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The Soldier and Family Assistance Center 9059 Gardner Loop, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433

January 2014

No Napping, start ACAPing! Our commitment, our mission

Provide compassionate, coordinated services to Service members in Transition, their families and caregivers. Our efforts are aimed at fostering dignity and independence, while assisting the Service Member and their families in their return to duty or transition to service and employment as a vital member of our nation. Think Winter Safety! Winter has arrived, please take the time to check the maintenance of your privately owned vehicles and adjust driving time as needed. Consider placing a winter survival kit in the vehicle as well. Remember “ when in doubt, don’t venture out”.

Whether you are transitioning after four years or twenty years, transition can be a difficult time as no two individual experiences are the same. Your transition from military to civilian life can be a daunting task and a confusing time. To achieve a successful and smooth transition, one must first identify personal and professional goals and then establish a plan to achieve these goals early in your transition. Maximize your transition by learning about all opportunities available to you such as internships, apprenticeships, education programs, job search strategies, resumes, interviews, even how to translate your military skills to civilian employment. Don’t wait until 30 days from separation! Research all the options to ensure the best chance for success. Did you know Service members can now explore transition options through Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) within 18 months of their date of separation. Weekly workshops and personalized assistance are available to Service members and their Family Members. ACAP Career Counselor’s are available to partner with you on your transition journey. To schedule an appointment with an ACAP Career Counselor, please call 253-967-3745 or stop by the SFAC Monday—Friday from 0730-1600.

World Wrestling Entertainment Tribute at the SFAC Wrestlers from the WWE visited with Soldiers and Family members of the Warrior Transition Battalion located at Joint Base Lewis McChord WA,. Paul Randell Wright (Big Show), and John Cena were two of the wrestlers that were on hand to visit with and entertain questions from Soldiers and family members. Many were able to receive a personal greeting and signed autograph of their favorite wrestler. The Soldier and Family Assistance Center would like to thank all the agencies and the WWE for sponsoring this event. Most of all, the SFAC would like to thank the Service members and the Families for making this a successful event.

SFAC January Class Schedule Classes will be held in the SFAC classroom, Rm 104 . ACAP Transition Overview MOS Crosswalk Jan 7th, Tue 0900-1200hrs Jan 29th, 0900-1100hrs Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Brief Jan 13th, 1300-1500hrs Jan 27th, 1300-1500hrs SFAC In-Processing Jan 14th, 0900-1100hrs Jan 28th, 0900-1100hrs WDVA State Benefits & SSDI Brief Jan 6th, 1500-1600hrs Jan 16th, 1500-1600hrs Jan 27th, 1500-1600hrs SSDI Lab Jan 7th, 1300-1600hrs Jan 14th, 1300-1600hrs Financial Planning Seminar Jan 9th, 1200-1600hrs Career Readiness Fair Jan 10th, 0900-1030hrs

Outreach Events for January Date




7th Tue

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

9th Thu

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

10th Fri

Tacoma Comedy Club


Olympia, WA

14th Tue

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

16th Thu

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

21st Tue

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

23rd Thu

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

28th Tue

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

30th Thu

Fishing with Jeff


Olympia, WA

Federal Resume Workshop Jan 21, 0900-1100hrs

Note: ALL WTB provided transportation departs from 9057 CQ desk. Please arrive early for accountability, and all transportation is dependent on PAX registration.

Advanced Resume Course Jan 15th, 1300-1500hrs

For more information and trip registration contact:

ACAP DOL Class Jan 22nd-24th, 0730-1600hrs

Ms. Taylor Morgan 253-966-8644

Retirement Briefing Jan 8th, 1700-1800hrs Bldg 9059 SFAC Lobby

SFAC Programs & Services Bldg 9059

Outreach & Recreation Services


SFAC Director


WA State Dept. of Veterans Affairs


Human Resources/TSGLI


Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E)


Social Services




Financial Readiness


American Legion


Education Services

253- 966-3837/967-6916


Transition Program Services (ACAP)


Information & Referral Program Managers

Child Youth and School Services


253-966-2716 M:253-320-9725 253-966-3979/3747

JBLM SFAC Newsletter/Jan 2014