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SPRING 2012 6 continents, 122 countries - the biggest adult and youth racing class in the world

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Official publication of the International Laser Class Association, North American Region

US Postal Service: Please return undeliverables to: ILCA-NA 2812 Canon Street San Diego, CA 92106 USA

Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement #40612608 Please return undeliverables to: Bleuchip International, P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2


Sherri Campbell & Jerelyn Biehl ILCA-NA


Tracy Usher Chairman PO Box 370701 Montara, CA 94037 Phone: (650) 340-1129


2 0 1 2

District Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

President’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Inflammation-Silent Drain on Performance . . . . . . . . .10 Laser Radial District 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Laser World Masters Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 2012 Event Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Laser World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .center District Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

LLSC Southerns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Membership Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28

Eric Faust Vice Chairman 821 East 53rd Street Austin, TX 78751 Phone: (512) 791-8218

Clay Johnson Treasurer 26 River Bend Dr. Toms River, NJ 08753 Phone: 732-330-7281

Lauralee Symes Secretary 6901 SE Oaks Park Way, Slip 27 Portland, OR 97202 Phone: (503) 274-2818

Evan Lewis At Large 4 Nursewood Road Toronto, ON M4E 3R8 Canada Phone: 416-804-6048

Sherri Campbell Executive Secretary 2812 Canon Street San Diego, CA 92106 Phone: (619) 222-0252 Fax: (619) 222-0528

SPRING 2012 6 continents, 122 countries - the biggest adult and youth racing class in the world

Cover: David Wright, Canadian Olympic representative for 2012, midtack at Miami’s Rolex OCR. Photo by David Hein, Boatyard Photography.



6 22 24 26



District 1

Danielle Dube, 8 Sunnydale Dr, Glen Haven, NS B3Z 2T8 902-823-2802,

4 21


20 16



District 2 District 3

Jon Deutsch 3422 Blithewood Dr., Richmond, VA 23225 804-305-1244,

Philippe Dormoy, 385 Place Desmarest, Ile Bizard, Quebec, H9C 2G8 514-620-8124 Robert Koci, 804 Sammon Ave. Toronto, ON M4C 2E8 416-442-5600 x 3203 D3 website:

District 4

Brigitte Smutny, Sail Manitoba; 409-145 Pacific Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6 204-925-5647

District 5

Mark Lammens 510 Cynthia St. Saskatoon, SK S7K 7K7 306-975-0833.

District 6

Andy Hunt, 111-2260 W 8th Ave, Vancouver BC, V6K 2A7 604-733-9663. Hotline: 206-525-5788.

District 7

Kim Ferguson, 12 Florida Ave. Jamestown, RI 02835

District 8

Ted Cremer, 7 Maple Street Blue Point, NY 11715. 631-363-8830,

District 9

Chas Williamson, 9 Lagrand Court Ithaca, NY 14850 607-272-0630.


District 12

Butch Mumma

District 13

Antolin Rivera, PO Box 26674 Tampa, FL 33623 813-837-3013,

District 14

Cal Herman, 7038 Catina St New Orleans, LA 70124, 504-282-1770 James Freedman, 8324 Horse Whisperer Ln. Ft. Worth, TX 76131; 214-864-6024

District 16







11 12


District 11

District 15



District 10

Eric Reitinger 7908 Normandy Dr. Mt Laurel, NJ 08054


13 District 19

Ken Swetka 27022 Koerber St., St. Claire Shores, MI 48081 248-635-5363

District 20

Steve Dolan 21140 Chancery Ct. Brookfield, WI 53045 262-506-8879.

District 21

Kurt Holtze, 710 Summer St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 621-281-1447

District 22

Mike Gilbert, 1620 Gerald Ave. Missoula, MT 59801 406-327-7855,

District 23

Nick Ondrejka PO Box 981897, Park City, UT 84098, 415-748-6893

District 24

Nick Burke

District 25

Tim Fitzgerald, 2322 Bromfield Circle Wichita, KS, 67226, 316-650-3636

Jorge Suarez, 7 Covina Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803 562-260-8116.

John E. Coolidge, Jr., 1113 Hanover St, Chattanooga, TN 37405, 423-309-1926

Guy Fleming, 44-392 Olina St. #6 Kaneohe, HI 96744-2617 808-955-4405.

District 17 District 18

District 26

John Shockey 614-256-2254



53 ,ASER .ATIONAL #HAMPIONSHIP May 30 – June 3, Houston TX

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President’s Notes TRACY USHER

As we head into the 2012 racing season we find ourselves in interesting times. On the positive side, we once again have a great schedule set up for the year with major events in some great places (events such as the North American Championship in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most beautiful places to sail in the world, and the U.S. Nationals raced on the famous waters of Galveston Bay near Houston.) Also, North America is set to send four great sailors to the Olympics this summer and the Standard and Radial are set to remain Olympic equipment in the 2016 Olympics.

On the other hand, we continue into 2012 with the issues between the builders and design rights holder still unresolved and, sadly, resolution not yet looming on the horizon. As everyone surely knows well by now, several years ago Bruce Kirby sold Bruce Kirby, Inc., which maintained license agreements (see the Fundamental Rule) with all the builders, to another company known as Global Sailing. At some point after the sale, Global Sailing terminated the agreement with LaserPerformance Europe, beginning the dispute which ultimately resulted in the change to the Fundamental Rule submitted to, and passed by, the membership this past year. During the voting period it was also realized that permission from ISAF and ILCA was required for the sale of Bruce Kirby, Inc., to Global Sailing and that it had not been requested, with the end result of Bruce Kirby and Global Sailing agreeing that Bruce Kirby would reassume his company. The current position of Bruce Kirby, Inc., is that the situation has been restored to the way it was before 2008 though it is not yet clear to everyone involved if this means the original agreement (with LaserPerformance Europe) was never terminated or if it is necessary to have a new one. In the meantime the rule change has not been formally approved 8

by ISAF. Discussions between ILCA, ISAF, Bruce Kirby and LaserPerformance continue, but the situation remains complicated and, obviously, unresolved. Still, there is significant effort being expended by all parties to resolve the situation… though that effort has yet to coalesce around a common plan. As they say, stay tuned!

In the meantime another bombshell landed not only on the Laser Class, but also on all organizations that have benefited from support from LaserPerformance in the past: LaserPerformance has announced they will no longer sponsor organizations or events directly. This means that ILCANA no longer has a sponsorship agreement with LP (where they previously sponsored the Grand Prix,) and that US Sailing will no longer have either sponsorship or charter boats for the US Sailing Singlehanded Championships and other events. The biggest impact, of course, is on ILCA where LaserPerformance will no longer be supplying charter boats for World Championships in its territory. This has had immediate impact on both the 4.7 and Standard Youth Worlds in Argentina and the Men’s and Women’s Worlds in Germany. For Argentina the estimate was that some 80% of the sailors attending would require a charter boat and the only option to prevent cancellation of the event was for ILCA to buy the boats, ship them to Buenos Aires and directly handle the charters. For Germany the estimate is that about 25% of the sailors would require a charter boat since many of the top sailors maintain boats in Europe already. In this case it was possible to work with the German Laser dealers to supply 40 charter boats for those sailors who would require one. But, importantly, the Men’s and Women’s Worlds will break with tradition and NOT be a supplied boat event this year. I believe the success of these events is due to the availability of charter boats and I am definitely concerned about these developments as we go forward. Normally, as the eternal optimist, I’d insert in here a few lines to say the

