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T-206 Final Project

A BILL BRASSKY Production “Best damn salesmen in the entire office.” “Bill Brassky once finished a T-206 final project in 10 minutes and got an A++” Enjoy the film and have a brew for Bill Brassky

Bill Brassky Production crew (Group members): Joseph Brewers Blaise Viti, Chad Anderson Jeewong Yoo

CLIPSE A TREATMENT FOR FINAL PROJECT 1985-2010 Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Scene 1 You see trucks being loaded up with drugs while opening credits roll. A California man waits for the drugs in the Mexican desert. Instead of receiving the drugs the man is killed by the men in the van. Scene 2 We see JUAN DIAZ sitting with his father MIGUEL DIAZ in his room barely listening. Miguel hands Juan an heirloom that is very important to the family. Scene 3 DIEGO DIAZ and Juan discuss dog grooming in the kitchen. Diego expresses his dreams until he is interrupted. MIGUEL DIAZ enters into the kitchen trenched in blood with a bullet wound. Drug dealers have shot Miguel for the deal that went wrong in the beginning of the film. Miguel gives his fortune over to his sons. Scene 4 20 years later we see Juan and Diego as the drug lords of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Diego and Juan stand in the office overlooking there estate. Diego once again tells Juan of his dream to start a dog grooming business. Juan blows him off. Scene 5 Juan and Diego meet a drug dealer at an abandoned warehouse in the city to make a deal. The dealer is shady and does not pay the brothers in full. Diego confronts him and is shot to death. Juan kills the dealer and his 4 companions, he cries and holds his brother, but must flee because the police are coming. Scene 6 Juan calls his cousin PEDRO GONZALEZ and asks him to get his private plane ready.

Scene 7 Juan arrives at an abandoned Mexican airfield and boards his plane that Pedro is piloting. Scene 8 Juan and Pedro mourn over the death of Diego. Juan discusses Diego’s dreams and how he had ignored his brother’s ambitions the night before. Juan decides he will fulfill his brother’s wish and asks Pedro to fly to Ohio where Pedro’s brother VICTOR GONZALEZ lives. He will start a new life in Ohio. Location: Southern Ohio, and outside of Cleveland Scene 9 Juan and Pedro land in Pedro’s parent’s cornfield in Ohio. Pedro’s homosexual brother Victor is there to meet them. Diego gave Victor a substantial amount of money before he moved to America. Victor tells them about his home in Cleveland that has a first floor designed for a hair salon. Juan wants to go there immediately. Scene 10 Juan decides they will make the place a dog grooming business. This was what Diego always wanted and Juan envisions greatness. They remodel the building and buy the supplies with Juan’s drug money. The business is named “DIEGO’S DEN.” Like Juan imagined, the business becomes extremely successful. Scene 11 A competing business “M&J’s DOG CARE” grows angry with Juan because of all the customers he is stealing. The owner’s TIM and MARGRET JAMES confront Juan and Pedro at Diego’s Den and discover a picture of the men living a luxurious lifestyle. Scene 12 Tim and Margret investigate further and find out Juan is one of the most prominent drug lords in Mexico. They inform the police.

Scene 13 The Cleveland Police search Diego’s Den after the call and find photos that prove Juan is running the business and receive testimony from customers. Scene 14 The Cleveland Police Department sends the photos to the FBI Scene 15 The FBI and DEA show up to Diego’s Den during a workday. Juan already has a plan to escape. He sets this up by releasing the customers and keeping their dogs with him. Scene 16 The federal agents ask Juan to surrender but he executes his plan instead. He sets off a grenade to start a gun fight. Pedro takes care of the most lethal threat while Juan simply fires continuously at the agents. The agents throw gas bombs to try and force them out but Diego, Pedro, and Juan move to there get away vehicles. Victor and Pedro drive separate to distract the agents Juan leaves later in his bullet proof Hummer. Scene 17 The audience sees Juan lead the FBI and DEA on a high speed chase to his plane in Southern Ohio. Pedro is waiting for Juan and the two narrowly escape to South America. Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Scene 18 At the end of the film Victor is sitting at a computer in the Diaz family mansion. He receives an email from Juan. In the email Juan tells Victor that he has started an animal shelter in South America. He says he did this, because it is what is brother wanted. Scene 19 You see Diego and Miguel’s tombstones with the family heirloom in between the two.




DRUG DEALERS loading up packaging trucks with cocaine while opening credits roll. Trucks drive away into Mexican Desert. CALIFORNIA DRUG DEALER receiving drugs is shot by men driving the van and there are no drugs to be found for the dealer. 2



YOUNG JUAN DIAZ sits on his bed, looking at a picture of his family, which he clutches in his hands. The room is tidy, bed perfectly made, poster of soccer star Torres rests above the bed. MIGUEL DIAZ is standing in the doorway. MIGUEL You have a second for your old man hijo? YOUNG JUAN uhhh si. MIGUEL (sits down on bed) I know losing your madre has made things rough because I’m not always around, but I’m worried hijo… I won’t be around forever, but I want you and your brother to have a different lifestyle when you grow older. – The way I go about living life may seem fun, but it’s too dangerous for DIEGO and you. Young Juan shrugs off Miguel’s arm and scoots away on the bed, still staring at the floor. MIGUEL Escuchame damnit, this is important. Young Juan finally looks up at his father with a grim, depressed look on his face. MIGUEL I know we don’t have but I’ve worked hard and I’ve done it for miss your madre more

the best relationship, for what I have today, your benefit too. I than you know; we all

still struggle. That’s why I want you to have this. (hands him box) The box contains an antique necklace, made of copper with a sapphire medallion. It was their mother’s heirloom. Young Juan hesitantly opens the box, confused. YOUNG JUAN What is it? MIGUEL I’m sorry I haven’t given it to you earlier, but it was your mothers’. On the night of our wedding, your abuela gave it to your madre as a sign of good fortune, passing it down from generation to generation. I know it isn’t the ideal token to remember your mother, but it meant the world to her, and I thought it may mean the same to you. – I must go fix some problems now, my son. Young Juan is still silent, holding the necklace in his hands, cherishing all the memories he shared with his mother. Miguel smiles, pats Young Juan on the back, and gets up to leave. As he walks out the door, Juan calls for him. YOUNG JUAN Papa…Gracias 3

INT. DIAZ’S KITCHEN – DAY JUAN DIAZ and DIEGO DIAZ are grooming there six dogs in the kitchen. YOUNG JUAN I hate grooming these stupid dogs all the time, why is papa so obsessed with keeping these dogs clean. YOUNG DIEGO Quit your whining. – I think he makes us do it to keep us off the streets… I actually love doing it. Someday I will become one of


the greatest dog groomers in the entire world, and then I will take my skills across the world to help animals. I could care less if I make money doing it. Papa has enough money to last us forever. YOUNG JUAN You are absolutely crazy and why does he care if we are on the streets? He usually spends all day on the streets. He always preaches to have a different lifestyle, well why doesn’t he? The kitchen door slams open and MIGUEL DIAZ’S FOLLOWERS carry MIGUEL DIAZ into the kitchen. He is bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the chest. They set him on the kitchen table. MIGUEL (yelling) Get out of my way, let me see my children. YOUNG JUAN AND DIEGO (crying) Papa, papa, papa, no. MIGUEL That’s the last time anyone screws me out of my money. Damn Southside gang clipped me when I wasn’t expecting it. - Now listen to me children. I am leaving you everything, our home, cars, dogs, and empire. Miguel struggles to pull his keys and nine millimeter gun out of his pocket. He pulls each item out and calls for Diego. MIGUEL Diego I know you are young but I want you and your brother to take control of the business. – I am giving you the key to my safe because you are the oldest and the wisest, but I want you to promise me something hijo. YOUNG DIEGO Anything padre.

