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Fall 2010

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Two Home Depot Awards Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL Schneider Logistics Carrier of the Year

During a traditional topping out ceremony Wednesday, Aug. 25, Arkansas Children's Hospital announced a surprise $5 million gift from J.B. Hunt.

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The Road to 4 Million Miles


J.B. Hunt Employee Community


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Preparing for Winter Weather


Delivering Hope: Make A Wish


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401(k) Easy Enroll Electronic On-board Recorders


Driver Appreciation Week


Employee Achievements


Today magazine is published quarterly. Please send any comments or questions concerning the magazine to or mail to: J.B. Hunt Transport • Corporate Communications • P.O. Box 130 • Lowell, AR 72745 2 Today Fall 2010


A Letter From Kirk

n the summer of 1973, Secretariat won the Preakness Stakes. President Richard Nixon was embroiled in the Watergate scandal and speaking of scandals… later that year, O. J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills became the first running back to rush for 2,000 yards in a pro football season. I turned 20 years old and joined The J.B. Hunt Company (as it was then known) in the accounting department at minimum wage (which wasn’t much). Little did I know at the time what a ride I was in for and to what degree I would be blessed by my association with this Company. I was just looking to be able to eat and pay rent. I was driving a 1964 Oldsmobile that was later crashed into by a runaway J. B. Hunt rice hull truck in the parking lot. Since the Olds was like a tank, I just collected the insurance money, overlooked the dents and had a better-than-expected Christmas that year. In 1987, Three Men and A Baby was the top grossing movie, George

Michael and Whitney Houston battled it out for the top song of the year, and The Simpsons first appeared as a cartoon. In a visit to Berlin, President Ronald Reagan, my hero, challenged Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. I was now at the ripe age of 34 and became the CEO of J.B. Hunt. We did $286 million in revenue that year. I give you this nostalgic rewind to prove three points: (1) We have come a LONG way since 1973 as a Company thanks to the greatest people this industry has ever seen, (2) I’ve been around here a VERY long time, and (3) I’m therefore old and allowed to be somewhat tired. One of my greatest sources of pride and confidence in the direction of the Company is the team we have assembled. By now, most of you know my favorite Yogi Berra principle…"If you ain’t got no animals, you ain’t hardly got no circus.” We have fantastic animals… the best and the brightest…and we therefore have quite the circus. Ring leaders of the circus get WAY too much credit for the performance of the circus and CEO’s are similarly over-hyped. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tries to take credit for team effort. This is NOT a one-man show by any stretch of the imagination. Nothing of lasting value ever is because it takes a team to perpetuate greatness.

I have seen many examples of leaders who stay too long at the wheel, thinking they are irreplaceable and fearing the worst for the organization if they were to depart. They thereby impede progress and the maturation of the company toward the next horizon. I will not be one of those fossils who can’t see when the time has come. It’s been a tremendous ride for me, and I am blessed beyond words and privileged beyond my wildest dreams to have led such a wonderful group of people and such a terrific Company for so long. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It is now time to pass the torch. And I do so willingly, enthusiastically and confidently. John Roberts will do more and achieve more, with your help, than our considerable successes to date. I am at total peace that he and the executive management in place are more than capable of continuing the circus. Just in case, I will be just outside the flap of the tent peeking in to make sure. They won’t need me, but I won’t abandon them or you. Embrace the future as I intend to do and continue to set new high water marks on the transportation logistics canvas that has a J.B. Hunt Transport dominant influence all over it. Thank you all for giving me the privilege of a lifetime and the honor of calling the plays for so long. Most Sincerely,

Kirk Thompson

Today Fall 2010 3

4 Today Fall 2010

continued >

In addition to the President's Perspective, the January issue of Today will feature more information about John Roberts, J.B. Hunt's newly elected president and CEO.

Today Fall 2010 5

Reinventing Intermodal


n 1830, there were only around 40 miles of documented railroad track laid in the United States. Today, there are more than 140,000 miles of railroad, and according to the Association of American Railroads, railroads account for 43 percent of intercity freight volume—more than any other mode of transportation.