good news is that we, the sailors, are being insulated from the above developments. It is certainly true that ILCANA, by virtue of having established a nice rainy day fund to help it weather storms like this, is able to continue to its work – coordinating with hosts to plan the major events and the Grand Prix, getting out the newsletter and planning future events. And, of course, the District Secretaries continue to work hard to make sure we have our local schedules, the fleets work hard to get their schedules sorted out, etc. All of this IS good news, but... there are still clouds on our horizon, with issues - like the difficulty in getting all the builders to agree to bring in the new Standard sail, or continue development of composite spars (to end forever the spar bending issue), to even obtaining class legal equipment in a timely manner – directly impacting all of us. As I’m typing this, the solution to these problems appears to be tied up in the solution to the general dispute above. As I said above, a significant effort is being made to solve what is a far more complicated problem than one might imagine and I hope that by the Summer Issue of The Laser Sailor there is positive news to report. So, as they say: “may you live in interesting times!” At this point I do see cause for optimism: many people who are devoted to the Laser Class are working very hard to get Laser sailing back on course. And one should also remember that the Laser Class itself is large and resilient organization that has weathered similar storms in the past. I’m quite confident we’ll weather the current storm and, as in the past, emerge stronger than we were before.


Ok, now for some good news! As many know, there have also been staffing issues of late in the ILCA (international, not North America) office. In a nutshell, a key employee in the organization was called back to his family business and was forced to cut back to half time, or less, at ILCA. In the last decade the workload in the ILCA office has grown tremendously, where they are now responsible for organizing seven world championships per year, all major undertakings. Obviously, losing the full time services of such a key employee has created something of a black hole. This past fall the World Council undertook to restructure the office and search for a suitable replacement. The good news is that this has now occurred and an offer has been made to the lead candidate to become the new ILCA General Manager. I think this is going to be a great move forward for ILCA and should, by the end of this year, resolve the issues that have recently plagued the ILCA office.

Finally, it is worth coming back to the schedule set for this upcoming summer. As mentioned, the Laser North American Championship will be held this summer in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most beautiful areas to sail in the world, and one blessed with normally great breeze and warm daytime temperatures. The Columbia River Gorge Association has set up a great schedule for the week, with a three day clinic followed by the “Gorge Blowout� - a 20 mile downwind race down the gorge in 25+ knots of wind - and then the North Americans. The US Championship will be sailed out of the Houston Yacht Club the first weekend in June, with the Gulf Coast Championship at nearby Texas Corinthian Yacht Club just two weeks before. The Canadian Championship is set for the Etobicoke Yacht Club in Toronto the third weekend of June. For the Masters sailors, the Masters North American Championship will be in San Francisco the last weekend of July (and, conve-

niently, the weekend after the North Americans in the Gorge.) The Canadian Masters follows one week later in Vancouver, BC, making for quite a nice Masters circuit! Finally, the US Masters will be hosted by the Brant Beach Yacht Club in midSeptember which should provide, as always, fantastic sailing! And, in addition to these major events, there are regional, district and fleet level regattas happening all year near you. Be sure to check the calendar at to start planning your season! See you on the water!

6 $ , /  * 2 5 * (


Inflammation: The silent drain on performance EVAN LEWIS MSC. CSCS, CK

As my last two articles focused on nutrients that have direct impacts on performance, this article focuses on nutrition for performance and health. Inflammation occurs through several complex cellular pathways that are activated in response to diet, injury and exercise. As a result, nutrition is directly involved in the cause and management of inflammation throughout the body.

Inflammation is commonly associated with acute injuries, like a sprained ankle or a cut. This is easy to detect, as the injured area becomes swollen, looks slightly red and is warm to the touch. These signs are evidence that the body is responding at the cellular level by releasing chemical messengers called cytokines that trigger a rush of immune cells to the affected area to promote healing and to defend against potential infection. At this time, blood flow is increased to deliver immune cells and nutrients to the affected area, while fluid collects in the area to help protect against further damage. In certain chronic disease conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and arthritis, the regulation of chemical messengers becomes less controlled and they are continually produced at low levels. This allows inflammatory messengers to travel throughout the body to increase immune system activity as opposed to being contained within one specific region. The increased activity of immune cells can lead to the mistaken targeting and breakdown of normal cells, which in turn causes the release of more chemical messengers, creating an inflammatory cycle. Athletes of all levels can experience a mix of both acute and whole body inflammation. When muscle damage occurs during training or competition, the body responds with an acute inflammatory response. In situations of chronic overtraining and insufficient sleep, whole body inflammation can gradually increase.

How does inflammation affect me as an athlete or non-athlete? When the body is triggered to release pro-inflammatory chemical messengers, either from exercise, acute injury or from a disease, the stress hormone cortisol is also released. This creates an environment that prevents muscle protein synthesis and can also cause muscle breakdown. For an athlete, this immediately increases the necessary time to recover from a training session, while non-athletes are at the risk of losing skeletal muscle mass.

How can nutrition reduce inflammation? Nutrition plays a major role in managing both acute and whole body inflammation. However, the current dietary habits of most North Americans contributes to an increase in whole body inflammation. The increased intake of highly processed foods that are loaded with saturated fats, sodium and refined sugars disrupts the internal balance within the body. With increased saturated fat intake and high body fat content, immune cells can mistake fat cells for cells that should be destroyed. This process increases the release of pro-inflammatory chemical messengers that contribute to whole body inflammation. Fortunately there are foods that can be incorporated into your diet that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. I am going to discuss five key foods that have above average inflammation fighting properties.


Omega-3 fats Many people have been told to increase their consumption of omega3 and omega-6 fats because they are healthy. While these fats are better than saturated fats, the omegas were not created equally. Omega6s are a key component of inflammatory messengers, while in comparison omega-3 is highly anti-inflammatory. Omega-3s prevent the actions and release of pro-inflammatory chemical messengers and reduces the activity of pro-inflammatory genes. Omega-3 fats can be found in fatty fish (e.g. salmon, tuna, cat fish), olive oil and flax seeds. Broccoli Broccoli consumption can decrease inflammation in two different ways. First, dietary fibre in broccoli helps to trap and speed up the removal of fat from the digestive track. This is especially important for the removal of saturated fats. Secondly, the digestion of broccoli provides important nutrients to support the bacteria in the digestive track. These bacteria help to remove pro-inflammatory toxins from the body and protect the intestines from damage.

Blueberry Blueberries are primarily known for their antioxidant properties from the compound anthocyanin in their skin. This compound reduces damage to cell structures and DNA, which reduces the activation of immune cells for the removal of damaged or non-functioning cells around the body.

Papaya Papaya is a tropical fruit that is packed with vitamins, minerals and compounds that assist in digestion. Additionally, papayas contain flavonoids, a compound that has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids have been shown to decrease inflammatory messengers and immune cell activity.

Green tea Green tea has been consumed in Eastern cultures for centuries and anecdotally linked to good health. Modern research has determined the polyphenols contained within the leaves have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When green tea is regularly consumed as tea or powder, this powerful food can lower the circulating levels of several whole body inflammatory messengers.

It is clear that nutrition can play a significant role in managing inflammation for athletes and non-athletes alike. The regular consumption of omega-3 fats, vegetables and fruits will help your body properly manage inflammation, which will improve overall health and accelerate recovery from training.

Evan is completing his PhD at the University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Sciences and is a founder of the L2M Performance Group Inc. For more information and training tips visit check out @L2MPerformance or


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Laser Radial District 11 Championship Trophy JON DEUTSCH

District 11 has a new perpetual trophy to honor the Laser Radial District 11 Champions. It was built around the original Standard Laser District 11 Championship trophy and features the names of the 7 champions we’ve had so far.

