry in The Westchester Review, and holding my own “projected” poetry reading at the Neuberger Museum.

learn. You’ll gain the skills to analyze issues from all different points of view.

Unreal access I attended a poetry seminar with Bill Wadsworth, creator of and the founder of National Poetry Month. This course is just another example of the exposure to incredible talent you get here and the access you have to new directions in literature, film, dance, music, stage, writing—the list goes on forever. Everything about Purchase is designed to help students find and fuel their passions and overcome any obstacle that might stand in the way of pursuing those passions. There are no barriers in my way: I’m headed to grad school for an M.F.A. in poetry, and I’ll be taking all of my Purchase experiences with me.

willing to travel outside their comfort zones. Environmental activists, economists,

A very cool life There are great events and performances going on all the time at Purchase. I go to as many of them as I can. And, of course, there’s always a provocative exhibit at the Neuberger to see. We’re unbelievably lucky to have all this right here.

to learning that you are likely to value most of all. It will help you ace exams and

The Purchase experience is never a case of art vs. science, technology vs. humanity, thinking vs. feeling. Instead, we explore the paths that connect diverse schools of thought. This is what makes our community so unique. Yes, writers will write. Psychologists will analyze. Musicians will jam. Artists will create. But here, everyone is also part of a larger community of thinkers and doers who are more than mathematicians, journalists, and Web programmers live and learn alongside aspiring actors, dancers, artists, film makers, designers, and musicians. It’s the kind of richly textured environment that naturally fosters wide-open conversations, collaborations, and ideas. No matter what passions bring you to Purchase, it’s this interconnected approach prepare for grad school; get a job and be more creative; and help you take on any challenge, including getting from Point A to Point B. It will make you a better citizen of the world.

NYC – Infinite... New York City offers unlimited opportunities to explore every interest from the arts and the sciences, to history and economics. Only 30 miles away, students see New York as a place to test their ideas, perform their works, and energize their minds. We enjoy close relationships with the intellectual and artistic communities in Manhattan, and those connections greatly enrich the Purchase learning experience.

Bringing out the best. Every year, Purchase hosts a broad range of visiting lecturers and artists. The New Media Lecture Series is an ongoing dialogue between leadingedge technologists and theorists. A monthly lecture series sponsored by the School of Natural and Social Sciences attracts provocative researchers and historians to campus. Plus, notable artists, curators, and critics visit to share their views on the contemporary art world— courtesy of the School of Art+Design. All of this adds to the Purchase community’s reputation as an important place where creative people connect and collaborate.


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Helping you achieve success. At Purchase you’ll find programs and services that guide you through each stage of your education. First-year students can participate in Learning Communities, small groups that take a selection of courses together. Some groups also reside in the same dorm. Our Freshman Interest Groups (FIGS) cluster the group’s classes around a specific theme or major. As in all Learning Communities, a dedicated advisor and teaching team work with each group. Our Learning Center offers peer tutoring and training in specific study skills. As you prepare to go out into the world, you’ll find our Career Development Center is wired into excellent internships, many in nearby White Plains and the New York metropolitan area. For those eager to experience faraway places, our Study Abroad Program sends students to more than 65 exotic, historic, and inspiring locations throughout the world.

Purchase College is a rare environment where academic achievement and the skills needed for a creatively driven career develop and blend organically. Here you will interact with professors who are scientists and actors, writers and artists, producers and performers, with impressive resumes and the most advanced degrees in their fields. Collaboration across disciplines is essential to Purchase. Non-arts majors can take arts classes; conservatory students are immersed in the liberal arts. No matter which of the college’s 44 majors and 29 minors you choose, you’ll have opportunities to explore subjects and be influenced by people outside of your program. Even if you’re not sure of your course of study, don’t worry; here you will get plenty of guidance and inspiration from our professors and counselors.