Forming a partnership Over the past 20 years, shipping containers and truck trailers moving on railroads has been the fastest growing rail traffic segment. And in 1989, J.B. Hunt and Santa Fe Railway (now known as BNSF) did something that was unheard of at the time. We loaded one of our trailers onto one of their railcars, and by doing so we effectively created a unique and historic relationship that ushered in the modern age of intermodal transport. Paul Bergant, president of Intermodal, said, “It obviously took the industry by total surprise. It was revolutionary at the time, and it was driven by the idea that this is the right thing to do, so don’t tell me that we can’t get it done.” “I’ve never seen anything come together faster in the business world,” said Michael Dougherty, senior vice president of Intermodal. 6 Today Fall 2010

As a way to brand this new joint venture, the name of the door-todoor intermodal service from J.B. Hunt and Santa Fe was Quantum. However, the Quantum brand quickly evolved back into J.B. Hunt Transport. “We determined by not having a separate brand, it would be helpful with the customers. They would associate the reliable and consistent service of J.B. Hunt with the intermodal service,” said Tom Williams, senior vice president of Intermodal. Expanding intermodal In 1991, we expanded our network, creating a relationship with Burlington Northern in the Pacific Northwest. After this, we decided to develop business in the East, establishing an agreement with Conrail.

business, Williams said we began to understand more about double stack. And in 1993, we started purchasing our first containers—going from a trailer environment to a container environment. “What better business or industry to be in than one that can provide customers a clean, green solution to their transportation needs?” —Michael Dougherty

Until late 1999, Truck and Intermodal were combined business units at J.B. Hunt. “We separated internally into a Trucking division and an Intermodal division so we could focus on the operational pieces that we needed to make happen to make the service even more successful,” Dougherty said.

As we developed our Intermodal continued >

When Truck and Intermodal separated, there were less than 1,000 drivers dedicated to Intermodal. Today, there are more than 3,200 drivers and more than 2,600 tractors. By the end of 2010, there will be more than 45,000 containers. “From a driver standpoint, Intermodal is great because it offers both local and regional driving opportunities,” said Nathan Smith, senior vice president of Intermodal. “It gives the driver a more regular schedule and more time at home.” Surpassing goals As Intermodal grew, the goals we first created with Santa Fe were far exceeded. In the Dec. 12, 1989, press release announcing the strategic alliance, it says, “They estimate that the new service partnership has the potential to generate $90 million annually for the two companies.” However, 2004 marked the first year we generated more than $1 billion in revenue. “I think this is a greater thing than either side could have imagined,” Williams said. In addition to J.B. Hunt’s Intermodal growth, railroad companies made a huge effort to create a better rail system. A report from the Association of American Railroads said, “From 1980 to 2009, railroads reinvested more than $460 billion back into their systems to create a safe, reliable freight rail system second to none in the world.” Intermodal success Without a doubt, Intermodal has been successful at J.B. Hunt. “Many people in the industry say it’s because of the great rail contracts. But it’s because we operate well in all phases. We have good rail contracts; good customer relationships; we offer solutions better than anyone else; we are modal indifferent. We know what our customers need and we offer innovative solutions,” Smith said. Williams agreed that J.B. Hunt’s rail contracts are not the single reason for our success. “They’re great contracts. They’re significant contracts, and they recognize our commitment to the business,” he said. But Williams pointed out that combining those contracts with the investments we’ve made in our people, our equipment, and our technology are what truly make us successful. “You have to have the whole package to make it work and be a leader, and I think that’s where we excel.” At J.B. Hunt, we have invested in our own container and chassis equipment to provide more reliable service for our customers. “Most of our competition uses rail chassis. When it comes to the busy times of the year, who gets the chassis? Is it your customers or others? We always make sure our customers get the equipment they need,” Smith said. continued on p. 9 >

“I don’t think there’s anyone who provides an intermodal product at the quality level J.B. Hunt does. They just don’t. We really have reinvented this deal, and we’ve done it in a way so not only our customers are happy, but the employees are proud of what they have accomplished, and it’s great for the shareholders. That’s a homerun.” —Tom Williams

Intermodal Facts >>On average, railroads are four times more efficient than trucks. >>In 2009, U.S. railroads moved a ton of freight an average of 480 miles per gallon of fuel. >>Moving freight by rail instead of truck reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent. >>If 10 percent of the long-distance freight that moves by truck moved by rail instead, fuel savings would exceed 1 billion gallons per year. >>A train can carry the freight of

