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The Little Book Of Japanese ANIMALS

Introduction In my time as a Japanese tutor, I have wondered: what is the best way to help early learners understand vocabulary? I believe that showing vocabulary with the use of rich visual imagery helps the learner to absorb and remember the words. In this small, free eBook, I introduce the names of Japanese animals in this format: – Japanese Name – English Name – [Image] – Hiragana – Katakana – Kanji This volume does not contain exercises. I am willing to create exercises if demand is sufficient. For comments and questions on this issue, or about any other issues concerning learning Japanese, or just to say hi, you can contact me at anytime. Enjoy my book! - Jeremiah

Jeremiah Bourque

Inu Domesticated Dog

いぬ イヌ 犬

Neko Domesticated Cat

ねこ ネコ 猫

Tori Bird

とり トリ 鳥

Kuma Bear

くま クマ 熊

Sakana Fish

さかな サカナ 魚

Ushi Cow

うし ウシ 牛

Uma Horse

うま ウマ 馬

Hitsuji Sheep

ひつじ ヒツジ 羊

Yagi Goat

やぎ ヤギ 山羊

Buta Domesticated Pig

ぶた ブタ 豚

Saru Monkey

さる サル 猿

Kitsune Fox

きつね キツネ 狐

Tsuru Crane

つる ツル 鶴

Nezumi Mouse

ねずみ ネズミ 鼠

Iruka Dolphin

いるか イルカ 海豚

Kamo (Wild) Duck

かも カモ 鴨

Ahiru Domesticated Duck

By Johnny Jet

あひる アヒル 家鴨

Gachou Gachou

がちょう ガチョウ 鵞鳥

Shishi Lion

しし シシ 獅子

Zou Elephant

ぞう ゾウ 像

Tako Octopus

たこ タコ 蛸

Tanuki Racoon-Dog

By 663highland

たぬき タヌキ 狸

Same Shark

さめ サメ 鮫

Azarashi Seal

あざらし アザラシ 海豹

Kujira Whale

くじら クジラ 鯨

Ika Squid

いか イカ 烏賊

Ookami Wolf

おおかみ オオカミ 狼

Hebi Snake

へび ヘビ 蛇

Risu Squirrel

りす リス 栗鼠

Tora Tiger

とら トラ 虎

Kame Turtle

かめ カメ 亀

Shimauma Zebra

しまうま シマウマ 縞馬

The Little Book of Japanese Animals  

Polish your Japanese vocabulary with a vividly illustrated, free eBook by Japanese tutor and former translator Jeremiah Bourque.