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Table of Contents Pages 3-5- School Directory

Pages 20 – 22- Discipline Detention Weapons Corporal punishment Student desk/locker search Solving problems

Page 6- School Hours Arrival & pick-up Parent pick-up School Visitors Page 7- Emergency Closings Admissions Page 8- Attendance Excused/unexcused absence Progressive action regarding attendance

Page 23 & 24- Transportation District bus regulations Student responsibilities Discipline plan Consequences Pages 25 – 32- Academic Program Report cards Progress reports Parent/teacher conferences Grading system Honor Roll Process Writing/composition Promotion/retention Homework guidelines Guidance services Testing program Title 1 Reading & Math Instructional Support Team Special Education

Page 9- Doctor and Dental Appointments Vacations Moving Parent custody issues Page 10- School Insurance Fire drills School photographs Textbooks Page 11- Field Trips Student records Pages 12- 15- Health Program Accidents/Insurance Medication policy Emergency information First aid Head lice Guidelines for parents Health services/records Immunizations

Pages 32 – 35- Special Subjects Art Music Health/Physical Education Library Computer D.A.R.E. Project Prosper All Stars

Pages 16 – 19- General School Policies Delivery of articles Cafeteria Lavatory use Dress code Physical Education dress code Newsletter

Page 36- Parent-Teacher Association


Pages 37 – 41- 7th & 8th Grade Policies Promotion Requirements Truancy Absence- school notification Conference Field trips Homebound instruction Insurance Late passes Lavatory use Lockers Make-up work Medication Physical Education Student activity bus Substitute teachers Telephone use Title IX statement Transfers/withdrawals Valuables

Pages 43 – 48- Discipline Code Cont’d Physical assault Profanity/Obscenity/Smoking Violation -Circumstantial violation -Observed violation Theft/larceny Threats Truancy Weapons Policy -Discipline procedures Student Appreciation Page 49- Disciplinary Referral Page 50- Student Absentee Form Page 51- Educational Trip Application Pages 52 – 57- General Computing And Internet Access Forms

Pages 42 & 43- Standards of Conduct General guidelines Electronic devices Fundraising Hallway Classroom Public display of affection Back to basics

Page 58- Handbook Acknowledgement Videotape/Photograph Form

Pages 43 – 48- Discipline Code Student rights/responsibilities Classification of misconduct Level 1- Infraction -Consequences Level 2- Infraction -Consequences Level 3- Infraction -Consequences Activating false fire alarms Controlled substance violation Destruction of school/personal property Endangerment Extortion Fraud Gambling



BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Mr. Randall L. Smith Vice President – Mr. Peter J. McGuire Treasurer – Mr. Dennis J. McGinley Mr. Thomas P. Henry Mr. Michael J. Huber Mr. Richard D. Karper Mrs. Ellen M. Kattner Dr. Clement McGinley Mr. Gerald F. Strubinger Lauren Kovac - Secretary/Business Director Attorney - Gregory Mousseau, Solicitor

ADMINISTRATORS Ms. Barbara Conway, Superintendent Brian Gasper, Penn Kidder Principal Randy Engle, Penn Kidder Assistant Principal Holly Mordaunt, L.B. Morris Principal David McAndrew Jr., L.B. Morris Assistant Principal Thomas Lesisko, Senior High Principal Mr. Jeffrey James, Federal Programs Coordinator/Special Projects



Principal Mrs. Holly Mordaunt

Assistant Principal Mr. Dave McAndrew Jr.

Office Staff Mrs. Donna Laub Mrs. Denise Lignore

Guidance Ms. Deb Enterline, Grades 5-8 Mrs. Jodi Damian, Grades K-4

Kindergarten Mr. Shawn Bierman Ms. Ginger Flyzik Mrs. Shannon Fannock Ms. Jennifer Brown

Grade 1 Ms. Kimberly Babcock Mrs. Carolyn Bonser Mrs. Barbara Cerimele

Grade 2 Mrs. Thea Bierman Mrs. Jill Perry Mrs. Margaret Capper

Grade 3 Mrs. Joyce Bloom Mr. James Bumbulsky Mrs. Patricia Huber Mrs. Karen Balliet

Grade 4 Ms. Jennifer Brown Mrs. Rhonda Kolnik Mr. Leo O’Donnell

Grade 5 Mrs. Susan Barford Ms. Joann Donati Mr. Wes Holmes Mrs. Amy Coleman

Grade 6 Mrs. Donna Seiwell Mr. David Marino Mr. Daniel Rossino

Library Mrs. Carol Wolford Mrs. Mary McHugh IA Mrs. Lynn Curran IA

IST Mrs. Jamie Kunkel Mrs. Betsy Kirkpatrick

Title 1 Math Ms. Katherine Doll Mrs. Kim Zoba

Art Ms. Carolyn Casino Mrs. Melanie Mauro

Music Mr. Dale Harleman Ms. Sherry Shafer

Special Education Mr. John Curry Mrs. Regina DePuy Mrs. JoAnn Haggerty Mrs. Karen Markovich Mrs. Gail Smith Mr. Anthony Vecolitis Mrs. Laura McArdle Ms. Stacy Halko

Physical Education Mrs. Claire Burns Mr. Joseph Halenar

Title 1 Reading Mrs. Anne O’Donnell Mrs. Betty Wiezorek Ms. Pam Schwartz Mrs. Sue Woodman IA

Nurse Mrs. Rhonda Hope Mrs. Joann Mitzen (substitute)


Support Faculty Mrs. Judy Romanisko, ESL Mrs. Reese, Speech

Mrs. Donna Corrocher Speech

Mrs. Teresa Kattner, OT

Gifted Mrs. Gail Smith Instructional Assistants Mrs. Jennifer Becker Mrs. Eileen McGlynn Mrs. Tara Eggert Mrs. Judy Sibbach Mrs. Lynn Sheehan Mrs. Beth Kelly Mrs. Kelly Gillespie Mrs. Kelly McElmoyle Mrs. Shelly Melber Mrs. Karen Hadesty Mrs. Maria Ryan Mrs. Susan Joyce

Mrs. Cynda Heydt Ms. Rachel Klotz Mrs. Christy Moore Ms. Christine Kibler Mrs. Laura Parrish Mrs. Laura Holloway Mrs. Tassy Clausius Mrs. Kay Hurley Mrs. Janice Ohl Mrs. Karen Nace Mrs. Anne Marie Miller Mrs. Ursula Elmore

Cafeteria Mrs. Gloria Ackerman Mrs. Ms. Dorothy Reis Mrs. Lois McArdle Mrs. Marge Pecic Mrs. Catherine O’Brian

Mrs. Lori Gigilotti Mrs. Kathleen Henning Mrs. Darlene Mosteller Mrs. Colleen McGuire

L.B. MORRIS ELEMENTARY 7TH & 8TH Grades Mrs. Jean Rowan Mr. Robert Lee Ms. Deborah Enterline Ms. Heather Zakrewsky Mrs. Melanie Mauro Mr. Nathan Donahue Ms. Heidi Seiwell Mr. Joseph Halenar Mrs. Rose Strubinger Mrs. Justina Reph Mrs. Christine Weaver Mr. Thomas Condly Mrs. Janice Raccoosin Mr. David Althouse Mrs. Gail Smith

Mathematics Social Studies Guidance Language Arts/Reading Art/Gifted Science Science/Math Physical Education/Health Keyboarding/Computer Science Special Education Special Education Social Studies/Reading/Language Arts Family and Consumer Sciences Technology Education Gifted



8:20 – 3:20

It is important that ALL pupils, K-8 attend school regularly and be at the bus on time. Students in grades K – 6 arriving after 8:30 will be recorded as tardy. After 3 tardies, a detention will be issued, and parents will be notified via disciplinary referral.

ARRIVAL AND PICK-UP With the newly renovated L.B. Morris building, bus and parent areas will be separate. Buses will pick up and drop off in the back of the building and parent pick up and drop off will be at the front of the building. For safety, parents are asked to drop off their children in the designated areas only. DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVING LANES. If your child arrives late for school, you must bring the child to the office to sign in and obtain a late pass. Children being brought to school by parents should not arrive before 8:10 am. Those children participating in the breakfast program are to report directly to the cafeteria.

PARENT PICK-UP All students being picked up on a daily basis must bring a note at the beginning of the school year. Students being picked up occasionally must bring the classroom teacher a note in the morning. These students will be dismissed at 3:20 pm. PARENTS MUST PARK IN THE DESIGNATED AREAS. Due to our secured entry system, parents are asked to meet their child outside the rear entrance.

SCHOOL VISITORS Community interest in the educational process is the lifeline of school performance. Visitation of parents and interested citizens is welcome. All visits must be cleared through the building principal. During the school day, all entry doors are locked. Parents coming to our school must use the main entrance, which is monitored. Visitors should ring the buzzer and speak into the intercom, stating their name and nature of visit. All visitors must then report to the office to register before proceeding to their destination in the building regardless of whether prior approval for the visit has been given. Upon registering, guests will be issued a visitor’s badge. Please keep this badge until your departure. Staff has the right to request that any visitors return to the school office if they cannot produce the visitor’s badge. These measures are to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Under no circumstances is a parent to go directly to a classroom to confer with a child or the teacher. When this occurs, the parent will immediately be directed to our school office. The teacher will also notify the office. Parents should not call the school requesting to speak with their youngster. Emergencies should be handled through the school principal or secretary.


EMERGENCY CLOSINGS The decision to close school is made by the Superintendent of Schools. It is never an easy one. However, it is made in the interest of safety for our staff, students, and parents. Emergency closing are broadcast on all local TV and radio stations. A computerized ALERT NOW system was put into place. This system allows for messages to be left at designated numbers that parents have listed as emergency numbers. This is a valuable system which will alert you concerning emergencies as well as with other pertinent information. In addition, weather related emergency information is also broadcast on local TV and radio stations. Dependent upon the onset and severity of the store, announcements are broadcast as early as 5:30 am. Radio Stations: AM- 1160, 790, 1320, 1410 and 1470. FM- WZZO, WLEV and WODE. TV Stations: 16, 22, 28 and 69. Early dismissals are broadcast on these stations as soon as the decision is made. The ALERT NOW system is used for early dismissals. Please be sure the numbers given are current. Please do not call the school to inquire about delays, early dismissals, or cancellations. We must make every effort to keep our phone lines open for emergency calls. When school is canceled due to inclement weather, the school district may exercise the option of using scheduled holidays as snow makeup days. Every effort is made to inform parents of these makeup days as soon as our School Board of Directors makes such a decision. All school district activities are canceled when there is an emergency closing. Children become frightened if they think they may be going home to an empty home. Prepare your children in the event you cannot be reached or are not at home. They should know where they could go in order to be safe until you arrive.