MIGUEL I want you and your brother to get out of this awful country, hand over the business to a cousin. Whatever you must do, just leave Mexico and make something of yourself somewhere else. 20 years pass and it is now present day 2010. 4

INT. OFFICE IN DIAZ MANSION- DAY DIEGO DIAZ stands at a large window in the library looking down at his estate. DIEGO is the drug lord of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. He wears a tan three piece suit. JUAN DIAZ, his partner, wears a navy blue suit and sits in a red leather chair smoking a cigar. DIEGO Hermano, I think after tonight I’d like to go away for awhile. Take some time off.

JUAN Why? Where you gonna go? DIEGO I’m 30 years old and I still haven’t listened to papa. JUAN You know today is his birthday…? DIEGO Yeah I know, that’s why tonight is my last night. I could sit on this load alone for the rest of my life, each of us getting three quarters of a billion. I could go anywhere. JUAN And just leave your hermano behind? Hope his cash protects him, like dad asked someone else to do…

DIEGO Oh grow the fuck up Juan, it’s time you did something worthwhile too. I just think it’s time I did something on my own as well. It’s not like we can’t stay in touch. JUAN What do you expect me to do, Diego? Come up with some genius life plan in one night on top of this deal? (Leaves room) DIEGO Hermano, where you going? Come on. JUAN I’ll see you tonight, I am sick of listening to your bull shit. 5



open area of the warehouse JUAN and DIEGO stand same suits opposite 4 large THUGS and a short CALIFORNIAN MAN wearing board shorts, sandals, beater, and sunglasses. CALIFORNIAN MAN Sorry I’m late fellas, the waves were at least 40 feet high today and the wind was perfect and… well you understand. - Let’s get down to business shall we?

JUAN leaves the others in awkward silence and quickly returns dragging a black, worn, chest full of cocaine. He pushes it over to the CALIFORNIAN MAN. JUAN kicks it open for him. JUAN That’s better than anything you gringos can get up in the states. CALIFORNIAN MAN tastes the coke CALIFORNIAN MAN That is quite delicious I must say. The case please.

THUG reveals a briefcase behind his back and hands it to JUAN who tosses the case to DIEGO. He opens up the case, glances at the money, and closes it. DIEGO Alright, where’s the rest of the bread? You Americans better not be playing games with me. CALIFORNIAN MAN Ah, so he can talk! What do you mean my friend? We agreed on a billion. DIEGO Actually, Gringo, we agreed on 1.5 and this isn’t even a full billion. What the fuck are you trying to pull here? CALIFORNIAN MAN Well… you made a deal with the one gringo that runs this drug Trade business, and I’ve had it with you spics stealing my money. CALIFORNIAN MAN pulls out a gun and shoots DIEGO in the chest who dies and falls to the ground instantly. JUAN yells, pulls out a small machine gun, and kills the CALIFORNIAN MAN and all 4 THUGS. In the midst of tears, he runs over to his brother on the ground, but he’s already dead. He hugs his brother and cries. JUAN places the heirloom his father gave him on Diego’s chest. He hears sirens and runs out the back of the warehouse. 6

EXT. CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO ROOFTOPS- NIGHT JUAN is running across the rooftops as police cars, and police helicopters try to catch him. He is DRENCHED in his brother’s blood. In a frantic move he makes a phone call to his cousin PEDRO GONZALEZ.

JUAN Does the plane have fuel in it? PEDRO Yes sir, It is full and ready to go.


Are you leaving Mexico? JUAN stops climbs down a rooftop’s ladder and stops in an alley to catch his breath and talk to his cousin. JUAN I have to cousin. – It was Diego’s dream to leave Mexico. I feel the need to fulfill that dream for him. PEDRO What has happened to Diego? JUAN Drug deal went bad. They fucking killed him Man, right in front of my eyes. PEDRO Alright primo, I will have the plane ready for flight JUAN Meet me at the airfield in an hour 7



PEDRO is in the plane ready for take-off when JUAN arrives in his Denali. JUAN runs to the plane with nothing but 4 duffel bags in his possession. No words are spoken as the plane takes off into the dusk. 8



JUAN is eating some oatmeal and drinking orange juice. PEDRO remains silent, JUAN begins to weep. JUAN (stuttering) I, I shoulda seen it coming. I knew those guys were shady when I talked to them on the phone… Damnit PEDRO It was out of your control Juan, Diego will always know that.

JUAN God, the last time we talked about something besides business, I was a complete jerk. I never got to thank him for being such a good brother when papa died. I am a terrible brother, all I care about is myself. I will go to America and I will show him how much I cared. PEDRO Where are we going? JUAN Is VICTOR still living in Ohio? PEDRO Si. JUAN Let’s go there – I want to start something for Diego there, something Diego always dreamed of. 9



The plane lands in a cornfield owned by Pedro’s parents in Southern Ohio . PEDRO’s brother VICTOR GONZALEZ is there waiting for his cousin and brother in a pink Cadillac CTS. They greet each other with hugs. VICTOR I am sorry to hear about your brother mi primo. JUAN Thank you Vic, - He was the greatest person I ever knew. I will never forget what he did for me. I see you bought a ride with that money I gave you before you left. VICTOR Well I did, but I also bought this land for mis padres like Diego advised me to.

JUAN And the rest of the money we gave you? VICTOR I bought a building to start my own hair salon in. I am out of money now so I can’t hire anyone or buy supplies. PEDRO Do you always have to be so gay VIC? A pink car, a hair salon, really? JUAN Hold on… This could be a good thing. Where is the building? VICTOR It is right outside of Cleveland. A lot of people live in that area. It’s a great spot for a business. That is why I am so disappointed I couldn’t start my salon. JUAN That is perfect though, I take it you have a place there Vic? VICTOR Yes, actually the second floor of the building is where I live. JUAN Let’s go there now. PEDRO Whoa, whoa, what’s your plan primo? I am not going on some wild adventure without the means to make money. JUAN (demanding) O, were going to make money. VICTOR Well you sold me, let’s do this.

They all get in Victor’s car and drive away. 10



JUAN is walking around looking at the space. He is using his hands to predict where things will fit when he stops and addresses his cousins. JUAN This is perfect. I am finally going to get out of the drug game. VICTOR What’s the plan? PEDRO Pleeeease tell me because I am sick of standing here. JUAN Well you know how much Diego used to love grooming those damn dogs. PEDRO Si. JUAN We are going to start a dog grooming business right here. Diego taught me enough. I can groom a dog better than anyone in Mexico. I am sure people here would love to have their dogs groomed by us. I will use the money I brought with to cover the expenses. We are going to make this work. VICTOR It sounds just brilliant mi primo, but there is a married couple down the street that runs the same type of business. JUAN So, there were thousands of people in Ciudad Juarez that sold drugs like us and we still ran that city. – What makes you think I can’t do the same here.

VICTOR A great point, but America is competitive. These people will not back down. It will be a risk. They will try to take you down at all costs. JUAN Trust me mis amigos we will be fine. A month goes by in fast motion showing the men remodeling the building, buying supplies, and opening the dog grooming business called “DIEGO’S DEN.” Money starts to flow in for the business. Word has gotten around Cleveland that Diego’s Den is the best dog grooming business in Ohio 11



JUAN’s biggest rivals T&M’S DOG CARE lose several customers. Owners TIM JONES and MARGRET JONES decide to pay Diego’s Den a visit. Tim and Margret enter Diego’s Den. TIM How are you doing this afternoon neighbors? (nervously looking around) PEDRO Fantastic. – are here to have your dog taken care of? MARGRET Actually we are the owners of T&M’s Dog Care just down the road and we would like to meet the man behind all the hype we have heard about Diego’s Den. PEDRO (yells.) Juan!!! Hold on just a moment.