The original Standard Laser District 11 Championship trophy was built in 1979 by Mike Waters using a relief of a Laser created by his wife, Jane Waters. Over the years this trophy was lost to time and in the mid1990′s a new Standard Laser District 11 Championship trophy was created. The original trophy was found about 5 years ago and the champions listed on it were used to populate the new trophy going back to 1972.

The original trophy was given to me when I became District Secretary and I thought it was a shame not to put such a nice piece of art to use and to loose a valuable contribution to our District. We’ve started to have a consistent showing of Radials at our District Championship. I thought – why not recognize Laser Radial champions and give Radials a trophy to sail for. The new Laser Radial District 11 trophy was designed to use the relief in the original trophy. Since Mike was a boat builder and used the best boat-building adhesives to affix the relief to the original board, it would have been too difficult to separate the relief from the board without breaking it. So the new trophy had to be built around it. The new trophy would feature the relief in the center, a plaque


with the name of the trophy at the top, room for the 7 known Laser Radial District 11 Champions and room for the next 36.

Read more about the construction of the photo and check out more pictures at ophy/ Get your name on this trophy by attending the 2012 Radial District 11 Championship at Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis MD on September 22-23.

NEW CK CLEAT Performance cleating for Control Lines Keeper allows rope to run free when uncleated. Cage allows rope to be cleated o up to 70 . Positive click when rope is cleated. 27mm (11/16”) hole centres, easy to retrofit. R.R.P £17.99 or less, complete. Cleat from an angle.


3-6mmø 1

1 ( /8"- /4")


!"#$"%$&'("'')**)+"$&)#,,,(-*".&#/(0"'&1&$&2%,,,(""#+ /32"$ %"&1&#/4 5 6"71(8))+&%)#(1

)I66+)I6)(GJ;(?KGLG?J( DĞdžŝĐĂŶ DĂƐƚĞƌ͛Ɛ ůŝŶŝĐ ĂŶĚ ZĞŐĂƚƚĂ !"#$%&$'()*(+(,&$-.(/( !0$1&23( (221 #342567891 :;4<;=9>1 1 #3425?961 (44@AA@?;B7@3C1 *;69D1 -E;DB9DC1 -@;4E73=1 ;3?1F@@?11 DĞdžŝĐĂŶ DĂƐƚĞƌ͛Ɛ ŚĂŵƉŝŽŶƐŚŝƉƐ͗ %E91 D9=;BB;1 G7221 B;<91 H2;491 @31 BE91 2;6B1 BED991 ?;I61@J1I@5D16B;I1 K1FD7?;I1B@1+53?;I"1 #+(1G7221HD@87?91@31G;B9D14@;4E73=1B@16;72@D61 4@AH9B73=1731BE91D9=;BB;1;3?1B;4B7461G7221L91?7645669?19;4E1?;I1;JB9D1D;473="(

?.$=@(A0>B( x x 1

$@DBE1(A9D74;31*;69D1-E;AH7@31 #+(1-@;4E1


"#$%&'!($)*+!,-./0!12%&%34! 4""5(63((,&$-.(66+67(8(4""5()3((,&$-.(69+)/(8(4""5(:3((,&$-.()*+:6( !0$1&23( (221 #342567891 :;4<;=9>1 1 #3425?961 (44@AA@?;B7@3C1 *;69D1 -E;DB9DC1 -@;4E73=1 ;3?1F@@?"1 !

DĂƐƚĞƌ͛Ɛ ŽǁŶǁŝŶĚ ^ĂŝůŝŶŐ ůŝŶŝĐ ;<$=>(9(+(6/(


!0$1&23(((221#342567891:;4<;=9>11#3425?961(44@AA@?;B7@3C1*;69D1-E;DB9DC1-@;4E73=1 ;3?1F@@?"11!91G7221L91?@73=1MN1<72@A9BD91?@G31G73?619;4E1?;I1@J1BE91427374"1

GEH%=$="@( 4ED76P73B9D3;B7@3;26;7273=;4;?9AI"4@A

"#! $%&'&! ('&! )($&*! (+(,-(.-&! /%&'&! 012! /12-)! -,3&! $1! 415&! )1/6! (6)! $'(,6,67! .0! 012'*&-#!1'! /,$%!(!7'128!1#!8&18-&! -&$!2*!361/!(6)!/&!/,--!*&$! 28!(!4-,6,4!$1!5&&$! 012'!6&&)*!





2012 World Masters Report - fresh off the plane The 2012 Laser World Masters’ Championship was sailed on the waters of Moreton Bay in Brisbane, Australia, and hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. For all the years that Master sailors have asked for a warm and semi-tropical environment then this was it. The air was warm, the water was warm, there were occasional rain squalls but mostly it was sunny. The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron has a huge facility with a giant lawn which was used for the boat park with the large patio bar conveniently located just at the edge. A good fraction of the competitors stayed in the accommodations located, literally outside the front door of the squadron and it was a short walk to downtown Manly - so all of us right-siders didn’t need to worry about how to drive on the other side of the road. Twenty competitors from North America, eight from Canada and twelve from the US, made the trip down under. A lot of the hard core were there, for example Peter Seidenberg maintained his unbroken streak of 30 consecutive years of attendance at Master Worlds, dating all the way back to the second event! In addition to Peter, other US sailors included Steve Avery, Halsey Bullen, David Hartman, Jacques Kerrest, Bruce Martinson, Mike Matan, Ryan Minth, Michael OBrien, Doug Peckover and Tracy and Christy Usher. Canada was represented by Al Clark, David Elliott, Bill Mulloy, Rob Muru, Phil Paxton, Stephen and Lesley Reichenfeld and Thomas Stubbs.

The RQYS hosted the Australian Master Nationals immediately before the Master Worlds to use as a feeder event and an opportunity for sailors to get used to the local conditions. As these things go, it turned out to be a completely different event in that a passing front meant strong breeze and rain for that event. The Master Worlds saw more “standard” conditions for that time of year, but even here the conditions at the beginning of the event 16

were not quite the same as the end of the event. The first three days saw sunny days and winds mostly in the 12-15 range, peaking slightly higher by the end of the day. The last three days saw lots more cloud cover and breeze mostly in the 5-8 knot range. Thursday’s racing was lost completely due to shifting and unstable wind. In customary fashion, the 233 sailors were almost evenly split between Radial and Standard rigs, but with a healthy number of 17 sailors opting to sail in the newly established 4.7 Class. The RQYS set up to run two trapezoids, with the Radials (4 fleets) racing on the south course and the Standards (3 fleets) and 4.7s racing on the north course. Both PRO’s were models of efficiency with races starting exactly on time each day and the second races following very quickly after the first race. With both races clocking in at about an hour each this meant we were spending less than 4 hours total a day on the water leaving much more time for the all important tall tale telling at the bar after racing!

important - those in control can afford to have bad races (in particular at the expense of those just behind them), those still in the hunt needing not only to sail well but also needing a fortuitous alignment of planets or something to help sort out the points. And, of course, with only two races per day you get plenty of time to think about all of this. The combination of number of days, number of races and number of discards make this the most unique of all Masters events! The racing in all the fleets was tough and North American sailors fared well in those fleets they were sailing in. Peter Seidenberg suffered some set backs early in the regatta but then staged a nice comeback to challenge Keith Wilkins for second overall, ultimately missing by just one point in the Great Grandmaster division. The Radial Grandmasters saw a very competitive fleet race with the outcome not determined until the end and Doug

The Master Worlds is not an easy regatta. There are 12 races over 6 days (with a day off in between) and, importantly 2 discards. The goal at the beginning is to get off to a strong start, or at least not sail your discards early in the event. In the latter half of the event the 2 discards become increasingly


from Brisbane, Australia - 2012 World Masters Report Peckover finishing finishing third and a late charging Bruce Martinson moving up to fifth. In the Radial Masters Al Clark, despite being saddled with a DNE in the first race, went on to sail a consistent top four finish (including 3 firsts) regatta to end sixth overall. On the Standard/4.7 course, Mike Mataan also sailed a consistent regatta, including a first in race 10, to finish fifth overall in the Standard Masters - typically the most competitive of all the fleets. Finally, in his debut as a Grandmaster, Tracy Usher mounted a late charge but ultimately fell short to finish second in the Standard Grandmasters.

