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Willson Writer Biscuit Grows Biscuit, our Yellow Lab puppy, celebrated his first birthday on July 29th. Typically for his breed, he’s still very much a puppy, but he has grown into an energetic and sweet companion. He brings great joy and affection to our lives, and copious amounts of fur to our floors.

Two New Grandsons! The Willson stable of grandchildren doubled this past year with the additions of Eliot Michael Craig, born to Sarah and Brantley in Dover, DE on April 8th; and Halley Brooke Willson, born to Drew and Shea in Charlottesville, VA on May 12th (Mother’s Day!). Big brother Leo Craig (2 years old on November 7th) and big sister Kyrianne Willson (3 years old on June 27th) have taken to their little brothers well. Both families are happy and healthy, if a little sleep deprived. Brantley continues to teach Religion and English at Wesley College, and Sarah is constantly expanding her Massage Therapy clientele. Brantley returned to the stage this year, acting in a community theater production. Drew continues as pastor of Salem United Methodist Church in Palmyra, VA, and Shea continues to work in the Department of Religious Studies at UVa. Both families have some exciting vocational projects in the works for 2014: stay tuned!



Brooke and Vicki Hang It Up Well . . . soon. In early December, Brooke made the official announcement to his Bishop, to his Superintendent, and to Providence Church that he will be retiring at Annual Conference in June (2014). That will be the 40th anniversary of his ordination, of his first appointment, and of Brooke and Vicki’s wedding (yes, all within the same week). Shortly thereafter, Vicki filed her letter of retirement with Hallmark, effective January 1. She thought she had been retired when the Ashland Hallmark closed earlier in the year, but she got pulled back into the store at Virginia Center. Brooke and Vicki have already started some renovation projects on their beloved Cottage at Yellow Tavern, where they will continue to live. Coming soon will be an expansion of the den, remodeling of the second floor, a new, expanded shed/shop in the backyard, and much landscaping. They also plan to travel, to ride their bikes, to research the concept of Sunday brunches, to work in the yard and on the house, to become openly involved in partisan politics, and to play often with grandchildren. They will not assume any leadership in religious institutions for at least a year (unless Drew needs an occasional substitute). Vicki has been taking art classes at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and will continue to pursue painting in retirement. After wrestling with an arthritic hip for years, a cortisone shot in November has helped her delay the inevitable replacement. She feels especially blessed to have been able to babysit Kyrianne and Leo for Halley’s and Eliot’s births.

Ben Keeps Pouring Ben continues his career as a bachelor, as a barista at Starbucks, and as a keyboard and vocal musician in several Richmond bands (Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade, Those Manic Seas, and Witherwolf). He has applied to Virginia Commonwealth University, where he hopes to matriculate this coming year and finish his baccalaureate degree.

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Willson writer 2014  

Our family Christmas newsletter, December 2013

Willson writer 2014  

Our family Christmas newsletter, December 2013