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Willson Writer We Moved (Churches)! After a very good but very busy five years as Senior Pastor at Shady Grove Church in Mechanicsville (VA), Brooke asked the bishop to consider sending him to a smaller church where he could focus on preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. On July 1, we became the pastoral family at Providence UMC in Quinton, a twenty minute drive east from our house in Glen Allen, where we continue to live. Providence is a wonderful church in a beautiful area changing from farms to suburbs. We love the people and the more relaxed pace. Come see us!

Kyrianne Joins the Family In the wee hours of Sunday, June 27th, Kyrianne Jane Tuttle Willson made her debut at St. Francis Medical Center in Richmond. She was a few weeks early, but weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz., and came fully equipped. We’re not sure who’s more amazed by all this – Drew and Shea becoming parents 11 months after their wedding, or us becoming grandparents at such young ages (!). Brooke had the honor of baptizing her at Drew’s church on Sunday, November 14th. We enjoy being able to see her often – Drew and Shea live 40 minutes south in Colonial Heights – and we’ve been able to give Drew and Shea brief respites from parenting for some shopping and some dates.

Visit, Call, Email, or Facebook Us! We’re easy to find: 915 Francis Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059 (804) 266-4191 (home) (804) 357-1091 (Brooke’s cell) (804) 239-5897 (Vicki’s cell)


Ben Moves Out, Makes Coffee & Music Youngest son Ben flew the coop in the fall for apartment life with old Eastern Shore buddy Sam Parry. Ben is a barista at the Starbucks a block from our home, and continues his musical career, writing music and performing in two bands, Make Phantoms and Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade, both of which are accessible through iTunes. (Buy his songs!)

Sarah and Brantley Storm Dover Sarah continues her Massage Therapy career, working at a chiropractor’s practice, and occasionally at the Spa at Dover Downs. Brantley has been promoted to fulltime Instructor of Religious Studies and English at Wesley College. Friday the dog continues to drool. They enjoy being near the water and re-connecting with Eastern Shore relatives.

Vicki’s Mom Moves to Pennsylvania After many months of Vicki’s culling and sorting, in April Brooke, Vicki, and Ben loaded Ellen’s worldly goods into a truck and drove them and her to Warren, Pennsylvania, where Vicki’s sister, Anna, and her family live. Ellen is happily ensconced in a retirement home in Warren, and has acquired an “older gentleman friend!”

Vicki Stays In the Cards Vicki continues to work at the Hallmark near home. She engineered her father’s 80th birthday party in the summer, made the sweeter by his successful recovery from heart surgery in the winter. Vicki’s step-mom, Dottie, does her best to make Ray behave.


Willson Writer 2010  
Willson Writer 2010  

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