In what is perhaps a trend, the rumor is that the 2013 Master Worlds will be sailed in Oman, certainly fitting the bill as another warm weather Master Worlds! Dates are not yet set but the scuttlebutt has the event somewhere North American Master sailors at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Brisbane, Australia. row (sitting): Bill Mulloy, Rob Muru, Al Clark, Phil Paxton. near the end of 2013. Start your train- Front Second Row: Peter and Fran Seidenberg, Pauline Fletcher, Jenny Cuthbertson, Tracy and Christy Usher, ing now! Lesley and Stephen Reichenfeld, Sandra and Jacques Kerrest. Back Row: Thomas Stubbs, David Elliot, Mike Matan.

North American Results at World Masters

Laser Standard

Laser Radial

Masters 5 Mike Matan 20 Robert Muru 35 Thomas Stubbs 39 William Mulloy

Master 6 Al Clark 9 Ryan Minth 17 Michael Obrien 33 Stephen Reichenfeld

Grand Masters 2 Tracy Usher 28 Phil Paxton

Radial 17 Christy Usher

Great Grand Masters 3 Peter Seidenberg 12 David Hartman 15 Jacques Kerrest 20 Steve Avery 21 Halsey Bullen 33 David Eliott

Grand Masters 4 Doug Peckover 6 Bruce Martinson 32 Lesley Reichenfeld


& Radial Sail










The origin of the Laser





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1-800-342-FOGH (3644)) 1-800-342-FOGH

Shop in sstore tore or online e at


Photo of David Wright, Canada`s 2012 Olympic Representative. Proudly supported by Fogh Marine.



World Championship ISAF Grade 1

NA Championship 40 GP pts. ISAF Grade 1

North American

Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Radial Champs ISAF Grade 1

Canadian Championships

30 GP Pts. ISAF Grade 2

US Championships 30 GP Pts, ISAF Grade 2


30 GP Pts. ISAF Grade 1


Sr: Boltenhagen, GER May 4-10 Jr: Buenos Aires,ARG April 8-15

Colombia Gorge, OR July 19-22

2012 Schedule


Women's:Boltenhagen, GER Colombia Gorge, OR July 19-22

Colombia Gorge, OR July 19-22

RichmondYC Richmond,CA July27-29



Etobicoke YC Toronto, ON June 21-24

Royal Vancouver YC Vancouver, BC August 4-6


Brisbane,AUSJune28-July 4

Houston YC Shoreacres, TX May 31-June 3

Houston YC Shoreacres, TX May 31-June 3

Kingston, ON

August 18-22

Brisbane, AUS March 9-17

Buenos Aires, ARG March 31-April 7

August 15-18

Etobicoke YC Toronto, ON June 21-24


May 15-20 Mens: Brisbane,AUSJuly11-17

Lauderdale YC February 2-5

Standard Youth CORK Kingston,ON

Laser 4.7

Etobicoke YC Toronto, ON June 21-24

Kingston, ON

August 18-22

Houston YC Shoreacres, TX May 31-June 3 Kingston, ON

August 15-18

Brant Beach YC Brant Beach, NJ Sept 14-16


Midwinters East

Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, FL

Midwinters West

Alamitos Bay YC Long Beach, CA March 23-25

Alamitos Bay YC Long Beach, CA March 23-25

Alamitos Bay YC Long Beach, CA March 23-25



Eastern YC Marblehead, MA May 19-20

Eastern YC Marblehead, MA May 19-20

Sayville YC Bluepoint, NY July 7-8

30 GP Pts. ISAF Grade 1

30 GP Pts., ISAF Grade 2

Rolex Miami OCR ISAF Grade 1

Atlantic Coast Championships

25 GP Pts. ISAF Grade 2

Pacific Coast Championships

25 GP Pts., ISAF Grade 2

Gulf Coast Championships

25 GP Pts, ISAF Grade 3

No Coast Championships

25 GP Pts, ISAF Grade 3

Great Lakes Championships

25 GP Pts., ISAF Grade 3

Feb 23-26

Feb 23-26

Miami, FL (men only) Miami, FL (women only)

January 22-28

Eastern YC Marblehead, MA May 19-20

Cabrillo Beach YC San Pedro, CA June 22-24

January 22-28

Feb 23-26

Texas Corinthian YC Kemah, TX May 19-20

Cabrillo Beach YC San Pedro, CA June 22-24

Texas Corinthian YC Kemah, TX May 19-20

Cabrillo Beach YC San Pedro, CA June 22-24

Royal Lake of the Woods YC Kenorah, ON

Royal Lake of the Woods YC Kenorah, ON

RoyalLakeoftheWoodsYC Kenorah, ON

Racine Yacht Club Racine, WI August 11-12

Racine Yacht Club Racine, WI August 11-12

July 28-29

July 28-29

Melbourne YC Melbourne, FL Feb 17-19 na

Texas Corinthian YC Kemah, TX May 19-20 July 28-29

Racine Yacht Club Crescent Sail YC Racine, WI Grosse Pt Farms, MI August 11-12 June 23-24


District Reports District 4 Manitoba, Canada Brigitte Smutny

Our summer schedule is as busy as always. The complete schedule can be viewed at This summer we will also be hosting three big events. The first one being the Manitoba Gamesat Wellman Lake from July 15-18. For the 17 and under events the Laser radial was selected for the male athletes and the Laser 4.7 for the female athletes. 8 teams from 7 regions will be participating at the Games. will take place The Laser No Coast Championships on July 28-29 at the RLWYC. If you are planning to come please contact Brigitte at to make arrangements. The club is located on an island and a shuttle service will be arranged. Limited billeting will be available. The Craig and Ross Canadian Youth Championships will take place August 29 – September 1 at the Gimli YC. For more information for this event go to

District 5 Saskatoon, Canada Mark Lammens

The Dick Degner District-5 Summer Series results from 2011, Radial Class 1. Lesley Reichenfeld, 2. Finn Griggs, 3. Ian Hern, Laser Class 1. Simon Schmitt 2. Isaac Bussin 3. David Cormack Masters 1. Lewis Oteruelo 2. Barry Tee 3. Richard Quinlan

The events for 2012 are 3 from SK and 3 from AB. AB events are Wabamun Spring Regatta June 2-3, Prairie Wind July 14-15 and the Calgary annual regatta, For SK it is The Wascanna Short Course May 19-20 The Districts, at Battleford’s July 28-29, and the SK Short Course Championships, Sept. 8-9.

The NA’s are close, Sail West is in Vancouver, first time since…………1993. Back then the Radial was not even an Olympic Class. Big group of District 5 sailors at the World Masters in AUS. Good to see. Support your club and class, get out there, remember, “NO ONE SAYS I WISH I SAILED LESS” ML

District 6 Vancouver, British Colombia Andy Hunt Greetings to all District 6 sailors.

