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By Stephanie Sievers

efore REALTOR® Angie Lotz came up with a detailed system for plotting and tracking her time, she often felt overwhelmed. She’d put in long hours only to leave the office feeling like she should have done more. A self-described “ultra Type A” person, she set about creating a time management system to get more control. She’s fine-tuned a plan that works for her and now she and her assistant, who has access Lotz’s calendar, know at any given time what she will be doing. “I’m accomplishing projects faster and it’s actually giving me more time to build more business, but it’s also freeing up more time to spend with my family,” said Lotz, a broker with RE/MAX All Pro in Bloomingdale. Lotz and other Illinois REALTORS® share their tips for managing hectic work days so that you can get more accomplished in less time.

blocks out time for everything including spending time with her family. Unexpected things may pop up, but Lotz goes into the week with an overall blueprint. REALTOR® Mike Van Cleve with Angie Lotz Mike Van Cleve Traders Realty in Peoria blocks out his time to the hour. On a typical day, he spends the first hour at the office catching up with his assistant and prioritizing the day. From 10-11 a.m., he’s prospecting and from 11 a.m. to noon, he responds to emails and voicemails. The afternoon is reserved for showings and business outside the office. It is important for agents to strike a healthy work-life balance and Van Cleve said time blocking helps. “The great thing about this job is that it’s different every day but the difficult thing about this job is that, if you let it, it will be all consuming,” he said.

Break out your day in blocks

If you write it down, it’s more likely to happen

The key for Lotz and many other REALTORS® is “time blocking.” Lotz divides her day into blocks, designating specific times for prospecting, posting on social media or handling appointments outside of the office. On Sunday nights, Lotz plugs her appointments and tasks for the week into her smartphone calendar. She

One of the benefits of adding everything to your calendar is that when it is scheduled in writing, it holds you more accountable for actually getting it done, Van Cleve says. It also allows you to identify and eliminate the things that aren’t working.



Illinois REALTOR®, January 2015  

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