Tara George, MS Assistant Professor of Journalism “My journalism students pitch stories about a deaf dancer, the advent of gender-neutral toilets on campus, and a student-driven

Inspiring minds. Purchase professors are accessible, available, and interested in their students. A student/faculty ratio of 17 to 1 means that professors get to know students by name and understand their individual talents. You’ll develop working relationships with your professors and become a part of their academic projects. You will have the opportunity to contribute to your professors’ research, which is great preparation for graduate studies or for a career. Each believes deeply in what they do, and it shows—in the classroom, in the office, in late night discussions at Starbucks, and in the strong commitment to personal mentoring that is the hallmark of the Purchase faculty.

rickshaw that raises money for charity. The stories they write paint a picture of a college that is accepting, creative, laid back, intellectually curious, friendly, ambitious, and—at times—eccentric.” George Kraemer, Ph.D.

Tony Lemieux, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology

Professor of Environmental Studies & Biology

“I feel that it is important to put social and health psychology

“I rely on research-related travel to enrich my

principles to work where they may be of greatest benefit. My

classroom teaching, which also benefits from

research into the use of music-based HIV prevention—aimed at urban

my interest in physics, literature, history, and

adolescents—is a convergence of several areas of interest: music,

environmental science. In fact, I’m developing a

social networks, and peer-based strategies.”

course that integrates pirate history, the physics of tall-masted sailing ships, and the environment.”

Our cultural turbines. The Neuberger Museum of Art—“Neu”—is an energy source for the international art community. It’s a teaching museum and a living studio, recognized around the world for its vibrant permanent collection and mix of new exhibitions. Across campus is the Performing Arts Center (PAC) where you can take in—or take part in—a full season of powerful performances. On stage at any of its five theatres, you’ll find student productions running alongside worldclass touring acts, experimental plays, and classical symphonies. These two cultural center points, Neu and PAC, make the Purchase College campus unlike any other in the United States.

Cross Country Team Captain

Cellular Biology

Organic Chemistry

Pre-Med “Home” Noel O’Donnell Program of study: Biology Discovering connections Studying biology at Purchase is like opening a door that leads from one discovery to another. You choose from different concentrations, like cellular biology, marine biology, or genetics—but whatever door you go through, you will end up discovering that everything is intertwined. My professors help me see and understand all the connections. I’m interested in a career in medicine, so I’m taking many science courses in chemistry and physics. But I’m also taking creative writing and learning about jazz. To my mind, this is the way to be a Biology major! Working at home Purchase feels like home to me. Classes are small, the campus is intimate, and I know everybody. The size of the campus makes it really easy for me to get access to technology and facilities that I need for my studies—in my case, the great science laboratories. And, in a community of this size, when it comes time for me to deliver my Student Science Symposium, which is on the subject of adolescent obesity, I know that I’ll have a lot of friends in the audience. Motivated to run I love running. Last year I was elected captain of the Purchase College cross country team. It wasn’t because I was the team’s fastest runner: I think it was because I’m really good at keeping everyone motivated. Sports here are a great way to get involved in campus life, meet new friends beyond the classroom or dorm, and stay fit. And that’s important for me to do because I really love the food here.

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Let what inspires you guide you. At Purchase, your inspiration will come from facult, staff, and students in all corners of our learning community. Here, as in real life, subjects mix and disciplines weave together. Some students come here to devote themselves to a single discipline; others come to pursue multiple majors, or to build their own “mixed” major. Still others come here uncertain about all of that, but very certain they want to be part of an intellectual, creative, and diverse community in which they can be free to discover their passion and transform it into a life’s calling.

Music Composition Music Performance – Instrumental Music Performance – Jazz Studies Music Performance – Vocal Music – Studio Production

Jonathan Stromberg Program of study: Film

Acting Anthropology Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Dance Economics Film Graphic Design

MAJORS & MIXTURES Painting/Drawing Philosophy Photography Political Science Printmaking/Art of the Book

Lights I am on a first-name basis with all of my professors. One in particular has been a great teacher and a great person to know. He makes me want to work hard and go outside my comfort zone. For example, when I was trying to decide whether to run for student government president, he had just become an interim dean. He just stepped up and did it. And I thought: If he could do it, so could I. Camera Purchase has taught me how to work artistically even when resources are limited, as they often are in the real world. My junior film started out as a traditional documentary. I shot 13 hours of video in my hometown of California. When I returned to New York, I realized I didn’t have the material I really wanted. So I ended up breaking down the film and reworking it with an hour and a half of footage I had shot for another project. My film was more interesting, more powerful, and better at communicating my message. Action I went from being an out-of-state freshman in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film to becoming student government president, all the while making experimental films and organizing spur-of-themoment student performance art shows. I initiated a fund for student government to buy and curate artwork from students. Ten years from now, when I come back to campus and see how much the fund has grown, it will make me really happy.

