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Camps February 12, 2023 Advertising Supplement to THE DENVER POST



Camp has become a staple of the summer season Each year, millions of children, youth, and adults head to the hills, lakes, valleys, and parks to participate in the time-honored tradition of camp And, while most people easily conjure up images of campfires and canoes, there is a lot more to the camp experience Here are ten of the things you may not have known about the camp experience

10 Camp is older than dirt, almost literally Started in 1861, the camp experience turned an impressive 150 years young in 2011 The secret behind the longevity? “One hundred and fifty-five years later, there is a camp for every child,” said Tom Rosenberg, president and chief executive officer for the American Camp Association® (ACA) “from specialized camps to general, traditional camps, the essence of the camp experience is stronger than ever ”

9 Camp is worth its weight in gold, and then some! The camp experience is life-changing – developing friendships and memories that last well beyond the final campfire And, there is a camp for literally every budget Often camps offer special pricing or financial assistance, and some camp experiences qualify for tax credits or for payment with pre-tax dollars Visit ACAcamps org for more information

8 Green is “zen ” Research shows that first-hand experience with nature, like those at camp, reduce stress in children and help them better handle stress in the future In addition to teaching children how to be good stewards of the environment, camps are teaching children how to enjoy the world around them and take a minute to breathe deep and feel the nature, which ultimately teaches them how to de-stress the natural way

7 Mommies and Daddies do it too Camp is not just for children and youth There are family camp experiences, and camps for single adults, senior adults, and any adult that wants to relax and enjoy all camp has to offer Adults benefit from the same sense of community, authentic relationships, and self-discovery that children do Camp is an excellent vacation option, allowing adults to try a variety of new activities in a safe and fun environment

6 Try this on for size! Camp is a great place to try new activities and hobbies Afraid of rock walls? According to ACA research, 74 percent of campers reported that they tried new activities at camp that they were afraid to do at first And, those activities often leave lasting impressions In the same survey, 63 percent of parents reported that their child continued new activities from camp after returning home

5 Manners matter, and often linger The camp experience teaches more than just archery or lanyard making The entire experience is made of teachable moments, perhaps one of the biggest is how to live with a group of people Campers learn to pick up after themselves, respect each other’s property, and to say “Please” and “Thank You ”

4 Veggies taste better with friends Hollywood and fictional novels may have

given camp food a bad reputation, but in truth, camps are constantly exploring healthy food options, and often are at the forefront of things like allergy specific diets, healthy snack options, and vegetarian meals According to ACA’s 2011 Emerging Issues survey, 90 7 percent of responding camps indicated that healthy eating and physical activity was an important or very important issue

3 If everyone else went to camp, maybe there’s something to it! Camp has played an important role in the lives of some of the most talented people in history ACA’s family resource site offers a list of notable campers – including business professionals, celebrities, artists, and great thinkers

2. Camp gets those neurons pumping! Education reform debate and concern over summer learning loss have pushed academic achievement into the spotlight Research shows that participation in intentional programs, like camp, during summer months helps stem summer learning loss In addition, camp provides ample opportunity for developmental growth, which is a precursor to academic achievement And, because of the “hands-on” nature of camp, often children who struggle in traditional education settings do well at camp

1 Camp builds leaders for the 21st century and beyond! Independence, resiliency, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and the ability to relate to other people - these are the skills that tomorrow’s leaders will need, and the skills camp has been adept at building for 150 years “Camp gives children and youth the critical tools they will need to become successful adults,” said Rosenberg

For more information on preparing your child for an independent, fun-filled summer, visit ACA’s family resource page at ACAcamps org Or, follow ACA on Facebook and Twitter for helpful hints and camp information

Contact Public Relations at pr@ACAcamps org to interview an ACA spokesperson or for more information about preparing for camp For customizable public service announcements or article reprints, visit our Media Center at ACAcamps org/media Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association ©2023 American Camping Association, Inc

About American Camp Association

The American Camp Association® (ACA) is a national organization serving the more than 15,000 year-round and summer camps in the US who annually serve 26 million campers ACA is committed to collaborating with those who believe in quality camp and outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults ACA provides advocacy, evidence-based education, and professional development, and is the only independent national accrediting body for the organized camp experience ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s voluntary commitment to the health, safety, risk management, and overall well-being of campers and staff For more information, visit ACAcamps org or call 800-428-2267

Up Campers! Blue Mountain Ranch is a small, private coeducational camp that offers an array of activities. Our most popular is horseback riding and the care of horses. If your youngster is looking for a great horse experience or another activity, check us out! | ADVERTISING | DENVERPOST COM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2023 2



YMCA of the Rockies Camp Chief Ouray

YMCA of the Rockies / Camp Chief Ouray interns

06-04-2023 • 08-12-2023 “YMCA of the Rockies - Camp Chief Ouray is your adventure overnight camp located in the Rock Mountains For over 110 years we served children ages 7 -17 in programs ranging from our Traditional Summer Camp to Adventure/Trekker Trips to Leadership Programs Sign up for your best summer ever!” Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 7-17; PO Box 648, Granby, CO; 970-887-2648; chiefouray@ ymcarockies org; campchiefouray org


LYNX National Arts & Media Camps

06-08-2023 • 09-04-2023

Our 9 camps

each have their own summer camp dates

Our 9 separate camps held throughout the summer are for families who have adopted children internationally and domestically Each camp specializes in providing cultural and adoption related experiences for adoptees and their families These camps give the opportunity for adoptive families to interact with a community of other families “just like theirs,” and to learn from experts in the field of adoption, hear from adult adoptees, and engage with our vast cultural community Please see our website for specific camp listings and information Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 3-17; 2052 Elm Street, Various Locations in Colorado; 303-320-4234; hcaf@heritagecamps org; www heritagecamps org

Keystone Science School

explore and learn about the natural world, and gain leadership and wilderness skills Adventure activities like challenge hikes, rafting, climbing, and horseback riding blend with more traditional camp activities like tie-dye, campfires, talent shows, archery, and songs to create a unique and unforgettable Colorado summer camp” Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 5-17; 1053 Soda Ridge Road, Keystone, Colorado; 970-468-2098; support@keystonescienceschool org; www keystonescienceschool org/camp

Special Needs

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

Roundup River Ranch

06-02-2023 • 10-22-2023 Year-round Outreach Program opportunities can be found on our website FREE camp programs for children with serious illnesses (and their awesome families)! We offer extraordinary camp experiences that allow kids to take a vacation from being “a patient” and get back to the fun of being a child Campers join us at our campsite in Gypsum, Colorado for medically supported week-long Summer Camps and weekend Family Camps