PEDRO leaves the room and goes upstairs to find Juan. With Pedro gone Margret and Tim start to snoop around the store. MARGRET Tim come here… Look at this. MARGRET shows TIM a photo of JUAN, DIEGO and his cousins in Mexico in front of luxurious cars and surrounded by beautiful women TIM Seems a little strange, because they don’t come off as the rich type. MARGRET Exactly! No one just comes to America and starts a dog grooming business. Illegal aliens just don’t have that kind of money. JUAN enters the room behind TIM and MARGRET without them seeing him. TIM Seems a little excessive to assume they are illegal immigrants. JUAN (disturbed) Can I help you two amigos with something? MARGRET Uhhh yeees… you must be the superstar dog groomer Diego? JUAN Actually Diego is no longer with us, I am his brother. I called it that in memory of him. TIM I’m sorry to hear about your loss. What was the cause of his death. JUAN

AIDS, and why the hell do you have that photo in your hands. That is mine. I suggest you two amigos leave before we have a real problem.

MARGRET Why don’t you call the police and where the hell is that queer Victor that owns this building. PEDRO I am his brother Pedro and he still owns the business, and who are you to call mi hermano a queer. You two should seriously consider leaving now. JUAN Put my photo down and get the hell out of here. TIM You going to kill us if we don’t spic. JUAN holds Pedro back from going after the two. TIM and MARGRET laugh and leave the store. VICTOR enters as the two leave. VICTOR What did they want? You guys were nice right? JUAN NO! They were snooping around. VICTOR That could be trouble. - Those two psycho’s had the government come here and make sure I had my green card. PEDRO We could always take care of them like we used too. JUAN I am done killing. Let them make their move.

Pedro I want you to go back to your parents and fuel the plane and grab some things, and make sure you buy what we discussed. You never know what could happen. VICTOR What kind of things? What are you guys going to do to them?

JUAN Nothing cousin. I just want to prepare for the worst. I am finally fulfilling my brother’s dream, but there is something else I want to do if this dog grooming thing doesn’t work out. Something Diego wanted more than anything in the world. 12



Tim and Margret are on their computer searching the internet for anything on Diego. They come across the article of Miguel Diaz death. They see he was a drug lord and had two sons named Diego and Juan. Margret remembers Pedro yelling Juan at the store and puts it together. As they continue to search they see Mexican newspapers talking about the death of Diego and how the drug kingpin of Mexico has disappeared. They immediately pick up the phone and dial 911 OPERATOR Hello, 911 - report your problem TIM Yes is there any way I can contact the government, or FBI. We have the king of the Mexican drug trade running a business down the road. OPERATOR I will send a unit out right away. 13



Only Victor is present when the POLICE OFFICERS show up with a warrant to search the first floor only. Victor speaks with two officers while two others confiscate photos containing Juan and Diego, and cash

from behind the register as well. Customers also testify that Juan runs the business Victor has no choice but to let them do so. The officers leave after collecting evidence. 14

INT. CLEVELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT- SAME DAY DURING DAY The officers send all the pictures and testimonies to the FBI and DEA.




A week has passed and Victor, Diego, and Juan are grooming the CUSTOMER’s DOGS. DEA OFFICERS, FBI OFFICERS and police officers come flying down the street with sirens on. They all stop wildly in front of Diego’s Den. Juan rushes the customers out the back door. He locks it and then sends all 60 DOGS into the garage. While he does this, Pedro runs upstairs and grabs the duffel bags from the plane. Victor locks the front door as his cousin and brother are doing this. 16



The officers are now behind their vehicles with their weapons drawn. Snipers are on the rooftop. Juan is behind the 1st floor front window wall with two machine guns. Victor has left the room. Pedro is in the upstairs window with a 50 caliber sniper. FBI OFFICER #1 (using a megaphone) We know you are in there Juan Diaz, so come out with your hands up. FBI OFFICER #2 (whispering to officer 1) We have the customer’s sir. Strange though, no sign of the dogs. FBI OFFICER #1 Send the dogs out Juan, we know you have them. JUAN

(yelling at the officer) I have something for you. (whispers) Sorry brother. Juan throws a grenade out onto the street. An Explosion ensues. Pedro shoots all snipers. The officers open fire on the building, Juan returns fire ducking and dodging all over the building. The officers finally gain complete awareness from the grenade explosion. FBI OFFICER #2 Pop the smoke! JUAN (yelling.) Victor, Pedro, now. The back garage door opens and all 60 DOGS run out. The officers can’t shoot the dogs so they seize fire. As the last of the dogs run out a pink Cadillac CTS with heavily tinted windows drives away. Victor and Pedro are in the CTS. Some of the officer’s chase Victor in their vehicles. 3 minutes pass and Juan comes flying out of the garage in a bulletproof hummer. 17



The officers SUV’s are chasing Juan’s hummer across Ohio. Shots are being fired from all vehicles. Juan reaches the cornfield. The plane is ready to go with Pedro piloting. As Juan exits his vehicle an officer fires a rocket launcher at the car, Juan escapes just in time. He gets in the plane while the officer reloads the rocket launcher. The plane leaves and the officer narrowly misses the plane with his second rocket. Juan escapes once again. They fly to South America. 18



A Month passes and Victor is shown sitting at the office chair on the computer. An email shows up from an unknown sender. Victor opens it. You see the email

and Juan’s voice reads it aloud. Juan is not in the scene it is an off screen voice over.

JUAN (voiceover) Well primo I am glad to see you made it to Mexico. Pedro will be joining you soon. I, on the other hand have chosen to stay in South America. I have opened my own shelter to care for all the animals that need help in the Amazon. I have left you and your brother the business like my father asked. Do whatever you want with the money. Try to keep Pedro away from the drug game please. You may be wondering why I have given up all the riches for a life surrounded by sick animals. And all I have to say to you mi primo is Diego wanted to take care of animals all over the world. I called him crazy, but I have found that I share the same passion as he did. I loved my brother. The only way I feel like he can forgive me for ignoring his dreams that fateful night we last spoke. Is by showing him I actually did listen to him. P.S… How exhilarating was that gunfight in Cleveland. Just like when Me, Diego, Pedro, and You acted like we were gun fighting as kids. Pedro enters the room as Victor finishes the letter. The two boys walk out to the balcony and fire there golden pistols in the air for there family. 19



Film ends by showing Diego’s tombstone next to his father Miguel’s. Laid in front of the graves is their mother’s heirloom. It shows the heirloom up close and it now has an image of the 4 Diaz family members carved into the front of it.

Shot List CLIPSE Shot List Name: Bill Brasky Productions Email:

Due Date: 12/3/2010

Elements key Background Foreground Soundtrack music

Special Effects Visual Effects Scene


1 1

1 2 1 3

1 4

1 5

1 6 1 7

1 8



High Angle/ Medium shot: Drug dealers throwing bags of Props: vans, cocaine, cocaine into a van weapons BG: Drug Dealers Char’s: Drug Dealers OST: intro to “Shoot’em up” Freeze Frame/ Close-UP: Bag of cocaine. Actor’s name Props: cocaine appears OST: “Shoot’em up” Medium shot: Miguel Diaz standing behind the trucks Props: golden 9 mm with a golden 9 millimeter gun in his hand, as he oversees gun the shipment, facing the camera. Char1: Miguel Diaz OST: “Shoot’em up” Freeze Frame/ Medium Shot: Miguel Diaz standing with Props: golden 9 mm his golden gun. Actor’s name appears. gun Char1: Miguel Diaz OST: “Shoot’em up” Medium Shot: Van doors being shut by Diaz’s thugs. Van Props: van begins to drive away. Camera moves with van. Char’s: Thugs OST: “Shoot’em up” Freeze Frame/ Medium Shot: back of the van as it drives Props: van away. Actor’s name appears. OST: “Shoot’em up” Long Shot/ High Angle: Van driving down a desert road. Props: van BG: Desert OST: “Shoot’em up” Medium Shot: California man is standing in the desert as Props: van van approaches. All you see is a silhouette of the man and BG: van and desert the van lights. The man’s back is facing the camera. Char1: Cali Man OST: “Shoot’em up”

Freeze Frame/ Medium Low Angle Shot: Men in van have guns out the window. You can see the California man in the shot. Actor name appears during freeze frame. Long Shot: Bright lights from the gun fire are all that is visible and the Cali man falls to the ground.

