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Author Jim Wallis Speaks on Faith and Politics New York Times-bestselling author Jim Wallis brought his message on politics, religion and justice to campus in April, speaking on the topics addressed in his new book The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America. The event included an in-the-round concert by acclaimed and Grammy-winning Nashville singer songwriters Ashley Cleveland and Marcus Hummon prior to Wallis’ address. Wallis noted that it will take a revival of faith to spark social change: “Our choice is between hope and cynicism. Cynicism becomes a buffer against commitment. Hope, however, is a choice you make, a decision because of faith.” n

Fall 2008 Campus Calendar The schedule below, which includes a number of special programs celebrating the 2008 Town Hall Presidential Debate, is subject to change and additions; check or for current information.

Students Serve on Spring Break Mission Trips

Aug. 8: Summer Commencement

While pursuing the Christian faith and meeting the needs of the world are pivotal parts of Belmont’s mission, it’s still amazing to see how many students are willing to give up their Spring Breaks to serve others. This year teams traveled to a number of different locales, including New Orleans, New York, Mexico, the Appalachian Trail, Guatemala and Pensacola, Florida.

Sept. 3: Citizenship and Faith, Dr. Tony Campolo

Aug. 27: First Day of Classes

Sept. 8: Classic American Rock Drumming, Zoro

In Pensacola, a University Ministries’ mission team put faith into action on a Habitat for Humanity build and were profiled in an article in the Pensacola Journal. n

Oct. 14: Concert of American Classics, Belmont Symphony Orchestra

Sept. 16: Rock ‘N’ Roll History, Barry Drake

Oct. 22: Faith-Informed Political Science, Dr. Vaughn May

Sept. 25: Pizza, Pop and Politics, students and faculty debate hot topics Sept. 26: Media Responsibility in an Election Year, John Seigenthaler


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Sept. 26: Ole Miss Debate Watching Party

On Feb. 16, a Belmont Disaster Relief Team consisting of numerous faculty, staff and students drove to Union University to aid in the clean up from devastating tornados. In addition to this team’s hands-on work at the site, B.U. supported its fellow Tennessee campus through the donation of funds and gift cards, benefit concerts and prayer services for Union’s recovery. n

Oct. 7: 2008 Town Hall Presidential Debate

Sept. 13: Freedom Sings, a multi-media experience

Sept. 24: The Media and Religion, Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Belmont Offers Support to Union

Oct. 6-8: Fall Break Oct. 13: American Popular Songs, Commercial Voice Faculty

Sept. 18-28: Arabian Nights

A Lutheran minister with a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, Rev. David Beckmann came to campus this spring offering perspective on business and the poor as well as his life as a “missionary economist.” President of Bread for the World, a grassroots Christian movement against hunger, Beckmann encouraged students to connect their faith and ethics to their future professions, saying, “You can go into business with a purpose, a moral purpose... If we think God is concerned about justice and poverty, then we need to weigh in on those issues.” n

Oct. 1: What I Wish to Say to the Future President, Sheryl Oring

Sept. 9: The Cheating Culture: Ethics and Democracy, David Callahan

Sept. 17: The American Empire and the Kingdom of God, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas

‘Missionary Economist’ Gives Insight on Business and the Poor

Oct. 1: Jesus for President, Shane Claiborne

Sept. 30: Telling the American Stories, Ken Burns Oct. 1: The American Flag Revisited, an exhibit of student art projects

Oct. 23-Nov. 2: Biloxi Blues Oct. 24: Classic American Jazz, Belmont Jazz Band Oct. 28: James Loewen Oct. 29: How Would Jesus Vote?, Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner Nov. 26-28: Thanksgiving Break DEC. 6-7 Christmas at Belmont Dec. 9: Last Day of Classes Dec. 10: Academic Preparation Day Dec. 19: Winter Commencement Mar. 19, 2009: Beginning a Presidency, David McCullough

Spring 2008


Circle Magazine Spring 2008  

This is Belmont University's Circle magazine for Spring 2008.

Circle Magazine Spring 2008  

This is Belmont University's Circle magazine for Spring 2008.