Campers also join us from their own homes or hospital rooms through our year-round Outreach Programs Diagnoses include: GI and kidney conditions, heart transplants and conditions, cancer, blood disorders, neurological conditions, and other illnesses Check our website for medical conditions we serve Cost: $0-$100; Ages: 5-17; 8333 Colorado River Road, Gypsum, CO; 970-524-2267; info@roundupriverranch org; roundupriverranch org

The LYNX National Arts & Media Camps are summer immersion camps for high school students interested in music, visual or digital art, and film making We host high school students from many different states and countries which enables a diverse and enriching experience as students bond over a shared passion for the arts We also offer scholarships! Apply before March 15th to be considered for priority acceptance and for a scholarship Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 13-18; College of Arts & Media University of Colorado Denver, Colorado: 303-315-7468; lynxcamp@ucdenver edu; artsandmedia ucdenver edu/prospectivestudents/lynx-camps

06-12-2023 • 07-28-2023

General Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families

06-05-2023 • 08-16-2023 5-day Day

Camps, 6-day overnight camps, 6-12 day off-campus Adventures “Experience the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at KSS summer camps! Our beautiful 23-acre campus nestled in the mountains serves the perfect basecamp for a summer full of adventure and new friends KSS offers a variety of adventure and traditional camp activities designed to allow campers to understand their potential Campers will create lifelong friendships,

06-01-2023 • 08-15-2023 We have multiple camps spread out over these dates “Come join the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) for a summer of outdoor adventure! The BOEC offers summer camps for individuals of all ages and all abilities, specializing in adaptive outdoor recreation for people with physical and cognitive impairments Focusing on wilderness-based adventures in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, BOEC adventures can include a fully-accessible ropes course, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, cycling and more! Visit our website to learn more about specific camps Cost: $500 and up; Scholarships available; Ages 8 - 21; 300 Snowy Ridge Rd , Breckenridge, Colorado 80424; (970) 453-6422; Claire@boec org; https://boec org “ Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 8-21; 300 Snowy Ridge Rd , Breckenridge, CO; 970-453-6422; boec@boec org; boec org/application/



MindCraft Makerspace STEAM

Summer Camps


Silicon STEM Academy

06-05-2023 • 07-28-2023 No camps on July 4th Register now for Colorado’s award-winning STEM camps, voted #1 for 7 years in a row by Colorado Parents! We offer week-long half-day camps in Coding, Game Design, Engineering, Digital Media and more! Minecraft Modding, Python Programming,YouTube Content Creator, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Roblox Game Design, LEGO & Sphero Robotics, StopMotion Animation, Rocketry & MORE Held in 2 convenient Denver-area locations: Wash Park & Regis Jesuit HS in Aurora Plus all-day Coding Bootcamps for Teens! Kids love our camps because they’re fun; Parents love knowing that their kids are learning!

Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 7-17; 1955 E Arizona Ave , Denver - Multiple Locations, CO; 303-800-0011; info@siliconstemacademy com; siliconstemacademy com/

Summer Science Institute

of a session, to feel safe and confident in their abilities riding anywhere two wheels can take them Our destinations include cultural and natural institutions that make this city great, like the Botanic Gardens, skate/bike parks, museums, State Capitol, Governor’s Mansion, Hammond’s Candy Factory, city parks, and more During our stops we practice skills and drills, basic bicycle mechanics and a multitude of group and team building activities” Cost: $251-$500;

Ages: 8-15; Box 460755, Washington Park, CO; 303-909-6889; pedaladventurecamps@gmail com; www pedaladventurecamps com/

Renaissance Adventures

C Hartman

06-05-2023 • 08-11-2023 Weekly CampsMorning and Afternoon “Parent Magazine

Top 3 STEAM Summer Camps title two years in a row! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Summer Camps will give your children the opportunity to use cutting-edge technologies (ex 3D-printers, 3D-pens, laser cutter, stop motion, & coding), practice visual arts and crafts (ex resin, sewing (sewing machines), quilting, painting, clay, laser-cut 3D-puzzles, dioramas, etc ), and learn science and engineering (ex robotics, chemistry, minerals, dinosaurs, polymers, & forensic science) Camps run weekly Sign up for morning and afternoon and we will supervise your child during lunch Visit us at www mindcraftmakerspace com” Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 5-15; 2501 Dallas Street, MindCraft Makerspace, CO; 303-341-4065; admin@mindcraftmakerspace com; www mindcraftmakerspace com

Silicon STEM Academy

06-05-2023 • 07-28-2023 Seven weeks of camp offered Come for one or more Space Voyage immerses students in “thinking like an astronaut” Inspiring kids through our project-based curriculum, we build skills in problem-solving, teamwork and communications Space Voyage offers learning and confidence building within a space motif Space Voyage brings to life the importance of math and science, builds confidence through genuine achievement, creates a sense of belonging, and offers a fun and fantastic place for kids to learn Our STEAM space camp is the highlight of the summer for many students Launch our ninefoot rockets, fly simulators and learn about space Camp runs 8:00 to 3:30 with free before and after care Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 6-16; Coronado Elem School, Littleton/Jeffco, CO; 303-985-3143; dr-palmere@spacevoyage com; spacevoyage com

06-05-2023 • 07-14-2023 There are four two week sessions; one one week session

“For the twenty-fifth summer, middle school students (incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th) have the opportunity to explore fun applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an exciting, hands-on, teamoriented atmosphere on the Auraria Campus Metropolitan State University of Denver faculty will teach classes based on Colorado content standards and prepares students in STEM concepts The non-refundable fee for this year’s program is $400 00 for the half day session Students will be provided lunch each day Daily attendance is required All activities are supervised “ Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 6th, 7th and 8th graders; 777 Lawrence Street, Auraria Campus, CO; 303-615-0293; ssi@msudenver edu; www msudenver edu/ case/ssi

Pedal Adventure Camps

copyright by Renaissance Adventures

05-30-2023 • 08-18-2023 Offering weekly sessions all summer long! Since 1995, Renaissance Adventures has led awardwinning experiential education programs using fun and exciting live-action roleplaying games! Kids of like age quest together as a team in small groups of six They create a heroic character with powers and goals, such as a knight, healer, shapeshifter, or wizard In a shared storytelling game, the participants playact and make decisions that affect the plot Challenges that they must confront and overcome include riddles, puzzles, reading maps, investigating mysteries, negotiating peace, battling monsters with foam swords, and many others Boulder, Longmont, Littleton, and Denver See our website calendar for rates & dates Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 6-17; 101 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO; 303-786-9216; info@renaissanceadventures com; www renaissanceadventures com/ registration/