Art History Arts Management Drama Studies Cinema Studies Creative Writing Dramatic Writing Environmental Studies Media, Society, and the Arts New Media Women’s Studies Liberal Arts (individualized study) History Journalism Language and Culture Liberal Studies* Liberal Studies: Arts* Liberal Studies: Communications/Media Studies* Liberal Studies: Legal Studies* Literature Mathematics/Computer Science

Psychology Sculpture/3-D Media Sociology Theatre Design/Technology Visual Arts

* For transfer students.

Caitlin Orellana Program of study: Environmental Studies Science is art I wasn’t sure what my major would be. Then, my first year, I took Intro to Environmental Studies and was hooked. The day of the final, I literally left with a smile on my face but I wondered if my background in science was strong enough to stay with it. My peer advisor helped give me the confidence to make the leap.

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Find out more at:



“Surrounded by woods ... and art!”




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Creativity rules You can really see things from a fresh perspective here. When I visit my friends at other colleges, I realize how different Purchase students are. We’re super creative and each of us is definitely unique. Yeah, we’re not like everybody else and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Trash is treasure There are so many opportunities for me here. I’m doing an internship to make the campus greener, and this summer, I’ll be working for Clean Air NY. In Environmental Sociology class, we did a garbage audit; we ripped open garbage bags and compared the contents of the academic buildings to the residence halls. It was messy and gross, but totally fascinating. You can learn a lot from looking at garbage.

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NCAA Division III Men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball Women: Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball

Live different. Live well. Our embrace of creativity extends to campus living experiences. A variety of housing options give students choices, including options that are organized around shared interests. Purchase has made a college wide commitment to personal health and wellness. We offer housing and provide many services that focus on students’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Of course, diet is an individual choice. So from tempeh cacciatore at the allvegetarian café Terra Ve, to the double meat burritos at Zona Mexicana, vegans and omnivores can find dining to their tastes.

Good sports. Your mind’s getting a workout. How about the physical plant? Pick dodgeball or softball, yoga or water polo, or any one of our dozens of individual and team intramural sports activities. If you’re more competitive athletically, you can join one of our NCAA Division III sports teams. A new, lighted turf field adds to our full offering of aquatic facilities, courts, workout spaces, and gymnasiums.


Parties become traditions. What fun would a college campus be without a few big parties? Culture Shock in spring and Fall Fest in autumn turn the campus into an outdoor concert venue, with student-selected line ups of art pop, R&B, and indie folk bands. And don’t miss Zombie Prom and Skalloween—both very Purchase and a lot of fun. Every year, the college invites the community (and your parents) to drop by for Purchase Wide Open, a month-long festival showcasing student performances and presentations, art exhibitions, lectures, and sporting events.

Need quiet? Take a walk in the woods. Need loud? Hop a train to Manhattan. Need inspiration? Just look around you. The Purchase College campus is a cozy place nestled in 550 suburban acres, about 30 miles north of New York City. It is a perfect setting for our students, who enliven the spaces with their creative energy. About two-thirds of the student population resides on campus, along with many faculty members and staff, making our campus a vibrant, 24/7 learning community.

Join in. The Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA) makes sure that the campus is a lively place with plenty of things to do. When you sign on to one of our many groups, you’ll find you can burn off all your extra energy at Dance Dance Revolution Club, put your vision on the airwaves as part of Purchase Television, or make a stand with United Students Against Sweatshops. Looking to lead? Our students get real experience by running for student government positions, serving as resident assistants or Admissions Ambassadors, or taking on the rewarding responsibilities of a Peer Tutor.