280 or more trucks,

so railroads help reduce highway gridlock. >>According to a U.S. Department of Commerce model of the U.S. economy, America’s freight railroads generate nearly $265 billion in total economic activity each year including direct, indirect, and induced efforts. Every railroad job related to day-to-day operations sustains another 4.5 jobs elsewhere in the economy. *Source: The Association of American Railroads Today Fall 2010 7

$5 Million Donation to Arkansas Children's Hospital


uring a traditional topping out ceremony Wednesday, Aug. 25, Arkansas Children’s Hospital announced a surprise $5 million gift from J.B. Hunt Transport. The new South Wing is the largest construction project in the hospital’s history. Construction for the four-story, 258,000 square-foot patient tower began in 2008 and is targeted for completion in the summer of 2012. J.B. Hunt’s gift is designated for the second floor, which will house clinics for neurology, audiology, ENT and dental services. "What a great day in the history of Arkansas Children's Hospital. We can hardly wait to make more space and more services available to our patients and families," said Dr. Jonathan Bates, president and CEO of Arkansas Children's Hospital. "We've had our challenges in recent years to be able to meet the demand for bed space. Soon, we hope to be able to meet that need and provide more space and enhanced services that will get our children out of the hospital and back to being kids." Kirk Thompson, president and CEO of J.B. Hunt, was on hand to sign the final steel beam decorated with thousands of signatures and well wishes. At the ceremony attended by hundreds of supporters, the giant “I” beam was placed atop the building’s frame, marking a milestone in the hospital’s growth. “We are delighted to be able to provide a contribution to Arkansas Children’s Hospital toward the construction of this much-needed addition,” Thompson said. “The hospital does such a wonderful job and plays an important role in the lives of J.B. Hunt employees and their families. We are pleased to be a part of helping expand their world-class facilities and making their services available to a larger number of people across all of Arkansas.” 8 Today Fall 2010

Kirk Thompson, J.B. Hunt president and CEO, signs the final steel beam decorated with thousands of signatures and well wishes. The South Wing will create an additional 54 inpatient beds, expanding the hospital’s pediatric Heart Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and increasing the total bed availability to 370. The new $115 million wing also includes new and relocated Hematology/Oncology and Infant-Toddler units, as well as a new Emergency Department with an orthopedics suite, decontamination unit and dedicated trauma rooms. Expanded clinic space will include 56 new exam rooms and 19 additional procedural or diagnostic rooms. The South Wing was funded through cash reserves, philanthropic donations and bonds.

continued from p. 7 Also, our expansive network of maintenance facilities helps prevent delays for our customers. Our success with Intermodal meant a more cost-effective solution for our customers, less congestion on the highways and a reduced carbon footprint compared to highway transport.

Intermodal today The past couple of years have been challenging for our nation, and as the economy recovers, the need to move more goods will grow. Railroads are the safest, most affordable, and most environmentally responsible way to meet this demand. We have the largest 53 foot container fleet and the largest drayage fleet in North America. By the end of this year, we could move more loads than we’ve ever moved in one year. And our two largest rail partners are BNSF and Norfolk Southern. Our Eastern load growth has improved our overall growth in the past two years. Annually, we’re growing 30 percent in the East. Also, Williams said the way we integrated the market presence of ICS into Intermodal has impacted our ability to meet our goals. This year, J.B. Hunt re vealed its first refrigerated container, which is one of the first of its kind. This innovative container will allow us to bring an exciting new value proposition to refrigerated shippers through scale and scope of our industry-leading intermodal program.

Construction for the four-story, 258,000 square-foot patient tower began in 2008 and is targeted for completion in the summer of 2012.

“We are truly an industry leader,” Smith said. “Where we are today proves we’ve got the equipment, the expertise and the customer base that is sustainable.”

Today Fall 2010 9

Home Depot Recognizes J.B. Hunt With Two Awards


ome Depot recently named J.B. Hunt as its Dedicated Carrier of the Year and Overall Transportation Partner of the Year, which is the company’s top honor. Home Depot stated that J.B. Hunt is its “go-to carrier when times get tough,” and Home Depot relies on J.B. Hunt as a transportation consultant. It’s an honor for J.B. Hunt to receive an award that recognizes our passion for transportation and logistics as well as our hard work. Working together as a team, we will continue to achieve great things while being a leader within the industry.