06-05-2023 • 08-18-2023 “Mon-Fri 9am3pm Daily Drop-Ins Available After Care

Available “The goal of Pedal Adventure Camp is to teach your kids the rules of the road, bike path etiquette and the safest way to navigate We want campers, at the end

Space Voyage Space Camp Photos by Doc Palmere Space Voyage


Aerial Circus Camp


and all students, beginner and experienced alike, will be given equal opportunities for participation All performing arts sessions are taught by highly trained, knowledgeable teachers in a safe and fun environment

Camp details at https://arvadacenter org/ education Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 14-18; 6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO; 720-8987200; info@arvadacenter org; arvadacenter org/education

Arvada Center Summer Drama Camps

others through creative learning Each weeklong program culminates in a final project where we invite the community, including friends & family of the girls, to see their work This Friday celebration is a highlight for participants and instructors! Visit website for full details “ Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 11-15; 6 check website, Denver Metro area, CO; 303-912-0882; info@athenaprojectarts org; athenaprojectarts org/summer-camps/ Clay Camps with Studio Arts Boulder

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy

06-19-2023 • 07-22-2023 Mini camp = short week in July 4 holiday “Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Academy offers 3 programs, 5 weeks, and all levels of dance in the International Summer Dance Institute (ISDI) for ages 3 through adult Week 1 June 19 begins with Global Kids ISDI (3 to 13) and STREAM Theatre Tech (9 to 15) Weeks 2 to 3 continue dance and active cultural FUN with many global dance styles Pre/Professional dance intensives start Week 4, July 10, from 9 to adult in age/level groupings in 50+ master classes by artists from around the globe

Right after: the Mile High Dance Festival!

Registration/details: cleoparkerdance org/academy 303 295 1759 x 17 Email: academy@cleoparkerdance org” Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 3 to Adult; segmented classes and groups; 119 Park Avenue West, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, CO; 303-295-1759; academy@cleoparkerdance org; www cleoparkerdance org/academy

06-05-2023 • 08-18-2023 M-F mornings

10:00 a m -12:30 p m or afternoons 2:305:00 p m Come learn how to fly, spin, flip and dance in this super fun aerial camp! Campers will build strength and flexibility while learning skills on aerial fabric, hoop, sling and trapeze They will put together a show that they will perform in on the last day of camp! Some days will also involve a fun circus themed craft project like balloon animals and tie dye t-shirts! Please bring water and a snack Cost: $101-$250; Ages: 6-16; 5925 E Evans Ave, Unit 125, Denver, CO; 720-507-5422; info@gravityaerialarts com; www gravityaerialarts com/camps

Arvada Center Summer Arts CampsMusical Theatre Teen Intensive

Matthew Gale Photography

06-05-2023 • 08-31-2023 Camps vary in length - see website for details The Arvada Center performing arts camps offer creative experiences in theatre, music and dance Students in Arvada Center Drama Camps experience all types of theatre ranging from storytelling and fairytales to improvisational acting and musicals Musical Theatre and Drama performing camps ranging from 3 - 4 weeks are offered for kids ages 5 - 13 Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2023 catalog Download a copy at https://arvadacenter org/education Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 5-13; 6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada Center Summer Drama Camps, CO; 720-898-7200; info@arvadacenter org; arvadacenter org/education

Athena Project Girls Create

Studio Arts Boulder

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Child & Teen Summer Classes

Ally Johnson


• 08-31-2023

Camp dates varycheck website The Teen Intensive Program gives musically-minded teenagers an opportunity to learn about all the elements of creating a full length production of the classic musical Spamalot This fast-paced process gives young artists a chance to work with theatre professionals and culminates with performances on the Arvada Center stage Auditions will be used to determine casting

06-19-2023 • 08-04-2023 Multiple locations in Denver 9am - 3pm M-F “Our unparalleled Girls Create summer camp program ignites the passions and talents of 6th to 10th grade girls in playwriting, comedy, fashion design & wellness Held at various Denver Metro locations, professionals teach, guest artists share expertise, and community mentors guide and encourage – empowering girls to lead and to affect change in themselves and

05-30-2023 • 08-11-2023 Weekly, Monday thru Friday, either Mornings (9am-Noon) or Afternoons (1pm-4pm) Studio Arts Boulder offers hands-on clay camps at the Historic Pottery Lab All skill levels are welcome Campers will learn new techniques and create unique pieces in either hand-building or wheel-throwing camps Camps run every week from May 30 to August 11, either morning or afternoon, with the option of adding a supervised lunch period onto your camp registration (lunch not included) The goal of clay camp is to have fun, use our creativity (and our hands!), and meet new friends The complete camp schedule and links to register are at the website: studioartsboulder org/camps Cost: $101$250; Ages: 6-16; 1010 Aurora Avenue, The Pottery Lab, CO; 720-379-6033; registration@ studioartsboulder org; studioartsboulder org/ camps

06-19-2023 • 08-04-2023 Class duration varies depending on the course It’s more than just acting Our classes help form well-rounded, articulate and empathetic individuals Whether your student is just discovering their voice or is ready for master-level instruction, we have the perfect courses to help them grow and thrive Students learn first-hand from our professional teaching staff, who bring decades of professional experience to their classes and curriculum Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 3-18; 1101 13th Street, Newman Center for Theatre Education, CO; 303-446-4892; education@dcpa org; denvercenter org/ education/child-teen-acting-classes

Matthew Gale Photography

Mobile Cinema Lab Summer Camps


Summer Arts + Culture Camp

General Arvada Center Digital Creative Arts Lab Summer Camps


Jack Dempsey

06-05-2023 • 07-21-2023 Unique camps are two or three weeks Is your student interested in being the next big film or television creator? If so, the acclaimed SeriesFest Mobile Cinema Lab Summer Camps are perfect! Students ages 12–18 who have a passion for film, television, acting, editing, writing, or directing will work as a team to create an original short film or TV pilot With different camps for different levels of students beginner, intermediate, and advanced there is a place for every young creator Students will work with industry experts and professional film equipment, as well as receive a red carpet screening at the conclusion of the camp! Early Bird pricing available Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 12-18; 1550 Wewatta St , Multiple Locations Denver, CO; 720-689-4364; education@seriesfest com; seriesfest com/summer-camps/

