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Monthly Report July July 2013

JOE B. LARANO JR. Architect AIBC, MRAIC, LEED-AP, AScT, UAP President, UAP British Columbia Chapter

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Contents The President's Message ______________________________________________________ 1 UAP BC : A Collage of Activities _________________________________________________ 3 Goals and Objectives _________________________________________________________ 4 This month's Featured Activity __________________________________________________ 5 Photo Gallery________________________________________________________________ 7 2013 Annual Family Picnic ____________________________________________________ 10 Photo Gallery_______________________________________________________________ 11 Miscellaneous Online Interaction _______________________________________________ 15 FY 2013-2014 Officers & Directors ______________________________________________ 17 Acknowledgment ____________________________________________________________ 18

July 2013 Report

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The President's Message:

Getting connected with the UAP

"...Importantly, the UAP British Columbia chapter is duty-bound to operate


ast July 11, 2013, while we were having a caucus with some of our UAP-BC Chapter officers, my phone sounded its email notification. I took a glimpse of the email and gave a cursory look to the sender. The

name seems a stranger but the email message conveys intimacy and

under the mantle of the

encouragement. It is indeed an honor to receive an email coming from no less

United Architects of the

than the UAP B2 District Director himself, Arch. Patrick N. Rodriguez, uap.

Philippines. Moreover, it is fun and enjoyable to

The District Director started his email with a remark congratulating the UAP

be connected to the UAP

British Columbia Chapter membership and the new Board of Directors for

family of chapters."

being elected as new officers of the UAP British Columbia Chapter. He introduced himself as the new Director of District B2. While, he admitted that there may be geographical challenges between the UAP British Columbia and the mainstream UAP chapters in the Philippines, he emphatically asserted that he, himself and the rest of the UAP B2 Council are available to support our chapter's cause and activities. Truly, a big "thank you" and those are words and phrases that can be cherished by all of us here at UAP British Columbia. Later in the email, Arch. Patrick has invited us for the District B2 Joint Induction of Officers soon to be held at The Bayleaf, Intramuros, Manila on August 8, 2013. The event would be perfect opportunity for all of us here at UAP British Columbia in Canada to mingle and associate with our fellow architects in the Philippines. In a so short notice of time, to arrange for our work leave and to travel for 7,000 miles in almost 12 hours of flight time would be a challenge. I recognized though, it's an honor to be invited in this occasion by the District Director. In my reply email, I politely told him of our unavailability to the said function for obvious reason. Nevertheless, as president of this chapter, I made a vow to communicate and keep him posted regularly of our activities. I feel there's an element of accountability, a sense of belonging and connectivity to the rest of UAP chapters. Importantly, the UAP British Columbia chapter is

July 2013 Report

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duty-bound to operate under the mantle of the United Architects of the Philippines. Moreover, it is fun and enjoyable to be connected to the UAP family of chapters. This report is not just a statutory submittal to the UAP but rather a form of our communication to the mainstream UAP network of chapters in the Philippines and elsewhere in other places of the world. On behalf of the UAP British Columbia Chapter, I'm looking forward of establishing a solid professional relation and personal camaraderie to the officers, leaders and directors of UAP in both local and national hierarchy. Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Pilipino! Sincerely,

Joe B. Larano, Architect AIBC, MRAIC, AScT, LEED-AP UAP President, UAP British Columbia Chapter

July 26, 2013

July 2013 Report

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UAP British Columbia: A Beehive of Activities

July 2013 Report

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Goals & Objectives GOALS & OBJECTIVES: Professional & Career Development: •

• •

To conduct training, seminars, workshops and other continuing education programs to enhance and upgrade members' technical knowledge. To participate or host UAP conventions and/or regional meeting to promote skills and technology exchange. To assist, advise and encourage members seeking architectural registration in the province of British Columbia through its educational and mentoring program. To hold friendly design competitions among members on such subjects as architecture, visualizations, graphics or any other appropriate categories. To support local, provincial and federal immigrants programs affecting the architectural profession.

Social & Community Interaction: •

• • • •

To hold social fellowships and get-together affairs in the form of sports activities, picnics and dinner/dance events on special occasions as desired. To partner with local community organizations as needed in the promotion of UAP BC Chapter programs and activities. To sponsor projects locally or overseas that will highlight the impact of architecture in the built environment. To grant educational scholarship or bursaries to deserving children of UAP BC Chapter members. To educate our community on the benefits of 'green' environment and the promotion of sustainable design in our professional practice.

Employment & Networking Opportunities: • • •

To assist and advise members of current architectural employment scenario. To offer employment referrals and recommendations to members looking for jobs. To participate and attend job fairs and make an active representation to showcase the competitiveness of our members.

July 2013 Report

Pg. 05 This month's featured activity:

"After Migration... What's Next?" Presented by UAP BC officers and members July 6, 2013, Saturday, 2:30PM Inter-Lite Sales Office Unit 101B -81 Golden Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R2

As per UAP British Columbia Chapter's approved activities, the main General Membership meeting for the month of July 2013 was our much-awaited activity entitled "After Migration...What's Next?". The format of the activity is a sitdown, roundtable discussion with the aim of giving advice and options to those newly-landed Filipino architect immigrants settling in Canada or particularly in Vancouver, British Columbia. In recent years, the number of Filipino immigrants to Canada have been increasing in leaps and bounds. This trend is to continue in the many years to come as the government of Canada is adopting and modernizing its policy of welcoming more immigrants from various parts of the world. Statistics shows that the Philippines ranks number one as the source of immigrants coming to Canada in the recent years. Among the professionals arriving in Canada are Filipino architects who are settling in various Canadian provinces and territories. In Canada, foreign trained architects have to overcome hurdles in order to get accreditation to become registered architects. Newly-landed immigrants have to undergo training and seminars in order just to be familiar with the employment prospect in a particular area. Things like, resume making, how to behave in a job interview and simply how to build an employment network of friends and fellow professionals could easily dampen the spirit of those overwhelmed immigrants.