Inbound Logistics Names J.B. Hunt as a Top 10 Third-Party Logistics Provider Earlier this year, Inbound Logistics selected J.B. Hunt as a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2010. And in September, J.B. Hunt

Schneider Logistics Selects J.B. Hunt as 2010 Carrier of the Year For the seventh time in the eight-year span of the award, Schneider Logistics (SLI) named J.B. Hunt as a 2010 Carrier of the Year. As a Carrier of the Year, J.B. Hunt represents the top 1 percent of service providers who move freight for SLI’s customers. In a letter to J.B. Hunt, SLI said, “We very much value our relationship and hope to continue growing business with your company in the future.”


John Lewis, J.B. Hunt director of sales, said we are being recognized Number of times for being among the top 1 perJ.B. Hunt named cent on the Schneider Logistics Carrier of the Year. scorecard for service and safety. “We can be proud of our service to one of our largest logistics partners.” Lewis was also asked to attend SLI’s “Voice of the Carrier” meeting along with the other top 1 percent carriers receiving awards. The purpose of this meeting provided feedback on where SLI and its carrier partners could continue to improve their relationship and business operation.

announced that Inbound Logistics named the company as one of the top 10 third-party logistics providers. We ranked seventh overall. In the Inbound Logistics article about the winners, Shelley Simpson, president of ICS at J.B. Hunt, says, "J.B. Hunt never stops looking for innovative ways to better meet our customers' demands, particularly as it pertains to technology. During the past year, we have either purchased or developed proprietary technology that provides better shipment tracking and inventory management." The Readers' Choice Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards were chosen based on 9,500 respondents who casted votes. The publication said it heard from the spectrum of supply chain professionals‒from office managers to top executives. 10 Today Fall 2010

J.B. Hunt Employees Receive Patriot Award


n July 26, the Arkansas Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an agency of the Department of Defense, announced the J.B. Hunt employees as recipients of a Patriot Award in recognition of extraordinary support of the company’s employees who serve in the Arkansas National Guard and Reserve. “The Patriot Award was created by ESGR to publicly recognize individuals who provide outstanding patriotic support and cooperation to their employees—who, like the citizen warriors before them, have answered their nation’s call to serve,” said Richard Green, ESGR program specialist. J.B. Hunt is consistently recognized as one of the “Top 100 Military Friendly Employers” by G.I. Jobs magazine, and we take great pride in supporting those who have served and continue to serve our country. We offer extended benefits for those employees called to active duty, including make-whole pay. Receiving the Patriot Award for the second consecutive year recognizes that our policies and practices provide commendable support for our nation's military personnel.

Andrea Stanley, the Employer Outreach representative for the Arkansas Committee for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, presents Eric Airola, J.B. Hunt director of recruiting, with the Patriot Award.

“All of the employees of J.B. Hunt were nominated for being highly supportive of the National Guard by a fellow National Guard employee. It is not just the supervisors of the Guard and Reserve employees but also the employees that remain behind and take up the workload during the Guard and Reserve employee’s absence,” Green said. “Supportive supervisors as well as employees are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s National Guard and Reserve units.”

Texas Veterans Commission Names J.B. Hunt National Employer of the Year


n September, J.B. Hunt received the 2010 National Employer of the Year award by the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC).

The TVC Veterans Employment and Training Advisory Committee makes the recommendation for the award, which recognizes employers who distinguished themselves in their commitment to hiring and retaining Texas veterans within their companies.

Karen Rankin, Brigadier General USAF (retired), presented the award to David Martin, senior human resource manager at J.B. Hunt, at the TVC 63rd annual conference held in Austin. "I’m grateful to see the Texas Veterans Commission along with the state of Texas recognize J.B. Hunt for its efforts for actively recruiting veterans,” Martin said. “At J.B. Hunt, we believe in safety, service and value, and we see those attributes in the veterans we recruit. We will continue to pursue opportunities for those who serve our nation proudly."

Today Fall 2010 11




Safe Miles The Road to 4 Million Miles


n 4 million miles, you could make the roundtrip from J.B. Hunt’s Lowell, Ark., headquarters to South Gate, Calif., which is the home terminal for driver Philip Fortin, about 2,577 times.

In June, Philip became the third J.B. Hunt driver to ever reach this milestone of driving 4 million miles with an excellent safety record. He started driving professionally in 1978 after deciding his job as a shipping clerk was not the career for him.

