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Celebration of 60th anniversary of AIESEC in Croatia will take place on Winter Leadership Development Congress. WLDC is one of four annual national conferences of AIESEC in Croatia and is traditionally the biggest conference of AIESEC Croatia. This year it will be held in Zagreb from 20th to 24th of November. The purpose of the conference is to see how our members have developed, what the leadership journey they are having is about and how can we grow our operations even more in the following months. The conference starts with Youth 2 Business Forum on Wednesday which is the biggest external event of AIESEC Croatia with purpose of connecting young people and the business world on a topic of a common interest. The Celebration of 60th anniversary will be held on Friday, 22 of November, and we want to invite all members and Alumni of AIESEC to join us for it. The Celebration starts at 20:00 and will last for 2 hours, following with party. Party fee for Friday is included in the price of the dinner. We hope that the celebration of 60th anniversary will show us what is the real cross generational impact AIESEC has made in Croatia.

Grad mladih, Aleja Hrvatske Mlade탑i b.b. 10 000 Zagreb

The venue of the conference is limited to the number of delegates, so the OC is not able to ensure venue for participants of Celebration. We suggest you the following hotels that are near main venue: - Residence Hotel (, tel: +385 (0)1 664 17 77) - Hotel Dubrava (, tel: +385 (0)1 296 05 00) - Villa Maria (, tel: +385 (0)1 291 79 28)

Gala dinner Fee - 200,00 HRK Paying account: AIESEC Zagreb, HR 29 23600001101848068 (ZagrebaÄ?ka banka) Payment description: Name and Surname, Gala dinner Fee Reservation of dinner application is confirmed by payment of 200,00 HRK on the account by 15.11.

If you wish to join the parties these are the fees: Party Fee for 1 party: 40 HRK Party Fee for 2 parties: 70 HRK Party Fee for 3 parties: 90 HRK On Friday (Gala night) you can not only join the party. Party applications for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday: webforms/5878943/459016

Application Form: *Application will be accepted when the Fee is paid. Deadline: 15.11.

For additional information contact: Juraj Bojko National Support Team - Alumni Coordinatior or Jelena Čotić Organizing Committee President of WLDC 2013

WLDC Gala Dinner booklet  

Dear reader, in this booklet you can find all the relevant information regarding official celebration of 60th anniversary of AIESEC in Croat...