With the exception of sailors in the Surrey Sailing Club, activities in District 6 have be rather slow in the past few months. The Surrey Sailing Club hosts a Frostbite Series during the winter months. Four members competed in the Frostbite Series and after 10 races, Doug Honey was in first place, Darren Redies was is in second place, Mark Fitzsimmons was in third place and Mike Trevorrow was in fourth place. Now that the weather has started to improve and clubs are beginning to get more active, I imagine that more and more sailors will start de-winterizing their boats and get out on the water.


Two District 6 clubs hosted regattas during the winter and spring months. The Royal Victoria Yacht Club hosted the Frozen Assets Regatta on February 3 and 4 and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club hosted the March Madness Regatta on March 10 and 11. The Frozen Assets Regatta has a very low turnout of Lasers (6) and Laser Radials (1). Part of the problem was that the Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (District 22) also had a regatta (Frigid Digit) on the same weekend. The Frigid Digit goes back many years and was part of the old District 6 Frostbite Series. Winds for the FA were moderate both days. All of the sailors were local sailors. Full results can be found on the District 6 website ( The March Madness Regatta had 10 Lasers and 8 Laser Radials. All of the sailors came from the lower mainland. Easterly winds of between 7 and 12 knots prevailed on Saturday while a gusty southerly wind (9-18) made a few sailors show the shiny side up. The results that are posted on the RVANYC website ( are incomplete and I will try and get them updated as soon as possible. Some of the local (Vancouver) District 6 sailors have been competing in major North American (Rolex Miami OCR and Mid Winters East) regattas. In the Miami OCR, Isabella Bertold was 23rd. in the Laser Radials while Rebecca Power was 58th. In the Laser Gold Fleet, Alexander Heinzemann was 32nd. In the Laser Silver Fleet, Ricardo Montemayor was 39th. and Kyle Martin was 50th. All positions are for the overall placings. In the Mid Winters East Regatta, Richardo Montemayor was 7th. overall. Kyle Martin was 16th. and Dominic Fritz was 43rd. In the Laser Radial Gold Fleet, Natalia Montemayor was 33rd. and Rebecca Power was 40th. In the Silver Fleet, Graham Harney was 12th., Alexander Kroitzch was 19th, Alexander Fritz was 22nd and Ellie Shaw Unger was 24th. The head coach of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club’s Race Team, Al Clark, is competing in the Laser Master Worlds where he finished 6th. in the Radial Masters Division. For upcoming events, please check the District 6 website (

District 8 New York Ted Cremer

Happy Spring Laser sailors! We’ve enjoyed our extended fall this year - yes not much ice this winter at all, so its been great for winter sailing. To say “Frostbiting” would be misleading!

The crew of Marianne Nash, Eric Johnson, Lindsay Hewitt and David Trinder up at Seawanhaka Yacht Club have done an exceptional job running their winter series. A HUGE THANKS!!!! Also a “shout out” to Lindsay Hewitt for sharing his special coaching on Sundays. He’s been making himself available on a regular basis. Anyone who shows up early or wants to stay for a recap after sailing is welcome to Participate at the Junior Club. There is still another month of sailing ahead so pull your boats out and get out and race!

Lindsay Hewitt

As of the date of this article, The top five qualifiers for the Spring Series are Fred Abels in the lead, followed closely by Geoff Loffredo, Matt Lyons, David Trinder, and Webmaster guru Robert Terry in fifth. Great to note that Sayville Yacht Club’s junior sailor Kia Olsson is the top female sailor, and she was the top sailor of the day on 3-4-12! Congratulations to all 29 sailors that have participated so far in the Spring series!

Seawanhaka hosted their annual “Hair of the Dog” New Years day regatta. According to Wikipedia, “Hair of the dog” is a colloquial expression in the English language predominantly used to refer to alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover. The expression originally referred to a method of treatment of a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound. The use of the phrase as a metaphor for a hangover treatment dates back to the time of William Shakespeare. Eight sailors participated in the six race series with Eric Johnson getting the win, followed closely by Geoff Loffredo and Kia Olsson.

Eric Johnson

The Seawanhaka fall Laser series hosted 36 sailors in all over a 10 week period. Top honors went to Fred Abels, followed by Eric Johnson, Geoff Loffredo, Dave Trinder and Robert Terry. Looks like Fred is the man to beat this year out of D-8... Glad to see he is sailing so well!

Lots of our local Sailors have been sailing not only at Seawanhaka, but also hit Orange Bowl Youth Regatta in Miami. In Radials Gary Prieto (Old Cove YC) Andrew Puopolo (MCSC) Nick Valente (Wet Pants, SA) Roger Dorr (Port Washington) Matt Lyons (Port Washington) Madeline Higgins ( Old Cove) and Emma Davis (Shelter Island) and in the Full rig Colin Kennedy (Port Washington YC). At the Lauderdale Yacht Club Boomerang Regatta, Colin Kennedy and Mike Matan (Cedar Point YC) sailed Full rigs, while Nick


Valente, Amanda Sommi and Emma Davis (both of Shelter Island YC) sailed in Radial rigs. Laser Midwinters East also saw a number of D8 locals. In the Full rig our sailor got to sail against Canadian Olympic team member David Wright and Radials sailed against Olympic Team Members from NED Marit Bouwmeister and Paige Railey USA with four days of terrific conditions completing 10 races in 15-25kt conditions. Mike Matan and Colin Kennedy were in the standard rigs. In the Radials, Gold Fleet Nic Valente Gary Prieto Andrew Puopolo and in the Silver fleet Matt Lyons Amanda Sommi and Madeline Higgins and Sayville’s own Nicholas Klingler.

Many thanks to correspondent reporter and awesome support dad Larry Kennedy who also has photos if anyone wants to see them and he can be contacted at

Upcoming plans!

5/27 Seawanhaka Memorial Day Regatta 6/9-10 D8 Grand Prix, Sayville yc 6/16 Southampton YC 7/7-8 AC Masters, Sayville 7/14 Around Shelter Island Race East End Laser Series -Tentative Schedule at this point - Many Thanks to Mike Duran and Lynn Sexton for their passion in developing and cultivating this awesome summer in the Hamptons series!!! 7/4 NBIBCLRA 7/7 Old Cove 7/21 Shelter Island YC 7/28 Breakwater 8/4 Southampton 8/11 Devon 8/18 Westhampton 8/25 Southold SEBAGO SAILING (Sebago Sailing is the sailing division of the Sebago Canoe Club in Brooklyn, NY) will host a Fall Laser Regatta this year on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 (Skippers meeting at noon). Join us in New York City – Brooklyn, and race on Jamaica Bay! If you’ve never attended one of our regattas, plan on attending this year. We also welcome area sailors to participated in our Fall Race Series (6 Sundays in Sept. and Oct.). See the details for this series at On May 12, 2012 Sebago Sailing will have a Spring Regatta for sailors at our club and we welcome sailors from the area to participate. See for event details including NOR and SI. Sebago Canoe Club has a unique sailing program and it is a wonderful location to race and sail and enjoy urban sailing. We hope to see you at one of our events. Contact email –