In 1984, Philip started his driving career at J.B. Hunt. One reason Philip said he has stayed at J.B. Hunt for so long is “the company surrounds itself with a lot of extraordinary people. One person isn’t more important than another person.”

“I had more work than was possible, and I had the opportunity to start driving for a doctor who had leased several trucks,” Philip said. “It was a tax write-off for him, and he eventually stopped leasing them.”

At J.B. Hunt, we are united by a culture emphasizing safety, service and value, and Philip is a perfect example of this culture. Karen Runyon, Philip’s regional fleet manager, said he is a dedicated and motivated driver. “It has been a pleasure to work with him and see him reach this amazing achievement in his driving career.”

His next job was at a larger trucking company, where he drove from Los Angeles to Boston. “It wasn’t the best place to work. People had property stolen. There was no shop, so you had to fix your own truck,” Philip said. He said he heard J.B. Hunt was growing and might put a yard in Los Angeles. He called the company and was told when to come to northwest Arkansas to talk about a job. “When I came out here, the first thing they said to me was to get a haircut and ‘take off that Longhorns shirt,’” Philip said. 12 Today Fall 2010

To pass time on the road, Philip listens to his CD collection, which is in the thousands. “I forget about those that I bought years ago." He also said driving gives him time to think about and analyze things in his life. “It’s a great way to see the country. It’s like a vacation except you’re told where to go, which is great because you see places you would never choose to visit.” For example, he said there’s a small town in Iowa he’s traveled through that has tulips with such bright colors, “it almost hurts your eyes.” continued >

“My most spectacular experience was in Wyoming, where I saw two bald eagles feeding on an antelope. Most people don’t see one bald eagle in their entire life,” he said. “I’m sure glad Ben Franklin lost the argument to have the turkey as the national bird.” Those trips have given Philip years of experience, which Karen said is very evident in his approach to his job. “While his goal every day is safety, he is humbled by the fact that he has reached this pinnacle in his career,” she said. “When asked by another driver, ‘How do you do it?’ Phil responded, ‘One day at a time.’” Since the million mile award inception in 1986, J.B. Hunt has awarded 2,922 drivers a total of $16.9 million. Philip Horton and Carrie Schultz attend J.B. Hunt Million Mile ceremony on Oct. 14.

At the October 14 2, 3 and 4 million mile awards ceremony, Philip and his girlfriend, Carrie

Schultz, were on hand to accept his award. “It’s an incredible feat,” Carrie said. She also pointed out that he is very careful, which she attributes to his driving career success. “This 4 million mile award is not only an acknowledgment of Phil's dedication to safe driving, but an encouragement to the entire J.B. Hunt driving force," Karen said. "Safe driving is not just something you hope for, but something you achieve through hard work and determination." Our drivers know the most effective way to get the job done is to do it safely—they’re the best drivers in the industry, and reaching a million miles is an extraordinary accomplishment. Stay tuned: We will feature the most recent Million Mile Ceremony in the January issue of Today.

The J.B. Hunt Employee Community Connections, your employee community, is undergoing a redesign, and you will first notice a few cosmetic changes as well as new name—the J.B. Hunt Employee Community. The site url has also changed from to Along with the new look comes bigger changes, and we expect to complete the new site in early 2011. Once

completed, the J.B. Hunt Employee Community will have improved content, usability and navigation, allowing you to easily find the information you need. Our goal is to create a more user-friendly site that contains the tools, resources and content you’re looking for.   You will continue to sign on to the J.B. Hunt Employee Community as you’ve signed on to Connections.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see on the new employee community. Please send your comments or suggestions to Today Fall 2010 13


What is the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) that I am hearing drivers talk about?


