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FATHER JAMES a 55 year-old man in a green and gold robe stands behind the altar with his hands open wide. The CHURCH CROWD is looking up to him with awe. FATHER JAMES sings a hymn to the congregation about death. FATHER JAMES (singing) O mystery great and glorious, That mortal flesh should conquer death DEATH is in human being form. Tall and built in all black clothing he sits quietly in the back of Church reading his tattered bible. 17 year-old athletic MARK LUCAS is sitting to his right constantly text messaging and Tweeting on his phone DEATH You know you are in the house of GOD boy? Show some respect and quite using that toy. (DEATH grimly demands) MARK LUCAS Who are you? And I don’t care about what GOD thinks? He has never helped me, shit the only thing he’s done for me is force me to eat stale bread pieces – and make me sit through boring ass church every Sunday. DEATH (Grabs MARK by the arm and raises voice) Don’t you disrespect the ALMIGHTY ONE in his house! – And how dare you disrespect the SAVIOR’S body by calling it bread. Child you have much to learn. Your time here is limited. While DEATH is yelling the entire CHURCH including FATHER JAMES is on their feet and are focusing on DEATH and MARK LUCAS. MARK LUCAS (Stands up and goes face to face with Death) What’s your problem you psycho! You like to get off to the Catholic church or something you holy freak. I am just trying to set something up with girl for tonight cause the parents are gone, and you stop bothering me about what I am doing. – Do me a favor and back up and enjoy your GOD

(Throws hands up in the air) FATHER JAMES MARK, Stop with your foul language. - and all the sex talk. This is a sacred place, I want you to leave church right now. And you sir, (pointing at DEATH) What are you doing interrupting my Mass. As a matter of fact. Why are you even in this town? I have seen you roaming the streets with no purpose. We don’t need strange people like you around Catholic or not – So leave with the boy too. MARK broad shouldered and cocky begins to make his exit for door. As MARK reaches for the handle the doors slam shut and lock. The lights go out and fire appears stretching to top of each exit. The Fire provides enough light to see DEATH now in his true form of all black with a burnt face with massive cuts in it. He is levitating above the CHURCH CROWD. CHURCH CROWD O my GOD!!! FATHER JAMES (yells) Dear LORD is SATAN upon us? DEATH (Deep voice) I am not here to do SATAN’S work. I was sent here by GOD to do his work. – I am DEATH Your sins are vast and GOD has decided it is your town’s time to die. I am here to take the lives from each and every one of you. This is your last chance to plea to the LORD to save you. CHURCH CROWD (Falls to knees) Please save his we’re sorry, we’re sorry, we’re sorry MARK LUCAS I knew this guy was a crazy mother F. (Slashing sound and blood spurt)

MARK’s sentence is ended abruptly when DEATH zooms over and slices his head off clean with a 200 pound double-sided axe with a cross as its handle. THEME MUSIC begins for the introduction to the film.

One of Us (sample script and dialogue  

The opening scene dialogue to the film

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