District 10 New Jersey Eric Reitinger

Monmouth who normally hosts a frostbite series and New Years regatta had to move venues this year due to the renovations of the club. Shrewsbury hosted a few frostbite sessions over the winter and also the New Years Regatta where Dave Watts won the day. There was a great district presence last week down at the Laser Midwinter Masters week. District sailors attending one or more of the events include; John MacCausland (Cooper River) Mike Hekcy (Riverton) Mike Mays (Marsh Creek) Newt Wattis (Surf City) Don Hahl (Brant Beach) Rick Landell (Cooper River) Steve Schmidt (Cooper River) Faye Flam (Cooper River) John won the week (for the 2nd time) so congratulations to him!! Here’s the list of sailors from the District who made the trip down. Kayla Ellis (Brant Beach) Mattie Widemeier (Brant Beach) Olivia Gugliemimi (Brant Beach) Jake Ellis (Brant Beach) Andrew Widmeier (Brant Beach) Casey Jackson (Manasquan River) Connor Swikart (Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club) Andrew Puopolo (Marsh Creek) Right now here’s the current regatta schedule for both adults and juniors going into the fall: April 14 Philadelphia Laser Champs @ Marsh Creek Sailing Club May 19 Monmouth Spring Regatta May 26 Lavallette Spring Regatta June 2 Orange Coffee Pot @ Surf City YC (Area C qualfiers for O’Day finals in Sheboygan, WI) June 3 Laser Clinic at Toms River YC June 9-10 District 10 Champs @ Island Heights Yacht Club June 16 Spring Laser Regatta @ Shrewsbury Sailing and YC June 29 Feed the Need Jr Regatta @ Pine Beach YC July 11 US Sailing Smythe qualifiers @ Toms River YC July 12 Iron Man Jr Regatta @ Shore Acres YC July 13 Powder Puff Jr Regatta @ Metedeconk River YC (fills up quickly) July 16-17 Team Race @ Lavallette YC July 23-24 US Sailing Jr. Olympics @ Island Heights YC August 2 Summer Sailing Classic Jr Regatta @ Ocean Gate YC August 20th Jr. Regatta @ Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club August 25 Jr Annual Regatta @ Surf City YC September 8-9 Annual Regatta @ Surf City YC September 14-16 Laser Master’s Nationals @ Brant Beach YC September 16, 23,30 BBYC Fall Series September 22 Monmouth Fall Regatta September 29 Philadelphia Cup @ Penns Landing, Philadelphia October 6-7 Laser Mid Atlantics @ Brant Beach YC October 13 Fall Laser Regatta @ Marsh Creek

District 11 MD, VA, DE, DC, WV Jon Deutsch

This warm winter has allowed for some fantastic frostbite sailing this winter. Severn Sailing Association, Potomac River Sailing Association, Hampton Roads Laser Fleet and Corsica River Laser fleet have all run regular series with dozens of sailors taking part. PRSA had a very successful Hangover Regatta on New Years day. CBYRA announced their high point winners for 2011 and our schedule for 2012 is set.

By this point our District 11 Schedule has been posted to our website. Check it out at It features a wide range of events including those for Standard rigs, masters, juniors, and Radials. Our District 11 Championship will be September 22-23 at Severn Sailing Association. This will be one of the first events after the opening of their newly renovated club-house. Expect starts for both Standard and Radial. CBYRA Announced their high point winners for 2011: Laser Standard 1. Brady White (SSA) 2. David Schoene (SSA) 3. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)

Laser Radial (Open) 1. Matthew Schofield (SSA) 2. Phillip Schofield (SSA) 3. Andrew Schoene (SSA)

Junior Laser Radial 1. Jeremy Herrin (FBYC) 2. Ben Buhl (FBYC) 3. Matt Schofield (SSA) 4. Zach Hill (FBYC) 5. Austin Powers (FBYC)

Junior Girls Radial 1. McKay Hanna (HYC) 2. Sarah Streater (NYCC) 3. Hannah Schmidt (MRYC) 4. Kate Raney (RHYC) 5. Sarah Raney (RHYC)

Potomac River Sailing Association in Washington DC had another great turnout for their New Years Day Hangover Regatta. With 29 boats and 5-12 knots of wind made it a tough one to beat. James Jacob was the most consistent on the day winning the overall title. RJ Bay finished 2nd followed by Alex Jacob, Erich Hesse and Len Guenther. Thanks to Nabeel Alsalam for heading up Race Committee. Seems like everyone got a waterproof video camera


for Christmas this year as videos of sailing proliferated. Check out all of the great frostbiting footage on our website here: Look for a further write-up and final results from our frostbite sailors after the end of the frostbite season in the next edition of The Laser Sailor.

Several D11 sailors made the trip to Florida for Florida Masters week. Making the trip for all or part of the week were Len Guenther (FBYC), Alden Shattuck (SSA, Jacquest Kerrest (PRSA), Dorian Haldeman (SSA), Sandy Westphal (SSA) & Ron Thompson (HRLF).

Corsica River Laser Fleet now has a presence on Google+. Find out about them by searching for ‘Corsica River Yacht Club Laser Fleet’

Looking forward to a great season of Laser sailing in District 11. See you on the water!

District 12 SC, NC Butch Mumma

District 12 has been very active this past winter. Atlanta had 45 boats registered in their frostbite series and just held their LLSC Southerns. CYCNC also had a frostbite series over the winter. Beaufort had informal racing every Sunday, with sailors from Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head showing up from time to time. We also had 5 members travel to Cabarete and sharpen their skills at The Laser Training Center with Dr. Rulo. Overall, it looks like it will be another competitive year in District 12. Please come out and join us. Our schedule is as follows: D12 SCHEDULE 2012 Regatta 1 April 6-7: CYC – SC Jerry Callahan Regatta 2 May 5-6: BYSC Butch Mumma

Regatta 3 May 19-20: SYC Charlie Usher

Regatta 4 August 4-5: CYC – NC Wrightsville Beach, NC

Regatta 5 * October 6-7: CSC Robert Key

*Please note that our Grand Prix event will be Regatta # 5 at Columbia Sailing Club.

District 15 Ft Worth, TX James Freedman

District 15 is all set for a fantastic year of Laser sailing. The schedule is posted on the District 15 website at Below I have posted the full schedule as well.


2012 District 15 Texas Laser circuit AYC Easter Regatta April 7-8 Austin Yacht Club May 12-13 Rush RCYC Spring Dinghyfest Creek Yacht Club CSC Laser Regatta June 16-17 Corinthian Sailing Club SSC Summer Solstice June 23-24 Seabrook Sailing Club AYC Centerboard Regatta Sept. 1-2 Austin Yacht Club FWBC Laser Regatta Sept. 22-23 Fort Worth Boat Club LCYC Wurstfest Regatta Nov. 2-4 Lake Canyon Yacht Club

* Best 4 of the 7 events listed above will be used to score the Texas Laser Circuit. An Iron Man award will be presented to the sailor(s) who competes in every Circuit event. North Texas Cup May 12-13 Rush RCYC Spring Dinghyfest Creek Yacht Club June 16-17 Corinthian CSC Laser Regatta Sailing Club FWBC Laser Regatta Sept. 22-23 Fort Worth Boat Club Oct 6-7 Arlington Yacht AYC Laserpalooza Club Major Texas Laser events Gulf Coast Championships / Area F O’Day qualifier Regatta / District 15 Championships May 19-20 Texas Corinthian Yacht Club US Laser Nationals May 31 - Jun 3 Houston Yacht Club Other Texas Laser events Leukemia Cup April 27-29Corinthian Sailing Club See you on the water!