Props: van, guns Char2: Cali Man OST: “Shoot’em up”

1 11

High Angle/ Long Shot: Suitcase is thrown out the window and the van speeds off into the distance.

1 12

Freeze Frame/ Close-up: Cali man lays dead shredded to pieces by bullets and an empty suitcase is next to him. Movie Title appears on the screen. (CLIPSE)

2 13

Point-of-View: Juan looking at photo of his family.

2 14

Close up: Juan looks in despair

2 15

Long Shot: Juan sitting in the bedroom

2 16

Side angle/Long Shot: Miguel appears in the door, Juan still in view

2 17 2 18

Close-Up: Juan staring at his father High angle/ Medium Shot: Miguel asking his son to sit down

2 19

Medium Shot: Juan sits down next to father, Miguel begins talking and then puts his arm around Juan

Props: van, suitcase Char2: Cali Man OST: “Shoot’em up” Props: empty suitcase Char2: Cali Man OST: “final part of “Shoot em up”= “kill, kill, kill, murder, murder, murder.” Props: photo Char2: Juan BG: wall of bedroom OST: slow Mexican music Char2: Juan BG: bedroom Props: bed, soccer player poster, desk, television, dresser Char1: Miguel OST: slow Mexican music BG: Miguel Props: bed SFX: slow Mexican music Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Char2: Juan BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Props: Mexican soccer player BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: bed

1 9

1 10

Props: van, guns Char1: Cali Man OST: scattered gunfire

2 20

High angle/ Close Up: Juan shakes Miguel’s arm off his shoulders, and moves away from his father

2 21

Medium Shot: Miguel gets angry and yells at Juan

2 22

High angle/ Close Up: Juan looks up at his father with a sad face

2 23

Low angle/Medium Shot: Miguel talks to his son, and hands him a box

2 24

Point-of-View: Juan opens box and pulls out antique necklace

2 25

Close-Up: Juan’s face in amazement as he pulls the necklace out an holds it up to look at

2 26

Off Screen: Miguel answers Juan’s question Medium Shot: Miguel explains to Juan that the necklace was his mother’s heirloom

2 27

High angle/Medium Shot: Juan stares at the necklace in amazement

2 28

Long Shot: Miguel pats Juan on the back and leaves the room

3 29

Close up/ Low Angle: Diego’s hand washing a pit-bull.

Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: bed BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: bed BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: bed BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: bed, box, ring on Miguel’s hand BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: necklace, box, bed BG: bedroom Char2: Juan Props: necklace BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: necklace, bed BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: necklace, bed, box BG: bedroom Char1: Miguel Char2: Juan Props: necklace, bed, box, Mexican soccer poster. Television BG: Dog’s fur Char3: Diego Props: sponge, pitbull SFX: water splashing into bucket.

3 30

Long Shot/ In Front: Juan and Diego sitting in the kitchen. Each one is grooming a pit-bull. Four other dogs are chained to a chair.

BG: 4 other dogs Char3: Diego Char2: Juan Props: Dog chains, pit-bulls, sponges, tubs, grooming utensils

3 31

Close-Up: Juan talking

3 32

Close-Up: Diego talking

3 33

High Angle/ Medium Shot: Diego talking

3 34

High Angle/ Close-Up: Diego throwing hands in the air and talking about dreams of the future.

3 35 3 36

Close-Up/ Low angle: Juan speaking with disdain Medium Shot: Kitchen door slams open. Miguel’s bodyguard enters with back to camera.

3 37

Ceiling Angle: Miguel’s torso bleeding profusely, bullet wounds everywhere. Bodyguards carry Miguel from door and set on him on the table. Close-Up/Ceiling Angle: Miguel yelling to see his children Ceiling Angle: Juan and Diego rush to their father’s side. Miguel is talking about how he was set up

BG: Kitchen Char2: Juan BG: Kitchen Char3: Diego BG: Kitchen Char3: Diego BG: Kitchen Props: dogs, sponge Char3: Diego Char2: Juan FG: Kitchen Char’s: bodyguard SFX: Door slamming against the wall. Char’s: Guards Char1: Miguel BG: Kitchen floor Char1: Miguel

3 38 3 39

3 40

3 41

3 42

Miguel’s Point-of-View: he first grabs the key than his weapon, Diego comes into view and he places the key in Diego’s hand. Diego’s Point-of-View: Diego listens to his father’s final words, than watches as he dies. Ceiling Angle: Juan and Diego lay there head down next to their father and began to pray as the shot fades to darkness

Char3: Diego Char2: Juan Char1: Miguel BG: Kitchen table and floor. Props: guns, grooming utensils, blood. Char3: Diego Char1: Miguel Props: key, gun Char3: Diego Char1: Miguel Props: gun Char3: Diego Char2: Juan Char1: Miguel Props: blood, gun,

4 43

Long Shot/Panoramic style: Diego with his back turned to the camera looking out over his estate. Juan sits in a chair to the right of Diego

4 44

Medium Shot: Diego turns around and talks to Juan. All that is seen of Juan is the back of his head.

4 45

Close-Up/ High Angle: Juan lights up an expensive cigar.

4 46

Medium Shot: Diego talking to Juan Off-Screen: Juan replies to Diego

4 47

Close-Up/ Low Angle: Juan talks to Diego about their father Off- Screen left: Diego talks about how he must get out and do something with his life. Juan’s facial expression changes to depressed immediately. Long Shot: Juan stands up and becomes confrontational with his words.

4 48

4 49

Medium Shot: Diego getting angry with his brother

4 50

360 degree Reverse Medium Shot: Juan getting angry with his brother

4 51

Long Shot: Juan puts his cigar out and leaves the room in anger.

4 52

Close-Up: Diego yelling at his brother to come back Off-Screen: Juan yells back at him Diego shakes his head and the shot dissolves

key Char1: Diego Char2: Juan FG: Diaz office Props: book shelves, desk, safe Char1: Diego Char2: Juan FG: Diaz office Props: book shelves, desk, safe Char2: Juan Props: chair, cigar Char1: Diego Char2: Juan FG: Diaz office (smoke from Juan’s cigar). Char2: Juan BG: Office walls Props: Cigar, chair

Char1: Diego Char2: Juan FG: Diaz office Props: book shelves, desk, safe, cigar Char1: Diego BG: Office safe Char2: Juan BG: office windows Props: cigar Char1: Diego Char2: Juan BG: Office windows. FG: Diaz office Props: book shelves, desk, safe, cigar. SFX: door slamming Char1: Diego

5 53

Long Shot/ Panoramic view: Diego and Juan stand together in an abandon warehouse, as a Cadillac Escalade drives into the shot from off-screen right.

5 54

Medium Shot/ From behind Diaz brother’s heads: 4 large men and one short stocky man gets out of the vehicle and approach Juan and Diego. The Californian man has a bag in his hand.

5 55

Close-Up: Californian man talking nonsense to the brothers Close- Up shot zooms out into a Long Shot: Californian Man asks for the product. Juan leaves the room swiftly.

