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December Book Project This month’s book project will be slightly different to reflect the holiday season. Students will choose a Christmas book to read and create a three dimensional Christmas tree. The specifications for the Christmas tree are as follows: ^ The tree must be home made, no store bought trees allowed. ^ You may use wood, paper, clay, cardboard, boxes, twigs, branches, cloth or any other material you can think of. ^ The tree must be at least 24cm in height but may not exceed 44cm in height. ^ Somewhere on your tree you must include at least one each of the following shapes; a triangle, a square, a rectangle, a pentagon, a hexagon and an octagon. ^ Somewhere on your tree you must include 5 important events from your book. ^ Somewhere on your tree you must include the names of the main characters. ^ Somewhere on your tree you must included the title of your book. ^ You may add any other decorations that you like. ^ There may be no spelling or grammatical mistakes. ^ Your Christmas tree should be colorful and creative. Have fun - Ho, Ho, Ho ď Š

4th Grade book Projects  

this is an outline of various bookprojects that will be completed this year.

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