District 18 Ohio John Shockey

The District 18 Grand Prix will be held May 19-20 at Port Clinton Yacht Club in Port Clinton, Ohio, on the southwest shore of Lake Erie. Free overnight camping, club facilities, social events, spectator boats, and two days of beachfront Laser sailing that can be viewed from the south-shore beach. This event will also determine the Area E representatives for the US Sailing Singlehanded Championship as the top top sailors from this event will earn berths to the 2012 US Sailing Singlehanded National Championship, July 26-29, Seboygan, WI, Lasers (men) and Radials (women), for the George D. O’day Trophy. April 14-15, Indianapolis Sailing Club will host its annual Laser Regatta, which is remembered for hosted 64 boats on the starting line in 2006. This regatta consistently draws a large group of sailors and is a great event to kick off the spring in District 18.

District 19 Ken Swetka Michigan

Spring sailing has begun in Michigan. The High School teams are practicing daily. As of this writing (mid-March) it is a shocking 70 degrees in Detroit!

And no…it is not because the city is burning or anything. Besides the weather we have some Spring Frostbiting and this year’s schedule. Spring Frostbiting Both sides of the state have something going on. On the West side Chad Coberly is organizing some races on Sundays at Reeds Lake (1 pm start). For the East side, as in past years, Crescent Sail Yacht Club on Lake St Clair will be hosting some racing also on Sunday’s (noon launch). 2012 D19 Schedule April 28 Laser Get Together at Jim Suntrum’s May 12 GTYC Spring Regatta - Traverse City Tom Babel June 17 UofM Spring Regatta - Michigan Sailing Club - Baseline Lake, just North of Ann Arbor June 16 Level 2 Racing Instruction at Portage YC – Steve Wiseman June 23-24 Great Lakes Masters Championships - Crescent Sail YC, Grosse Pointe, MI - Ken Swetka June 29 Muskegon Yacht Club Dick Tillman clinic - Bob Harvey / Bruce Hansen June 30 - July 1 D19 Championships - Muskegon Yacht Club - Bob Harvey / Bruce Hansen July 16-17 Leland Laser Regatta - Leland Yacht Club - Allen Northcut August 18 Lake Lansing Annual - Lansing Sailing Club - Doug Carlson Sept 16 UofM Fall Regatta - Michigan Sailing Club - Baseline Lake, just North of Ann Arbor Sept 29 No Sweat Regatta - Portage Yacht Club Sept 29 GTYC Fall Regatta - Traverse City - Tom Babel Oct 6 Frosty Mug Regatta - Irish Laser Fleet, Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Springs, 2pm start Oct 15 Pumpkin Head Regatta - Grand Rapids That wrap’s it up for Michigan. We hope to see some of you travelers at our regattas and we hope to travel to yours!

District 20 Wisconsin Steve Dolan


The Ice is out! Spring has come a month early here in beer town. The 78 degrees on March 15 was a new all time high for Milwaukee. Although, the always enjoyable Spring Frostbite series (early March through late April) at Belmont HarborChicago Yacht may be entering its second weekend, Christian Mitchell 198554 wins the honor of the first boat to sail on Milwaukee Bay. On St Paddy’s Day no less! Sounds like an up North Spring Frostbiting Series will be happening at Milwaukee Yacht Club in the not too distant future. So, time to put away the hiking benches and dust off your racing steeds, another Laser Racing season in the Artic Tundra is upon us. Below is the D20 Schedule for 2012. We have some great new events and the usual favorites returning. Look for the NOR for each on the District 20 and ILCA pages. Hope to cross tacks with many of you this season. Stay fit and see you out there. May 5-6 Vlad Memorial Regatta. Chicago Yacht Club-Belmont Station. This will also serve as the Area K O’Day Single Handed Champs Qualifier May 19-20 Ice Breaker. Pewaukee Yacht Club


May 26, 2012 Memorial Day Regatta. Milwaukee Yacht Club June 28-29 Hobleman Regatta. Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club. This will also serve as the District 20 Championship August 11-12 Al Henning Regatta. Racine Yacht Club. This will also serve as the Great Lakes Championships August 25-26 Verve Inshore. Chicago Yacht ClubBelmont Station September 1 Summer’s End Regatta. North Shore Yacht Club September 22-23 Titletown Regatta Windjamers Sailing Club September 29-30 Jimmy Talbot. Chicago Yacht Club-Belmont Station October 13-14 Oktoberfest. Pewaukee Yacht Club

District 21 Minneapolis, MN Kurt Holtze

Hi all! As I’m writing this, we here in Minnesota are excited and a little confused that spring is already here. But hey, we will take it! The lakes are melting, and lasers are starting to replace ice boats. We have a bunch of regattas coming up this year. Our first regatta is a one-day fun-day Regatta called the Heckl Memorial on May 12th. John Weiss always organizes a great regatta. Maybe Martin will throw another great party afterwards (Hint Hint!). The Aquatennial will be held July 21st and 22nd. It is a great two-day regatta on Lake Calhoun right in Minneapolis. The scenery around the lake can be just as good as the sailing. In August, Duluth will be holding another two-day regatta, quite possibly our Grand Prix Regatta. Bill Reed always does a great job hosing and housing the sailors that need a place to stay. There are a few more regattas in the works, so please check us out on facebook or our website, details below. We hope to have another great season of laser racing. Of course, we hope to make it to a few D20 events this year. Maybe even down to KC! Please come join us this year for some fun in the sun.!/groups/372915717805/

District 22 Seattle Kurt Hoehne Frigid Digit

In February, Frigid Digit 2012 was one for the ages. Frigid? Well, temps in the 60s and bright sunshine ruled both days. The problem for many was they didn’t get enough sunscreen on. Wind? While it wasn’t enough for most of us to get into the straps until the last couple of races, but enough to get in 11 competitive races in over two days. Food? Yun McFall topped her jaw-dropping efforts of last year. The homey gathering at Kelly’s house built on last year and confirmed that personal connections are a big part of this event, and Laser sailing. The sailing itself was great. 20 standard rigs were entered. PRO Dennis Clark reeled races off like clockwork, aided all weekend by Jim Johnston and

Randy Shuman. All windward-leeward sounds boring, but there were plenty of shifts and surprises that kept everyone engaged. Young David Brink had it dialed in on Saturday, but on Sunday Michael O’Brien’s consistency eventually prevailed. Sunday there was a shore delay, but to many people’s surprise a great northerly rolled in around 12:15. Brink finished second overall, Bob Britten third, Peter Woytkowiak fourth, and John Purdy of Portland fifth. The six-boat Radial fleet was closely fought with Lex Aird followed by Sarah Mackey, two of SYC’s rising stars. As officers in the SYC program, they’re planning on helping get more SYC Radial and Lasers sailors involved in SLF racing. The fleet was joined late Saturday by a pod of orcas. We did a quick head count of competitors afterward to make sure there were no EBOs (eaten by orcas). In mid-March we concluded a very successful Seattle Laser Fleet Frostbite Series. There have been 20+ boats for the events, and with our buddies in the Tasar fleet we’ve topped 30 several times.