This is a very important program that generates a report containing YOUR inspection and crash data. I highly recommend you get a copy of the report (it costs $10). Look it over and make certain the data on your report is accurate. We all know how proud you are of your driving record, and rightly so. Let’s make certain the system is keeping track of inspection and crash data correctly. This program is a result of a system to make safety performance information electronically available for preemployment screening purposes, mandated by an act passed by Congress in 2005. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) believes making this driver data available to potential employers and operator-applicants will improve the quality of safety data and help employers make more informed decisions when hiring commercial drivers. PSP allows motor carriers and individual drivers to purchase driving records from the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). The driver must first grant written permission for the carrier to purchase the information, and the information is only for pre-employment screening. Records are available 24 hours a day via Web request. The information contains the five most recent years of crash data and three years of roadside inspection data from the MCMIS. Remember, the MCMIS requires all states to report crashes involving a truck or bus with a defined severity criteria to the MCMIS crash file, which the FMCSA maintains. PSP is a voluntary program for carriers. Again, motor carriers may request Driver Information Resource records solely for the purpose of conducting pre-employment screening and only with the operator-applicant’s written 14 Today Fall 2010

Craig Harper Chief Operations Officer

consent. Motor carriers, including J.B. Hunt, can only obtain this report with the driver’s written permission. J.B. Hunt obtains the proper release from new applicants in order to get a PSP report to use in the hiring process. We do not order PSP reports on current drivers. You can order your own PSP report by going to: Once you are on the website, you will need: >> Your current driver’s license number >> A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) >> A valid e-mail address >> In order to provide a full history, any driver's license number you've held in the last five years. You should receive your report immediately. If you find any misinformation as you review the report, go to the flowing website for data correction: login.asp" I see this program as a “good thing.” By making the information readily available, it should assist good drivers in making certain all the information on their individual record is correct. It does emphasize the importance of driving for a company that puts safety first and has a topnotch maintenance program. Do you have a question you’d like to ask Craig Harper, J.B. Hunt's Chief Operations Officer? Simply send an e-mail message to or mail your questions to: J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. Corporate Communication, Ask Craig, P.O. Box 130 Lowell, AR 72745

Questions and their answers will be published in upcoming editions of Today.

Winter Weather

Planning Ahead


reparing for the winter weather can be an adventure.

In an eight-hour time frame, the weather can go from sunny and 60 degrees in one state to 20 degrees and snowing in another. Knowing the safest route to take whether working or at home is vital. There are several different warnings and advisories for winter weather you should be familiar with. Freezing rain or freezing drizzle advisory: Freezing precipitation is expected but with minimal accumulation. When accumulation is expected to be above 1/4 inch, an advisory changes to an ice storm warning. Snow advisory: Issued when less than 4 inches of snow is expected. When heavier amounts of snow are expected, then a snow advisory is changed to a winter storm warning. Winter weather advisory: Issued when there is a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain or drizzle, and conditions are expected to cause "significant inconveniences or may be hazardous" but not considered dangerous to life or property.

Winter storm watch: Within the next 24-36 hours, 6 inches or more of snow are expected or 3 inches of snow with an ice accumulation of more than 1/4 inch. Winter storm warning: High probability of at least 4 to 6 inches of snow or 3 inches of snow with ice accumulation of more than 1/4 inch. Issued within 12 hours of expected arrival or when a significant winter storm is likely or is already occurring. Considered a potential threat to life and property. Blizzard watch: Within the next 24-36 hours, a storm with winds of 35 mph or more with dangerous wind chills is expected. Blizzard warning: Issued for sustained winds or gusts of over 35 mph with reduced visibility less than 1/4 mile. Blizzard conditions expected for 3 hours with temperatures below 20 degrees and dangerous wind chills. Considered a potential threat to life and property. Wind chill warning: Wind chill temperatures are below -10 degrees and these conditions are considered life threatening. The wind chill is not the actual air temperature, but how cold the air feels to the skin.

National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart

Today Fall 2010 15

J.B. Hunt Employees Deliver Hope

W 401(k) Company hen 10-year-old Angel walked into J.B. Hunt’s fourth floor boardroom Friday, Aug. 27, her eyes lit up as she was welcomed by a room full of surprises and J.B. Hunt employees.

Angel is going to Disney World in October. Cortney Carlson (far left in above photo), a J.B. Hunt employee and Make A Wish volunteer, helped make this event possible through her enthusiasm, endless energy and dedication.

Match Reinstated

The cake at the center of the table said it all—Angel’s going to Disney World through the Make A Wish Foundation and the generosity of J.B. Hunt employees. Our weekly jeans days have helped make Angel’s wish possible. When the Make A Wish Foundation visited Angel, who is from Rogers, Ark., in April 2009, she knew exactly what her wish would be. She wanted to go to the place “with the commercials on TV;” a place where she gets to be a princess for the day—Walt Disney World. Due to treatment and other conflicts, Angel has not been able to fulfill her wish. Now, due to the generosity of J.B. Hunt employees, 16 Today Fall 2010

ceeded our Make A Wish goal, and we were able to grant another special gift to Jillian, an 11-year-old girl. A northwest Arkansas doctor’s office approached us about a very specific need for Jillian and her family.

