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Each golfer has a distinct physical characteristic and swing type. Sadly, having a custom fit set of clubs can be very expensive, and this has discouraged a lot of golfers from getting custom clubs and improving their game. The availability of custom golf clubs online has changed that. The traditional process of custom golf club fitting involves creating a club that matches a player's unique swing type and making sure that the club is square at impact for a straight, long shot. The whole process of custom fitting from sizing, taking measurements, analyzing your skills as a player, up to building the club can take from two to three weeks before you can actually use your new custom clubs and reap the benefits of custom fitting. Having a standard club fitting can be quite expensive as you are paying not only for the club's components but also for the time and expertise of the club builder. Getting a custom fitting is very manual, until now. However, the internet has paved the way for avid golfers to get custom golf clubs online. One of the world's first maker of golf equipment, Forgan of St. Andrews was also one of the first companies to provide online custom fitting. They have the knowledge and expertise in club making to develop a streamlined process in custom fitting readily available from their websites. Be ready with the following information before you get a custom fitting online - gender, height, age, wrist to floor measurement, right or left-handed, glove size, swing speed, and your skill level as a player. To come up with the suitable shaft length for you, your height and wrist to floor measurements will be considered. To identify your shaft flex, information such as your gender and swing speed will be needed, while the type of grip most appropriate for you will be determined by your glove size. There are various methods used by manufacturers who offer custom golf clubs online. Do some research before settling with a maker you're most comfortable with.

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==== ==== Make sure you check out this site for the latest on Golf Clubs, Shafts, Articles and Reviews. ==== ====

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