In 2012 we’re sailing again from Shilshole Bay Marina with Corinthian YC on Thursdays. In cooperation with Sail Sand Point and the University of Washington YC, we’re initiating casual Friday night racing on Lake Washington. It promises to be a great year for Lasers in Seattle! Portland / The Gorge / Bill Symes D22 West Bellingham WA / Mike Poulos

Northwest Laser sailors are slowly emerging from their winter slumber in anticipation of a very big season ahead, including the 2012 Laser North Americans coming to the Columbia River Gorge in July. In Portland, the fleet is racing at Willamette Sailing Club on Sunday afternoons (moves to Monday evenings April 16) and enjoying the vagaries of springtime in Oregon, everything from 0-25 knots, sideways rain to sunshine (they say it builds character). WSC has just launched a new middle school Laser sailing program, putting 10 kids on the river three days a week in the club’s radial rigs. The pipeline to the 2024 Olympics starts here! Our summer regatta season kicks off May 26-27 with Eugene Yacht Club’s Memorial Day Regatta, followed the next weekend by the 43rd Annual Vancouver Lake Sailing Club Regatta in Vancouver, WA. The action moves out to the Gorge in July, beginning with the Columbia Gorge Racing Association’s annual WIND Youth Laser Clinic (July 10-12) and Regatta (July 14-15). Celebrity coach Javier “Rulo” Borojovich, co-founder of the Cabarete Laser Training Center and mentor to the stars (Anna Tunnicliffe, Andrew Campbell, et al) is coming out to head the WIND coaching staff. Rulo will stick around to lead the adults through their paces in the popular Gorge Laser Performance Clinic which follows on July 14-16. Then on July 17 it’s the Laser Gorge Blowout, the infamous 18-mile sprint from Cascade Locks to Hood River, and one

last chance to polish up your downwind chops before the season’s climatic event, the 2012 Laser North American Championship, July 19-22. Regatta co-chairs Jarvis Brecker and Marilyn Hodson and PRO Mark Townsend promise an event to remember, with lots of races, warm sunshine, cold beverages, fabulous food, and of course the famous Gorge westerlies. Charters can be arranged through West Coast Sailing ( If you’re not going to Weymouth this summer, you should be coming to the Gorge! To find out more, register for all events, and get a copy of the spectacular new 2012 Gorge Sailing calendar, visit CGRA on the Web at

Montana / Mike Gilbert D22 Montana looks forward to spring and melting and clear blue water and breeze! Our snowpack is up in the high country, but it’s been very dry in town. It’s been a surprisingly so-so ski season, even with the snow numbers up. It’s mid-March and temps have hit mid-50s in Missoula and into the 70s in Billings.

In the eastern part of the state, the Billings youth Laser program will again be in full swing for the 2012 season. We’ll meet every Saturday from 9 to noon, with one hour in the classroom and two hours on the water, sailing on Lake Elmo. There are seven Lasers available for the program this year, with an anticipated class size of ten to fifteen. We’ll also hold races every Thursday evening on Lake Elmo. At last count there were ten Lasers in the Billings area. Hopefully we’ll see most of them on the starting line each Thursday. There are no special races or regattas planned for our Billings fleet other than the road trip to Flathead Lake for the District Championship in August. The District 22 Championship and Flathead Laser Championship will be held in August at the north end of beautiful Flathead Lake, within sight of Glacier National Park. Sturdy early thermals, seasonal breeze, and a spectacular setting should make it an enjoyable event. A 4.7 class will be included in this year’s event. The event will be generously hosted by the North Flathead YC in Somers, MT.


Camping is available on site, or lodging in the nearby resort towns of Bigfork and Lakeside, as well as the City of Kalispell.

We are planning the Whitefish Lake Regatta for July 14-15. Whitefish is located near the base of Big Mountain ski resort in NW Montana. Races are held right off the City beach with a post-race brunch and fun a block up the hill at a home overlooking the water. Last year we ran short-course racing with some races only 12 minute long…it’s all about starting! There were starts with the whole fleet over the line! We had a nice group of Albertans joining us last year and we welcome them all back.

There is some idle talk of reviving the Ski-Yotting concept here in the spring, with ski races held at Big Mountain and sailing on Whitefish Lake. Not great skiing that late, and not many Yots on the water that early.

District 24 NorCal Nick Burke

Laser racing is year round in District 24. The weather was particularly good this winter, part of a pattern of unusually low rainfall.

RYC offered racing every Sunday from Dec to March. The first Sunday of the month was the small boat midwinters, with many other classes on multiple courses. The other Sundays were short course racing run by the junior program, and open to advanced juniors and adults. For the small boat mids event, there were 28 standard rigs and 26 radials registered. Drake Jensen was run-away winner in the standards, with a closely fought battle between Roger Herbst and Emilio Castelli for 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Mike Bishop took 4th showing good consistency. In the radials, the winner was Markus Suorsa. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were Sarah Lake, Marina Fennell and Emma Drejes respectively.

There was also a monthly Laser series in Santa Cruz. They replace the two-turns penalty with a one-turn penalty during these races. They had 11 registrants in total for the February event. Roger Herbst came in at the top of the standard rigs and Wilson Fletcher won the radials. Thanks to David LaPier for his service as district secretary. He has resigned. Nick Burke is the new district secretary. There was an open nomination and election process in which no one else ran.

District 24 sailors are looking forward to a typically busy summer. The Masters North Americans will be an addition to the usual packed local schedule. Weeknight short course racing will start soon on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. We’re looking for a Tuesday night venue :-) D24 sailors are also planning on visiting our neighbors in district 6 for the North Americans and district 25 for the PCCs.

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Photos: Upper: Gavin McCormack. Below: Amy woodard.

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LLSC Southerns 2012

Wrap up in one word - WIND MA RTINE R ZURINSKA S

It was a great end to an awesome winter series at Lake Lanier Sailing Club. 23 lasers came out in cold temp to brave the high wind forecast. Day one 4 long competitive races with a tight race at the leader board. Day two gave us 20 gusting to over 30 by the end of the last race. We only had one race as the RC Barge could not hold anchor with the high chop and breeze. We all braved the conditions for a great weekend! Many folks sacrificed scores on Sunday to sail and dropped their full to a radial just to say we did it! Over all winner Travis Maier from LLSC. Top Radial - Robert Burke LLSC. Here are some comments from the youngest in the Laser fleet, Kelly Milliken from Lake Norman Yacht Club - “I sailed at the Laser Southerns at Lake Lanier, Ga for the first time this year. Even though it is a lake, they had some really good wind! On Saturday the winds were 10 - 15 and 23 lasers raced. On Sunday the winds were 15-25 and some of the grown ups didn’t even go out. I was proud of myself for being one of the eight lasers who finished the race on Sunday. It is always good to bring the smaller sail for back up, because you never know if you might need it. In heavy wind the 4.7 sail is perfect for those who are just over 100 pounds like me.” Note to all laser sailors - always bring your alternate rig - you never know what will happen to the forecast! Photos by David Jackson

Photos: Upper: fleet start. Middle: 4.7 sailor Kelly Milliken. bottom right: Michael Reddaway.







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East End Laser Series 2012 will be the 7th consecutive year for the East End Laser Series on the eastern end of New Yorkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Long Island. Last year 59 racers completed 37 races at 7 regattas on 7 Saturdays at 7 different venues. Hurricane Irene cut the series short by one week. Below is the tentative 2012 schedule. Also back again this year in our area will be the 25 mile distance race around Shelter Island on Saturday, July 14. Saturday, June 30, Old Cove YC, New Suffolk, NY Wednesday, July 4, NBIBCLRA, North Haven, NY Saturday, July 7, Westhampton YS, Remsenburg, NY Saturday, July 21, Shelter Island YC, Shelter Island, NY Saturday, July 28, Breakwater YC, Sag Harbor, NY Saturday, August 4, Southampton YC,- World Southampton, NY Snapshots from Perth 2011 Championships Richard Langdon photos: Ocean Images Saturday, August 11, Above: Acker of Belgium Devon YC, Amagansett, NY Below: Powrie of New Zealand Saturday, August 18, Southold YC, Southold, NY

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The Laser Sailor, Spring 2012