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Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

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Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

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For more than 50 years, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School has been inspiring lives and changing the world around us. Heathwood is surrounded by natural beauty on our scenic campus bordering the Congaree River. Just as every leaf, every blade of grass, and each drop of water is unique, each child comes to us with distinct strengths, needs and passions. Heathwood excels at knowing each student well and helping all students realize their God-given potential. Heathwood Hall Episcopal School is committed to the values and traditions that are part of our Episcopal heritage. We believe in living Jesus’ commandment to “Love one another” by inviting people of all backgrounds and religious practices to become a part of our community. Building on more than half a century of tradition, Heathwood Hall remains a dynamic, ever-changing place. The school molds young leaders by modeling leadership. Heathwood Hall has pioneered educational initiatives in the region and state, leading the dialogue for improvement while benefitting Heathwood students first. Through the comprehensive Heathwood experience—focused on educating the whole child and helping each young person thrive— our students and graduates are prepared for a lifetime of learning, achievement and service to God and their neighbors.

“If you can cultivate and extend each person to their individual limits, great things will happen.” —Steve Hickman, Headmaster

Setting Goals and Exceeding Expectations The story of Heathwood Hall’s students, faculty and alumni is one of achievement—and true accomplishment comes in striving for, and reaching, difficult goals.

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp...” —Robert Browning

At Heathwood, 100 percent college acceptance is a time-honored tradition and graduates excel. Typically, more than two-thirds of graduates receive scholarship offers and no independent school in our community consistently produces a higher percentage of seniors honored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for their SAT scores and academic achievement. Beginning with young children in the Lower School grades, the typical Heathwood Hall student ranks in the top 15 percent nationally on recognized standardized tests. And our crowded trophy cases illustrate how successfully Heathwood students compete in academic bowls, drama festivals, debates, art contests and more than 41 organized team sports. These high accomplishments spring from Heathwood classrooms, art and drama rooms, and playing fields where students gain inspiration from South Carolina’s most honored independent school faculty and from some of the state’s top coaches. Our faculty includes Fulbright Scholars, regional and national educational lecturers, consultants on national standardized tests, and four consecutive SC independent school Teachers of the Year. The path to achievement begins with Heathwood Hall’s unshakable commitment to knowing each student well. For when a school builds education around each child’s unique strengths and challenges, young people achieve, succeed and thrive.


“I felt so prepared for college. Heathwood also prepared me for all aspects of life.” —Katherine Hubbard ‘01

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Learning by Doing The essence of learning is discovery. Teachers at Heathwood set students on a lifelong journey of discovery—helping each student to explore the potential within, to think critically and creatively about the world and to learn by doing.

— Aristotle

The real value of this approach is reflected daily in our school community, where high standards are the accepted norm. At Heathwood, education means more than just memorizing information. It means analyzing what you learn, giving and taking constructive criticism and solving difficult problems both individually and in groups. A new Middle School student may have best articulated what makes the school’s approach different, explaining simply to his mother; “Heathwood is harder because they make me think.” With discovery as the program’s philosophical centerpiece, students learn to recognize and nurture their own hidden talents. The ultimate goal is to help students become scholars, individuals who thirst after knowledge, understand their own capacity for excellence, and strive for their fullest potential.

Discovering “Each child has a gift and part of

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

our job is helping each of our students discover what that gift is.” —Anne Weston, Principal

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Demanding More from Ourselves If we learn best by doing, the lessons that stay with us forever are the ones hardest to grasp. Heathwood Hall challenges the mind, body and spirit of every student. The expectation is that each child at Heathwood will grow to use his or her mind well. To that end, our early childhood classes begin building skills that our students will need for success in high school and college. Lower School students create multimedia presentations and excel in academic competitions focused on word analogies and creative problem solving. Middle School pupils write original children’s books for their firstgrade “Book Buddies” and conduct in-depth research projects, earning distinction for their high test scores from Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP). Seniors spend their final year completing months of research for a dissertation-style project that they must pass to receive their diploma.

—Ronald E. Osborne

Many equally important lessons take place outside of classrooms. Tackling the challenge of our 50-foot Alpine Tower ropes course—just one component of our nationally known outdoor education program — takes leadership skills, teamwork, mental acuity and physical strength. Physical education begins at the earliest grade levels and more than 80 percent of Upper School students participate and earn a varsity letter on at least one competitive athletic team. Heathwood Hall also seeks its own set of challenges, striving for constant improvement by benchmarking itself and its programs against the nation’s finest independent schools. With their school leading the way—and with committed and supportive teachers as their advocates—Heathwood students enjoy an environment where they can grow by pushing themselves beyond perceived limits.


“Heathwood Hall’s strong suit is challenging the whole child in mind, body and spirit.” —Kitty Sutton ‘80, Parent

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Showing the Way Throughout its history, Heathwood Hall has modeled effective leadership for its students by consistently leading local, regional and national efforts to improve education. Heathwood students often are the first in the community to enjoy important new educational initiatives, thanks to the school’s culture of constant improvement and attention to national data and research. Today, Heathwood is the most honored college preparatory school in the region, having earned recognition three times as a National Blue Ribbon School and the School of Distinction award from Apple Computers, Inc. for highly effective use of technology in classroom learning.