This event was also made possible through the donation of products from: Disney Products, Mazzio’s Pizza, Shelby Lynn’s, Esthetiques, School Squared, Sign Sealed Delivered, Threads, and 3 Monkeys Children’s Boutique. After looking through her gifts and enjoying some pizza and cake, Angel and her family were surprised to find a limo in front of J.B. Hunt to take them home. Her gifts and balloons were loaded in the car with her, and the bright smile that made its appearance when she walked through J.B. Hunt’s doors was still on her face.

Surpassing our goal Because of the overwhelming support of J.B. Hunt employees, we ex-

Through J.B. Hunt’s Delivering Hope program, we were able to purchase a communication board that will make it possible for Jillian to learn to communicate with her family and doctors. We found out Jillian’s uncle works at J.B. Hunt, and he was able to make the special delivery to the family. continued >

Jillian’s mom sent an e-mail thanking J.B. Hunt employees. She said one of the hardest setbacks the family has had to deal with is that Jillian cannot talk. “We’ve managed to care for her to the best of our ability, but one of our biggest fears is that she will be in such pain that she cannot tell us, and that is exactly what happened this week.” She said, “We are so very grateful to the J.B. Hunt family. It means so much to us to know that a company will give beyond what is asked of them. Many people

are deaf, and there are cochlear implants/hearing aids to help them hear. Many people are blind, and there is the language of Braille to help them ‘see.’ And many, as is Jillian, are mute. One of the greatest joys of parents is to hear their child say I love you. By the thoughtfulness and generosity of the J.B. Hunt employees, our daughter has been given a voice through a communication board; a voice that may someday say, "I love you mommy" or "I love you daddy" and make us the happiest parents in the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Constellation Wines U.S. Core Carrier


uring a joint meeting Sept. 21, 2010, Constellation Wines U.S. (CWUS) named J.B. Hunt a Core Carrier, which is the highest rating the company gives its carriers. In a letter to J.B. Hunt, CWUS says, "J.B. Hunt's intermodal group has demonstrated its ability to share an understanding of CWUS's freight objectives, their interest and ability for continuous joint process improvements, multi-mode capabilities, and ease of doing business." CWUS listed the following as reasons for naming J.B. Hunt a Core Carrier: >> CWUS values J.B. Hunt's ability to integrate at all levels of management and operations with CWUS to develop a high level of services and communication, as exemplified by its commitment to manage the peak season shipping needs. >>

a good reputation along the supply chain of CWUS including at origin warehouses and our distributor receiving warehouses. >> The communications with the Transportation Management Team regarding freight claims, security seal breaches, and responsive nature of all their customer service personnel all add to the desirability of doing business with J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt manages its business very well, creating Today Fall 2010 17

401(k) Easy Enroll Did you know that J.B. Hunt has made it easier than ever to change your 401(k) contribution rate? More than ever, your financial future is up to you. So, it's always a good idea to ask yourself if you could be contributing more. To begin contributing or to increase your contribution rate, just visit the J.B. Hunt Employee Community and click on "My Information," "Benefits" and then "401(k) Easy Enroll." You can begin contributing or increase your contribution rate at just the click of a button!

J.B. Hunt Supports Bill to Electronically Monitor Trucks


n Wednesday, Sept. 29, five major transportation companies, including J.B. Hunt, announced their support for legislation that would require interstate trucking companies to install electronic on-board recorders in all trucks to verify the duty status of their truck drivers. An electronic on-board recorder, or EOBR, is an electronic device attached to a commercial vehicle and is used to record the amount 18 Today Fall 2010

of time a vehicle is being driven. The Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act was introduced by U.S. Senators Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn. They said this legislation "will improve the safety of highways by requiring commercial truckers to use technology that tracks their hours of service." J.B. Hunt has placed several EOBRs in trucks whose drivers who have volunteered to use them. Look for more information about electronic on-board recorders, including some feedback from these drivers, in the January issue of Today.