Idea-friendly surroundings. Learning happens wherever ideas converge, and at Purchase that’s just about everywhere. Groups gather in small classrooms, wellequipped labs, sunlit studios, quiet practice rooms, and busy collaborative spaces. Our dynamic library is home to the Digital Media Zone (DMZ). Open to the entire student body, the DMZ is divided into a video lab, a graphics lab, and a music lab, each featuring powerful computers loaded with high-performance software. Our campus buildings were designed by prominent architects.

Location. Location. Location. Purchase College is located minutes from two distinct cities with plenty to offer. White Plains is an active, corporate center with opportunities for internships and venues for shopping (of the serious sort). Port Chester offers a culturally varied, bohemian atmosphere with small eateries and shops that reflect a more eclectic style. So without straying far from campus, you’ll find all-night diners, multiplexes, coffee shops, and boutiques. And, when you need that big-city rush, just grab the train into Manhattan.

small, random concert spaces


Contemporary Ensemble

youth orchestra

African History

conversation South Carolina multi-media


crazy notes Black Studies



“The Quartet for the End of Time” African rhythms Lincoln Center Clarinet Performance


Global Black Studies

exchanging ideas

electronic music Grand Central


another extreme

social-political Symphony Space

Nicholas Davoe Graham Program of study: Double Major—Clarinet Performance & Arts Management with Minor in Global Black Studies Mozart to Mozambique Purchase is exactly the right place for me. It’s a great place to be a music major, in part because music is not the only thing that matters here. I decided to double major, in Clarinet Performance and Arts Management, so that whether or not I end up playing professionally, I will always be able to make a living in the arts. But I’m also getting to study other things, too, that are opening my eyes. How many music majors do you know that have the chance to minor in Global Black Studies? Practice hall to Carnegie Hall It’s a quick train ride from campus to Grand Central, so it’s easy to attend performances at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space, and Lincoln Center. Some of the best concerts in New York, though, are happening in small, random spaces all over the city, featuring musicians just beginning their solo careers. As a Conservatory of Music student, I get to a lot of these gigs, and even better, back on campus I get to jam with all sorts of talented musicians, not just music majors. Everybody is creative here. Solo to Bolo The atmosphere here really encourages me to push myself. Next year, for instance, I’m going to combine Music and Black Studies in a project I’m calling Bolo. (The word comes from “cocobolos,” the wood used in clarinets.) Bolo is a new medium that uses bass clarinet to merge hip-hop, African rhythms, electronic music, and video. Yes, I surely do want to make music. And I want to make sure my music makes a difference.

Arts Management conservatory has been enlightening

French reeds rock

ARTS & CULTURAL PROGRAMS Find out more at:

theories of evolution


Carnegie Hall

Senior Project

SENIOR PROJECTS New Identity and Signage System for the Bronx Zoo



+ + +

When I take a break, I can drop in on three painters having a show.









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The Noodle Project: Exploration of the Noodle as Typography, 2D and 3D Form




Intercambio: Experiences of an Exchange Student en la Ciudad de Mexico








Bow Jones Program of study: New Media

Selling My Own T-Shirts in NYC

Opportunity There are so many creative opportunities here. You just have to seize them. For example, I just published a piece in an on-campus magazine called The Submission. I’ve been taking Cinema Studies classes to learn about the language of films, scene analysis, and plot development. In my major, New Media, I’m learning design apps, Web site construction, filmmaking, fine art, editing, plot construction, and photography. And I’m figuring out how make it all work together. Inspiration I’m a visual artist; I’ve taken classes from screenprinting to motion graphics to video art. But my inspiration doesn’t come just from the classroom or studio. Last night, while working in the Visual Arts building, I took a break to drop in on a show being put on by three painters. I know these guys well—I see them every day. But their work revealed to me a whole new side of them, and it gave me a new visual perspective to consider. That’s Purchase—we get to be friends, and we learn a lot from each other, too. Graduation Purchase is a place to develop your own unique creativity and to do things with it that just wouldn’t be possible at most colleges. I’ve driven to Manhattan on many weekends to set up shop and sell the t-shirts that I’ve designed and printed. Maybe I’ll start my own business some day. At this point, it’s wide open.

