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United Architects of the Philippines


Moving Ahead A look to its history...and a peek to its future.


he establishment of the United Architects of the Philippines-British Columbia Chapter has been a blessing for all the Filipino architects based in this Canadian province who are thousand of miles away from the Philippines and yet still have the fervor for promoting the profession they have been educated and trained for. The continuing influx of these Filipino architects that arrived as immigrants in the province of British Columbia and eventually integrate to the thriving Filipino community has further cemented the importance of this organization. As we move forward to the bright horizon ahead, let us look back briefly to events leading to the founding of the British Columbia chapter as well as the activities that have transpired. The organizational initiative was spearheaded by long time BC residents Joe Larano and Caesar Pascual who conducted an intensive information campaign to seek out prospective members in October of 2010. The following month, coordination was done with the UAP National Office in Manila who readily provided

assistance in the form of documents and guidelines. Subsequently, a core group of UAP British Columbia logo... a testament to its members membership who strength and passion for has swelled by then excellence was formed in December, 2010. This core group was instrumental in the establishment of the UAP-BC Chapter. After securing the kind sponsorship of the UAP-Ontario Chapter, a gathering was held on January 22, 2011 in Richmond, BC where the BC Chapter was formally created by the assembly of 32 Philippine-registered architects. On the same event, members unanimously approved Resolution No. 001, creating the UAP British Columbia Chapter. The goals and objectives of the chapter were, likewise affirmed that night. The objectives were hinged on three major points: 1) Professional and career developments 2) Employment and business networking, and 3) Community involvement.

Joe Larano was elected the first Chapter President along with the set of Officers and Directors. The first elected Officers and Directors of UAP BC Chapter: Joe Larano - President Caesar Pascual - VP Operations Felix Tan - Assistant to VP Operations Eric Ching - VP Programs and Development Karen San Pedro - Secretary Edna Lim - Treasurer Antonio Edwin Rigor- Auditor Jasby Barredo - Diretor Carlo Borja - Director Melvin Castro- Director Raquel Palmero- Director Joy Mescallado - Director

business networking and community involvement. The first ever Chapter Seminar was held on April 2, 2011 in Richmond, BC conducted by Sherwin Ruiz ( 3D Studio Viz ) and Felix Tan ( Revit ). Under the able stewardship of Chapter President Joe Larano, the Officers and Directors met and planned several more events and activities for 2011 including the Chartering and Induction of Officers and Members of the UAP-BC Chapter. But first, members were requested to submit their respective proposals of design for the official UAPBC Chapter logo. The logo appropriately featuring an “Inukshuk� symbol designed by Sherwin Ruiz was chosen and adopted officially. Summer Sports activity such as golf was informally launched by Melvin Castro and Carlo Borja to foster sportsmanship and camaraderie among members. Several successful sessions were held mostly in Richmond. The summer season also brought forth the Family Picnic participated in by the family members. The first Family Picnic was held in July 9, 2011 at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby. Attendees had fun meeting and socializing with each other. The next event was the Revit Seminar part 2 which was held on September 10 ,2011 in Richmond. It was conducted by Edwin Rigor who gave more insights on the software.

The Chartering and the first Induction of Officers and members of the UAP-BC UAP NAtional President Ramon S. Mendoza led the sworn-in ceremony of the UAP British Columbia officers and members during the Chartering ceremony in Chapter was successfully held on October 2011. October 15, 2011 at Kentizen It did not take long before the UAP-BC Charter was Fusion Lounge Restaurant in Vancouver. This officially recognized by the UAP National Board momentous event was attended by then UAP National under Resolution 10-11 No. 6-23 otherwise known as President, Arch. Ramon S. Mendoza and several "Approval of the Formation of UAP British Columbia distinguished guests including the Philippine ConsulChapter As The 131st Chapter Of UAP Under District General Jose Ampeso. Once the chartering/induction B2". This recognition was approved by the UAP was over, there was no stopping the Chapter to plan National Board of Directors in their meeting in April more events and activities as well as recruiting more 26, 2011. By then, the UAP-BC Chapter went full members. blast into fulfilling its objectives to advance professional/career developments, employment/

