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jonathan b. warner

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education Pratt Institute Master of Urban Environmental Systems Management

Brooklyn, NY Fall 2012

The University of Georgia, College of Environment & Design Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Cum Laude, Cumulative GPA: 3.47

Athens, GA Spring 2010

activities Front Runners New York, assistant coach Team Harlem United Front Runners New York Emerging Green Builders Athens USGBC, outreach chair Georgia Students of Landscape Architecture, treasurer African American Choral Ensemble, tenor American Society of Landscape Architects, student member

June 2012 - present October 2010- present July 2010 - present May 2008 - May 2009 August 2008 - May 2009 January 2008 - May 2010 November 2007 - November 2009

skills Adobe Creative Suite CS5, AutoCAD 2010, Google SketchUp, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2010, hand drafting and rendering

relevant experience Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Executive Assistant • Perform consistently and efficiently to enable the Chief Program Officer to perform duties overseeing 400 employees, including calendar management and inter-agency communication • Process and file documents ranging from employment forms to government contracts • Handle confidential data in a professional and discrete manner • Create a biweekly newsletter for all program employees • Teach in the inaugural six-week session of the Harlem United Leadership Institute

New York, NY October 2011 - present

Pratt Center for Community Development, Senior Office Assistant • Researched, wrote and produced a housing manual to familiarize residents with the features of their new, ‘green’ housing development for Cypress Hills LDC • Designed and formatted a book documenting a quality of life study for LowerBroadway, Newark in coordination with La Casa de Don Pedro and Greater Newark & Jersey City LISC • Assisted in managing daily office function and flow

Brooklyn, NY June - September 2011

Jungle Design NYC, Associate • Assisted customers with their plant and outdoor furniture needs and provided expertise in garden care, plant health and space design • Managed the retail lot in absence of managerial staff; duties included opening and closing shop, answering the phone, handling payments and conducting inventory • Conducted site surveys and created project designs and renderings • Installed designs for rooftop spaces and completed repairs and maintenance of client gardens as needed

Brooklyn, NY May - September 2011

Contents landscape design • Hilltop Equestrian Farm • Railtower Village • Highland Park Rail Depot • Warner Robins Park • Sunset Gardens • Coverdell Greenspace

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architectural design • 4th State Personal Fitness Resort • RE:CED • Thompson Cabin

15 - 16 17 - 18 19 - 20

implemented design • Roberts St. Bioretention

21 - 22

pen drawings

23 - 26

polymer clay

27 - 28

cover project • Mendenhall Spa & Resort


Lexington, KY


Hilltop Equestrian Farm is a small, family-owned farm in the Lexington, KY countryside on the site of a former tobacco farm. Development is concentrated primarily onto a single hilltop to conserve valuable farmland. Traditional forms and clean lines create a simple and utilitarian but formal space, as is needed for daily operations and equestrian events. Also on site are a horse graveyard to the south and a collection of cabins for longterm visitors to the east.


Garden Barn Orchard

Show arena

Master Plan Design Inspirations


Holding pens

Hay barns

Hilltop Equestrian Farm


Master Plan

CAD drawn, hand rendered

Railtower Village is a proposed redevelopment of an abandoned rail yard and industrial compound located less than two miles from downtown Athens, GA. The design creates a whole community while maintaining the industrial character. In terms of building types and amenities, the site includes: -196 apartment units -56 single-family residences -37 retail buildings -1 grocer, train depot, and market space -180 street trees -264 street parking spots -242 deck parking spots The site also includes an expansive natural area with walking trails for resident health and enjoyment.

Site Program

Red = residential Yellow = retail Purple = depot

Orange = mixed-use Blue = parking Brown = utility

Photos are of existing conditions, show industrial character.


Railtower Village


The Highland Park Depot is part of a joint project which aims to provide for the growing transportation needs of Chattanooga, TN through the introduction of light rail while respecting existing culture and infrastructure. The proposal will re-purpose existing unused rail lines, revitalize urban neighborhoods, and increase connectivity. The line extends from the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, through the historic Highland Park Neighborhood an urban greenfield, and on to Enterprise South Industrial Park, which houses Volkswagen and Amazon facilities.

