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VWES PTO Meeting Minutes November 7, 2012 9 parents, 3 teachers and 3 principals in attendance Minutes were read from last meeting. Cyndi Brown motioned to accept the minutes. Karey Stoller second. Motion carried. Kirsten Hauter presented the treasurer report. As of the meeting date, the ending balance in the checking account was $22,819.26. This included income from the fundraiser of $52,973.99. Fundraiser expenses totaled $32,278.46. We made $20,695.53 on the fundraiser (after subtracting out expenses, prizes and NSF checks. Little Caesars sent us checks for $500 for winning the largest sale in the nation, plus we got some additional funds in lieu of product. Those checks were received the day of the meeting and were not included in the deposits. Once they are deposited our net income from the fundraiser should be right around $21,961. Brad Etter moved to approve treasurer’s report and Adam Nygren 2nd. Motion carried. Shanann Jackson reported that prizes were awarded and notice sent home with the kids on Nov. 6. There were 501 sellers in both buildings, which is approximately 50% of all students. The selling was evenly distributed through the grade levels. The remaining missing pizza items were to be delivered Nov. 13. All the parents who helped with pizza delivery day were thanked! There was discussion on what to do with the approximately 70 pizza kits that will be left after the top selling class has their pizza party. Julie Burenga moved to let the principals evenly distribute the extras among the teachers so that as many students as possible can benefit. Principals/teachers can decide how to use them. Brad Etter 2nd that motion. Motion carried. Discussed spending at some length. The principals were asked to come up with wish lists. We have already committed to paying for at least part of one field trip for all grade levels. The principals made a request for support of the CARES program. The VWES has a committee in place and needs funding to purchase prizes. Mr. Wisher intends to do something similar to the CARES program at the ECC. Another priority at this time is teacher stipends (used at teacher discretion for classroom “extras”). Cyndi Brown moved to allocate up to $3000 for VWES and $1000 for ECC for CARES program prizes. Karey Stoller 2nd. Motion carried. Adam Nygren moved to spend $50/teacher (75 teachers) for teacher stipends. Nikki Adams 2nd. Motion carried. We discussed that despite the success of the pizza fundraiser, our funds are being quickly depleted and we want to end the year with sufficient funds to pay for next year’s t-shirts. Therefore, everyone is asked to come to the next meeting with ideas for fundraisers for the winter. Discussed Cougar Corner, which was previously run by Washington’s PTO (Jen Witten and Cyndi Brown took care of it). It has been run as a separate entity but under the PTO TIN. We discussed that they either need to get a separate TIN or fold that business into

the Booster Club. Cougar Corner was not a profit making enterprise – just was a way to get Cougar gear available for the kids. Cyndi Brown would like to get out of the responsibility. She will discuss with Jen Witten and our recommendation was that they sell our inventory to the Booster Club and fold Cougar Corner. We would like to start providing some fun activities for the students. Ms. Runnion and Mr. Gehres will consider if there is a way to sell paw stickers or some other small thing at the VWES. Popcorn Fridays was another thing that we would like to do, but will probably have to wait for spring. Brad Etter moved to adjourn. Adam Nygren 2nd. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting Wednesday December 5 at 5:30 in VWES cafeteria. Respectfully submitted, Julie Burenga PTO Secretary

VWES PTO Meeting Minutes 11.7.12  

Van Wert Elem PTO Meeting Minutes