Parker Arts Summer Camps

06-26-2023 • 07-14-2023 9AM-1PM

“In this year’s summer camp, we will be exploring the diverse country of Costa Rica! Students will learn about the rich music, dance, art and ecosystem of this unique Central American country Lunch Provided Scholarships Available Cost: $250 for Museo members, $350 Full tuition for non-members

Financial aid available Location: Museo de las Americas, 861 Santa Fe Dr Denver CO 80204 For more information and to sign up, please call 303 571 4401 ext 13 or email programs@museo org “ Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 4-11 years old; 861 Santa Fe Drive, Museo de las Americas, CO; 303-571-4401; programs@museo org; museo org/programs/ summer-camps/

The Art Garage Summer Camps

06-05-2023 • 08-31-2023 Camp dates vary

- see website for details “There’s something for everyone this summer at the Arvada Center! We offer a wide variety of digital camps in everything from Digital Movie Making and 3D Collages to Art, Animation & Design and Digital Photography Our camps are designed for kids to learn new skills, discover new interests and most importantly, have fun! Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2023 catalog Download a copy at https://arvadacenter org/education“

Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 5-18; 6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO; 720-898-7200; info@ arvadacenter org; arvadacenter org/education

06-05-2023 • 08-31-2023 Camp dates vary

- see website for details “There’s something for everyone this summer at the Arvada Center! We offer a wide variety of visual art camps in everything from drawing and painting to Pokemon and Fibers Our camps are designed for kids to learn new skills, discover new interests and most importantly, have fun! Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2023 catalog Download a copy at https://arvadacenter org/education“

Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 2-18; 6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO; 720-898-7200; info@ arvadacenter org; arvadacenter org/education

06-05-2023 • 07-28-2023 Includes half-day and full-day options and an optional lunch bunch Summer planning is upon us Look no further than Parker Arts! Parker Arts partners with some of the best enrichment providers in Colorado to offer a fun and educational summer for kids Camp enrichment includes theater, art, music, science, dance and more, with half-day and full-day options from June 5 through July 28 Come create and explore this summer with us! To register, please visit Parker Arts at www ParkerArts org/ Education Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 4-18; 20000 Pikes Peak Avenue, Parker, CO; 303-805-3374; PACEedu@parkeronline org; parkerarts org/ classes-camps/

Katie Moran The Art Garage

06-05-2023 • 08-18-2023 Weekly, MondayFriday, from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Summer Camps at The Art Garage give students ages 3-12 a week filled with creativity, education, and fun! The Art Garage Summer Camps are some of the most unique and creative camps being offered in Denver because our instructors, all of whom are professional artists or art educators with extensive experience working with children and youth, generate their own one-of-a-kind themes and projects The energy that fills each classroom is inspiring and we hope you’ll be able to join us for some creative art camps this summer! Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 3-12; 6100 E 23rd Ave, Park Hill, Denver, CO; 303-377-2353; info@artgaragedenver com; artgaragedenver com

Matthew Gale Photography Arvada Center Visual Art Summer

Camp Galileo


Colorado Academy Summer Programs

06-12-2023 • 07-28-2023 Camp closed 6/19/23 & 7/4/23 for federal holiday “Camp

Galileo engages rising K – 10th graders in irresistibly fun, hands-on STEAM-inspired projects and active outdoor games Our dynamic staff inspires kids to turn big ideas into reality, collaborate with peers and play hard outside Our project-based curriculum captures kids’ imaginations and builds lasting skills including teaching kids to persevere at unfamiliar challenges, share their ideas more freely and respond better in the face of failure We provide an inclusive, accessible camp environment that is mind-blowingly, unforgettably FUN Two Denver locations for summer 2023; Park Hill at The Odyssey School of Denver & Platt Park at Denver Waldorf School!” Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 5-15; 2100 S Pennsylvania Street, The Denver Waldorf School, CO; 720-392-5006; abbey@galileo-denver com; galileo-camps com/

City of Aurora Summer Camps

05-30-2023 • 08-04-2023 Dates vary by camp selection The city of Aurora has a camp for every kiddo Embrace the outdoors with nature camps at Star K Ranch or the Aurora Reservoir Tap into your creative side with cooking, theatre and art camps Encourage curious minds through history, STEM and coding camps Enjoy friendly competition through a variety of sports camps New for summer 2023, we now offer day-to-day camps Enroll your kiddo in a camp schedule that fits your needs Ages 2 ½ to 17 years old are invited to join the fun Register now at AuroraGov org/DayCamps and make the most out of your summer break! Cost: $101-$250; Ages: 2 5-17; 15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Various Aurora Facilities, CO; 303-739-7182; PROS@AuroraGov org; www AuroraGov org/DayCamps

06-05-2023 • 07-28-2023 N/A “Colorado Academy Summer Camp encourages Self Discovery Campers identify passions, nurture talents, and increase skills In our Traditional Camp, campers sample athletic, creative, and waterfront activities that are engaging and fun Our Specialty Camps allow individuals to customize their schedules with intriguing and challenging options Specialty camps include Escape Room, Reading, Swim Lessons, Stained Glass, Harry Potter, Floor is Lava, Coding, Soccer, and More! CA’s 94-acre campus in southwest Denver is the perfect stage for kids to come together to learn, laugh, and increase selfconfidence With experienced educators and caring counselors, campers receive the individual attention they need to succeed “

Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 4-18; 3800 South Pierce Street, Denver/Jefferson, CO; 303-914-2531; summer programs@coloradoacademy org; www coloradoacademysummer org

Colorado Mountain Ranch

Children’s Day Camp

decades! Well worth the drive to the base of the mountains to meet our bus for the ride up Friendly Camp-raised Horses, lots of Riding, Baby Goats, Teambuilding, Arts & Crafts, 10-step Archery, Mountainboarding, Gymnastics & Trampoline, Outdoor Skills, Whittling, Drama, Games & Fun Galore! Competent, attentive, upbeat staff-in-residence Children connect with people, place, programs, and nature to create their own kids’ community in the mountains Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 2nd12th graders; 10063 Gold Hill Road, Gold Hill, Boulder, Colorado, CO; 303-442-4557; lynn@coloradomountainranch com; www coloradomountainranch com

Leaders in Training

Montessori Children’s House of Denver

06-05-2023 • 06-30-2023 Monday-Thursday, 9 a m - 4 p m “Our Leaders in Training (LIT) program is for teens ages 14-15 who are thinking about a career working with children LIT’s will complete a CPR/First Aid course and learn leadership skills, conflict resolution, and safe supervision techniques Teens who are interested must complete an application and interview Not all applicants will be chosen Visit c3gov com/Camp for more information or contact Megan Krabbe at mkrabbe@c3gov com Applications