The point of it all: Senior Project It’s big. It’s broad. It’s a lot of work. But your Senior Project isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s the apex of the Purchase College education, the most significant mark you’ll make. Your Senior Project will take you to great depths and heights and provide a glimpse into your future. You’ll complete it with a faculty advisor working closely with you, providing guidance, encouragement, and collaborative energy. When it’s done, your Senior Project will speak volumes. It will demonstrate your ability to take on a complex challenge and produce a major work. It will be your bridge to an advanced degree or your next career move. It will open doors. A Senior Project might be a research paper or a presentation. It could be a chair made from corrugated cardboard, built into the shape of a question mark or an original dance composition about silence. It could be an analysis of a pop art icon, a performance of a musical repertory, or a discussion of environmentalism as a consumer good. A Senior Project might be a showcase theatre performance, an original film, or costume design for a series of stage performances. However you choose to shape it, your Senior Project will be the most meaningful and lasting product of your Purchase education. Dig in.

Face Time: The Art of Makeup Identity Design for London Olympics 2012 Composition: Conflicted Silence. Composition: Poems. Composition: Yesterday was dramatic … today is OK. Children of Squalor: The Youth of 19th Century New York City and their Journey from Slums to Farms Idolartist: Andy Warhol and the Business of Immortality Apollo and Dionysus: Desire, Overpowering, and Contradiction in the Work of Thomas Mann Integrating Technology into Learning: Assessing Educational Content in Interactive Video Games The Negative Impact of Classical Fairy Tales on Today’s Youth and Culture Hardcore Music: Perverse Modernism and its Effect on Rock and Roll Lifting the Heavy Curtain of Habit: A Study of the Role of Habit in Proust Bleeding Kansas: A Tragic Prelude to The American Civil War 1854–1861 Violence beyond the Fist: Myths about Rape in the United States Finding Their Way Home: The Struggle for Belonging in PostWar America in Hemingway, Kerouac and O’Brien Reactions of Pessimists and Optimists to Interruptions During a Creativity Talk What America Fears: Terrorism as the New Communism A Multidisciplinary Approach to Determining the Age of Stone Walls on the Purchase College Campus Creating a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for a NASA Database It’s Not Easy Being “Green”: A Look into “Green” Consumerism and the College Campus Little Ladies Never Shout: Do Preschoolers Use Gender Cues When Interpreting Emotions? Sacred Forests: A Model for Togo’s National Forestry Management A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Heterosexuals’Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage Rights To Feel or Not to Feel: The Effects of Theatrical Performance on Emotion Greening Business: A Critical Analysis of Sustainability in Mega Food Markets in the United States

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Hierarchy of Human Needs Determinism



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Neo-Freudian Maslow

Self-identity Cognitivism Positivism


Ligament The actions of the mind and body go hand-in-hand. er Ego: Dancer

Artificial Intelligence

Operant Conditioning Phenomenology



Andreas Visalius

Cartilage Musculoskeletal

Pelvic Inlet


Lymphatic System Thoracic Inlet Muscle


Now I am an aspiring physical therapist.

Endocrine System Evolution

Digestive System

Existential Therapy

Circulatory System

Connective Tissue Tendon

William Harvey

P h y s i o l o g y

FACULTY BIOS & VIDEOS Find out more at:

Raegan McDuffey Program of study: Psychology Passion is not singular I had always thought I wanted to be a dancer. I was passionate about it, and I was good at it. After high school, I went to New York City to pursue what I thought should be my professional career. What I learned was that while I would always love dance, the dancer’s life was not for me. So I decided to go back to school—not just to continue my education—but to find my new passion. And I chose Purchase because it was the perfect place to go looking for it. Discovery is not linear I took an early course in Psychology. The professor was amazing, and I loved the material. Human Anatomy and Physiology revealed to me how deeply interested I was in the workings of the human body—no doubt the result of my training as a dancer. Then one day, one of my professors helped put it together for me by suggesting I consider a career in physical therapy. It clicked. Now I’m majoring in Psychology and preparing to pursue graduate training in Physical Therapy. Creativity is everywhere Last week, I walked out into the courtyard near the library. I walked by a dance class there and was struck by how beautiful it was to see the students moving together with such grace. Near the Visual Arts building, an art class was busy capturing the effects of natural sunlight. I walked past the music building and was gently brushed by the sounds of instruments and notes pouring from the open windows. It was proof positive to me of what is possible when mind and body are one. And of how expressive and open a place this is.