An offshoot of the visit of UAP National President Ramon S. Mendoza was the participation of UAP-BC Chapter to the“ Bayanihang Pampaaralan” design commissioned by the Department of Education and sponsored by the UAP National Office in the Philippines. It is geared towards providing affordable classroom design for the Philippine Public schools. A design charette presided by Chapter president, Joe Larano and participated in by members who are adept in design development was held on December 3, 2011. The final design was eventually submitted Joe Larano, the Charter President, garnering positive saw the need to establish a UAP chapter in British Columbia. responses from the National Board and netizens who viewed it on line. The next event was the Lighting Seminar and Christmas Fellowship held on December 17, 2011 in Richmond. Clarissa Raymundo ably conducted the seminar and shared her expertise on the principles of the lighting design concepts. The year 2012 ushered in a new era for the UAP-BC Chapter. More members have signed in and more events were held. On February 25, 2012, part 2 of Rendering and Animation Seminar was held in Richmond. It was conducted by 3D Specialist, Sherwin Ruiz who discussed in detail the intricacies of animation. Next was the Sketch-Up Workshop held

on May 5, 2012 in Richmond . This was conducted by Sketch-Up Specialist, Jasby Barredo. The seminar was a workshop –style wherein attendees brought their laptop units to have a hands-on experience of the proceedings. The Vancouver Building By-laws Seminar was next which was held on June 23, 2012 in Richmond and conducted by Engr. Peter Toneguzzo through the invitation of Ace Algas. It was a well attended seminar with the participants eager to learn the implications of the local building codes to the over-all building designs. As a respite and in the spirit of summer season, the second Family outing was held on August 5, 2012 in Rocky Point Park, Port Moody. As usual, family members had fun and enjoyed the friendly spirits even welcoming new members and their families. Sport activity which started in the previous summer was re-launched with the golf invitation featuring Melvin Castro, Jasby Barredo, Ace Algas and Carlo Borja. In the meantime, the nomination process for the new set of officers and directors went underway in the months of September and October, 2012. The last event for 2012 was the Building Envelope Seminar which was held on November 17,2012 in Richmond. The seminar which proved to be as interesting was conducted by the Building Envelope Specialist Karen San Pedro. With the well-deserved re-election of Joe Larano as chapter president, year 2013 looked even more promising. The first monthly meeting of the year was held on February 2, 2013 at residence of the chapter president. The new set of officers and directors for fiscal year 2012-2013 was officially proclaimed during the Induction of Officers and new members at Kentizen Fusion Lounge in Vancouver in April 14, 2013. The elected Officers and Directors of UAP BC Chapter ( FY 2012-2013 ) President - Joe Larano VP-Operations- Antonio Rigor VP-Planning and Devt. - Edna Avenido-Lim Secretary - Clarissa Raymundo Treasurer - Albert Algas Asst. Treasurer – Den Cisnero Landayan Auditor - Carlo Borja Directors: 1. Karen San Pedro - Professional Accreditation Committee 2. Denick Carullo - Professional

Development/Continuing Education Committee 3. Sherwin Ruiz - Graphics and Multimedia Committee 4. Jasby Barredo/ Carlo Borja - Socials and Sports Committee 5. Erich Pablo - Membership Committee 6. Henry Maramo – Assistant, Membership Committee

The UAP British Columbia Chapter, currently has 42 members in its roster. With the increasing influx of Filipino immigrants in Canada, many more members will join the group. UAP British Columbia, in its infant years as a chapter has really come a long way and has been fulfilling its goals and objectives. With the challenge and prospects way ahead, UAP British Columbia is moving ahead in its course to enhance its services to its members and be passionate to our beloved profession.

DESIGN CHARETTE FOR “BAYANIHAN PAMPAARALAN” School Project DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Republic of the Philippines December 3, 2011 Nelia Cruz, Jasby Barredo,Felix Tan, Clarissa Raymundo, Joe Larano, Ace Algas, Jimmy Rico

LIGHTING SEMINAR AND CHRISTMAS FELLOWSHIP December 17, 2011 Conducted by Clarissa Raymundo

RENDERING AND ANIMATION WORKSHOP February 25, 2012 Conducted by Sherwin Ruiz

SKETCH- UP WORKSHOP May 5, 2012 Conducted by Jasby Barredo

VANCOUVER BUILDING BY-LAWS SEMINAR June 23, 2012 Conducted by Peter Toneguzzo

BUILDING ENVELOPE SEMINAR November 17, 2012 Conducted by Karen San Pedro

SECOND FAMILY OUTING August 5, 2012 - Rocky Point Park, Port Coquitlam


UAP- BC Chapter Officers and Directors Meeting for Year 2012 Activities

January 7, 2012 - New Wave Coffee Shop, Richmond

UAP-BC Chapter Officers and Directors’ Luncheon Meeting April 7, 2012

Golf Tee-Off Activity June 2, 2012- Mylora Golf Course, Richmond

UAP- BC Officers and Directors Outdoor Meeting September 8, 2012 - New Wave Coffee

UAP-BC Chapter Officers and Directors Meeting on 2013 Activities February 2, 2013 - Joe Larano’s Residence

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UAP-British Columbia History

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