—John F. Kennedy

Heathwood students learn leadership skills that can help them someday command an army, run a company or take a team down the field to victory. They also learn that effective leadership is defined by service to others, acting responsibly, setting a positive example and living a moral life. Character and good ethical decisions flourish in a community with high standards, and the Heathwood Hall Honor Code provides the cornerstone for campus life. Their teachers recognize Heathwood students as tomorrow’s leaders, but many of them already serve in elected positions for regional and national student service organizations. You will find Heathwood graduates at the forefront of professional fields ranging from law to education, from medicine to the creative arts, from high finance to high fashion.

Leading “My favorite thing about

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

Our world desperately needs more moral leadership. Heathwood Hall’s mission calls us to provide it.

my time at Heathwood has been all the opportunities to grow by serving in leadership roles.” –Brionna Dickerson ‘05

Worshiping and Sharing Heathwood Hall is a community called to love our neighbors—to live, work, learn, worship and celebrate together in faith and in the recognition that God is the center of life. We rejoice in a tradition of faith that binds generations, embracing the diversity of beliefs and backgrounds that enrich us all. Students are challenged to champion justice and peace, respecting the dignity of every human being. We praise individual achievement, but we do so for how it strengthens our community.

“...intelligence plus character —that is the goal of true education.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Worship is at the heart of spiritual life at Heathwood Hall. Daily prayer and weekly chapel are part of students’ experience with the goal of helping them grow in their faith and in their spiritual lives. In the Anglican tradition, young people at Heathwood learn to embrace, appreciate and celebrate differences in each other—a process intended to open their hearts and minds to an increasingly diverse world. As a Christian school community, we are called to celebrate all of God’s gifts to us, especially our children. Our intention is to foster the inquiring and discerning heart of childhood, to encourage a spirit to know and love God, and to celebrate the gift of joy and wonder inherent in all creation. In our attempt to celebrate the individual gifts of each child and to encourage each child’s place in the greater community, our prayer is that Heathwood remains a lively center for sound learning, new discovery and the pursuit of wisdom.


“Spiritual life is central to the school’s mission and to every Heathwood Hall student’s experience.“ —Tobin Cassels, Parent

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Building a Community Heathwood Hall students grow to understand that they live within a broader school community and that we all live in an increasingly interdependent world— one in which our lives are most enriched by what we do to serve God and our neighbors.

-Winston Churchill

One of Heathwood’s unique attributes among the Midlands‘ independent schools is its tradition of inspiring servant leadership in students. The work begins with class service projects in early childhood classes and connects with opportunities for service-learning throughout a young person’s experience at Heathwood Hall. In the Upper School, graduation requirements include at least 20 hours of community service per year by each student. Service-learning combines two of the school’s major objectives. When connected to academic content and standards, service involves young people in helping to determine and meet real community needs. This is accomplished by combining service tasks with structured opportunities that link tasks to self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition and comprehension of values, skills and knowledge.

Serving “Academic excellence

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

Heathwood students follow many paths to serving their neighbors and the larger community, often working directly with organizations that feed and clothe homeless and disadvantaged families, care for abandoned and neglected children, and reach out to the sick and elderly. The goal of these service activities is to inspire both the recipient and the young person providing the service. The hope is that planting these seeds ultimately serves a much higher purpose: instilling in Heathwood students a passion to change the world for the better.

is important at Heathwood, but the school also emphasizes and considers matters of the heart.” –Lorin Peri Palmer, Parent

Changing the World The act of creation is revolutionary—it literally changes the world around us. Heathwood students are expected to think creatively and critically, to communicate well both in writing and verbally, and to use their talents to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them. At Heathwood Hall, young people participate in the most comprehensive, recognized and well-established Fine Arts program available in the area’s independent schools. From stage productions offered as early as kindergarten to visual arts and music programs to writing and producing original plays, every student enjoys the opportunity to be on stage and perform.

“Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.” —George Washington Carver

The school’s commitment to creativity and the Fine Arts has not gone unnoticed. The SC State Fair Art Contest, SC Independent Schools Association, the South Carolina and International Thespian Society and other organizations routinely recognize and honor the work of Heathwood students. It all begins, however, with the recognition that each child has the potential to create beauty, a better life and a better world.


“Creativity permeates everything at Heathwood. We encourage our students to interpret the world creatively.” —Melissa Swick ‘89, Director of Fine Arts

Inspiring Generations One Life at a Time

Mission and Philosophy MISSION Heathwood Hall Episcopal School fosters the personal and intellectual growth of students through demonstrated mastery of a college preparatory program in a Judeo-Christian environment. VISION Heathwood Hall will establish itself as one of the finest independent schools in the nation at serving and meeting the needs of its community of learners. GUIDING PHILOSOPHY We are committed to: n Requiring student mastery of a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

Achieving Discovering Challenging

n Encouraging creative and critical thinking and problem solving. n Inspiring students to learn and take responsibility for their learning.


n Developing relationships across disciplines through collaborative and cooperative learning. n Living, working and worshiping together to fulfill the teachings of the Christian faith. n Respecting the dignity of all human beings. n Encouraging community members to consider and act upon the moral and ethical dimensions of their choices. n Promoting responsible and active citizenship and service beyond self.

Celebrating Serving Creating

Heathwood Hall enthusiastically embraces a doctrine of fairness and nondiscrimination in all of its policies and practices, as well as in every aspect of school life.


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