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Applicant Contact Information Name: E-Mail: Phone: Website: Business Information If you manufacture the product, address of your production facility:

Made in NYC Member?

If you contract to a manufacturer please list contact information for manufacturer (*All Fields Required): (Name)


Product Information (Check All That Apply) Mens Jewelry Womens Accesories Kids Hats/Millinery Active Leather Goods Shoes Describe what you plan to sell:

What is your price point? (Check One) Contemporary Bridge Couture


How long have you been in business? < 1 year 1-5 years 6-10 years 11-15 years 15+ years

2013 projected gross sales: 0-$250,000 $251,000-$500,000 $500,000-$1M $1 million +

List other shows you have participated in, if applicable:

Space and Dates: Select Booth Size 7’x9’ - $250/Weekend 14’x4’8” - $350/Weekend 14’x9’ - $500/Weekend Select Sale Weekend(s) (Check All That Apply) 11/23 - 11/24 11/30 (Small Business Saturday) - 12/1 Submission Instructions: Email completed applications PLUS four product images and your headshot by October 18th to for priority review and earlybird application fee of $15. If booths remain, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through October 25th and application fee is $25.

Important: Fashion on the Factory Floor is a juried sales event. Selected applicants will be notified of acceptance by Friday, October 25th. Selected applicants must submit booth fee (schedule above) within 5 days of acceptance. Uninsured vendors will be charged an additional $39 per weekend for insurance. Booth fee includes one chair. Tables are available for rental upon request in advance.

Factory Floor Application  
Factory Floor Application