Available: 1/28 Mandatory Training: 5/30

– 6/2 Block A: 6/5 – 6/30 • M-Th • 9 a m -4 p m • $50/$75/week Block B: 7/10 – 8/4

• M-Th • 9 a m -4 p m • $50/$75/week “

Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 14-15; 6060 Parkway Dr Commerce City, CO; 303-286-6830; mkrabbe@c3gov com; c3gov com/Camp

06-05-2023 • 07-28-2023 “Offering four, 2-week sessions from June 6 - July 29 “A

Summer of Discovery Montessori Children’s House of Denver - Summer Day Camps in Mayfair, Park Hill, Central Park Our trained and dedicated educators honor Maria Montessori’s teaching that “play is the work of the child” Centered on extended outdoor play and fun theme-based activities, our summer camps fill our campers’ days with exploration, imagination, creativity, and, as a result, lots of hands-on learning Our summer camp is open to all children ages 1 - 12 Our only exception is toddlers, as camp spots are only available to toddlers enrolled for our fall 2022 program To learn more: 303-322-8324, mchdenver org/classroom/mchd-summercamp“ Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 1-12; 2211 Xanthia Way, Central Park, Mayfair, Park Hill, CO; 303-322-8324; directorofadmissions@ mchdenver org; www mchdenver org/ classroom/mchd-summer-camp/

• 08-11-2023 Mondays-Fridays,
Voted #
Colorado Mountain Ranch staff 05-30-2023
registration by the week, No Camp on Holidays
1 Outdoor Day Camp for

South Suburban Summer Camps


28, 2023 Summer at Kent Denver offers all children ages 4-18 the opportunity to experience innovative, creative, hands-on learning in the arts, athletics, academics, innovation and technology With more than 120 camps to choose from, families can customize and build a summer schedule that is both engaging for kids and convenient for parents and guardians From designing space missions at the Eurekus! NASA camp to making potions at Hogwarts Castle, performing in musicals, playing sports, visiting with the ponies at the Tiny Farm Day Camp and more, there’s plenty of summer fun for everyone! Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 4-18; 4000 E Quincy Ave, Englewood, Colorado, CO; 303-770-7660; summer@kentdenver org; kentdenver org/summercamps

Young Americans Center for Financial Education FUN-ancial Summer Camps

South Suburban Parks and Recreation

05-30-2023 • 08-11-2023 Half day, individual day and weekly rates available Soak up the fun at South Suburban summer camps! Whether you’re looking to stay active with sports and recreation or get creative with crafts and classes, there’s something for everyone South Suburban offers more than 50 different summer camps, classes and activities, ranging from soccer and outdoor adventure, to eSports and jewelry making Camps will be offered at the South Suburban Sports Complex, Buck, Goodson and Lone Tree recreation centers, Carson Nature Center and dozens of parks in our community Space islimited, so secure your spot today Visit ssprd org for more information and to register! Cost: $0-$100; Ages: 3-18; 4810 East County Line Road, Centennial/ Littleton/Lone Tree, CO; 303-347-5999; registration2@ssprd org; ssprd org

Summer at Kent Denver

Young Americans Center for Financial Education

06-05-2023 • 08-04-2023 Monday - Thursday, 9:30am-3:30pm, and Friday, 9:30am-2:30pm

“Week-long day camps for rising 3rd through 8th graders feature fun, hands-on activities for kids to learn about managing money and starting a business Camps include Young AmeriTowne, International Towne, and YouthBiz in Denver and Lakewood Daily program activities build upon each other so attendance every day is strongly encouraged Build a business, rule the world, be money smart! Visit yacenter org for details

Cost: $260 Ages: 8-13

Financial assistance is available Young Americans Center for Financial Education

3550 East 1st Avenue in Cherry Creek and 401 South Pierce Street in Lakewood jollie@ yacenter org or yacenter org/summercamps” Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 8-13; 3550 E 1st Avenue, Denver, CO; 303-321-2265; pwells@yacenter org; yacenter org/summercamps/


Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camps

05-29-2023 • 08-11-2023 9am-3pm Daily; 3pm-5pm aftercare “Dinosaur Ridge Camps are an unforgettable adventure! Our camps keep kids moving and discovering in the incredible setting of our National Natural Landmark These experiences are designed to foster excitement and wonder for science, art, and the outdoors while engaging in our hands-on educational curriculum Our group sizes give every camper the opportunity to play, explore, and expand their knowledge Each camp offers exploration of the Dinosaur Ridge fossil sites, hands-on science projects, and expert guest presenters in the fields of paleontology, geology, art, earth science, survival skills, and local plants and animals (Pre-requisite: finished kindergarten if 5)” Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 5*-13; 16831 W Alameda Parkway, Morrison/Jefferson, CO; 303-697-3466; education@dinoridge org; dinoridge org/programs-and-events/camps/


Meadow Creek Summer Tennis Camps

available We also host Junior Team Training (JrTT) play for eight weeks during the Summer All camp days are rain or shine on our 7 indoor and 3 outdoor courts Times are dependent on level of play Tennis is the ideal sport to learn young and play for a lifetime! Cost: $101-$250; Ages: 4-18; 6305 West 6th Avenue, Lakewood, CO; 303232-6272; info@meadowcreektennis com; www meadowcreektennis com

Run with the Lions

Sydney Ayers

Jody Dart

05-30-2023 • 08-12-2023

Monday-Friday and Saturdays Our Summer tennis camps offer something for players of all ages and abilities Whether your child has never picked up a racquet or is a high school level competitor, we have something for everyone We offer weekday as well as Saturday camps

Registration is weekly Sibling discount

06-05-2023 • 06-08-2023 Camp runs from 8:00-11:00 a m Littleton High School and Right Start Race Management are offering the Run with the Lions Youth Running Camp for runners entering 6th, 7th or 8th grade in the fall The camp is from June 5-8, 2023 at the school Each half-day session from 8:0011:00 a m will include running, stretching, and informative lectures on topics such as running mechanics, competition basics, nutrition, injury prevention and more Cost is $250 per participant until Mar 31, 2023 The price goes to $300 from Apr 1-June 2, 2023 More information and registration details are available at rightstartevents com/youthrunning-camp Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 11-14; 199 E Littleton Blvd , Littleton High School, CO; 303-324-3880; sydney@rightstartevents com; rightstartevents com/youth-runningcamp

