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CV This is my creative CV, I placed it on a iPad to show show my love for technology and computing.

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My Skills

9/ 1 0 8/ 1 0 8/ 1 0 7 / 1 0 7 / 1 0 6/ 1 0

Interactive Design.

This project was to take a picture of myself, and draw it in illustrator.

Interactive Design Re-Design Project of the Irish citizens information site

Thi spr oj ec twast or edes i gnt hev er yc l us t er ed l ook i ngi r i s hc i t i z ens i nf or mat i onwebs i t ef or ades k t opandt ouc hs c r endev i c e.

Graphic Design Thiese are my iPhone page designs for a Log In.

Graphic Design

This was a typography assigment I created on the line “I used to rule the world�.

Graphic Design

This was a assignment to take 5 animals and created a new animal .

3D Graphics

The s ea r emy3 Dgr a phi c i a lde s i gns , t hede s i gnonl e f ti smy3 Dwa l l pr oj e c ta ndonr i g hti sba s i cs ha pe s a s s i gnme nt .

3D Graphics

These are my 3D graphicial designs.I had to create 3D animation. (Pool Table)


Web Design

This some of my web ddesgn for a jewellary home page assignment�.

Photography This is some of my photos from my photography.

Photography This is some of my photos from my photography.

Thanks for viewing.

Š Brian Rowan 2014

Brian Rowan Creative Multimedia Portfolio (H-Dip)  

This is my portfolio which showcases my work That I have done while in the Creative Multimedia Course in Limerick IT . My strongest skills...

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