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It's been said that golf shafts are the "engine" of the golf club. When I think of updating my golf equipment each spring, I don't think about buying new golf clubs until I've evaluated my shafts. Let me show you why placing a premium on your golf shafts can pay big dividends. First, let me pose a general question only to make a point. What is the only thing between your hands and the club head? The answer is obviously the golf shaft -- 46 inches of high end technology. That same technology has a huge influence on how your shots are shaped and how far the ball will ultimately travel. For example, instead of hitting a 240 yard, slight unwanted fade with a shaft that has a wrong kick point. Using a premium shaft with the right kick point might result in a 260 yard slight draw! Why does technology play such a big role? Well, each year, the major shaft makers put an astronomical amount of money into their R&D to keep pace with other shaft makers. And, with a little luck, that R&D might pay off with an advanced design or technology that allows their shaft to outperform their competitors. This has happened many times in recent years. For example, Rifle Project X shaft has frequency matching, stepless design, rifling, and flighted technology. Fujikura has the Triax technology. And Aldila boasts the Next-Generation Micro Laminate technology with Carbon Nano Tubes. Bottom line, shaft technology advances at a rapid rate and you would be best served to take advantage of it. One other very important point. A fitting is an absolute must in order to determine the best shaft for your game. Don't skimp on this process. The same way the right shaft will better your game, the wrong shaft will adversely affect your game. There are many shaft makers constantly improving the design and technology of their shafts. Some of them include Aldila, Fujikura, Grafalloy, Graphite Design, Penley, Harrison, True Temper and UST to name a few. Each shaft has their own strengths and will play a little differently than the next one. Golf shafts are truly an underrated piece of equipment. One that quite frankly, should get more attention to help golfers better their game. Golf shafts are truly the "engine" of the golf club. You owe it to yourself to see if a shaft upgrade will improve your game.

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For Better Golf Shafts Check out this link ==== ====

Why is a Golf Shaft The Engine of your club  

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