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Power School  Gradebook  Guide  –  Module  7     Preface:  In  creating  this  guide,  it  is  assumed  that  Powerschool  is  already   installed  on  the  computer  you  are  using.  The  setup  for  entering  the   Powerschool  Gradebook  will  be  different  if  the  user  is  on  a  Mac  vs.  a  PC.   Powerschool  has  issues  with  Macs  because  of  Java.  As  this  tutorial  will  show   you,  it  is  recommended  that  you  install  the  gradebook  completely  to  your   computer  if  you  are  on  a  Mac,  vs.  being  able  to  run  the  gradebook  over  the   internet  as  a  person  can  if  they  are  on  a  PC.  Lastly,  we  are  asking  teachers  to   hold  off  on  entering  grades  for  the  first  two  weeks  of  the  quarter  –  this  way,   they  can  use  some  of  the  time  during  the  PD  opportunity  to  practice  entering   their  grades  using  Powerschool  Gradebook.  Younger  teachers  will  possibly   have  used  Powerschool  or  a  similar  program  before.     1. Your  opening  Screen  should  look  like  this  for  Power  school:      

2. After  you  sign  in,  your  screen  will  look  like  what  is  shown  below.  You   need  to  look  to  your  left  where  it  says  “Gradebook”  and  click  on  that.    


3. You will  see  a  screen  like  what  is  shown  below.  This  is  where  things  will   be  different,  depending  on  whether  you  are  using  a  PC  or  a  Mac.  A  PC   will  allow  a  person  to  run  the  Gradebook  off  the  internet.  Macs  do  not   do  well  with  Java.  While  they  will  occasionally  work  in  the  same  way  a   PC  will,  it  is  recommended  that  a  person  downloads  the  program  as  is   described  in  the  Yellow  Line  at  the  bottom.  The  “click  here”  link  within   the  yellow  line  will  allow  for  the  gradebook  program  to  be  downloaded   to  your  computer.  Please  note:  Those  people  who  have  to  run  the   Gradebook  program  from  their  computers  as  a  separate  program,  still   save  back  to  the  Master  Powerschool  program  that  the  district  works   from.  You  won’t  have  to  do  anything  special  once  you  save  your  grades   as  everyone  else  does.  

4. If a  person  needs  to  install  Gradebook  as  a  stand-­‐alone  program,  please   let  me  know  and  I  will  do  it  for  you;  The  screen  below  is  what  should  be   on  your  computer  now.  The  Username  is  your  first  initial  and  last  name   (jbruce)  and  the  Password  is  ps1314  (stands  for  Powerschool1314  –  the   school  years).  Please  let  me  know  if  your  password  is  not  working.    


5. This next  screen  is  what  should  appear  once  you  have  logged  into  the   Gradebook.  To  protect  students  names,  I  have  only  taken  a  picture   (below)  of  the  top  part  of  the  page  

6. Going across  the  top,  starting  with  the  highlighted  tab,  it  says  from  left   to  right:   A. Scoresheet  –  this  will  be  one  of  two  tabs  we  will  deal  with  today   B. Assignments  –  this  will  be  the  other  tab  we  will  deal  with  today.   -­‐-­‐-­‐  Other  tabs  will  be  dealt  with  in  further  training  include:   C. Student  Info   D. Grade  Setup   E. Class  Content   F. Reports  


As You  can  tell,  I  have  also  already  created  some  assignments.  That  is  what  we   will  be  showing  you  how  to  do  today:  How  to  create  your  score  categories,  and   see  your  entered  scores.       7. Please  click  on  the  Assignments  tab  on  the  top,  left  of  the  page.  When   you  do  that,  you  should  see  a  page  that  looks  like  what  is  below:    

The “+”  in  the  lower  left-­‐hand  corner  is  what  you  want  to  pay  attention  to.   Click  on  it  and  a  screen  like  what  is  shown  below  will  add  an  area  to  type  your   assignments  in.  


8. Now you  are  going  to  create  your  own  assignment.  Please  follow  these   steps:   A. Under  Name  in  the  top  left  of  the  screen  above,  type  “assignment”.   The  same  name  will  show  itself  on  the  top  right  under   “Abbreviation”  up  to  a  certain  amount  of  characters.   B. For  right  now,  click  on  “Category”.  There  will  be  many  things  your   could  choose  from  including  “Assessments”,  “Homework”,  etc.  For   right  now,  just  click  on  where  it  says  Assignments.   C. Below  “Category”,  it  says  “Score”  –  change  that  to  reflect  how  many   points  you  want  the  assignment  worth.   D. Hit  “save”  in  the  lower  right-­‐hand  corner.   E. That’s  it  !!!  You  should  now  see  an  assignment  added  named   “assignment”  on  the  screen  we  demonstrated  in  #7.     9. Now  you  need  to  go  up  to  the  top  and  click  on  the  “Scoresheet”  tab.  It   will  show  you  a  screen  that  looks  like  the  one  below.    

This is  what  the  screen  will  look  like  for  now  because  of  hiding  the   names.  An  added  assignment,  like  what  you  just  did  will  show  up  as  a   blank  column  on  the  far  right.  It  will  display  the  following.   A. The  Name  of  the  assignment  (“assignment”)   B. The  point  total   C. The  color  of  the  tile  will  show  you  what  type  of  category  you  chose   for  it  (Ex.  –  Yellow  is  Assignments).  Please  see  the  example  on  the   next  page.  


10. An empty  Assignment  category  will  look  like  what  is  above.  For  right   now,  please  do  not  attempt  to  change  categories  or  weigh  grades.  I  left  a   score  in  it  to  show  how  all  a  person  has  to  do  is  type  the  score  in.  When   finished,  type  the  “Save”  button  in  the  lower  right-­‐hand  corner.  It  will   look  like  the  picture  below.  

  11.  That’s  it  !!!  You  are  now  ready  to  start  entering  your  grades.  For  details  on   what  to  do  with  certain  categories,  we  will  be  having  another  PD  opportunity   tomorrow  to  further  what  you  have  already  learned  on  using  Powerschool   Gradebook.  Please  see  me  if  you  have  any  issues,  questions,  or  concerns.  The   question  of  weighted  grades  I’m  sure  will  come  up.  That  is  an  administrative   questions,  and  I  will  follow  their  lead.  Until  I  hear  something  from  them,  we   will  not  be  setting  that  up.  We  want  to  try  to  be  proactive  with  this:  It  is  new   for  everybody.  Thank-­‐you  !!!      


PD Session  

This is a self-made guidebook for setting up PowerSchool Gradebook, which I did as an assignment for EdTech 554 (Boise State)