Visit. We’d like to meet you and have you get to know our students and professors. The best way is to visit our campus and get a tour from a Purchase College student. Contact our Admissions Office to make arrangements: Phone: (914) 251-6300

Apply. Admission requirements may vary depending on conservatory or school. Some may require a portfolio review, interview, or an audition. Your application will be reviewed based on the quality of your academic program, your cumulative academic average, the results of the SAT and/or ACT exam, and your supplemental essay. Detailed information for specific admissions requirements for our programs can be found on our website:

Directions can be found at: The campus is 100% accessible to physically disabled students. Special services such as interpreters for hearing impaired and readers for visually impaired are provided.

Who we are. Total student head-count: 4,251 Average class size: 17 Student/faculty ratio: 17:1 Undergraduate matriculated students: 3,790 with 68% living on campus 79% of our students are New York State residents. In total, our students represent 47 U.S. states and 28 countries. Women: 55% Men: 45% Minority: 22% Visual and performing arts students: 34% Liberal arts and sciences students: 66% Incoming freshmen: 700 Percentage of applicants accepted: 25% Life after Purchase. Our graduates become CEOs, economists, biomedical researchers, technologists, and award-winning journalists. They are members of the most influential cultural organizations in the world including American Ballet Theatre, l’Orchestre Nationale de Paris, Metropolitan Opera, Museum of Modern Art, New York Philharmonic, and Twyla Tharp and Dancers. They have been honored with everything from Fulbright Scholarships to Emmy Awards and Oscars.


Purchase College ranks in the top 15 of all U.S. colleges for graduates who earn a doctorate. They earn them from places like Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Yale University, M.I.T., Tufts University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Cornell University. Among public colleges that only grant baccalaureate degrees, Purchase College is ranked number one for the most alumni who receive Ph.D.s in psychology, is in the top 5% for the number who receive Ph.D.s in biological sciences, and, in the top 6% for social science programs. How we rank. We are ranked in the Princeton Review’s Best 371 Colleges and Best Northeastern Colleges, in America’s Best 100 College Buys, and in The Unofficial (Un)Biased Guide to the 328 Most Interesting Colleges.





Affordable. As part of the State University of New York system, our tuition and fees are a significant value. Financial aid, scholarships, and work/study opportunities for students further support accessibility to the worldclass education offered here. Our Admissions and Financial Aid counselors are happy to help. Contact us and ask for a copy of our Paying for College guide.

FAST FACTS & COSTS Find out more at:

Degrees granted B.A., B.S., B.F.A., M.F.A., Mus.B. Music Performer’s Certificate Music Artists Diploma Majors (44) Acting Anthropology Art History Arts Management Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Cinema Studies Creative Writing Dance Drama Studies Dramatic Writing Economics Environmental Studies Film Graphic Design History Journalism Language and Culture Liberal Arts (individualized study) Liberal Studies* Liberal Studies: Arts* Liberal Studies: Communications/Media Studies* Liberal Studies: Legal Studies* Literature Mathematics/Computer Science Media, Society, and the Arts Music Composition Music Performance – Instrumental Music Performance – Jazz Studies Music Performance – Vocal Music – Studio Production New Media Painting/Drawing Philosophy Photography Political Science Printmaking/Art of the Book Psychology Sculpture/3-D Media Sociology Theatre Design/Technology Visual Arts Women’s Studies

Minors (29) Anthropology Art History Asian Studies Biology Chemistry Chinese Economics English and Comparative Literature Environmental Studies French Global Black Studies History Italian Jewish Studies Journalism Latin American Studies Lesbian and Gay Studies Mathematics/Computer Science Media, Society, and the Arts Music Philosophy Philosophy and the Arts Philosophy of Science Political Science Psychology Sociology Spanish Visual Arts Women’s Studies

* For transfer students.

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