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Don’t Get Scratches On Your Car Most of us would like to keep our car looking as shiny and new for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than scratches and swirls on the paint a vehicle, especially if your car is black since darker colors tend to show swirls more. Here are a few easy tips to help prevent ugly dings and scratches on cars. Fiesta Ford is a Car Dealers Palm Springs dealership with a large selection of Ford F150Palm Springs. Be ultra careful when parking in places such as grocery stores and shopping centers. People can be clumsy and inadvertently ding your vehicle with their shopping cars. It’s best to find a spot that is isolated in the back of the lot without a ton of foot traffic. Be careful if you carry a purse that has metal accessories or studs. I used to carry a purse with a golden chain and it would always bang up against the side of my car and as a result the side panels are pretty scratched up. Be extra careful when opening and closing the door so that you don’t hit the doors with your purse if it has metal surfacesor sharp edges. Honda Dealer Riverside County has the 2011 Honda Accord Coachella Valley. Try to park your vehicle in a covered garage overnight if possible. This will keep your car protected from the elements or passerby’s who might vandalize or even worse steal your car. It will also keep your auto looking clean for a longer period of time. Be extra careful when washing your vehicle or when you have it washed. Car washescan actually damage your vehicle if they utilize harsh brushes. Touchlesscar washesare safe becausethey utilize water pressure in order to remove grime and dirt. When washing your own car or going to a full service wash, make sure that suitable rags are used to wipe down the surfaces. Rough and unsuitable rags can also damage and scratch up the exterior. Huntington Beach Ford is a Ford Dealer Long Beach and Ford Orange County dealer with lots of cars in stock. If you do decide go to a car wash (whether automatic or hand wash) make sure to inspect your vehicle for any damage before you tip and take off. If there is any damage at all, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of a supervisor. If the damage is already done you can remove scratches by having them polished and buffed. Vehicles also need to be waxed periodically; waxing protects the paint and prevents the paint from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

Stop Getting Car Scratches  

Stop getting ugly car scratches by being careful and not parking in busy lots.