ADMISSIONS To register a child in the Jim Thorpe School District, the following must be presented at the time of registration: official birth certificate or baptismal certificate, immunization information, proof of residency, social security number, any court ordered custody documents, and a copy of the child’s last report card. Registrations are done by appointment only, Please call the District Office at 570-3253691. Kindergarten registration is held in the spring. Dates are announced in our newsletter and through local media services. Parents will be given registration instructions when they schedule their appointment. To be eligible for kindergarten, a child must be five years of age on or before September 1st and to be eligible for grade 1, a child must be 6 years of age on or before September 1st.


ATTENDANCE State law requires a written parental report stating the reason for absence from school. The attendance officer will call the home to inquire the reason for the absences. This phone call is made with the safety of the children in mind, to be sure that they are not home alone, and that the parent is, in fact, aware of the absence. After 3 successive days of absence, a doctor’s excuse is required. If a doctor’s excuse is not provided, these absences will then be considered unlawful. This is a regular practice in our school. It is done to fulfill the responsibility of monitoring attendance, as well as opening the lines of communication between home and school regarding attendance irregularities.

EXCUSED ABSENCE School law determines that the following excuses are valid: - medical and dental appointments with proof of appointment - illness/quarantine - impassable roads - death in family - educational travel w/permission - approved religious holiday

UNEXCUSED ABSENCE Three unexcused/unlawful absences are cause for court action on the part of the school. The following excuses will be regarded as unlawful: - parental neglect or lack of control/truancy - car failure - missing the bus - working - oversleeping - family trips wo/ approval - hunting and fishing - absence after the last day of a - shopping suspension - visiting relatives out of state

PROGRESSIVE ACTION REGARDING ATTENDANCE 1. After 10 days of absence, a letter will be mailed to the parent requiring a conference with the attendance team. 2. After 15 days of absences, a doctor’s excuse will be required for any and all absences. Failure to provide the required doctor’s certificate will result in unlawful absence. Absence beyond 15 days is considered excessive, unless there is medical documentation stating that the child has a condition, which warrants absence. 3. Following three (3) unlawful absences, or absence in excess of the 15 days without a doctor’s excuse, notification will be given in writing and the case forwarded to the district magistrate following the next absence. Under the Public School Code, failure to comply with the compulsory school laws and/or the attendance guidelines of the School District constitutes a summary offense. You will be liable for all fines and court costs incurred in this action.


DOCTOR AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS Parents are discouraged from scheduling these appointments during school hours. If it is absolutely necessary for a child to leave school during the day, the parent must provide an appointment card with the date and time of the appointment to the school for approval. Your child will be dismissed from the office and not their classroom. Children will NOT be permitted to leave the building to meet a parent in the parking lot. Parents must sign the child out of school. For the safety and welfare of your child, please adhere to this procedure. Students are encouraged to return to school and complete their classes for the day, whenever possible. An appointment card of “return to school� form is necessary in order to be excused.

VACATIONS Vacations taken during the school year are strongly discouraged. Absences for this reason will require prior approval by the principal. An educational trip request must be completed at least one week in advance. (Form in back of handbook) Teachers will not prepare assignments prior to a family trip. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to gather issued assignments upon return and contact the teacher for any other work. Trips taken without prior approval will be documented as unexcused/unlawful absence. In these cases, assignments and make-up work are at the discretion of the teacher. Absence beyond the requested trip dates will also be regarded as unlawful. Our school calendar is provided so that parents may plan family vacations around scheduled school holidays. We would not want children to think that classroom attendance is unimportant.

MOVING Any change of address, phone number or emergency contact person should be reported in writing to the school office. We will make the necessary changes to our records and notify the classroom teacher. Attendance in our school requires that residence be within the Jim Thorpe School district. Families found to be living outside the school district will be promptly notified and denied admission.

PARENT CUSTODY ISSUES In cases involving child custody, it is the obligation of the custodial parent to keep all necessary court orders current. The school office must abide by the order that is currently on file. Both natural parents have a right to access school records or request school information, unless it is specifically stated otherwise in the order. During the school day, visits and phone calls to the child by the noncustodial parent are prohibited. Non-custodial parents may contact our guidance office to request a copy of the quarterly report card.


SCHOOL INSURANCE An insurer selected by the School District offers low cost accident insurance. Information about coverage and cost to the parent is provided at the beginning of the school year.

FIRE DRILLS All schools are required by law to conduct fire drills. Weather permitting, drills are held monthly. Fire drill evacuation routes are posted in each classroom. During a fire drill, everyone is expected to exit the building in a quiet, orderly fashion. Additionally, throughout the course of the year, we hold weather emergency drills and crisis drills. This is done to ensure that our students are prepared for any emergency.

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS All students will have their pictures taken annually. Packets are reasonably priced and envelopes for ordering are sent home before the photo session. Please check the Jim Thorpe Area School District calendar for these dates.

TEXTBOOKS Our students are provided with quality textbooks, which are very costly. Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year. All lost or damaged textbooks must be paid for at the full rate. All monies collected are recorded. If the lost book is found, the money will be returned. Textbooks are to be covered at all times. Book covers are provided. For larger books, brown paper bags are excellent. We also request that soft cover books be covered to ensure that they remain in good condition throughout the school year. Bookbags are a must. Teachers will not permit students to take home books without a bookbag. Parents and students should be aware that bookbags are subject to search.


FIELD TRIPS Field trips provide wonderful opportunities to use the community as a learning device. However, field trips are not a mandatory part of the curriculum. When classes are scheduled for field trips, parental permission is required. Students may be denied field trip privileges for the following reasons: -

failure to provide signed permission slip repeated classroom misbehavior incomplete school work due to negligence certain medical conditions excessive absences

Students with a “U” in conduct are placed on the loss of privileges list for the next marking period and may not attend field trips. Students who are on a bus suspension may not attend a field trip during the time of the suspension. Parents are asked, at times, to assist in chaperoning field trips. Chaperones are selected on a first come, first serve basis dependent upon the number required to provide adequate supervision. Members of the PTA also have preference in selection of field trip chaperones. It should be remembered that a field trip is an extension of the school atmosphere. For this reason, we will adhere to the following guidelines. -

Only the parent/guardian may chaperone a field trip. Other chaperones must be approved by the administration. Younger siblings may not attend a field trip experience. Parents attending are expected to assist with the supervision of a small group of children in addition to their own youngster. Parents are expected to cooperate with the teacher in charge regarding the schedule, itinerary, and educational activities, which are a part of the experience. Appropriate dress, language and decorum are expected as good example to our students. Parents are asked to refrain from smoking during all field trip experiences.

Additionally, parents are asked NOT to “follow the bus” or “meet their child.” In many cases, arrangements are made in advance for a certain number of reservations and last minute additions present a problem. Please do not ask for exceptions.

STUDENT’S RECORDS Parents may request to review their child’s school records at any time. Federal and state law gives parents the right to see and obtain copies of their student’s school records. The student file is kept in the school guidance office. Requests to review records should be made in writing to the Principal. You will be notified to schedule an appointment.



ACCIDENTS/INSURANCE First Aid services are provided when accidents or sudden illnesses occur. Conferences between parent/guardian, school nurse, students and the students’ teachers are used to provide insight into what may have occurred. Every effort is made to contact a parent/guardian. The incident is thoroughly documented by our school nurse. It is important that the school emergency form be completed in its entirety in the event that a child must be transported to the hospital. An insurance form must be obtained for any student requiring medical treatment for an injury received during school time. It is parental responsibility to complete this form and to present it to the physician or hospital rendering the service.

MEDICATION POLICY An authorization form for the administration of medication is required for any student who will receive medication on a field trip. One authorization form per year must be on file in the school health room. Parents are responsible to notify the school nurse of any change of information concerning this medication throughout the school year. We do not encourage the administration of medication in school. Whenever possible, medication should be given at home. However, if it is absolutely necessary that medication be given in school, the following requirements MUST be met: 1. An authorization for the “Administration of Medication” must be completed and signed by the parent and physician. 2. All medication must be in the original prescription container. 3. Parent/guardian must bring medication to the school nurse. No student may bring medication to school. 4. When students are taking medication, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep track of and replace the medication. The school nurse will notify the parent/guardian when medication runs out.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION Unfortunately, emergencies do occur and it is imperative that the school knows where the parent or another responsible person can be reached during school hours. Each year, we request that parents complete a NEW emergency form. No information should be left blank on this card, regardless if it has not changed from the previous year. These cards are discarded at the end of the school year. Children will not be released to anyone other than the parent or designated names that appear on the emergency card.


FIRST AID First aid services are provided when accidents or sudden illnesses occur at school. The school nurse cannot treat accidents or illnesses that happen at home. Every visit to the health suite does not warrant parent notification or necessitate that a child be sent home. Should your child become seriously ill or injured during the school day, every effort will be made to contact you provided we have the proper home/work emergency numbers on file. Your child’s health, as well as the other students he/she may come in contact with, is our primary concern. When parents refuse to make arrangements to pick up a sick child, local Children & Youth Services are contacted. Under the following circumstances, parents will be required to make arrangements to immediately remove their child from school: - fever 100+ - vomiting or diarrhea - suspected pink eye - head lice, nits, or scabies Please do not send you child if: - He/she has not been fever free for at least 8 hours. - Vomiting and/or diarrhea are occurring - A severe head cold, with continual runny nose, sore throat, earache, or persistent cough exists. - Any suspicious skin rash, disease of the eye, or contagious disease is present or suspected.

HEAD LICE When head lice are discovered, parents are contacted immediately and must pick up their child and any other siblings. A parent must accompany any student returning to school after head lice. The parent is asked to present to the school nurse the packaging from the lice treatment. The student will then be checked by the school nurse before going to the classroom. Every effort is made to conduct school-wide head checks following an outbreak and extended holidays. Parents can help by regularly checking their child’s head. Report any head lice infestation to the school nurse so that we may check the child’s class. Additional literature is available from the nurse.


HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS Students are not to walk to school unless written authorization from the parent is on file in the office. Weather permitting; students in grades K – 6 go outside for recess every day. Therefore, they should be dressed appropriately for the existing weather conditions. Students are expected to go out for recess each day, unless a doctor’s certificate for health reasons has been received. Parents should see that their children bathe often and wear clean clothes. Be sure that they brush their teeth and comb their hair. Children can be very careless about bathroom habits in an institutional setting. Make sure you instill good habits like flushing toilets and washing hands after each visit to the bathroom.

HEALTH SERVICES The staff and administration of the Jim Thorpe Area School District are deeply concerned about the health of students. We try to provide a safe and healthy environment for each student. In order to do this, parent/guardian cooperation is needed. The following health screenings are required by law. These services are available to every student at no cost to the parent. Vision Screening – annually for all students Hearing Screening – Grades K-3, students with hearing problems, suspected hearing problems, students in other grades new to the district. Scoliosis Screening – sixth grade Dental Examinations – K/1 not completed upon entrance to school, third graders, student in other grades new to the district not having the required exam. The school dentist or private dentist may be chosen by the parent/guardian. Physical Examinations – K/1 not completed upon entrance to school, new first graders, sixth graders, students in other grades new to the district not having the required exam. The school physician or private physician may be chosen by the parent/guardian. Tuberculin Testing – any adult working with students during the day. Any student with a suspected problem will receive a referral to be checked upon as soon as possible. Parent/guardian should notify the school nurse when the problem has been corrected or under care.