5 56

5 57

5 58

5 59

5 60

5 61 5 62 5 63

5 64

Char1: Diego Char2: Juan Props: Escalade BG: Warehouse Char1: Diego Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: bag, Escalade Char3: Cali man (2)

Char1: Diego Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: bag, Escalade High Angle Long Shot/ Panoramic view: Juan returns Char1: Diego with a large bag of cocaine. Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: bag, Escalade, cocaine Low Angle/ Medium Shot: Juan drags the bag over to the Char2: Juan men and kicks it open FG: Cali man’s feet Props: cocaine Juan’s Point-of-View: Cali man dips his finger in the bag Char3: Cali man (2) and tests the product. He speaks to the brother’s than. Props: cocaine BG: Escalade Diego’s Point of View: Thug grabs bag they brought with Char1: Diego and tosses it to Juan on his right. Juan hands it to Diego. Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: bag, Escalade Medium Shot: Diego looks in the bag closes it and comes Char1:Diego up looking angry. He addresses this to the men Props: bag of cash Close-Up: Californian man talking, and Thugs move into Char3: Cali man (2) view closely behind him. Char’s: 4 thugs Ceiling Shot: Diego yelling at the other dealers Char1: Diego Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: cash bag, Escalade, cocaine FG: Warehouse floor Juan’s Point-of-View: Californian man is talking trash Char3: Cali man (2) and then pulls his gun out. Juan starts to move. Char’s: 4 thugs

5 65 5 66

Bullet’s Point-Of-View: Travels out of gun and goes straight into Diego’s heart. A red flash fills the screen Medium High Angle Shot/from behind Juan: Juan pulls out his AK-47 and murders all 5 men as they frantically try to fire their guns in time.

5 67

Medium Shot: Juan drops his gun, runs to Diego and pulls him into his arms. Diego is instantly dead.

5 68

Close-Up/Low Angle: Juan is weeping, police lights are seen reflecting off his tears Medium Shot: Juan takes his heirloom off, and places it on Diego’s chest

5 69

Props: gun Char5: Cali man’s bullet Char1: Diego (laying in pool of blood) Char2: Juan Char3: Cali man (2) Char’s: 4 thugs Props: cash bag, Escalade, cocaine, AK-47, enemies guns FG: Warehouse floor Char1: Diego (laying in pool of blood) Char2: Juan Char 2: Juan SFX: Sirens Char1: Diego (laying in pool of blood) Char2: Juan Props: Heirloom SFX: Sirens Char2: Juan VFX: police lights flooding the room SFX: sirens, sad intense music Char1: Juan BG: Ciudad, Juarez Props: Buildings, helicopter, bungie cords to help Juan leap from roof-top to roof-top. SFX:Chopper noise

5 70

Long Shot: Sirens and Lights flood the warehouse from all directions. Juan turns and runs directly out the back door into the darkness.

6 71

Aerial shot from helicopter: Juan is sprinting across buildings roof’s and the police helicopter lights are focused on him. It is raining heavily at this point in the evening.

6 72

Ground Shot from alley: captures just Juan’s feet and legs Char1: Juan as he leaps from one building to another. Props: Buildings, bungie cords

6 73

Aerial shot from helicopter: Helicopter opens fire on Juan, he ducks and doges behind fixtures on the roof.

Char1: Juan BG: Ciudad, Juarez Props: Buildings, helicopter, bungie cords

6 74

Juan’s Point-of-View: spots a ladder to the ground on the roof where he is trying to dodge bullets.

6 75

Medium shot/Low Angle: Takes his cell phone out and dials Pedro and runs for the ladder without the helicopter spotting him. Ground Shot from alley: Juan climbs down the ladder feet first, looks like he lands right on the camera. Close-Up: Juan informs Pedro on what he needs to do. Off Screen Voice Over: Pedro listens and assures Juan things will be taken care of.

6 76 6 77

6 78

Long Shot/High Angle: Juan runs through a couple streets till he finds his safe house.

6 79

Medium Shot/ Juan’s back to the camera: Juan opens his garage and stares at his stored away Denali. He gets in, starts the ignition and drives the car straight toward the camera. The blue of the Denali fills the screen

6 80

Long Shot: Juan is driving across the Mexican Desert to the Diaz abandoned airfield.

7 81

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Denali pulls up and wheels stop in front of camera. Long Shot/ Low angle: Pedro walks down the plane’s steps to greet Juan.

7 82

7 83

7 84

7 85

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Juan opens his door to the camera, Pulls 4 duffel bags out of his car and walks out of the shot at the last moment. Long Shot: Juan and Pedro board the plane.

Long Shot from behind plane: Plane takes off toward the rising sun.

SFX:Chopper noise Char1: Juan Props: Ladder, bullets Char1: Juan Props: Ladder, cell phone Char1: Juan Props: Ladder Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Props: cell phone BG: Rain Char1: Juan BG: buildings OST: “When I get Free” Char1: Juan Props: Denali FG: Safe house Garage OST: “When I get Free” Char1: Juan Props: Denali BG: Mexican Desert OST: “When I get Free” Props: Denali Char2: Pedro Props: Plane, Pedro’s gold chain Char1: Juan Props: Duffel bags BG: Dusty Denali Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Props: Duffel bags, plane BG: Sun is beginning to rise. Props: plane FG: Rising sun

8 86

Close-Up: Juan eating oatmeal and crying as well. Stops eating and begins to cry hysterically.

8 87

Medium Shot: (half of Pedro’s face is visible in shot) Juan is in the background mourning While Pedro’s face shows he is in the discussion as well.

8 88

Close-Up: Juan speaks about his last moments with his brother

8 89

Pedro’s Point-of-View: He examines Juan with his eyes and makes sure he has not been hurt in anyway. Also notices the Heirloom is gone.

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Costume: Pilot’s hat

8 90

Char1: Juan

8 91

360 degree reverse Close-Up shot of Juan: He asks Pedro a strange question 360 degree reverse Close-Up shot of Pedro: Pedro answers it. Juan Off- Screen: makes the decision to fly to Ohio

8 92

Close-up/High Angle: Plane flies off into the clouds.

9 93

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: plane landing in Ohio cornfield Long Shot: Pedro and Juan exit the plane

Props: plane VFX: Green Screen used for clouds. Props: plane

9 94

9 95

9 96

9 97

9 98

Char1: Juan Props: Oatmeal, glass of orange Juice, eating utensils Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Costume: Pedro is wearing a Pilot’s hat Char1: Juan

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Costume: Pilot’s hat

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro BG: Plane Medium Shot: Victor is waiting for them, he is leaning on Char3: Victor his Pink Cadillac Prop: Pink caddy Costume: Victor’s outfits are always thoroughly flamboyant in the film Juan’s Point-of-View: Victor hugs him than goes to his Char1: Juan right and hugs his brother. Victor shows sympathy Char2: Pedro toward Juan for his loss. Char3: Victor Medium Shot: Juan and Victor discuss the money Diego Char1: Juan gave to him. Victor answers his questions. Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor BG: Ohio cornfield Close-Up: Pedro questions Victors sexuality Char2: Pedro

9 99

Close-Up shot reverse shot: Juan enjoys Victor’s ideas and he wants to utilize the assets Victor has collected while in America.

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro BG: Ohio cornfield

9 100

Long Shot: Juan informs his cousins he has a plan for Victor’s business

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor BG: Ohio cornfield Props: Pink Caddy

9 101 9 102

Close-Up: Pedro confronts Juan on what this plan is Medium Shot/ High Angle of Pedro: Shot establishes power and confidence, It is made to make the audience believe in him Medium Shot/ High Angle: All three characters get into Victor’s car and drives down the road until the car is no longer visible.

Char2: Pedro Char1: Juan

10 104

Long Shot/ Street view: Victor’s home and building he owns

10 105

Medium shot/ High Angle: Juan and his cousins walk around the first floor examining it.

