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Transition Complete, Staff Shines As New ED Waiting Area Opens Just days before the new glass doors to the temporary ED waiting area glided open to welcome the general public, dozens of AAMC staff and auxilians, some posing as patients, gathered in the nearly finished area to stage a practice run – or “A Day in the Life.” “The ‘day in the life’ helps us troubleshoot issues in the triage area in advance so that we ensure the quality and safety of patients when the change occurs,” said Janice Drum, clinical director, Emergency Room. “We take the staff through the process of caring for patients so they can adapt to the changes that will occur.”  The exercise began with a quick briefing of the purpose and goals, followed by presentation of simulated volunteer “patients” moving through the triage process. The staff used simulated charts and “treated” patients with various conditions to test all processes, from registration to transportation to radiology to blood draws to discharge. 

“Patients” presented with a heart attack, a stroke, the flu, kidney stone, and diabetic ketoacidosis (an abnormal increase in the acidity of body fluids). The exercise also included a patient who collapsed in the hallway on the way to triage, to test the response of the team. At the debriefing, Drum noted the exercise was “excellent,” and gave the team the chance to identify a number of opportunities to make adjustments. Just four days later, the ED staff treated more than 220 patients on the first day of the transition.

and 11 p.m., Monday through Friday. Parking also is available in the new Wayson Pavilion parking garage, directly across Pavilion Parkway.

All staff: Please be alert to the changes in this area as we work to make this transition as easy as possible for our patients. The end result of this project

will be an amazing, state-of-theart Emergency Room that will feature a dedicated pediatric ED adjacent to the inpatient pediatric unit.

Getting to the ED Signs from Jennifer Road direct patients arriving at the ED by car or other personal vehicle to proceed straight ahead, directly up Pavilion Parkway to the main entrance/new emergency entrance of the hospital. The free valet parking service provided by Towne Park will assist patients between 10 a.m.

Janice Drum, R.N., M.S.N., clinical director of the Emergency Department (center), holds a debriefing of the ‘Day in the Life’ practice run held March 14, during which ED staff treated mock patients in advance of the opening of the new emergency department waiting room.

New Wayson Garage Opens The new Wayson Pavilion garage features 400+ parking spaces for visitors and employees. Wayson tenant and AAHS employee parking is distinguished by green striped spaces on the 6th level roof, and levels 5 and 4. AAHS employee parking assignments are based upon seniority as the ACP surface lot is taken out of service for site construction, later this month. A separate parking area on level 2 roof is for Donner Pavilion patients with special permits. These patients most likely are receiving radiation therapy, chemotherapy or taking part in pulmonary rehabilitation. Once again, “thank you” to the employees and tenants who

work in the Wayson and Donner Pavilions for your support and keeping our patients and visitors informed about the new expansion projects on our AAMC campus.

Wayson Garage Height Limits Level 1: 8’ 2” Level 2, including sun deck: 8’ 2” Level 2/3 where ramp starts and up: 7’ 2”

The new Wayson Pavilion garage features a separate parking area on the second level for Donner Pavilion patients with special permits. A ramp under the hut leads directly to the side entrance of the Donner Pavilion.

Employee Parking Updates The upcoming site work and construction at the Emergency Department means the parking lot at the Emergency Department is closed. The lot is officially a construction site. Employees previously assigned to park in that lot have received new parking assignments. Please keep in mind that as construction continues

Projected Timeline

and surface lots are removed, employees parking on campus may be moved multiple times. This is part of the “domino” effect of construction. Thank you for your continued cooperation and good will as we continue to pursue our vision to be the destination health system in our region.

Medical Parkway Parking Eliminated As construction of the Ambulatory Services Pavilion on the West Campus picks up, the 23+ parking spaces on Medical Parkway have been eliminated. This is necessary to accommodate the construction traffic at the site. Parking on Medical Parkway is a thing of the past.