06-12-2023 • 07-28-2023 June 12-July

Soccer Electric Camplify


soccer coaches at Denver East High School’s soccer stadium in the mornings, followed by lunch in the shade, outdoor ART / STEM sessions with expert teachers on campus and closely supervised 10-minute walks to the Sie FilmCenter for age-appropriate movies Campers receive a tee shirt and a ball Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 1st grade - 8th grade; 1600 City Park Esplanade, DENVER EAST HIGH SCHOOL AND SIE FILM CENTER, CO; 720-201-5750; reboyle7@gmail com; www soccerelectric com/camps html

Swimming Simply

06-05-2023 • 06-09-2023 Camp also runs a Week 2 from 6/12 - 6/16 We’re teaming up again with the Denver Film Society, Denver East High School and other local partners to organize the 9th annual “CAMPLIFY” (previously “Summer SOCCER and a MOVIE Camp”) @ Denver East High School and Sie FilmCenter Campers play games and develop their soccer skills with experienced

YMCA of the Rockies Camp Chief Ouray

Where Nature Meets

familiarity with breaststroke and butterfly Swimmers who are 6 can be considered upon a diagnostic” Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 7-13; 11700 E 11th Ave, Denver / Aurora, CO; 303-554-7946; welcome@swimmingsimply com; www swimmingsimply com

06-12-2023 • 07-28-2023 Join for 1 week or all 6! “Swim Camp is the very best way to get your swimmer improving quickly! With between 2 5 hrs a day of expert instruction, you will see marked improvement from Monday through Friday Give us your kiddos, and we will give you back happy, tired and hungry swimmers! We do yoga, watch some incredible swimming videos, and generally ensure that your swimmers have a terrific week of swimming! For kids aged 7-13 who can swim freestyle and backstroke for at least 25 yards Older swimmers should have

FIND OUT MORE | REGISTER TODAY Caring | Honesty | Respect | Responsibilty | Faith
Campers explore, have fun, and grow through a strong tradition of quality programming.


15 Day Whitewater Skills Camp


cabins! Campers will have dozens of different activity choices throughout the day including: 1/2 Mile of Zip-lines, Climbing, Paddleboarding, Archery, Fishing, Rockets, Tracking, Hiking, Polar Bearing,Yoga, Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Survival Skills, Shelter building, Sportz, Arts & Crafts, Tenkara Fly Fishing, plus 100’s of other creative and adventurous activities This is a true Colorado Outdoor Adventure camp with rustic yet comfortable facilities (i e hot water showers, bunk beds, mattresses etc, but we are on a ranch and it gets dirty/ muddy) S’mores every night (sorry parents - we couldn’t resist)! More information: www ajaxsleepawaycom | 970 718 6008 | info@ ajaxsleepawaycom” Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 8-12; 28525 Brush Creek Road, Aspen/Vail, CO; 970-718-6008; info@ajaxsleepaway com; www ajaxsleepaway com

Arts Camp Realize Your Beauty

Dvorak Expeditions

06-16-2023 • 06-30-2023 Start date is subject to change till April 15, 2023

“Whitewater course is designed to teach the value of river wilderness, ecology, minimum impact camping, and preservation of resources, and to encourage strong self-esteem Teaching necessary skills/ safety techniques needed, students get to negotiate many rivers and improve their abilities in a craft Students gain in-depth skills in river running, and environmental protection knowledge; and learn river rescue techniques Facilitating opening lines of communication, enhancing selfimage, improving group interaction, and emphasizing self-reliance skills Developing river-running competence in paddle/oar power rafts and inflatable kayaks Choose to specialize in one or two crafts; learn the basics of reading/understanding the hydraulics of a river “ Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 13-17; 17921 US Highway 285, Colorado, CO; 719-539-6851; info@dvorakexpeditions com; www dvorakexpeditions com

Ajax Sleepaway


Horse Crazy Camp

Tim Graf

06-10-2023 • 08-06-2023 “6/10 - 6/25 6/28

- 7/19 7/22 - 8/6” The Graf Family of Blue Mountain Ranch is doing what they’ve done for the last 77 years - preparing for another fun-filled summer at their exceptional camp located just west of Pikes Peak An anomaly in today’s world, BMR remains a small, private coeducational camp attracting some of the finest families in America and throughout the world While we offer an array of activities our most popular is horseback riding Wranglers who are CHA certified teaching the skills campers need to ride a horse and care for one as well We are the camp you have been looking for! Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 7-15; 11227 County Rd 98, Florissant, CO; 719-7483279; camp@bluemountainranch com; www bluemountainranch com/

Camp Granite Lake

06-10-2023 • 08-12-2023 Weeks sessions

“The camp for those who want to spend a week away and really want to ride horses

That’s what we do - feed horses, groom horses, but mostly ride horses We ride every day in the Flat Tops area of the White River National Forest It’s fun being horse crazy!!! Each camper will care for their horse, including feeding, grooming, saddling, and riding Everyone will receive basic training in various aspects of horsemanship We’ll spend nights doing crafts or around the campfire and learning about the stars Accommodations at the ranch are in the main house or in the bunkhouse “ Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 10-18; 300 county road 75, Meeker, CO, Rio Blanco County, CO; 970-878-4749; info@jmloutfitters com; www horsecrazycamp com

Religious Cathedral Ridge Camp and Retreat Center

07-27-2023 • 07-30-2023

Please check our website for more detailed information Let positive body image and self-esteem take center stage! Campers learn classic theatre techniques and positive ways of thinking about themselves Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 1114; 2515 Tunnel Rd,YMCA of the Rockies, CO; 347-915-5281; info@realizeyourbeauty org; realizeyourbeauty org/summer-camp

General Blue Mountain Ranch Summer Camp

06-19-2023 • 08-12-2023 “Session-1: 6/19-7/8 Session-2: 7/10-7/29 Mini-Camp 1: 7/31-8/5 Mini-Camp 2: 8/7-8/12” A familyowed, co-ed overnight camp for kids in 1st-9th grade set on a beautiful 135-acre property with private 8-acre lake Located in Coal Creek Canyon, 1 hour from Denver CGL focuses on creating a kind, inclusive and supportive camp community for all, with positive peer connections and welltrained, role model Counselors We allow kids to reconnect with nature, disconnect from technology and have fun choosing from over 20 activities including: sailing, rock climbing, woodworking, ceramics, SUP, archery, culinary etc Traditional 19-day sessions for campers in 2nd-9th grade, or 5-day mini camps for campers in 1st-4th grade ACA Accredited, CDHS licensed Cost: $501 and up; Ages: 7-16; 11902 Camp Eden Road, Golden, CO; 720-249-2997; directors@campgranitelake com; www campgranitelake com/