BG: Cleveland, Ohio skyline VFX: Green screen for skyline Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor

10 106 10 107

Medium Shot/Low Angle: Juan is using his hands to measure dimensions in the building. Extreme Close-Up/ Quick Flashback: Juan sees Diego and him grooming dogs together in the kitchen the night there father died.

10 108

Medium Shot: Pedro wants to know what Juan is doing

9 103

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Props: Pink Caddy

Char1: Juan Char1: Juan Char4: Diego Props: Dogs, Grooming tools SFX: flashback ability VFX: digital program that resembles déjà vu. Char2: Pedro BG: Inside of a rundown building

10 109

10 110 10 111 10 112 10 113

10 114 10 115

10 116 10 117

10 118

10 119

Pedro’s Point-of-View: Juan tells them his plan and talks Char1: Juan about how it was always a dream of Diego’s to start a dog Char2: Pedro grooming business. Char3: Victor BG: Inside of a rundown building Close-Up: Juan excitedly tells his cousins how great this Char1: Juan business will be. Medium Shot: Juan reaches into one of his duffel bags Char1: Juan and pulls out almost $300,000 in cash. Props: bag of cash. Close-Up: shot of the money in stacks Props: cash High Angle/ Long Shot: Victor from the dark side of the Char3: Victor building tells his cousin he better know what he is getting BG: Dark area of into. rundown building Close-Up: American business is a crazy game Victor Char3: Victor explains. High Angle/ Medium Shot: Juan chuckles and sits down Char1: Juan Props: old barber’s chair. High Angle/ Close-Up: Juan inadvertently describes Char1: Juan directly to the camera how great of a business man he is. Panning Right/ Medium Shot: Juan and his cousins are Char1: Juan cleaning out the place. (time is moving extremely fast at Char2: Pedro this point in the film). It is more of the camera fast Char3: Victor forwarding through the rebuilding process. Props: Brooms, mops, Vacuum cleaners, dusters, cleaning supplies OST: “ Getting Jiggy with it” Panning Left/ Medium Shot- All the orders Juan placed Char1: Juan are arriving just on time. Delivery men come in and out Char2: Pedro of the store at a fast pace. Char3: Victor Props: Dog bath’s, Dog shampoo’s, brushes, toenail clippers, every type of dog grooming tool. VFX: time flying by Long Shot/Duration length is short in real time: Juan Char1: Juan buys a pit bull and shows his cousins some tips Diego Char2: Pedro taught him about dog grooming. The business uses this as Char3: Victor a niche strategy for their business. Props: Dog Grooming tools OST: “ Getting Jiggy with it” VFX: time flying by

10 120

Long Shot/ Low Angle: The men hang up the Diego’s Den sign on the front of the building. They stand and admire it.

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor OST: end with “Getting Jiggy With it” and scratch out.

10 121

Close-up: Juan sheds a tear for his brother

Char1: Juan

10 122

Point-of-View: Cleveland Plain Dealer showing grand opening of Diego’s Den on 2nd page. Long Shot/Tracking right: goes around the shop opening day, and shows all the people that have showed up

10 123

10 124

10 125

10 126

10 127

10 128

10 129

11 130

Prop: Cleveland Plain Dealer BG: Diego’s Den walls decorated with Mexican colors. Close-Up/time progressing by days quickly: money being Char3: Victor placed into Victor’s hand over and over again. Props: Money, gold wristwatch. VFX: time flying by Medium Shot: Juan working his magic grooming skills to Char1: Juan make a German Shepherd look fantastic. Props: Grooming tools , German Shepherd Char’s: Customers standing around. Medium Shot/ High Angle from Front: Pedro is using Char2: Pedro Juan’s famous technique to satisfy a customer’s poodle Char’s: Customers Props: Grooming Tools, Poodle Long Shot/ Panoramic view: Victor, Juan and Diego Char1: Juan consistently satisfy customers with their service. Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Char’s: Customers Props: dogs, money, baths, grooming tools VFX: time flying by Freeze Frame/Close-UP: Pedro trying to groom the dog Char2: Pedro and one of his female customers as well Char4: Female customer Tracking Shot Right: Shows how long the line is to get an Char’s: potential appointment at Diego’s Den. customers Props: dogs Long Shot: Exterior of T&M’s Dog Care, sitting in the window is Tim and Margret James, pouting on their

Char5:Tim Char6: Margret

11 131

store’s sofa Close-up: Tim and Margret discuss all the business they are losing to Diego’s Den.

11 132

Medium/ Close-Up Shot: the two characters decide its time they pay Diego’s Den a visit. They suspect something illegal is going on there. Both owners’ are also known to be racist.

11 133

Long Shot from front: Tim and Margret enter the front door of Diego’s Den.

11 134

Pedro’s Point-of-view: the couple walks up to him and he asks them if they are in need of dog grooming.

11 135

11 136 11 137

11 138

11 139

11 140

11 141

Props: Couch Char5:Tim Char6: Margret Props: Couch Char5:Tim Char6: Margret Props: Couch Char5:Tim Char6: Margret BG: Front Door

Char2: Pedro Char5:Tim Char6: Margret BG: Front Door Close-Up/High Angle: Tim answers nicely but Margret Char5:Tim answers coldly demanding the owner. Char6: Margret BG: Front Door Medium Shot from the back of Pedro: He runs up the Char2: Pedro stairs to find Juan. BG: Mexican Flag Long Shot Covering entire first floor: Margret and Tim Char5:Tim run all over the business opening cupboards grabbing Char6: Margret photos until they finally find one worthwhile. BG: Front Doors & glass windows. Props: photo Tim and Magret’s Point-of-View: A photo of Juan, Diego Char5:Tim and his cousins in front of expensive cars and surrounded Char6: Margret by beautiful women. Props: photo Close-Up: Margret is in focus but she is totally not aware Char1: Juan that Juan is behind her in the shot. Char5: Margret Props: photo Juan’s Point-of-View: He sees the photo in their hand Char1: Juan immediately, but he is polite to start. Margret is cold once Char2: Pedro again and Juan demands his photo back. Char5:Tim Char6: Margret Props: photo

Close-Up: Margret and Tim threaten Juan and Pedro, they also poke fun at Victor

Char5:Tim Char6: Margret Props: photo

11 142

Medium Shot: Juan must hold Pedro back from attacking these new rivals. Off-screen: Tim and Margret leave but throw out racist slurs on their way out

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro

11 143

Long Shot: as they leave, Victor enters the store

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Char5:Tim Char6: Margret

11 144

Medium Shot: Victor tells his brother and cousin not to Char1: Juan mess with Tim and Margret and he tells them they will go Char2: Pedro as far as they have to. Pedro now has his gun in his hand. Char3: Victor Props: Gun

11 145

Close-up/Low Angle: Juan tells Victor not to worry because he has a backup plan if things backfire. Close-up/Low Angle: Victor asks Juan questions about what he will do? Medium Shot: Pedro is standing directly behind Juan over his shoulder with his gun. Juan tells Pedro to go prepare the plane and grab some other things. He tosses Pedro the keys to the plane

Char1: Juan

Tracking shot: Follows Pedro all the way to the garage and into a newly bought black Hummer Victor’s Point-of-View: See’s a serious confident look on Juan’s face. He is not scared of anything Reverse shot to Juan’s Point-of-View: Victor looks scared and concerned. He knows that Juan’s days in America may be numbered. Scene fades out. Close-Up/ Low-Angle: Tim and Margret are sitting at their computer digging for dirt on Juan. They come across some interesting articles in the archives. The computer light glares off their faces as they sit in the dark computer room Tim & Margret’s Point-of-View: They see articles linking Juan to the Mexican Drug lord Miguel Diaz.