Sajak Garage completed Wayson Garage completed / Begin ACP site work April 2008 ED entrance closed / Begin ACP Garage site work April 2008


Begin ACP Tower August 2008

ASP garage complete February 2009

Bridge from Sajak to ASP complete September 2009

ASP complete May 2009


ACP south garage expansion complete Fall 2009

Steering the Ship Mike Moraz, a project manager with Whiting-Turner Contracting Company overseeing the AAMC expansion, follows a practical philosophy when it comes to managing big projects: break it all down to small portions. “Sometimes it’s overwhelming to look at the whole project,”said the 27-year-old mechanical engineer. “I look at what I need to do to get ready for the next step. Everything else snowballs from there.” Moraz, who graduated from South River High School and has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, this spring will earn a master’s in business administration from Johns Hopkins University. He

has worked for Whiting-Turner for four years. As project manager, he is responsible for “steering the ship.” He reviews drawings, writes contracts, awards contracts, schedules workers, assures safety procedures are followed, and is responsible for quality control. “My days are never the same,” he said. “One day I could be outside on the job site all day, and some days I’m in the office behind the computer doing paperwork.” On a recent cold and blustery afternoon, his duties included a brief, but thorough tour for The Chronicle of the Wayson Pavilion garage, which at the time was about three weeks from

completion. He and WhitingTurner Senior Superintendent Dave Cichy explained various features of the garage, including the covered walkway at the elevator entrance that leads to the Wayson Pavilion and the separate “sun deck” parking on level two, reserved for special permit patients of the Donner Pavilion and featuring a ramp leading directly to the Donner garden area. Even before the Wayson garage was completed, Moraz’s attentions gradually were moving across Pavilion Parkway to the start of the site work for the new ACP South garage and tower. “I am really looking forward to that,” he said.

Scenes Around Campus

Whiting-Turner workers build new steps off the emergency room, leading to Pavilion Parkway.

Whiting-Turner Project Manager Mike Moraz and Senior Superintendent Dave Cichy look forward to work on the ACP South tower.

ACP South Shell Building expansion complete December 2010


ACP South Tower Opening Early 2011

ACP renovations complete October 2011



Annapolis Transit Bus Stop Change The ED parking lot now is closed to make way for construction of the new South Tower. Gone along with the parking lot is the Anne Arundel Medical Center emergency room stop on the Annapolis Transit Bus Red Bus Route.

That stop is scheduled to be relocated sometime in April to the back of the Clatanoff Pavilion at the traffic circle to the ACP garage. (See map) Please take note of the relocation, and share this information with your colleagues.

Come On By!

Make It Great for Patients Thank you for your cooperation to help make the campus experience as comfortable and safe as possible for our patients. • Employees should use staff elevators and inside corridors and avoid using the public corridors and elevators

throughout the hospital. • Public family lounge spaces and lobbies are not to be used as staff lounges. • No staff parking in the main circle, including night shift. • No smoking on campus.

A Reminder About Unusual Odors Because of construction work taking place close to the occupied pavilions, you may notice occasional odors. The concentration level of these odors is not a fire hazard or a health hazard. The ventilation systems at all of the AAMC pavilions are designed for multiple air exchanges approximately every hour, so odors should dissipate quickly. But if they don’t, and they are strong, please call Security immediately at ext. 6911.

Here’s What Our Expansion Project Includes: • A new, expanded emergency room, with a special pediatric emergency room and inpatient unit. • A new hospital tower featuring 50 additional patient rooms.

Free breakfast snacks, coffee and your AAMC Chronicle await you on the first Tuesday of each month in the ACP lobby near the shuttle pick-up and drop-off area while the campus is under construction. Do you have questions about the construction you would like to see answered in The Chronicle ? Do you have suggestions or ideas for articles? Please call the Public Relations and Marketing team, ext. 4700, or send an email to You can pick up your latest copy of The Chronicle at any time from newsstands at these locations:

• ACP Lobby • Anne Arundel Diagnostics • Clatanoff Lobby • Commerce Park • Defense Highway • Donner Lobby • Edwards Lobby • Garden Café • Pathways • Sajak Lobby • Wayson Lobby

New Meditation Room

• Eight additional operating rooms, for a total of 20 in the ACP. • Nearly 3,000 new free garage parking spaces. • A new rooftop helipad on the existing ACP. • A Health Sciences Institute located in the new Ambulatory Services Pavilion. • More physician offices and services.

The Meditation Room has been moved to its temporary location across from the Gift Shop in the ACP. Be sure to advise our patients that this room is available to them for quiet reflection. The Chronicle is published monthly by AAMC Public Relations and Marketing for staff and visitors to the Medical Park Campus. Inquiries: 443-481-4700. A Green Publication: The Chronicle is printed on FCS-certified stock that is 50% total recycled fiber, of which 25% is post-consumer waste. ©2008 Anne Arundel Health Systems

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