HEALTH RECORDS Health records are kept on each student attending L.B. Morris Elementary School. Parents/guardians should keep the school nurse informed of any medical conditions or changes in medical conditions, in order to assure the health, safety, and welfare of their child(ren).

IMMUNIZATIONS Pennsylvania State Law requires that each student attending school have the following immunizations: 3 Diphtheria and Tetanus 3 Polio 2 Measles at 12 months of age or over 1 Rubella (German Measles) at 12 months of age or over 1 Mumps at 12 months of age or over OR mumps diagnosed by a physician 3 Hepatitis B Varicella vaccine or history of disease Children will not be permitted to attend school if immunization requirements are left unfulfilled.

Proof of these immunizations means a WRITTEN RECORD showing the dates your child was immunized.

IMMUNIZATIONS- KINDERGARTEN OR GRADE Pennsylvania State Law requires that each student attending school for the first time in either Kindergarten or Grade 1 must have the following immunizations: 4 doses of Tetanus and Diphtheria (one dose must be given after the fourth birthday) 3 doses of Polio 1 dose of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) (given at 12 months of age or older) A second dose of Measles vaccine (preferably given as MMR/MMR2) 3 doses of Hepatitis B Varicella (Chicken Pox) (either vaccine, history of disease or blood titer verification)

SPECIAL HEALTH NOTES The physicians of the Switch Back Medical Center are the official physicians for the Jim Thorpe Area School District and the Carbon County Vo-Tech. They perform all state mandated sports physicals, school physicals and scoliosis screens. Due to the recent legal matters regarding such physicals, breast exams, genital exams and hernia exams are NOT included with the physical. If you wish these to be performed, you must contact your family physician. If you wish any specific issues addressed at the time of your child’s physical, please contact the school nurse before your child’s scheduled visit.


GENERAL SCHOOL POLICIES DELIVERY OF ARTICLES Parents should bring any articles directly to the school office. The office will notify the child’s teacher of the delivery. When bringing lunch, be sure that it is delivered in time for your youngster’s scheduled lunch period.

CAFETERIA Our cafeteria offers balanced and nutritious meals on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our breakfast and lunch programs. Each month a menu is sent home so that families can plan their children’s meals each day. Do not call the school office to inquire about the day’s menu. For those who qualify, there are free and reduced meals. Applications are sent home during the first week of school or may be obtained from the school office at any time during the school year. Until approval is received, parents should pack lunch or arrange for payment. Our lunch program is automated. All students have a pin number. Parents may pay in advance for the week, month, or semester.

L.B. Morris Kindergarten – 6th Grade As of this writing, a new policy concerning charges at the elementary level is being discussed by the Jim Thorpe Area School Board. Information will be forthcoming. Please watch for this important information. • • • • • •

Students will be allowed to charge up to $5.00. Students may not charge ala carte items at any time. Students will be verbally notified when their account balances are low or are in the negative. Negative balance letters will be sent home at the end of each month. Once the credit limit is reached, the parents of students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be contacted by phone and requested to pay the amount owed. Any student exceeding the $5.00 credit limit will not be permitted to charge. If they do not have money to purchase a lunch, they will be served a reimbursable meal consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk.

Students in 7th & 8th grades may not charge any items.


Parents are responsible for prompt payment of money owed. The school district reserves the right to take legal action against any parent/guardian that does not pay their child’s account balance. Parents are welcome to visit during the breakfast or lunch period. Please notify the office the day of your visit and indicate whether you will be purchasing a school lunch. Please report to the school office to obtain a visitor’s pass before going to the cafeteria. K, 1st and 2nd grade have a scheduled snack time: juice, white milk, chocolate and skim milk are available for purchase. All students bring snacks from home. Breakfast is served for students in grades K -6 until 8:30 am, and grades 7 & 8 until 8:10. Due to academic requirements, we cannot serve breakfast beyond this time. All students are expected to leave the cafeteria by these times. No breakfast is served when there is a delayed opening. Breakfast, lunch and milk prices are posted annually in our school district newsletter. Snacks may be purchased separately from the lunch price. Parents should speak with their children about proper nutrition and the importance of purchasing and/or finishing their lunch before they buy snacks. Students who charge lunch may not purchase snacks.

SCHOOL – WIDE CAFETERIA BEHAVIOR PLAN Good manners, appropriate behavior and respect for adults is expected in the cafeteria. Consistent poor behavior will result in the loss of cafeteria privileges.

Rules: * Students will raise their hand to receive permission to leave their seat. * The cafeteria is a place to talk quietly; not to scream, whistle, or yell. * Food is for eating, not for throwing. * Arguing and fighting are never permitted. * Each class will have an assigned set of tables in the cafeteria. * Students will clean their area after they have finished eating. * Students are to walk in the cafeteria; not run. *Students may go through the lunch line only once – with their class. CONSEQUENCES: *Violation of any rules will result in a notation being recorded next to the student’s name. *After three violations, the student will: a. Sit at a reserved table in the cafeteria until behavior improves. b. Fighting results in referral to the principal for immediate consequences.

LAVATORY USE Students have many opportunities to use the lavatory facilities. Most teachers arrange to bring their classes to the lavatories at a scheduled time. Obviously, requests to use the lavatory disrupt class. However, no child is ever denied. Teachers have established some type of procedure.


Students who abuse this privilege, and by their actions show that they cannot handle the responsibility of using the lavatory on their own, will not be permitted to do so.

DRESS CODE The Jim Thorpe Area School district is of the opinion that proper grooming and dress relates to healthy school attitudes and the best learning environment. Good grooming and dress are the responsibility of both the parent and the student. Proper attire is to be worn by all students: therefore, student dress should always be in good taste and appropriate for the business of learning. This is not inclusive and is at the discretion of the administration. Jim Thorpe Area School District’s concern for the health, safety, and well being of all students extends to student dress. We, therefore, offer these guidelines in a helpful way. Under State guidelines, schools have the responsibility to take action against improper dress which: 1. Is disruptive to the school program 2. Is a health hazard 3. Is damaging to school property, equipment, or reputation 4. Is obviously or blatantly indecent or distracting Our guidelines indicate that all clothing and accessories be clean, neat, in good taste, and ageappropriate. Attire should not be extreme to the extent that it focuses attention on the wearer. The following is a list of inappropriate articles of clothing and accessories, which are expressly forbidden. This list is not all-inclusive, and the sole discretion rests with the district to make determination on a case-by-case basis. I. Headwear 1. Hats, bandannas, doo rags must be removed upon entering the building. 2. Sunglasses and heavy jewelry are prohibited. II. Tops/Shirts/Blouses 1. Shirts must have sleeves, cover the top of the shoulder and not be see-through. 2. Bare midriffs and low-cut tops are prohibited. When sitting and leaning forward, midriffs and underwear should not be visible. After raising your arms, if your bare midriff is not visible, the top’s length is appropriate for school. 3. Artwork on clothing will not be obscene, sexual, drug/alcohol, or gang related. 4. Cleavage should not be showing. 5. Gloves or sleeves not attached to a shirt may not be worn during school hours. 6. Upper body wear may not exceed the wrist with an arm resting naturally at the side. III. Pants/Skirts/Shorts 1. Pants, skirts, and shorts must be worn around the natural waistline and not expose the midriff or underwear. Use this simple test: Sit in a chair and lean forward. Underwear or an exposed backside should not be visible. 2. Skirts and Shorts extend beyond fingertips. 3. Slits, holes, excessive adornments are not permitted. 4. No pajamas or flannel pants are to be worn. 5. Excessively tight, baggy, or long pants are not permitted. IV. Footwear


1. Shoes, sneakers, and sandals must be worn at all times. 2. No backless shoes may be worn. 3. Sneakers/shoes that have roller-skates in the bottom may not be worn in school buildings at any time. V. Miscellaneous 1. Chains, studs, or other exposed metal that can cause personal injury or damage to school property are not permitted. 2. Outerwear must be placed in lockers. 3. Elementary students are not permitted to have hair “coloring� which may be disruptive. Any item of clothing or jewelry that displays hate messages or is intended to harass, threaten, intimidate or demean an individual or group of individuals because of sex, color, race, religion, disability, national origin or sexual orientation and which, in the judgment of the administration, has substantial risk of creating a disruption to the learning environment and/or school, will not be tolerated. Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to cover up or to call home to have appropriate clothing delivered. Students unable to cover-up will be provided a shirt and/or sweatpants to cover-up. The clothing must be worn the entire day. Repeat offenders will be considered defiant, and will be suspended.

NEWSLETTER A newsletter is sent home regularly to keep parents informed about school events, student honors, assemblies, PTA information, and updated school policies.


DISCIPLINE The primary objective of requiring appropriate student behavior and self-discipline is to produce a positive and safe learning atmosphere in which there will be no interruption of the teachinglearning environment. All students will assume personal responsibility for their behavior and actions, develop appropriate self-control, exhibit self-discipline and accept the responsibility and consequences of an inappropriate behavior. To accomplish this objective requires a cooperative effort from all students and parents. All students shall…. • Use appropriate language in class, on playground, and on buses. • Maintain a positive attitude. • Respect the rights of other students to learn in an environment free of intimidation and harassment. • Avoid any verbal or physical fighting. • Maintain satisfactory attendance. • Come to class prepared with materials and assignments. • Comply with the dress code. If situations develop where a student’s behavior is so disruptive that it interferes with the learning and safety of others, action will be taken. Each classroom teacher has established a list of classroom expectations, which are shared with parents and reviewed regularly with the children. Building guidelines are reviewed during morning announcements and at assemblies. Acts of bullying, fighting, harassment, foul language, and disrespect toward any adults in our school will not be tolerated. Consequences include: • Time out • Loss of recess • Loss of specials • Loss of field trips/assemblies/special class activities • Detention • In-school suspension • Out-of-school suspension Students receive a grade for their conduct on the report card. Teachers take into consideration the student’s daily behavior in and out of the classroom, cooperation, and the number of disciplinary referrals received for misbehavior, including cafeteria and bus referrals. Failure in conduct during any marking period will result in the loss of privileges at school. In this case, students will not be permitted to attend field trips or assemblies for their class during the next marking period.


DETENTION The Jim Thorpe Area School District administration and staff expect a high level of mannerly, appropriate, and respectful behavior from our students. When this behavior is not in evidence, a detention will be issued. General detention, for grades K-6, is held on Tuesday and/or Thursday until 4:30. Classroom teachers may schedule detention for students in their homeroom on other days. NO transportation is provided when students attend detention. Parents must be prompt in picking up their children. Following a third detention, parents will be required to attend a conference with the principal to discuss a behavior plan for the student. Students will not be excused from detention or issued an alternate consequence during the day. If a child is absent, the detention will be rescheduled on the next detention day.