Char2: Pedro Props: Gun, Hummer Char1: Juan

11 146 11 147

11 148 11 149 11 150

12 151

12 152

Char2: Pedro Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Props: Gun, keys to the plane

Char3: Victor

Char5: Tim Char6: Margret Props: Computer, coffee mugs, newspaper clippings Char5: Tim Char6: Margret Props: Computer, coffee mugs, newspaper clippings, cell phones

12 153

Close-Up/Low Angle: Mike sees that Juan actually is a drug lord and is on the run from the Mexican police.

Char5: Tim Props: Computer, coffee mugs, newspaper clippings, cell phones

12 154

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: room is still extremely dark, all you see is Margret immediately pick up her phone and dial 911.

Char5: Tim Char6: Margret Props: Computer, coffee mugs, cell phones

12 155

Split Screen between operator and Margret/ Close-UpMargret tells the operator they have a drug lord living down the street. The operator agrees to send a unit out right away.

Char6: Margret Char7: Operator Props: cell phone, 911 dispatch phone and headset

13 156

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Victor is sitting down counting the money from the day when the Police bust in the door to his left.

13 157

Medium Shot/ High Angle: Victor’s back is now facing the camera. Two Police officers ask for Juan Diaz, the others show Victor there search warrant.

13 158

Close-Up: Victor Tells them he does not associate with Juan anymore. Long Shot: The two officers with the search warrant begin tearing the establishment apart. Victor’s Point-of-View: The other 2 officers hound Victor with questions regarding Juan

Char3: Victor Char’s: 4 police officers SFX: Door lock being broken open Props: Cash, police night sticks Char3: Victor Char’s: 4 police officers Props: Cash, police night sticks, search warrant Char3: Victor

13 159 13 160

13 161

Char’s: Search Warrant Officers Char3: Victor Char’s: 2 other officers Props: notepads. Close-Up: Victor stays completely poised and answers all Char3: Victor the questions.

13 162

Long Shot/ High Angle: The search warrant officers begin spitting on the floor and ripping cupboards off there hinges.

Char’s: Search Warrant Officers Props: Night sticks, cupboards SFX: sound of spit hitting the floor

13 163

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: The officers find photos of Juan actually working at Diego’s Den and also some crazy ones from when he was in Mexico.

Char’s: Search Warrant Officers Props: photos

13 164

Victor’s Point-of-View: The officers leave but they catch a few customers on their way out to question.

13 165

14 166

14 167

14 168

15 169

Char3: Victor Char’s: 4 Police Officers Char’s: Diego’s Den Customers Props: notepads Extreme Close-Up on Victor- Victor can do nothing as he Char3: Victor listens to his customers testify that Juan does indeed work Char’s: 4 Police at Diego’s Den. Victor has to hold back tears. Officers Off-screen: Customers are giving full explanations to the Char’s: Diego’s Den Police. Customers Investigators Point-of-View: Back at the station the police investigators are analyzing the photos. They are running all kinds of test in a dimly lit room.

Char’s: Police investigators Prop: Photos, High tech computers to analyze the photos, more people coming in to testify. Costume: Lab coats Investigators Point-of-View: They place all the evidence Char’s: Police in envelopes and they send it to the FBI and DEA. investigators Prop: Photos, envelopes, lab files Costume: Lab coats FBI officer #1’s Point-of-View: He opens the file, reads it Char8: Police Officer for about a minute than drops it. He stands up to make a #1 phone call. You hear the beginning of the conversation Props: envelope with but the scene cuts off during it. evidence, FBI landline Ceiling Shot: Diego, Juan, and Victor are having a normal workday just grooming the dogs and enjoying each other’s company.

Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Props: Dog Grooming tools and

15 170

Close-up/ Low Angle: Juan stops grooming when he hears something that sounds like sirens.

15 171

Juan’s Point-of-View: DEA and FBI SUV’s are flying down the road. They all come to an abrupt stop in front of Diego’s Den

15 172

(Simultaneously) Point-of-View from behind Juan: He rushes all his customers out the back door but keeps the dogs. (Simultaneously) Medium shot: Victor rushes to the front door and locks it. After this he sprints towards the back of the building. (Simultaneously) Pedro’s Point-of-View: Pedro rushes up the stairs and goes straight to Juan’s closet. Ceiling Shot: Victor pulls out a .50 caliber sniper and two machine guns, he puts those to the side. He grabs all 4 bags and runs out of the room

15 173

15 174 15 175

15 176

Medium Shot/ Ground Level: Juan is guiding all the dogs into the garage near Victor’s pink caddy

15 177

Juan’s Point-of-View: Juan turns around and Victor is waiting for him to move.

15 178

Medium Shot from the side: Victor gets in his caddy

15 179

Long Shot/Low Angle: Juan is at the bottom of the stairs; Pedro comes to the top and throws Juan down 2 AR-15’s, and a special gift.

15 180

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Juan rushes into the main room with his weapons and ducks behind the wall in the

stations, dogs Char1: Juan Props: hair scissors SFX: Sirens Char1: Juan Props: Government agent vehicles SFX: Stunt drivers make dangerous stops in front of business. Char1: Juan Char’s: Customers Props: Dogs Char3: Victor Props: keys to lock door Char2: Pedro FG: stairs, bedroom Char2: Pedro Props: Sniper, sub machine guns, duffel bags Char1: JUAN Props: Dogs, pink caddy SFX: Dogs barking madly Char1: Juan Char3: Victor Props: Dogs, SFX: Dogs barking madly BG: Inside of Diego’s Den. Char3: Victor Props: Dogs, pink caddy SFX: Dogs barking madly Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Props: duffel bags, AR-15’s, grenade Char1: Juan Props: AR-15’s,

front of the building.


15 181

Long shot: Pedro throws the 4 bags to the bottom of the stairs.

15 182

Close-Up: Pedro is now stationed at a window and is ready to fire.

Char2: Pedro Props: duffel bags SFX: Gun metal hitting the tile floor. Char2: Pedro Props: .50 cal Sniper

16 183

Long Shot/shot of all the forces surrounding Diego’s Den: Officers are stationed behind their vehicles and snipers are on the rooftops. Close-Up/candid shot: FBI officer #1 tries to talk Juan into surrendering.

16 184

Char’s: Government Agents Props: guns, SUV’s, Char8: FBI Officer #1 Props: megaphone to force Juan out, 9 mm pistol Char8: FBI Officer #1 Char9: FBI Officer #2 Props: megaphone, pistols BG: 40-50 officers waiting to fire

16 185

Medium Shot: FBI officer #2 comes over FBI officer #1’s shoulder and tells him, they have the citizens but no dogs from the building.

16 186

Extreme Close-up: FBI officer #1 yells at Juan to release the dogs.

Char8: FBI Officer #1 Props: megaphone

16 187

Medium Shot/Ground level: Juan is ducking just beneath the window. He is about 20 feet from FBI officer #1.

16 188

Close-Up on Juan’s mouth: He pulls the pin of the grenade out with his teeth

Char1: Juan BG: Officers and trucks outside the window Props: grenade Char1: Juan Props: grenade

16 189

FBI Officer #1 Point of View: Sees Grenade roll 10 feet to the left of him. The officers open fire behind him as soon as the grenade is out. He dives to the ground to avoid the grenade and the gunfire.

Char8: FBI Officer #1 Props: megaphone, pistol SFX: Gunfire from behind Char8

16 190

Helicopter view shot/High Angle: Grenade causes huge explosion that is visible from the sky, destroying three SUV’s and wounding several agents.

16 191

Pedro’s Point-of-View through sniper scope: Once the explosion happens Pedro takes out every single sniper one by one. Juan is on the main level opening fire as well

16 192

Medium shot/ candid: FBI Officer #2 advises his men to smoke them out of the building.