Above: Proposed rail corridor; historic Highland Park Neighborhood in purple Below: Existing traffic patterns and site conditions at the depot site


Highland Park Depot


Little League Southeast Regional Headquarters

Warner Robins Park is a conceptual design for the American Little League Association’s Southeast Regional Headquarters, which would host local Little League games as well as the baseball and softball regional tournaments. The program extends beyond Little League to includes tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, walking paths, and open spaces for year-round community use.

Little League Southeast Regional Headquarters, Media Building

Warner Robins, GA

Plans are CAD drawn, hand rendered. Headquarters Building is CAD drawn, modeled in SketchUp.


The Headquarters Building incorporates sustainable techniques and local materials. Its dome provides natural light and enforces the site theme.

Warner Robins Park


The planting scheme is designed with both aerial views and human experience in mind. The varying heights and textures create a visual depth for the camera. The plant arrangement and colors are intended to recall camouflage and pay tribute to the military heritage of Warner Robins, Georgia. All plant species are native to the area, with the exception of the playing fields turf.


Warner Robins Park


Sunset Gardens is an infill community within the Normaltown Historic District of Athens, GA. Residences share the architectural style and color pallette of the district but are updated for modern living. The shared garden is central in terms of location and resident values, and the park in the northwest corner of the site connects to a city park which hosts a weekly farmers market.


Sunset Gardens


Coverdell Greenspace is a proposed redesign of a lot which lies directly north of the University of Georgia’s state-of-the-art science center. The diagonal axis of the site connects pedestrian traffic from the center to South Campus while effectively dividing the site into an upper lawn for recreation and a lower lawn for more passive activities. Graphics hand drawn and rendered. Master Plan

Seasonal Color Studies


The outdoor classroom, in the southwest corner of the site, is shaded by native flowering trees.

Analysis & Concept

Coverdell Greenspace


The 4th State is the state of change, and it combines luxury and fitness in an all-new way to create an all-new you. Visitors fly in, bringing with them only the trainer they have chosen from our excellent staff and a three-week supply of clothing and groceries as specified by the trainer. Once you arrive in sunny Pinas Bay, Panama you will be taught how to cook, eat, exercise and live in a completely new manner. Bad habits will be amended, pounds will be erased, and you will finally be free to find yourself without distraction.






Harpy House is the primary structure and only residence of 4th State. Its layout is at once clean, simple, and luxurious; embodying the ethos of the resort. The roof design is inspired by the house’s namesake, the harpy eagle, and serves as a catchment area for the water supply. The wall of windows affords excellent views of the bay and bathes the building in natural light.


4th State Personal Fitness Resort


RE:CED is a re-imagining of the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design. The goal of the redesign was to create a building that embodied the tenets of the college while heightening function from an academic standpoint. Priorities included a connection to the surrounding landscape, open communication within and between studios, and increased natural light and viewsheds. CAD, modeled in SketchUp.




Thompson Cabin is a Montana fly fishing retreat designed to meet the daily needs and aesthetic desires of the Thompson family. Ideally situated on a stream, the cabin provides easy access for the sportsmen of the family and excellent views from all parts of the home. The rough materials pay homage to the vernacular architecture of the region while the layout enables this enjoy their time together, whether fishing, gardening, cooking, or simply gathering around the fire on a cool night. Top: A section cut east to west through the cabin Left: Floor plan, garage apartment off-set


Elevations, section, and plan hand drawn with pen on bond paper.

Thompson Cabin


Roberts St. Bioretention Area is a project which I designed, engineered, and led through the bidding process as an intern with the Beckley Sanitary Board in Beckley, WV. The project was part of a larger stormwater management and flood control project in a high end residential area. Challenges included topographical change, suitable aesthetic, and need to include a parking pad. All plants are native and locally sourced.





Rocking Reptile. 8x10

Whoa Honey. 8x10

Pen Drawings

Roadrunner. 8x10

Stranded. 8x10



Birdsong. 8x8

Turner Family Tree. 8x10

Pen Drawings

Elephant Sundae. 8x10

Lionfish. 8x10



Polymer Clay


Mendenhall Spa & Resort located in Juneau, Alaska is anything but a typical resort. The clubhouse area recreates the Alaskan wilderness with oversized boulders, native evergreens, and a stream network. The pool and lounging areas are surfaced in dark stone and set below grade to maximize heat retention and to keep sunbathers shielded from the occasionally high winds.


Hand drawn and rendered on butcher paper, edited in Photoshop.

Design Portfolio  

This portfolio combines my work done as an undergraduate, intern, and freelance artist.

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