WEAPONS No person shall possess, handle, or transmit any weapon in a school district building, on its grounds, or on any school bus or other transportation vehicle, or to any school activity, event or function, including sports activities held on or off school grounds. Any person violating this policy, in addition to being subject to other civil and criminal penalties, shall be subject to having the weapon in his/her possession immediately seized and shall not be permitted to remain in the school district building, on its premises, on its transportation, or at any school activity, event or function held on or off school premises. Students will receive an immediate ten (10) day out-of-school suspension. The action will be referred to the superintendent and the local authorities. Parents will be notified and the case referred to our School Board of Directors for further action. Parents often ask what may be considered as a weapon. Basically, this includes (but is NOT limited to) any type of knives, scissors, pointed or blunt objects intended to hurt someone. Fireworks, rockets, darts and dart guns, any type of toy gun, water pistols, matches, and lighters may all be considered as weapons.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT Corporal punishment is not administered in our school. However, school authorities may use reasonable force:


• • • •

To quell a disturbance To obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects For the purpose of defense For the protection of persons or property

This policy conforms to the PA State Education Guidelines on Student Rights and Responsibilities.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS Substitute teachers are guest professionals in our school and are provided to continue the academic program in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. Students are expected to provide full courtesy and cooperation to these teachers. Failure to do so will result in immediate disciplinary action.

SOLVING PROBLEMS Often parents are in a quandary about the best ways to solve a problem. Many times parents “go to the top” only to find that they are sent to the source of the problem. It would be helpful to school personnel if you bring with you as much data as is available regarding your problem. In all cases, parents are urged to follow this step-by-step approach to problem solving. • • • •

Discuss your concern with the staff member directly involved – whether that is a teacher, guidance counselor, or other employee. Then talk with the dean of students or principal. The principal will then contact the person involved to help seek resolution. Problems can never be resolved in a hostile atmosphere. Remain calm and positive. Involve the child in the discussion only as necessary. When the problem is resolved, be sure your child understands the outcome and expectations.


JIM THORPE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION GUIDELINES The Jim Thorpe Area School District takes seriously its responsibility to provide safe transport for students. Parents must reinforce with their children the need to obey rules. In view of the fact that the school bus is an extension of the classroom, the School Board of Directors shall require children to conduct themselves, on the bus, in a manner consistent with the established standards for classroom behavior. Failure to comply with any of the rules may result in the student being suspended from the bus for a period of time depending on the seriousness of the problem. Continued refusal to comply may result in permanent loss of privileges. Please be aware that video and audio equipment may be in use. RIDING THE SCHOOL BUS IS A PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT. In the case of any bus suspension, parents are responsible for finding a way to transport their child. Absence from school due to bus suspension will be considered an unexcused absence.

DISTRICT SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS Students will be permitted only to ride their assigned bus. Only in an emergency will a student be transported on another bus or from an alternate stop. If your child, due to an emergency, needs to be transported to or from another bus stop, on a bus other than their regularly assigned bus, you must contact the transportation department at the high school (325-3663-5134). The school office does not issue bus transfers. Telephone requests for transfers will not be accepted. An authorized transfer slip will be issued from the Transportation Office. Drivers are not permitted to accept anything but the approved authorization form. Students who attempt to board buses without authorization will not be permitted to do so. Because many of our buses are at or near capacity in the number of students being transported, there may be times when we will not be able to honor a valid request. If this should occur, the school office will notify you.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES AT THE BUS STOP Be on time, but not earlier than five (5) minutes. Respect the rights of property owners in the area of bus stop. Form a single line when the bus is approaching. There shall be no pushing, shoving, or horseplay at any time. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children before the bus arrives, and when they depart. Once the child boards the bus, and only at that time, does he/she become the responsibility of the school district. Students shall remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop, and the driver gives the signal for a safe crossing: at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Students may be assigned seats by the driver and/or monitor, and will obey the seating instructions. 23

DISCIPLINE PLAN-CONSEQUENCES The driver or monitor will issue students, who choose to misbehave, a bus incident report. The specific infraction will be listed. The report will then be turned over to the building administrator for disciplinary action. 1ST AND 2ND OFFENSE – Possible disciplinary action may be taken depending on the seriousness of the offense. 3RD OFFENSE – a bus suspension will be issued. THIS IS NOT A SUSPENSION FROM SCHOOL.

BUS SUSPENSION – When a bus suspension is issued, a conference must be scheduled between the parent, driver, monitor, principal and student. A bus reinstatement contract must be signed. This contract states that following the next infraction, bus-riding privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the present school term.

**NOTE** Building Administrators reserve the right to determine the seriousness of the offense and the consequences.


ACADEMIC PROGRAM REPORT CARDS Report cards are issued to students every nine weeks. There are four grading periods each year. Attendance is also reported on the report card. Report envelopes must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the child’s homeroom teacher promptly.

PROGRESS REPORTS Progress reports are sent home at the midpoint of each marking period. Parents are requested to sign the progress report and return it to school. You may wish to request a conference at this time.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice a year, in November and February. Individual conferences can be arranged anytime by calling the L.B. Morris at 325-2703. A “Meet The Teacher Night” is held in early September. Parents are encouraged to attend to find out more about our school programs and teacher expectations for the school year. This evening is designed to address general issues, it is not time for a personal conference.

CONFERENCE TIPS The parent conferences bring out more facts than a report card and build a better understanding between teacher and parent. Some tips for a successful parent teacher conference include: • • • • •

Be prepared. Make a list of things to tell and ask the teacher. Items on the list may include homework, test results and your child’s attitude. Ask your child if there is anything about which he/she would like you to talk to the teacher. Be on time. If the discussion extends beyond the allotted time, ask the teacher for another appointment when you can discuss problems in depth. Know ahead of time if the teacher wishes the child present at the conference. Talk with your child about the conference and stress the positive strong points brought out by the teacher. Also, discuss some possible suggestions for improvement and the setting of new goals.


GRADING SYSTEM The grading system is as follows: A B C D F

93-100 85-92 75-84 70-74 0-69

The following letter system is used for minor subjects, student behavior, and study habit characteristics. G S N U

Good/Exceeds the requirements Satisfactory/Meets the grade level Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory/Below grade level

Check the report card thoroughly. Notice indicators, which are significant of special programs and services.

PROCESS WRITING/COMPOSITION Process Writing is a Language Arts area subject, not to be confused with handwriting. Process Writing is the ability to express ideas in sentence/paragraph form. A great deal of classroom time is spent on this subject area in order to have students reach the level of proficiency required by the State of Pennsylvania. Clear, concise writing with ability to sequence and utilize grammar, usage, and mechanics appropriately is essential in order to pass this subject area. Every student has a writing portfolio that is passed from one grade level to the next. It contains samples of the student’s writing from the time they entered our school. Parents should request to review the portfolio during conferences to gain insight into the child’s writing ability and his/her strengths and weaknesses in applying spelling and grammar skills. Grading of Process Writing is according to a descriptive rubric of how well the student utilizes learned techniques and skills. The numerical scoring is 1-4, with 4 being the highest. A numerical marking of 1 or 0 signifies a failure in this subject. Writing is treated as a major subject area and is graded at all levels. 26


Advanced Sharp, distinct focus; expressive; writer’s voice is apparent in tone. The writing contains few, if any, errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Writing exceeds grade level expectations. Required for Principal’s List or Honor Roll.


Proficient Clear focus; content is organized in a logical way with details that clarify ideas. There is appropriate variety in sentence structure and word choice. Writing contains few errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Writing meets grade level expectations. Minimum grade required for Honor Roll.


Basic Focuses on purpose and contains some details. Content and ideas are organized, but not fluent. Mistakes in grammar, usage, and mechanics do not detract from meaning. Writing is near grade level expectations.


Below Basic Sample contains some awareness of purpose and audience. Some detail included; mistakes in grammar, usage and mechanics detract from clarity and meaning. Writing does not meet grade level expectations and is a failure.


Unscoreable The sample is blank, unreadable, and incomplete. Student refused to participate in the assessment. Writing does not meet grade level expectations and is a failure.

HONOR ROLL Principal’s List- Grades K - 6 All A’s in major subjects, 4 in Writing, and no N’s or U’s in minor subjects, homework, and conduct areas.

Honor Roll- Grades K - 6 All A’s and B’s in major subjects, 4 or 3 in Writing, and no N’s or U’s in minor subjects, homework, and conduct areas.

Principal’s List- Grades 7 & 8- A 93 or better in each major subject, no grade below an 85 in minor subjects, or a B letter grade.

High Honor Roll- Grades 7 & 8- A 93 or better in three major subjects and an 85 or better in all remaining subjects.


Honor Roll- Grades 7 & 8- A 93 or better in two major subjects and an 85 or better in all remaining subjects.

Perfect Attendance requires no absences and no tardies. PROMOTION/RETENTION Open communication is expected between teachers and parents when students show signs of failing. If a parent desires, a conference can be held with the teacher, counselor, principal, or IST Team. Students who fail a major subject at the end of the school year must attend summer school or receive instruction of 30 hours in that subject area by a certified teacher in order to be promoted to the next grade. At the end of that time, the student will be required to pass a test that is prepared by the school district. Grades K - 6 Students who fail a major subject for the second year in a row will be retained. A failure in reading at the primary level is cause for retention. Students who fail two major subjects will be retained. In the case of excessive absence (30 days and beyond), retention will be considered. Major subjects for grades K-3 include: Reading Process Writing (grades 2 and 3) English Math

Major subjects for grades 4-6 include: Reading Process Writing English Math Social Studies Science

HOMEWORK GUIDELINES Homework is an extension of skills taught in class and is assigned to maintain mastery of those skills. Most assigned homework is designed to be a daily review of classroom work and can be completed with little assistance. Repetition is essential for young children to gain skill mastery. In the upper grades, teachers often require special projects or research; both students and parents are made aware of any extended timelines. Homework may include completion of classwork, practice to maintain mastery, special projects, or research. Each child should read for at least 15 minutes daily using materials other than school assignments. Homework times will vary according to grade level and ability of each child. In 28

general, homework should not exceed 45-minutes/one hour. When this occurs, consult the teacher for assistance. Homework should be monitored by parents, corrected by parents, but NOT DONE by parents. A regular time and place should be designated for homework time. The following applies to all students in our school with regard to homework: • • • • •

Homework includes written and studied lessons. A notebook for copying assignments is required. (One is supplied by the district.) Parents should sign the homework assignment book daily. Homework is due the next day, unless otherwise specified. Students are expected to do their best and write neatly.

In the event of extended absence, parents requesting homework should call the office before 10:00 am. Homework assignments will be sent to the office for pickup at 2:30 pm. Under no circumstances should parents go to the classroom to request homework. Classroom teachers, as part of their individual policies, have guidelines regarding makeup work and tests. These guidelines are shared with parents at our annual “Meet the Teacher Night”. Repeated failure to complete the required homework assignments may result in detention after the third missed assignment. Following the third detention for missed assignments, a parent/teacher conference is required to determine the nature of the problem.