16 193

16 194

16 195

16 196

16 197

Props: Vehicles SFX: realistic grenade explosion sound VFX: Looks just like a real grenade going off. Char2: Pedro Props: .50 cal sniper

Char9: FBI Officer#2 FG: fire and blown up vehicles. Medium Shot: Juan seizes his fire and yells to Pedro that Char1: Juan it is time to go. He turns around and runs for the garage. Props: AR-15’s SFX: AR-15 gun fire Juan’s Point-of-View: Pedro grabs the two bags with cash Char1: Juan and tosses them in Victor’s car, Juan grabs the weapons Char2: Pedro and gets in the hidden Hummer. Char3: Victor BG: Garage Props: dogs, weapons, bags of cash, pink caddy, Hummer Long Shot/ High Angle: shows all the agents covering the FG: 10 government back door vehicles Char’s: government agents. Medium shot/High Angle focused on garage: The garage Char2: Pedro door opens and all the dogs run out distracting the agents. Char3: Victor With Dogs still leaving the garage Victor drives right out Char’s: Government with them.(music starts here) Agents open fire but the car agents is too quick. Pedro comes out of the passenger side Props: dogs, window and unloads clips into the agent’s vehicles. weapons, vehicles, pink caddy OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Aerial shot/High Angle: 7 agents pursue Victor in his Char2: Pedro vehicle. Char3: Victor Props: weapons, Government agents vehicles, pink caddy OST: “Sympathy for the Devil”

16 198

Medium shot/High Angle focused on garage: Three Minutes later Juan emerges from the garage in a bulletproof Hummer. The agents have no time to react.

16 199

Long shot/ Low Angle: The Agents get to their vehicles as quickly as they can and chase Juan.

17 200

Long Shot/High Angle: Victor ducks and dodges the agents with ease in his caddy, Pedro provides cover fire. They are able to lose the agents.

17 201

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Victor drops Pedro off at the plane and drives away, most likely all the way back to Mexico.

17 202

Pedro’s Point-of-View: He runs up the ramp and fires the engine up.

17 203

Helicopter view shot/High Angle: Juan is driving on the Ohio highway’s while being targeted by over 20 agents with weapons.

Char1: Juan Char’s: Government agents Props: Hummer OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Char’s: Government agents Props: Government agents vehicles Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Props: weapons, Government agents vehicles, pink caddy OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Char2: Pedro Char3: Victor Props: weapons, pink caddy, plane OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Char2: Pedro Props: weapons, plane BG: Ohio cornfields OST: “Sympathy for the Devil”

Char1: Juan Char’s: Government agents Props: Hummer, guns, Government agents vehicles OST: “Sympathy for the Devil”

17 204

Close-Up: Juan is able to hit the tire of his closest follower. In the background you see the car flip and explode. This opens up enough space to where he can make it onto his plane without being bombarded by bullets.

17 205

Medium Shot/ Low Angle: Hummer pulls up to where it looks like it is going to hit the camera. Birds-eye-view Shot: Juan exits the vehicle and sprints for the plane. 10 seconds after he gets out of his hummer an agent with a Rocket Launcher destroys the vehicle.

17 206

17 207

Medium Shot: Juan arrives on the plane and advises Pedro to hurry.

17 208

Close-Up/Low Angle shot from behind: Rocket Launcher Agent fires his last rocket at the plane.

17 209

Rocket’s Point-of-View: Flies through the air heading straight towards the plan. Pedro gets the plane in the air just in time and the rocket barely misses. Long Shot/ Low Angle: Rocket explodes in mid-air while Juan and Pedro fly away.

17 210

18 211

Overhead shot/High Angle: Diaz mansion courtyard

18 212

Medium Shot from the front: Victor is sitting in the Diaz Office on the computer, counting money. His computer notifies him that he has an e-mail.

Char1: Juan Char’s: Government agents Props: Hummer, guns, Government agents vehicles BG: Highway Traffic OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Props: Hummer Char1: Juan Char10: Rocket Launcher agent. Props: Hummer, Weapons, Rocket Launcher, plane SFX: Explosion sound VFX: Real life explosion Char1: Juan Char2: Pedro Char10: Rocket Launcher agent. Props: Rocket Launcher Char11: Rocket

Props: Rocket, plane SFX: Explosion sound VFX: Real life explosion OST: “Sympathy for the Devil” Props: fountains, flamingoes Char3: Victor Props: desk, computer, cash, cocaine

18 213

Victor’s Point-of-View: He receives an email from an unknown contact. He opens the email and it is from Juan

Char3: Victor Props: Computer,

18 214 18 215

Off-Screen Voiceover: Juan reads the email Flashback shot during the voiceover: Long Shot/ In Front: Juan and Diego sitting in the kitchen. Each one is grooming a pit-bull. Four other dogs are chained to a chair.

Char1: Juan BG: 4 other dogs Char1: Diego Char2: Juan Props: Dog chains, pit-bulls, sponges, tubs, grooming utensils

18 216

Off-Screen Voiceover: Juan continues to conduct it. Victor is sitting in the chair when Juan Finishes, Pedro walks in the Diaz office. Continuous 360 degree shot: The brother’s embrace.

Char2: Pedro Char3:Victor

18 217

Char2: Pedro Char3:Victor Char2: Pedro Char3:Victor Props:2 golden pistols

18 218

Ceiling shot: Victor walks Pedro over to the safe and hands him one of the two golden pistols. They are now the drug kingpins.

18 219

Long Shot/Backs facing camera: Pedro and Victor walk Char2: Pedro onto the balcony and shoot bullets in the air in memory of Char3:Victor their family. (Credits music starts) Props:2 golden pistols OST: “Street Dreams”

19 220

Medium Shot/ Straight on: Displays Diego and Miguel Diaz tombstones.

19 221

Extreme Close-Up: It is the Heirloom and carved into it is Props: Heirloom the whole Diaz family. OST: “Street Dreams”

19 222

Credits roll

Props: tombstones, heirloom laying in front. OST: “Street Dreams”

OST: “Street Dreams”


1. Nas- “Shoot ‘em up” (used in opening credits)

Tupac- “When I get Free” (used in scene 6)

3. Will Smith-“ Gettin Jiggy With It” (used in scene 10)

The Rolling Stones- “Sympathy for the Devil” (Scene 17)

5. Nas- “Street Dreams” (Used in final scene and credits)

Preliminary Research

Character Development     

We searched for the most common names for Mexicans in order to find the names for our Mexican characters Our production company wanted to do a film that brought about current event issues. This is why we chose to base most of our film on the current drug war in Mexico. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico we found to be the most prominent city for drug war in the country. That is why our main characters come from that city. Tim and Margret Jones are common white American names, so we chose those names for our main villains. The FBI and DEA are always involved in the Mexican drug trade. They were the best pick for the final battle to stop Juan. We attempted to make it like a Mexico vs U.S.A. battle in order to have the audience choose a side.

Setting Development    

The outside of the HPER is what we used as our real-world scouted location We chose the HPER because it is an old building and the large windows look like the warehouse we envisioned for the scene when Diego is killed. Most of our settings are meant to resemble ghetto streets of Mexico, small businesses outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and abandoned warehouses. The mood boards display two aesthetics: - The first is death and sadness (meant to display the problems with the drug trade) - The second is a location aesthetic. We wanted to exhibit Juan’s lavish lifestyle and we used Entourage’s mansion as our ideal home for the Diaz brothers. We included other luxuries that come along with being wealthy.

Where we gathered our research from Our research was mainly done via the internet. We used websites such as Google, the digital versions of the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, and Dallas MorningNews. We walked around Bloomington to find a perfect place that would match the type of location we were looking for. We also used Google Searches and the T-206 lectures to assist us in completing the correct format for all the contents in the project.

Final Project (Clipse)  

Follow the Diaz family through the rough drug trade in Mexico, to the dog grooming world in Ohio. This film provides action with a twist yo...