Episcopal Church in Colorado

07-09-2023 • 07-30-2023 Connect with God, have fun and make friends! “JULY 9-14, 2023 – PILGRIMAGE: SEEKING THE KINGDOM OF GOD For Rising 3rd-5th Graders Embark on 5 pilgrimages, visit our Medieval village, and walk with Saints from 5 different countries! JULY 16-21, 2023 – CONNECTIONS: CONNECT TO GOD, SELF, OTHERS, AND CREATION For Rising 6th-8th Graders Connect with God, selves, others, and creation Make friends, experience ropes course, and discover a strong faith foundation JULY 23-28, 2023 – WIZARD’S CAMP: LOVE, THE MOST POWERFUL MAGIC OF ALL Rising 9th-12th Graders Discover the most ancient and powerful magic: love create forever bonds at the American Wizarding School, Cathedral Ridge” Cost: $251-$500; Ages: 9-18; 1364 County Road 75, Woodland Park, CO; 719-687-9038; office@cathedralridge org; www cathedralridge org

07-02-2023 • 08-05-2023 We offer weeklong enrollment sessions “Sleep in brand new
Hundert Ajax Sleepaway
Stacey Lorin Merkl


Millions of parents chose camp for their child or teen because of the immense benefits of the experience Not only does camp foster making new friends and learning 21st century life skills like independence, problem-solving, and teamwork, but it’s also fun! As the summer fades and children return to school here are a few helpful hints to remind parents to pack a few extra items from camp in the school backpack:

• Confidence - All through the camp experience, children and youth have tried new activities and been successful; they feel empowered

• Curiosity - Camp has given children and youth the chance to explore, study, and observe in an experiential learning environment

• Character - Camp has challenged children and youth to develop character through fostering respect for each other, a sense of community, and the ability to solve problems

How can parents help transfer these skills into the classroom? ACA suggests the following tips:

• Remember to Remind - When campers come home, they often keep the spirit of camp alive for a week or two, and then things trail off Use positive reinforcement to remind campers that you appreciate the positive attitude and willingness to help that they developed at camp

• Become Camp-Like - Families can set the example by demonstrating a willingness to change something at home in order to sustain some of the changes campers have made Bob Ditter, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist,


suggests: “Parents have to make a decision Are they willing to change something in their practice at home in order to sustain some of the changes their kids have made, such as having a job wheel that you put up on the wall outlining chores?”

• Everyone Gets a Say - At camp, children help determine how their day is spent Their advice is actively sought, and they feel like equal players Emulating this environment at home allows them to continue to stand up for themselves and feel like a contributing member of the household

• Avoid the Negative Compliment - Don’t inadvertently sabotage efforts by pointing out differences in behavior Instead of saying, “you never did this before,” praise the behaviors in a genuine way For example, “I noticed how patient you were with your little brother ”

Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association ©2023, American Camping Association, Inc

About American Camp Association

The American Camp Association® (ACA) is a national organization serving the more than 15,000 year-round and summer camps in the US who annually serve 26 million campers ACA is committed to collaborating with those who believe in quality camp and outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults ACA provides advocacy, evidence-based education, and professional development, and is the only independent national accrediting body for the organized camp experience ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s voluntary commitment to the health, safety, risk management, and overall well-being of campers and staff For more information, visit ACAcamps org or call 800-428-2267 | 970-479-2279 | Day Camps: Camp Vail, Pre Kamp Vail, Extreme Camp Vail & Launch Into Summer
! Gymnastics • Hockey • Lacrosse • Mountain Biking • Flag Football • Soccer Pickleball • Tennis • Golf • Basketball • Volleyball • Baseball • Cheerleading Sports Training • Track & Field SPECIALTY SPORTS CAMPS taught by professional athletes & coaches visit for camp information and to sign up! SUMMER CAMP



You are considering a summer camp, but how to choose? There’s a camp that is ideally suited for every child, providing a summer of growth and fun whether your child attends a day or overnight camp, a specialized or traditional camp With a little help from the camp professionals at the American Camp Association, here’s some sound advice that helps parents sort through the choices and benefits that camp delivers As spring approaches, parents and children can look forward to planning for the future a future that includes the opportunities for exploration and discovery that arrives with summer camp

How to Decide When Your Child Is Ready for Camp

Children are ready for new experiences at different stages Parents know their children best and these questions can help gauge whether this is the summer your child will start camp

What is your child’s age, and what is your perception of his or her readiness level? Children under 7 who have not had overnight experiences may do better with a day camp as their first camp experience If you think your child might not be ready for an overnight camp experience, consider the day camp experience to prepare him or her for future overnight camp

• How did your child become interested in camp? Does your child talk about camp on a sustained basis? How much persuasion is necessary from you?

• Has your child had positive overnight experiences away from home? Visiting relatives or friends? Were these separations easy or difficult?

• What does your child expect to do at camp? Learning about the camp experience ahead of time allows you to create positive expectations

• Are you able to share consistent and positive messages about camp? Your confidence in a positive experience will be contagious

Pandemic Summer Considerations

This summer, always look for a camp following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and using ACA’s Field Guide for operating during the pandemic Ask to see a camp’s plan for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and implementation of ACA’s Field Guide in a camp’s policies, practices, and

procedures this summer

A Camp for Every Child The Perfect Fit

Camp can last for just a few days or stretch to all summer long It’s well worth the trouble to investigate the variety of choices offered by camps before your child packs a backpack These questions help you consider the options

Near or Far?

Where do you want your child to go to camp? Locally or far away? While each camp experience has something unique to offer your child, this is an opportunity for families to assess what they value for their campers

Benefits of Camp Nearby

• Easier to evaluate and visit

• Friends and family are likely familiar with camp

• Minimal travel costs

• Likely contact with classmates or children from same region

Benefits of Camp Far Away

• More choices

• Different experiences, different geography, e g , mountains or oceans even different languages

• Promotes independence, particularly for early and late adolescent campers

• Diversity of campers

• Chance for family to visit and vacation at close of camp

Session Length Offers Another Choice

Camps offer widely varying options to help parents and children reach their goals for summer fun and exploration

Talking with your child about the goals you both share helps determine which choice is right for you

Benefits of Short Sessions (one-three weeks)

• First-time or younger campers have a chance to learn new skills

• Bonds develop with other campers and staff

• Great exposure to camp experience with less expense

• Minimizes homesickness

Benefits of Longer Sessions (four-twelve weeks)

• Strong sense of belonging to camp


• Chance to learn new skills

• Development of specialized skills

• Multiple opportunities for learning and enrichment

• Lifelong friendships

• Opportunities to contribute to camp culture

Boys Only, Girls Only, or Co-ed?