GUIDANCE SERVICES Guidance service is provided for all students in the Jim Thorpe Area School District. This service has a dual focus; individual and/or small group counseling for students with specific issues, as well as, a developmental component offered for all students in their classroom. Individual and small group counseling is provided for students referred to the counselor by the parents, teachers, Instructional Support Team, or themselves, as individuals, due to personal problems. Issues, which are commonly dealt with in this type of counseling setting involve such problems as self-concept, behavior, and adjustment to family changes such as divorce, death, friendship skills, and anger management. Developmental guidance classes are provided for elementary students. The guidance counselor conducts weekly sessions in the classroom where age appropriate topics or skills are discussed. Some of the topics addressed include: understanding self and others, handling emotions, good mental health, prejudice and discrimination, problem solving, drug and alcohol education, study skills, and career exploration.


Other guidance services include: parent and teacher consultation, referral to outside agencies, and assessment and testing. Guidance counselors also serve on the Instructional Support Team and as members of the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team.

TESTING PROGRAM Various standardized testing measures are used at Jim Thorpe Area School District to assess student growth throughout the elementary grades. The Terra Nova achievement battery is used in grades 1, 2, 4 & 6 to measure a student’s relative strengths and weaknesses in various skill areas. These skills vary from year to year, but generally include vocabulary, reading comprehension, language arts, math concepts and computation, social studies, science, and the ability to use reference materials. This test is administered in the fall. The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment is given by the state in each school district to every student in certain grades. Reading and Math are assessed in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11, in the March. Writing assessment for grades 5, 8, and 11 is administered in February. Students in grades 4, 8, and 11 will take a Science field test in April. The purpose of this test is to provide a broad measure of a school’s performance from which the district can plan curriculum and develop long-range strategic plans. Testing and evaluation is an important part of a child’s educational program. We ask that parents encourage their youngsters to do their best, make sure that their child has had adequate sleep and a good breakfast, to reschedule trips or appointments that might take the student from school, and to contact the guidance counselor if the results of any of these tests needs explanation.

TITLE 1 READING & MATH PROGRAMS The Title 1 program is a federally funded program that provides supplementary reading instruction. It is closely coordinated with and supports the regular reading program. Reading Specialists provide assistance in the regular classroom and/or in small group sessions. The goals of the program are to help students attain grade level proficiency and to succeed in the regular reading program. If you feel your child may be in need of assistance in Reading, contact our District Reading Coordinator, Mrs. O’Donnell, at 325-2703. In addition, Title 1 Math services are provided in the same way for students in grades 2-6. Miss Doll is the Title 1 Math teacher.


THE INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT TEAM The Instructional Support Team (IST) is a group of teachers and other staff members who discuss and agree upon possible solutions (called interventions) to be used with a student experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties. Any elementary student is eligible for IST assistance.

HOW IST WORKS: • • • • • •

The classroom teacher, parent or other professional refers the student experiencing difficulty to the team. A teacher/team interview is conducted to determine the problematic area. An informal assessment is administered to further determine the student’s individual needs. A meeting is held to discuss and select the interventions that will help make the student more successful in the classroom. The interventions are initially monitored for 30 school days. If necessary, the interventions will be continued for another 30 school days. If the student does not experience success, a referral is made for further evaluation.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO STUDENTS The student, with the support of trained teachers and staff members, receives the necessary academic and/or behavioral assistance for success in the classroom.

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF PARENTS FOR IST? The parent/guardian is notified by telephone or letter of the student’s referral to the Instructional Support Team. The parent(s) is invited to participate in the team meetings. They may also be directly involved in implementing the interventions agreed upon by the team. As always, parental support is vital to the success or failure of this program. If you feel your child is in need of assistance, contact our IST teacher, Mrs. Kunkel at 325-2703.


SPECIAL EDUCATION IDENTIFICATION PROCEDURES The Jim Thorpe Area School District believes that every child be given an educational program that will permit him to be as independent as possible and to be a contributing member of an adult society. Teachers or parents who feel a child is exceptional and in need of a special program can request an evaluation. A parent request should be submitted in writing to the guidance counselor, principal, or school psychologist. Evaluations are completed throughout the year in every school in the district. If the child is found to be exceptional and eligible, an educational plan based on the child’s needs is developed by a team, which includes professional staff and parents.

SERVICES AND PROGRAMS The Jim Thorpe School District operates Learning Support classes in every building for children whose primary need is support in the academic areas of reading and math. The district also operates other special education programs that include life skills, emotional support, speech, and language support. Additionally, specialized programs in approved private settings for exceptional children are available when deemed appropriate. Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21, in cooperation with the school district, provides support for hearing or visually impaired, multihandicapped, autistic, physically disabled, and pre-school classes.

CONFIDENTIALITY Confidentiality is maintained on all personally identifiable information regarding students. Parents have the right to see or obtain a copy of their child’s records. Information on these policies, procedures, and programs are available from the guidance counselor.


SPECIAL SUBJECTS ART Students in all grades attend art class. A variety of materials, techniques and styles are explored. Except for special projects, students are not required to provide their own supplies. Smocks are available for the “messier” assignments. All students in grades 4-8 are graded. Following directions, effort, originality, manipulative skills and behavior are taken into consideration when assessing a student’s performance. In the spring, an evening is set aside for our annual “Festival of the Arts.” This event consists of a student art exhibit and choral concert. The art exhibit is comprised of selected student works from students in grades K-8. Students, families, and friends are encouraged to attend. In honor of “March – Youth and Art Month”, the Maria Feliz Gallery in Jim Thorpe sponsors a student art exhibit. Works of art from students in the Jim Thorpe Schools, along with surrounding school districts, are on display. Due to the gallery’s size, each school is limited to the number of projects selected for the exhibit. Both exhibits are admission free and open to the public.

MUSIC The general music program is offered to all students in grades K-8. The students have both instrumental and choral experiences while learning the basic elements of music. Third graders receive recorder instruction. The school provides recorders, and students are permitted to keep them. The choral program is designed for 5-8 grade students. Rehearsal is held once a week after school. Younger siblings may NOT remain after school with brothers and sisters who participate in this activity. There are two concert events held during the school year, Christmas and Spring. These programs are performed for teachers and students during school hours. An evening performance is held for families and friends. Instrumental music lessons are offered to students in grades 4-8. Mr. Harleman coordinates this program. Arrangements can be made for rental or purchase of an instrument. This is a major responsibility for a youngster, and serious consideration should be given before making a commitment. We are proud of our music program in the district. Students who agree to participate in these activities must be aware that they are expected to participate in the choral and concert programs that are scheduled for the school year. Parents are asked to see that their child is prepared for each lesson.



Gym class is offered to all students. On their physical education day, the students are required to wear sneakers, sweatpants, shorts (weather permitting), and a t-shirt (jeans are not permitted). The school discourages the wearing of “pants, which snap at the side.” These pants are usually long and, as a result, students may be prone to accidents. Students who do not come prepared for their PE class will not be permitted to take class, and after three offenses, the student will receive a detention. Time does not permit students to use the locker rooms to change. They must come to school dressed for their physical education class. In preparing for our students moving into Grade 6, students in Grades 5 are ENCOURAGED to wear the following “gym uniform”: • A plain white t-shirt (or may be Jim Thorpe School district related) • Navy blue shorts or sweat pants • Sneakers (ALWAYS a requirement) Students in grades 4-5 are graded on the following directions, class participation, knowledge and skills of the gym activity. During the course of the school year, students have the opportunity to attend field trips, which are specifically arranged to challenge their PE skills, and develop social skills. Parents will be notified by the PE teachers regarding the special activities for each class. Health and hygiene classes are also offered. They are considered part of the academic curriculum and as such, all assignments must be completed for grading purposes.

LIBRARY Book selection, library skills, and literature are all a part of the elementary library program. The library is open throughout most of the school day and after school. Students in the primary grades learn to take care of books in the library and at home. They are taught about book selection and have an introduction to library services. Children’s literature is the most important part of the primary library program. Computers are available for younger students to use in the development of skills such as word recognition, following directions, recognizing sequence, and mapping skills. In the upper grades, students learn the organization of the library. Fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, reference materials, and maps are available for student use. Literature is also an important part of the library program for older students: myths, legends, poetry, history, and short stories are selected. Computers are available for upper elementary students. Software includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, geography, writing, problem solving, reading, and foreign language programs. For most of the school term, no library fines are charged for overdue books. However, students may be asked to take a note home, call home, or miss recess for overdue books. These consequences depend on the number of books overdue, length of time overdue and the frequency of the problem.


COMPUTER We are fortunate to have several classroom computer labs, as well as, a mobile lab for student use. The regular classroom teacher may arrange time within their schedule for students to gain additional practice in word processing, writing, remedial and tutorial reading and math and interactive programming available in curriculum related areas. Our Internet Policy is provided with this handbook. Receipt of this handbook indicates agreement with this policy. While our students will not be “surfing the net,” they will be utilizing various websites under teacher supervision. Parents may visit our school district website at All parents/guardians will receive information concerning PowerSchool, an invaluable resource for checking on student progress and facilitating communication.

D.A.R.E.—DRUG AWARENESS RESISTANCE EDUCATION We are fortunate to be able to bring this program to our fifth grade students. With the help of funding and support by the borough of Jim Thorpe, Kidder and Penn forest Townships. Local law enforcement officials have been trained to present the program, and students who master the material will participate in D.A.R.E. graduation in the spring. Our D.A.R.E. officers will also provide programs for grades K, 2, and 4.

PROJECT PROSPER JTASD has the good fortune to have been selected in a national initiative funded by the National Institute of Health and serviced by Penn State University, which will address issues of adolescent concerns. This project, called PROSPER, is for parents/guardians with students in grades 5 and 6. This exciting program seeks to further communication skills, as well as, address key issues of drug and alcohol issues between parent and child. Further information will be provided as it becomes solidified. Please give serious consideration to becoming involved in this worthwhile program.

PROJECT ALERT This program helps students in 7th grade identify positive ideals, establish positive norms, and build personal commitment. It directs students in goal setting, decision-making, and developing communication skills, as well as, strengthening bonds between students and the school. The ultimate goal of the program is to deter the development of risky behaviors.


PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION The L.B. Morris PTA is a dynamic and energetic volunteer organization whose purpose is to bring the home and the school in closer relationship so that parents, teachers and community members may become partners in the education of children and youth. The PTA serves grades K8 and membership is open to anyone interested. Yearly dues are $5.00 (which is less than 3 cents per school day). Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the L.B. Morris building. Dates and times are published in the school calendar, the Torch (LBM PTA newsletter), and on the monthly calendar distributed in the elementary school. Research shows that children benefit directly from active involvement by their parents or guardians within the school. Your children will be better prepared and do better in school. Be active in your school.