July 2013 Report

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It is for the above facts that UAP British Columbia Chapter has formulated a regular program to conduct a seminar like this to assist and advice our fellow Filipino architects. The following were the speakers and their corresponding topic or subject expertise during the symposium.

Resource Speakers 1. Antonio Rigor

- Intern Architect Program

2. Joe Larano

- Architects Registration (Foreign Trained)

3. Felix Tan

- Architectural Software

4. Clarissa Raymundo

- Architectural Lighting

5. Jasby Barredo

-Skills Upgrading

Newly-landed immigrants/participants 1. Raymond Rivada 2. Randolf Pascual 3. Edna Lim 4. Erich Pablo 5. Ace Algas 6. Jason Mancenido

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery Clarissa Raymundo, a lighting expert discusses important points during symposium on "After Migration...What's Next?".

Antonio Rigor highlights notable steps in the process for Intern Architect program during symposium on "After Migration...What's Next?".

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery Participants listen intently to the speaker while having a snack break.

Participants on the symposium on "After Migration...What's Next?".

July 2013 Report

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Other Events Annual Family Picnic General Membership event July 20, 2013, Saturday, 10:00AM Cates Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

As in past years, the UAP British Columbia's Annual Family Picnic has proven to be one of the most well attended events in our roster of activities. What time could be more exciting and relaxing than this much-awaited event of the year. In this time of the year with a temperature soaring to 27 degree C mark, a leisurely time in relaxation in any of numerous British Columbia's cool and awe-inspiring parks and nature reserves is a sure way of refreshing ourselves both physically and mentally. Cates Park in North Vancouver is a popular picnic ground located in the north side of Vancouver's Burrard Inlet. Here in this place a good number of members including their families found time to fellowship with one another. We decorated the picnic spot with our UAP British Columbia banner and hung a colorful "banderitas" to evoke an atmosphere of festivities or "fiesta". With those sumptuous array of various mouth-watering foods and Filipino native delicacies, the event was truly a treat for everyone who attended the event. The annual family picnic event was indeed a remarkable activity. The atmosphere was fun, jolly and light-hearted. It was an event that we can discuss things in personal and jovial moods. "Sana lagi tayong may activity na katulad nito, nakaka relax kasi. I'm looking forward of attending next year picnic", as expressed by Carl Seguiban who came with his two sons in tow. While Ramil Badlis who brought along his beautiful wife confessed, "Ang ganda din ng lugar na ito, ang sarap ng foods, let's enjoy the event and enjoy the company of one another."

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery

The promotional graphics for "2013 Annual Family Picnic"

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery Members pose for a photo opportunity. With lots of camera clicking around they couldn't concentrate which camera to face.

Members pose for a photo opportunity, most of them .cladded in black UAP British Columbia Tshirts..

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery Members in full regalia of UAP British Columbia's summer T-shirt.

Members pose for a photo opportunity. Say "cheeeez"!!!

July 2013 Report

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Photo Gallery Members pose for a photo opportunity. With lots of camera clicking around couldn't concentrate which camera to face.

Joe Larano and Carl Seguiban installing the "sign of the time"

July 2013 Report

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Miscellaneous online interaction

On related activities in the architecture profession, as president of the UAP British Columbia chapter, I occasionally interact online with individuals and groups in various social media and online publications. IN SUPPORT OF RA 9266

A post at RA 9266 Facebook Group. My support to Arch. Celso Nieves for being elected as chair of UAP Committee on Legislation and Codes and I'm volunteering my time to express ideas and suggestions to any legislative work being formulated by the committee.

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July 2013 Report

Miscellaneous online interaction

My post at RA 9266 Facebook Group. I created a graphic poster depicting my own current project in the Philippines to highlight the role of the Registered and Licensed Architect in promoting RA 9266.

July 2013 Report

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Officers and Directors FY 2013-2014

JOE LARANO President

EDNA A,LIM VP-Prof. Development



ACE ALGAS Treasurer



SHERWIN RUIZ Graphics & Media, Chair

KAREN SAN PEDRO Professional Accreditation

ERICH PABLO Membership


JASBY BARREDO Sports & Social

July 2013 Report

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Acknowledgments I wish to acknowledge the following group and individuals for

giving me the strength

and courage to lead the UAP British Columbia Chapter. With their constant support and encouragement, my involvement in this noble organization is turning to be great, sweet and marvelous.

My immediate family here in Canada & elsewhere Past and current UAP officers and members Family Christian Fellowship City of Richmond, B.C. UAP B2 District Director Arch. Patrick N. Rodriguez, uap Thank you and blessings be upon you all. Sincerely, Joe B. Larano, Jr Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Uap bc report july 2013 rev2  
Uap bc report july 2013 rev2  

Arch. Joe Larano, UAP-BC President submitted this July 2013 report to the UAP National HQ.