Now may be the opportunity to explore the choices and benefits of all boys, all girls, or co-ed camps

Benefits of Single Sex Camps

• Breaking gender stereotypes girls interact with women in position of authority and boys interact with men who act as nurturers

• More opportunities to “be yourself” without impressing or competing with the opposite sex

• Camp philosophy may be tuned into gender strengths and weaknesses

• Brother or sister camps may share activities

Benefits of Co-ed Camps

• Breaking gender stereotypes girls interact with women in positions of authority and boys interact with men who act as nurturers

• Mirrors and prepares campers for everyday living in a co-ed world

• Allows families with a boy and a girl to attend the same camp

• Offers diverse points of view

• Breaks through rigid divisions set up in school when campers participate in equal footing

A Camp for Every Child Traditional, Specialty, and Special Needs

Choices abound when it comes to camp programs One may highlight a wide variety of activities geared to campers of all ages and skill levels, others, because of their setting and expertise, may concentrate on one or two activities while providing traditional activities as well Parents of children with special needs are pleased to learn about the range of camp activities that help kids be kids first

Benefits of Traditional Camps

• Wide variety of activities

• Chance for campers to try new activities

• Exposure to more campers and staff at varying activities

Benefits of Specialty Camps

• One or two specialized activities (often combined with traditional offerings)

• Expectation for increased proficiency during camping session

• Deepens knowledge and skill in particular area of interest or ability

Benefits of Special Needs Camps

• Activities geared to campers’ abilities

• Knowledgeable staff with expertise to understand campers’ strengths and challenges

• Supportive and fun atmosphere to share with others

The Value of Camp for Every Child

What happens when you make the decision to choose camp? You open up a world of discovery and learning for your child, a world that values children for who they are and who they will become Camp gives each child a world of good

This article has been updated to include additional considerations for choosing a camp amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Reprinted from Camping Magazine by permission of the American Camp Association © 2015-2023 American Camping Association, Inc

About American Camp Association

The American Camp Association® (ACA) is a national organization serving the more than 15,000 year-round and summer camps in the US who annually serve 26 million campers ACA is committed to collaborating with those who believe in quality camp and outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults ACA provides advocacy, evidence-based education, and professional development, and is the only independent national accrediting body for the organized camp experience ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s voluntary commitment to the health, safety, risk management, and overall well-being of campers and staff For more information, visit ACAcamps org or call 800-428-2267



One of the many joys of parenthood is helping children navigate new waters. And, while often these situations are met with hesitation, slight anxiety — or in the case of some rst-time campers, homesickness — it is these moments that develop the twenty- rst century skills needed in adulthood. New situations, such as going away to camp, serve as teachers in life’s classroom — developing leadership, self-esteem, teamwork, independence, and problem-solving.

It’s important, even critical, for parents to help children overcome any feelings of hesitation in order to help them grow. Take camp, for example. From a child’s perspective, camp is fun, fun, fun! Parents know that camp provides immeasurable growth opportunities, and is a vital part of childhood. As the day approaches, even the most excited campers sometimes get nervous about being away from home. “Homesickness is completely normal,” said Michael Thompson, consultant, author, and psychologist in a recent PBS Parents article*. “If a child loves his or her parents and has a good home, why wouldn’t he or she feel some longing for mom, for dad, for the dog, or for home cooking?”

It is up to parents, then, to help ease the transition to camp, and help their children grow from the experience. The American Camp Association® (ACA) suggests the following advice to help alleviate anxiety and get a jump start on life’s lessons.

• Encourage independence throughout the year. Practice separations, such as sleepovers at a friend’s house, can simulate the camp environment.

• Involve children in the process of preparing for camp. The more they own the decision, the more comfortable they will feel being at camp.

• Make sure to understand the camp’s philosophy on how issues, such as homesickness, are addressed. Talk candidly with the camp director to understand his/ her perspective on the adjustment to camp life.

• Discuss what to expect at camp before leaving for camp. Consider role-playing anticipated situations, such as using a ashlight to nd the bathroom.

• Reach an agreement ahead of time on calling each other, but make sure to honor the camp’s policy on phone calls.

• Send a note or care package ahead of time to arrive the rst day of camp. Acknowledge missing the child, in a positive way. For example, saying “I am going to miss you, but I know that you will have a good time at camp,” lets the camper know that families are thinking about them, but con dent in their ability to adapt to camp.

• Pack a personal item or two from home, such as a stuffed animal.

• Avoid bribing behaviors. Families send the wrong message when they link a successful stay at camp to a material object. Families should focus on the real rewards

— like new found con dence and independence.

• Don’t plan an exit strategy. If a “rescue call” comes from the child, offer calm reassurance and put the time frame into perspective.

While most incidents of homesickness pass quickly, parents know their child best. If parents have concerns (for example, the child is not eating or sleeping, or appears overly anxious), they should immediately talk to their camp director. Camp staff are trained to identify and ease homesickness, and are a valuable resource for parents as well as campers.

*Michael Thompson, PhD, “Helping Kids Beat Homesickness at Sleep-Away Camp,” PBS Parents, May 2011.

Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association. ©2023, American Camping Association, Inc.

About American Camp Association

The American Camp Association® (ACA) is a national organization serving the more than 15,000 year-round and summer camps in the US who annually serve 26 million campers. ACA is committed to collaborating with those who believe in quality camp and outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults. ACA provides advocacy, evidence-based education, and professional development, and is the only independent national accrediting body for the organized camp experience. ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s voluntary commitment to the health, safety, risk management, and overall well-being of campers and staff. For more information, visit or call 800-428-2267.


DoctorRx Pharmacy Camp

Regis University School of Pharmacy invites rising juniors and seniors who are interested in health care and pharmacy to learn about the diverse and exciting field of pharmacy through interactive hands-on activities on July 17-18

R.E.G.I.S. Research Camp

Rangers Empowering Girls in STEM (R.E.G.I.S.) Research Camp is committed to providing an empowering STEM experience to young people who feel safe in a pro-girl and girl-centered environment. Need-based scholarships are available.

Body 101

Join us for a fun, educational, funny, and engaging summer session that just might save your life or the life of a loved one. Learn to manage your health and stay out of the ER. Participants will also earn Basic Life Support™ and Stop the Bleed™ certifications.

Plus many athletic camps and the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy

For more information and to register, visit