WHAT DOES THE PTA DO? The PTA provides the revenue and the volunteers necessary to carry out many activities throughout the school district including: Arts in Education national Reflections Contest: Grades K-12 Emergency Phone Chain Box Tops in Education: Money directly to school Student Rewards Gifts: money to school buildings for approved items Assistance: on picture day Elementary Science Fair: sponsors prizes and provides volunteers Red Ribbon Week: Anti-drug program Sponsor Assemblies RIF (Reading is Fundamental): funding books Book Fairs Tar Wars: anti tobacco program and poster contest Intramurals: funds cost of t-shirts Elementary Field Trips: provides funding Jr. High Incentive Program: increase attendance and decrease infractions Scholarships: to members of the senior class Moving Up Gifts: to members of grade 6 and 8 Appreciation Gifts: to teachers, aides, counselors, nurses, secretaries and administrators Hospitality: beverages and snacks at registration, orientation and meetings


ADDITIONAL POLICIES/REGULATIONS FOR GRADES 7TH & 8TH NOTE: In addition to the rules, regulations and policies outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook for grades K-6, students in grades 7 & 8 must also comply with the following additional guidelines: The following is a list of courses and their credit value: Language Arts Reading Math Science Social Studies Computer

1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit .5 credit

Family/Con. Sci. Tech. Ed. Art Music Health Phys. Ed.

.25 credits .25 credit .25 credit .25 credit .3 credit .2 credit

PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS 1. In order for a student to be promoted, the student must earn a minimum of SIX (6) credits and must achieve passing grades in Language Arts, Reading and Math. 2. If a student DOES NOT achieve a passing grade in Language Arts, Reading and Math, the student will be required to receive remedial instruction in our district (or district approved) summer program in order to be promoted. 3. If a student does not earn a minimum of SIX (6) credits, credit may be earned in a program of remediation (summer school, tutoring) approved by the principal. Only two (2) courses may be remediated. 4. Students with Individual Education Plans will be evaluated on an individual basis by the MDE team. 5. Students who enroll in the district during the school year will be evaluated based on the grades earned in both the previous school and in this district.

NOTE: All tuition/fees/costs/ for summer school programs will be the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. If a student SUCCESSFULLY completes the required summer school program(s), he/she will be promoted.

PROGRESS REPORTS Progress reports are sent home at the mid-point of the four marking periods in the Wednesday Express.


REPORT CARDS The school year is divided into four quarters or marking periods, each of approximately nine weeks in duration. The report cards are mailed to the home. In the event of questions regarding grades: (1) contact the teacher, (2) counselor, (3) dean or (4) principal.

TRUANCY Truancy is an unexcused/unlawful absence from school. The student will not have the opportunity to make-up class work or tests missed through truancy. A grade of zero will be given for classwork and tests scheduled on the day of truancy. Students who are truant will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the requirements of the discipline code or principal.

STUDENT ABSENCES/OFFICE CALLING PROCEDURE When a student is absent, parents may call the office to indicate that the pupil will be out of school. This is best accomplished between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00 am. The call must be followed up with a note from the parent/doctor upon the student’s return to school. When the school is unaware of the reason of the student’s absence, the district attendance officer may contact the home to verify the student’s absence. The attendance officer will contact those students whose absences are numerous and will also make random contact with the home.

CONFERENCES 1) The school holds formal conference periods twice per year (usually November and February). Both day and evening appointments are available. Conference dates are announced. 2) Parents may confer with the principal or teachers at any mutually convenient time. Contact the principal’s office to establish an appointment. 3) Students will be able to confer with the principal at almost any time during the day in an emergency situation. Non-emergency meetings should be set through the secretary and with concern for time missed in class. 4) Students and parents are encouraged to meet with the guidance counselor as needed. However, since the counselor serves two buildings, an appointment is usually needed.

FIELD TRIPS The Board of Education recognizes the educational value of field trips. Students participating in these off campus activities are expected to conform to all school policies. Students who fail to act in accordance with standards of conduct will be subject to school discipline procedures and suspension from future activities.

HOMEBOUND INSTRUCTION In the event that a school age child is unable to attend school due to illness or other incapacity, a homebound instructional program is available. Generally, five hours of instruction per week are provided.


The parent should obtain a letter from the attending physician indicating the prognosis and estimated length of time the student must remain at home. The letter should be forwarded to the building principal who will arrange the instructional program, following approval by the Superintendent/Board of Education.

INSURANCE 1) All students involved in an interscholastic athletic program sponsored by the school district are covered by a student accident insurance policy carried by the school district. The policy covers the first one hundred dollars of expense related to an accident or injury and additional coverage depending upon the parental insurance plan. 2) Students involved in intramural programs sponsored by the district must provide proof of adequate insurance to cover any injuries received by the student. This is accomplished with a waiver signed by the parent/guardian. 3) An insurer selected by the district offers low-cost student accident insurance. Information about coverage and cost to the parent is provided at the beginning of each school year.

LATE PASSES Ample time is provided for students to get from one class to another. When a student is late for class and it appears that it is unexcused, the teacher will admit the student to class, recording the name and date in PowerSchool as late. Students will not receive a late pass from the junior high office, unless a student was detained in the office. Each unexcused late entrance to any class will result in an infraction. After five (5) infractions, any late student will receive a detention. NOTE: Definition of “present in class� means students must be in their seat and prepared for learning when the final bell rings.

LAVATORY USE Students are permitted to use the lavatory facilities between classes. If a student needs to use the facilities during a class, the student is encouraged to wait fifteen minutes until requesting permission from the teacher. The student will sign out of the classroom and retrieve the key from the junior high office. When the student has finished using the facilities, he/she will return the keys to the junior high office and return to class. Please keep lavatory uses to a minimum.

LOCKERS It is intended that each student have a locker for his/her use. The locker remains the property of the district and is subject to inspection at any time. Sharing lockers is not allowed. The school district is not responsible for any item taken from students’ lockers. Gym lockers should also be locked for the period they are in use.


MAKE-UP WORK A student, who has been legally absent from school, is required to make-up any work which has been missed. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for scheduling make-up work and should be accomplished immediately upon return to school. Students are encouraged to check PowerSchool for ongoing assignments and missed work.

MEDICATION If a student requires medication during the school day, the parent must write a note with their permission, date, dosage, and time of administration. The note and the medication must be taken to the office immediately upon arrival in school. It should be noted that school personnel, including the school nurse, may not administer aspirin or other pain-relief over-the-counter medication.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical education is a state mandated subject and must be passed each year in order to graduate. If a physician ordered medical excuse is provided, an adapted physical education program may be developed for a student. 1) A parent may write a note to excuse a student from an individual physical education class; however, after two classes per quarter are missed, a medical excuse must be provided. 2) All students in grades 6-7-8 are expected to wear regulation physical education uniforms during gym classes.

STUDENT ACTIVITY BUS The district operates bus service for those students involved in district-sponsored activities. Students are transported at 4:20 pm and 6:20 pm from such activities as athletic practices, band practices, club meetings, etc. Students assigned to detention are not transported.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS Substitute teachers are visitors to our school who are provided to continue the academic program in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. Students are expected to provide full courtesy and cooperation to these teachers. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension from class/school.


TELEPHONE USE The office telephone is available for student use in the event of an emergency. Students must request permission to use the telephone and should not expect to be excused from class to do so. Cell phones are not to be used in the building. Cell phones must be kept in the locker during school hours. If cell phones are seen or heard by the staff, an infraction will be issued, and the cell phone confiscated. Student cell phones may then be retrieved at the end of the day from the Principal or Dean of Students.

TITLE IX STATEMENT The Jim Thorpe Area School District is an Equal Opportunity educational institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and handicap in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX and Section 504.

TRANSFERS AND WITHDRAWALS Students moving from the school district should report this several days prior to withdrawal. If possible, the guidance counselor will circulate a form for teachers to sign indicating academic standing and materials returned. Health, dental and other permanent records will be transferred to the receiving school upon receipt of written notice of intent to enroll in the receiving school. Official records may not be hand-carried to the receiving school; however, the office will provide a copy of the most recent report card, if requested.

VALUABLES Students should avoid bringing valuables or large sums of money to school. If it is necessary to do so, ask someone in the office to keep it in a safe place for you. The school district cannot be responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged. Please note: Lockers are not to be shared under any circumstances. If there is a problem with a locker, please contact the office.


STANDARDS OF CONDUCT GENERAL GUIDELINES The school is a place of serious endeavor, and the classroom, in particular, should reflect an appropriate businesslike atmosphere. These are some very basic procedures and behaviors, which have been found to contribute to the management of a safe and effective educational environment.

CLASSES: 1) Go directly to period 1 from your locker. 2) Ask for permission to leave the room if it is necessary to do so. 3) Promptly return all forms and absence excuses to the Junior High School Office. All absentee notes must be returned to the office within 3 days after an absence. NO EXCEPTIONS. 4) Be seated in class by the designated time. 5) Remain silent during announcements.

CELL PHONE/ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICY Students are prohibited from using cellular phones, beepers, other electronic devices, or any such device which can be used to communicate with other persons in or out of the school property while they are attendant on school property, whether in the classroom, on the school bus or anywhere on school property.

FUNDRAISING Students may not sell any items to other students or teachers during the school day.

HALLWAY: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Keep to the right at all times. Talk in a normal tone of voice. Do not run, push or shove. On stairs – single file, one step at a time. Students may not congregate/loiter between classes. Students must use the 7th & 8th grade wing unless scheduled to be in other areas of the building.

CLASSROOM: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Arrive promptly, and be prepared to participate fully with books, paper and pencils. Work quietly so as not to interfere with the education of others. Present passes to other areas of the building at the beginning of the class. Do not leave the classroom except in emergencies and with permission of the teacher. Do not lean back on chairs, put feet on desks, or roll/swivel on school equipment.


PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION Students may not kiss or touch another student in an affectionate manner. This includes holding hands and arms around each other.

BACK TO BASICS: 1) Attend school regularly and punctually. 2) Be self-controlled and non-disruptive while attending school activities and while being transported on school transportation. 3) Be clean and dress in compliance with the school rules of sanitation and safety and in a fashion that will not disrupt classroom procedures. See Dress Code. 4) Be reasonable, modest, self-controlled, and considerate in your relationships with your peers. 5) Maintain mutually respectful relationships with teachers and others in positions of authority. 6) Use language and gestures that are respectful and free of profanity/obscenities. 7) Respect the property of others, both public and private. 8) Be aware of school rules, procedures and standards and cooperate with the same. 9) Failure to adhere to the above mentioned rules would result in an infraction, detention, and/or suspension.

DISCIPLINE CODE: STUDENT RIGHTS/RESPONSIBILITIES The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations and guidelines on student rights and responsibilities are contained in Pennsylvania Code Title 22, Chapter 12. CLASSIFICATION OF MISCONDUCT In order to protect the right of students to receive the best education possible in a safe and orderly learning environment, certain types of behavior are prohibited. Student misconduct is classified in three levels based upon the place of occurrence, frequency of occurrence, and disruptive effect upon the safety and orderliness of the learning environment. LEVEL 1 Includes those misbehaviors which interfere with the orderly operation of the school or school functions and which disrupt the learning environment or have a negative effect on the education of students.


Examples: Failure to follow standard rules and procedures for classroom, halls, etc. Failure to complete assignments or carry out directions. Eating/chewing gum Tardy to class/school. Failure to return forms, etc. as directed. CONSEQUENCES OF LEVEL 1 VIOLATION Teacher reprimand Parent reprimand Parent contact/conference Special assignment Principal reprimand Counseling Infraction will be issued. 5 Level 1 infractions will result in a 1 1/2-hour Saturday detention. LEVEL II Includes those behaviors of a serious nature which disrupt the learning climate of the school; where public property may be damaged; when violent or careless behavior endangers health and safety; or, when misbehavior is immoral, obscene or degrading, with a negative effect on an individual victim and/or the school. Examples: Continuation of Level 1 misconduct Abusive/obscene/profane language Smoking/possession of smoking materials Dishonesty/cheating Cutting class or leaving class/campus without permission Fighting Forgery Failure to serve assigned detention Insubordinate/defiance Misconduct at school assemblies/activities/field trips, etc. Defacing school property Physical or mental harassment of fellow students. CONSEQUENCES OF LEVEL II VIOLATION Removal from class Detention (1 to 6 sessions) Withdrawal of privileges Behavior contract Parent conferences Restitution for damages In-school suspension Alternative Education Program


Suspension from school (1 to 10 days) School probation NOTE: Misconduct, which is repeated, may result in referral to the Superintendent and Board of Education. LEVEL III Includes misbehaviors, which cause immediate or potential danger or represent a willful and excessive disruption of the learning environment. In some situations, the misconduct violates not only school policy and procedure, but local, state, or federal laws, as well. Examples include, but not limited to: Continuation of Level I, II Misconduct Activating False Fire Alarms – in addition to school penalty, students will be prosecuted under Section 4905 of the Pennsylvania Penal Code, which includes a penalty of up to five years imprisonment. Controlled Substance Violation – A student will not knowingly buy, sell, possess, use or transmit any controlled substance (or look alike) to include any narcotic drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, alcoholic beverages or intoxicants of any kind. • On any Jim Thorpe School District grounds during and immediately before or after school hours; or, at any time when the school is being used for a school function or by any grade group. • Off Jim Thorpe School District grounds at a school activity, function or event. • On transportation provided by the school district. Consequences of Controlled Substance Violation – • Due process hearing before the Superintendent. • 1st offense buying, using, possessing – 10 day suspension; exclusion from activities for not less than nine weeks nor more than the remainder of the school year. • 1st offense selling, transmitting –2nd offense buying/using/possessing: subject to a formal expulsion hearing. • Police department notification in all cases. • Student may be required to undergo an evaluation by the Carbon/Monroe/Pike Drug & Alcohol Agency and may also be required to follow their recommendations for any necessary treatment. Destruction of School and/or Personal Property Endangerment: Willful improper behavior which causes or may cause injury or harm to another individual or creates an environment where injury or harm are likely. Examples: fireworks, chemicals, fire crackers, bomb scare.


Extortion: Willful behavior which causes an individual to give personal possession or individual right as a result of threat or fear of violence or injury. Fraud: Willfully providing false information to school officials. Gambling: Gaming and gambling devices are prohibited in the junior high school. Physical Assault: Causing physical harm or injury to another individual, except in cases of self-defense where a clear and present danger exists. Profanity/Obscenity/Smoking Violation Circumstantial Violation • 1st offense: suspension of privileges – nine weeks and/or five detentions. • 2nd offense: As above, three days suspension. • 3rd offense: Loss of privileges for remainder of year and/or ten detentions; fiveday suspension. • 4th offense: Three-day suspension; referral to the superintendent for disciplinary action. Observed Violation • Three-day suspension; prosecution under ordinance. • Same as above; increased fine. • Same as above; increased fine; referral to the superintendent. Theft/larceny In addition to the school penalties, the student may be liable for restitution and referral to civil authorities. Threats Willful behavior that is specifically intended to trouble, worry, or torment another individual for no beneficial purpose. This includes but is not limited to expressions of an intention to harm or injure the individual. Truancy Consequences of LEVEL III Violation: Certain types of misconduct have been identified above with consequences noted. Consequences for other misconduct may include one or a combination of the following: • Parental conference • Behavior contract • Referral to alternative education program


Liability for damages/loss Suspension (1-10 days) School probation Expulsion • Referral to civil authorities • • • •

WEAPONS POLICY It is a misdemeanor of the first degree to possess any weapon in the buildings, on the grounds of, or in any conveyance providing transportation to or from any elementary or secondary publicityfunded educational institution.

DEFINITION Any object readily capable of lethal use or capable of directly or indirectly inflicting bodily injury and possessed, transferred, or handled under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for lawful uses which said objects may have. For purposes of this policy, the term weapon includes but is not limited to: any knife, ice pick, and explosive device of any kind, including firecrackers, tear gas canisters, smoke bombs, chains, loaded cane, sword cane, loaded or unloaded firearms, including pellet guns, BB guns, and any implements capable of directly or indirectly inflicting bodily injury or other object that can reasonably be considered to be a dangerous instrument.

POLICY No person shall possess, handle, or transmit, in any school district building, on its grounds, or on any school bus or other transportation vehicle, or at any school activity, event, or function including sports activities held on or off school premises. A person shall be deemed to be in possession of a weapon if such a weapon is located on his or her person or in an instrumentality of such person, including but not limited to: locker, desk, or transportation. Any person violating this policy, in addition to being subject to other civil or criminal penalties, shall be subject to having the weapon in his or her possession immediately seized, shall not be permitted to remain in the school district building, on its premises, on its transportation, or at any school activity, event or function held on or off school district premises.


First offense: ten day out-of–school suspension, notification to authorities, referral to superintendent, a meeting with parents, and may be referred to the Board of Education for further action. Second offense: ten-day out-of-school suspension, school board hearing to consider expulsion from school.



Possession of a gun will warrant immediate suspension from school with referral to the board for the expulsion hearing.

INFRACTIONS AND STUDENT APPRECIATION ACTIVITIES Various activities will be scheduled quarterly throughout the school year, which will be designated as student appreciation activities, including assemblies, trips, dances, etc. Students receive disciplinary action based upon the number of infractions/level of infractions reported by staff. Disciplinary action can include detention, suspension, loss of appreciation activities, change of educational program, referral to the Superintendent/Board of Education, and expulsion from school. The following steps for ineligibility will be explained to students at the beginning of the school year. Information will also be sent home to parents. Students can not attend student appreciation activities if: 1) They receive five Level 1 infractions per marking period 2) They receive one Level 2 infraction per marking period 3) They receive one Level 3 infraction per marking period 4) They fail one or more classes per marking period. Students who are ineligible for the appreciation activity will remain in school during the activity, but will receive regular class work from all their teachers.

***PLEASE NOTE- Additional policies are also listed in the Jim Thorpe Area School District Policy Manual. You may request to review a copy of these policies by contacting the school office at 570-325-2703.


JIM THORPE AREA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DISCIPLINARY REFERRAL Student Name___________________________________________________________ Teacher____________________________________Date_________________________

Level 1 Violation (One Infraction): ______A. Failure to follow standard rules and procedures for classroom, halls, etc. _______B. Food/Drink outside of the lunch period _______C. Gum chewing/candy _______D. Wearing hat or coat during class _______E. Bringing book bag or electronic device to class _______F. Unexcused late for class _______G. Lack of appropriate/necessary materials for class _______H. Failure to return forms, etc. as directed _______I. Other (explain)__________________________________________________ Comments________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Level 2 Violation (Detention): ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Level 3 Violation (Detention/Suspension/Other): ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Principal or Dean of Students Signature:______________________________________________


STUDENT ABSENTEE FORM Student_______________________________________________Teacher__________________________________ Date(s) of Absence______________________________________________________________________________ Reason(s) for Absence (NOTE: Absence of three (3) days requires a doctor’s certificate.)

Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________________Date________________________

STUDENT ABSENTEE FORM Student________________________________________________Teacher_________________________________ Date(s) of Absence______________________________________________________________________________ Reason(s) for Absence (NOTE: Absence of three (3) days requires a doctor’s certificate.)

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________________Date______________________

STUDENT ABSENTEE FORM Student________________________________________________Teacher_________________________________ Date(s) of Absence______________________________________________________________________________ Reason(s) for Absence (NOTE: Absence of three (3) days requires a doctor’s certificate.)

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________Date_________________________

STUDENT ABSENTEE FORM Student________________________________________________Teacher_________________________________ Date(s) of Absence______________________________________________________________________________ Reason(s) for Absence (NOTE: Absence of three (3) days requires a doctor’s certificate.)

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________Date_________________________


Jim Thorpe Area School District Acceptable Use Policy for General Computing and Internet Access Please read the following carefully before signing the attached ACCEPTANCE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

The Jim Thorpe Area School District Educational Network (henceforth referred to as JTASD-EN) consists of all computers, networked or stand-alone, that are used by faculty, students, staff and administrators in the Jim Thorpe Area School District. It also includes all software, hardware, peripheral devices and Internet gateways. Internet access is now available to students and teachers in the Jim Thorpe Area School District. The Internet offers a vast, diverse and unique resource to students, teachers and administrators. The goal in providing this service to administrators, teachers, and students is to promote educational excellence in the Jim Thorpe Area Schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers and computer networks all over the world and millions of individual subscribers. Students, teachers, and administrators have access to: • electronic mail communication with people all over the world. • access to many Library Catalogs, the Library of Congress, ERIC, and various museums • electronic mailing lists and discussion groups on a plethora of topics ranging from the environment to music to politics. • public domain software and shareware of all types. • information and news from NASA as well as the opportunity to correspond with the scientists at NASA and other research institutions. With access to computers and people all over the world also comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting. On a global network it is impossible to control all materials and an industrious user may discover controversial information. The Jim Thorpe Area School District believes the valuable information and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweighs the possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the Jim Thorpe Area School District.


Internet access is coordinated through a complex association of government agencies, and regional and state networks. The operation of the network relies upon proper conduct of the end users who must adhere to strict guidelines. The terms, conditions and rules contained herein are provided to each user and their guardian or parent so as to advise them of the responsibilities and obligations of each user and to further provide them with knowledge of certain of the possible consequences for failing to adhere to the terms, conditions, and rules of accessing the JTASDEN. The signature(s) at the end of this document is (are) legally binding and indicates the party (parties) who signed has (have) read the terms and conditions carefully and understand(s) their significance. In order to ensure smooth system operation, the system administrators have the authority to monitor all accounts. These guidelines are in effect anytime school district resources are accessed whether in school, directly from home, or indirectly through another Internet service provider

1) Acceptable use A. General Computing a) A user must abide by the terms of all software licensing agreements and copyright laws. b) Once a user receives a userID to be used to access a computer and computer systems on the network, he or she is solely responsible for all actions taken while using the userID. c) No user shall apply for a userID under false pretenses. d) No user shall share their userID with any other person. (If you share your userID with another person, you will be solely responsible for the actions of that person.) e) No user shall delete, examine, copy, or modify files and/or data belonging to other users without their prior consent. f) No user shall attempt to evade or change operating system resource items (files, folders, or operating systems.) g) No user shall impede other users through mass consumption (monopolizing) of system resources. h) Use of the facilities and/or services for commercial purposes is prohibited with out the prior written consent of the District. i) Any unauthorized, deliberate action, which damages or disrupts a computing system, alters its normal performance, or causes it to malfunction is a violation of this policy, regardless of system location or time duration. j) No user shall copy programs onto Jim Thorpe Area School District computers and/or the network system, without the express, written consent of the Jim Thorpe Area School District. k) No user shall copy programs licensed to the Jim Thorpe Area School District for the user's personal use. l) No user shall physically abuse any computer equipment.


The above list is meant to serve as an example of activities the Jim Thorpe Area School District considers prohibited. The District reserves the right to determine if any other activity, not appearing in the above list constitutes an unacceptable use of the network. The District further reserves the right to take such disciplinary action or formal legal action, civil or criminal as the situation may warrant to enforce the nature and intent of this policy.

2) Security The maintenance of computer system security on the JTASD-EN is the primary consideration of every user. a) No user shall use another person’s account to log on to the system. b) A security problem found on the Internet or the Jim Thorpe Area School District network by any user shall immediately be reported to the system administrators. c) No security problem or breach shall be reported to anyone other than a Systems Administrator. d) Users are responsible for misuse of their account if they knew or should have known of the misuse of their account or the system. e) Users shall report unauthorized use of their account to the system administrators. f) No user shall use the system and/or networks in attempts to gain unauthorized access to remote systems. g) No user shall use any system and/or network to connect to other systems, in evasion of the physical limitations of the remote/local system. h) No user shall commit decryption of system or user passwords. i) No user shall attempt to secure a higher level of privilege on network systems. j) No user shall willfully introduce computer viruses or other disruptive or destructive programs into the computer and/or network or into external computers and/or networks. k) Intentional attempts by any user to crash network systems or programs, or to prohibit network access by other users l) Be wary of revealing personal addresses or phone numbers. Do not provide personal information concerning others.

3) Network Etiquette You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette (netiquette) when using the network. These include (but are not limited to) the following: a) Be polite. Do not get abusive in your messages to others. b) Use appropriate language. Remember that you are a representative of your school and district on a non-private network. You may be alone on a computer but what you say can be viewed around the world. c) Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language. d) Illegal activities are strictly forbidden. e) All information accessible via the network should be assumed to be subject to copyright 53

provisions, unless stated otherwise, and therefore, properly cited. f) No use of the network is allowed that you would disrupt the use of the network by other users (e.g. downloading huge files during prime time; sending mass e-mail messages; annoying other users using talk or write functions).

4) Electronic Mail (E-Mail) USERS OF THE NETWORK ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT THE JIM THORPE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION HAS THE AUTHORITY TO INTERCEPT AND MONITOR E-MAIL MESSAGES OF ALL PERSONS USING THE JTASD-EN. THE JIM THORPE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY OF ANY USER OR THE STATEMENTS, WRITINGS, GRAPHICS, E-MAIL MESSAGES OR OTHER ELECTRONIC OR VIDEO TRANSMISSIONS OF ANY USER AS A RESULT OF ACCESS OVER OR THROUGH THE JTASD-EN. All users are bound by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, as amended, and the Communications Decency Act, which prohibit the unauthorized interception or disclosure of e-mail messages by third parties, as well as the appropriateness of certain material being remitted on the Internet. No user shall intercept or disclose any information garnered as result of access to the JTASD-EN without the consent of the sender or receiver of the communication. The Act recognizes that the Jim Thorpe Area School District may monitor an employee’s e-mail messages, as long as the interception device is included in the e-mail equipment. a) Users of the network shall not store extensive e-mail messages in the network and that messages should be stored for a period of no longer than fourteen (14) calendar days, without the express consent of the system administrator. b) Whenever electronic mail is sent, the sender's name and userID (e-mail address) must be included in each message. c) Every user is responsible for all electronic mail originating from their userID (e-mail address). d) Every user shall use electronic mail (e-mail) appropriately. Electronic mail (e-mail) is not guaranteed to be private. System administrators have access to all mail. e) Any illegal user activity shall be reported to the proper authorities. f) Forgery (or attempted forgery) of electronic mail is prohibited. g) User attempts to read, delete, copy, or modify the electronic mail of other users is prohibited. h) User attempts to send harassing, obscene and/or threatening e-mail to another user is prohibited. i) Users shall not attempt or to send unsolicited junk mail, for-profit messages, or chain letters over or through the JTASD-EN.

5) Vandalism Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user, 54

hardware or software utilized on the network, hardware or software with any individual device, or other networks that are connected to the JTASD-EN. a) Vandalism by a user will result in immediate cancellation of privileges. b) No user shall upload, download, or create computer viruses.

6) Updating Your User Information If any information concerning your account changes, e.g., access privileges, requests for password changes, it is your responsibility to notify the system administrators.

7) Services The Jim Thorpe Area School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. The Jim Thorpe Area School District will not be responsible for any damages suffer by any user. This include loss of data resulting from delays, nondeliveries, misdeliveries, or service interruptions caused by it’s own negligence or your errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained as a result of accessing the Jim Thorpe Area School District computers, networks, or Internet access or any combination thereof is at the user’s risk. The Jim Thorpe Area School District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.

8) Violations If a Jim Thorpe Area School District user violates any of the provisions contained herein, his or her account will be terminated and future access will be denied until the user can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the District that the conduct or activity will not occur again. The JTASD reserves the right to use any and all rights, remedies, penalties and punishments available to it under the Pennsylvania School Code, the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, all other state laws, all Federal Laws, and the policies and directives of the Jim Thorpe Area School District Administration and School Board of Directors to deal with violation of any of the terms conditions and rules of this policy. The JTASD further reserves the right to bring such formal legal action or actions, including, but not limited to, civil or criminal prosecution under appropriate state and federal laws. Additional rules and restrictions may be added at any time. Users are responsible for


reading and following these rules, and any supplements that may be added hereto as amendments or additions. A copy of this policy shall be available for review in the District office any day during regular school hours.

Addendum to Jim Thorpe Area School District Acceptable Use Policy for General Computing and Internet Access Student Email There are to be absolutely no student email accounts other than the school accounts that have been provided to students by the district as part of their curricular or extracurricular activities. These accounts will have the format Personal accounts, such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Excite Mail are not to be used in school to receive or send email unless the teacher has given express consent.

Online Chat rooms, Bulletin Boards and Matchmaker sites The use of any online chats without the express consent of a teacher is prohibited. This includes any online activity where two-way discussions with any person inside (i.e. Instant Messaging) outside of the school are taking place. Postings on online bulletin boards and newsgroups without express consent of a teacher are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to guest books, people-rating sites, and teen sites. Dating and matchmaking sites are strictly forbidden. Online Games The playing of online games without the express consent of the teacher is prohibited. These include single or multiplayer games via the web or telnet.

Filtering The Jim Thorpe Area School District has provided a filtering solution for the district in compliance with the Children Internet Protection Act, a federal law. Filtering is being done based on certain categories as determined by the administration of the school district. Though filtering is being provided, it is to be considered neither a failsafe system nor a guarantee that all


controversial or inappropriate materials are blocked. Students and staff should follow proper procedures and report any sites that may be deemed inappropriate to the computer department so that steps may be taken to block those sites. Users who access inappropriate sites or fail to report unblocked inappropriate sites may find themselves losing their Internet privileges.

Passwords and Accounts Under no circumstances should students give out their login and/or password information to another student, or try to login using someone ‘s username and/or password. Students who either give out this information or attempt to use another student’s account will lose their computer privileges for a period of time to be determined by the network administrators.

Histories Spot-checks of student histories will occur on a regular basis and will not be announced. Students must retain their Internet histories and should not attempt to erase them or change their Internet history preferences. Students with erased histories who have used the Internet may be questioned and face loss of Internet privileges.

Consequences Users of the Jim Thorpe Area Educational Network are reminded to follow all policies and procedures in this document. Failure to do so may result in warnings, loss of Internet and/or computer privileges, and disciplinary action by the school, or prosecution by the appropriate authorities.


Jim Thorpe Area School District General Computing and Internet Policy Acceptance Acknowledgement READ CAREFULLY AND COMPLETE APPLICABLE AREAS. RETURN SIGNED SHEET TO THE DISTRICT COMPUTER COORDINATOR OR HIS/HER DESIGNEE. USER I, _______________________, acknowledge that I have read the attached Policy for Acceptable Computer Use for General Computing and Internet Access as adopted by the Jim Thorpe Area School District. I further acknowledge that I understand the Policy and agree to abide by its terms, conditions and mandates. I understand that if I commit any violation of the policy as contained herein, that my access privileges may be revoked, school disciplinary action may be taken, which may include restitution for damaged property, or in an appropriate situations, legal action, either civil or criminal. Intending to be legally bound, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day of 200_. User Name (please print) ______________________________________ User Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____/ ______/ _______ ****************************************************************** PARENT OR GUARDIAN (If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must also read and sign this agreement.) I, __________________________, Parent-Guardian of the student named above have read the attached Policy. I understand that the intent and sole purpose to be promoted by the granting and providing of access to the Jim Thorpe Area School District Educational Network is for educational purposes, and no other. I also recognize because of the very nature of the Internet, its vastness and complexity that it is impossible for Jim Thorpe Area School District to restrict access to all materials some of which may be controversial. I agree not to hold the JTASD responsible for controversial materials accessed by my child or ward, which are not the result of the District’s active and knowing participation in helping my child access material which may be considered controversial. I understand that access to the Jim Thorpe Area School District Educational Network will be given to my child and that Internet access may also be granted based on curricular needs. Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child’s use is not in a school setting. I certify that the information contained on this form is correct. Parent or Guardian Name (please print): ______________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________


Date: _____/ ______/ ______ APPLICATION FOR INTERNET ACCOUNT Complete this page and return it along with previous page to system administrators. User’s Full Name (please print): ______________________________________________ Home Address: _________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: _________________

SELECT ONE AND COMPLETE THE REQUESTED INFORMATION: I am a student in grade ______ attending school at _______________________________. Name of building

I am a teacher, teaching _________________________________ in grade(s) __________ at the __________________________________________. Name of building

I am an administrator working as a ________________________________________ at the __________________________________________. Name of building

I am an employee working as a ________________________________________ at the __________________________________________ Name of building

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LB Student Handbook  

Student handbook for LB Morris

LB Student Handbook  

Student handbook for LB Morris