Driver Appreciation Week


n early October, 14 teams participated in the annual Haslet, Texas, Golf Tournament as part of Driver Appreciation Week. Teams were made up of drivers, managers, customers and rail partners. The four-man scramble winners pictured.


From left to right: Gilberto Valdez; Marc Fowler; Richard Doarn, J.B. Hunt Intermodal operations manager and tournament host; Dan Fernandez; and Gary Shelton.

Number of pork butts smoked


Haslet, Texas, also held a barbecue for its drivers. Richard Doarn, J.B. Hunt Intermodal operations manager, said they fed more than 200 people with the help of the drivers manning the barbecue and serving other drivers for almost 20 hours.


Number of briskets smoked

Cases of sausages smoked


Large pot of beans Today Fall 2010 19

Million-Mile Achievements Congratulations to the following J.B. Hunt Transport drivers on their million-mile achievements: Arthur Latios Richard Leheny Guillermo Leon Joseph Muller Robert Murray Winston Norris Daryl Smith Jan Stypulkowski


On September 16, 2010, Eli Harvey presented Mike Burns with his 1 million-mile award.

JUNE 2010 4 Million-Mile Driver Philip Fortin 2 Million-Mile Driver Elvis Burns 1 Million-Mile Drivers David Bradford Timothy Clampitt* Michael Garrett* James Grogan Michael Keane Michael Moy Mathew Purdy*

Charles Youngs Gary Weathers

JULY 2010 2 Million-Mile Driver Joe Garcia 1 Million-Mile Drivers Jeffrey Batdorf Jon Brock Patrick Delapaz Rodolfo Flores Julius Graham* Daniel Kohler

2 Million-Mile Drivers Paul Bicket Leo Fleming Sammie Hathorn Charles Miller* Elmo Terrell

Raymond Vanwagner* Lelian Woods*

SEPTEMBER 2010 3 Million-Mile Drivers Steven Kirschbaum Richard Love 1 Million-Mile Drivers Mike Farrell David Giacobbe Larry Kotrla Edwin Pereira Charles Rudolph Anthony Smith* Felipe Vasquez Ronald White

1 Million-Mile Drivers Larry Fallis* Billy Farmer Mark Fullen Rachid Hamama Gregory Kersh David Key John Martin Melvin Maxey* Gregory McElwain Michael Miller Bennie Mitchell

*These drivers reached their million miles without any preventable collisions.

Congratulations to our Central Dispatch Drivers of the Month JULY 2010

Howard Clark Charles Hall Ronald McFarland* Eddie Sidler

AUGUST 2010 Derrick Caddell Charles Farrell* Andrea Lewis Jeffery Mullins

*Road Star 20 Today Fall 2010

SEPTEMBER 2010 Lamar Hollyfield Alfonso Colbert Peter Connolly Mack Lambeth* Brian Robinson

These drivers have consistently provided the best in customer service, excellent safety records and a positive attitude.

Drivers of the Month DCS Drivers of the Month

Reggie Mays Final Mile Fort Worth, Texas June 2010

T.C. Lewiszedd Final Mile Hayward, Calif. June 2010

Donnell Castro AGC Flat Glass Quakertown, Pa. June 2010

Lemuel "Red" Williams Weyerhaeuser Tampa, Fla. June 2010

Dennis Henry Southern States Winchester, Ky. June 2010

Luis Jaiman Big Y Foods Springfield, Mass. July 2010

John Owensby JC Penney Buena Park, Calif. July 2010

Stan Ray Final Mile Nitro, W.V. July 2010

William Shores PrimeSource Atlanta, Ga. July 2010

Timothy Thirion Regional Dray Minneapolis, Minn. July 2010

Davie Wright CHEP Garland, Texas July 2010

Herold Buettner Limited Logistics Services Reynoldsburg, Ohio August 2010

David Burnley Rite Aid Baltimore, Md. August 2010

Troy Jones Orchard Supply Tracy, Calif. August 2010

Raymond Robinson Target Midway, Ga. August 2010

Michael St. Clair Jack in the Box Dallas, Texas August 2010

Lawrence Wilson PolyOne Lemont, Ill. August 2010

Juan Franjul Weyerhaeuser Jacksonville, Fla. September 2010

Today Fall 2010 21

Drivers of the Month DCS Drivers of the Month

Jaime Gonzalez Jack in the Box Phoenix, Ariz. September 2010

Bob Knapp Cargill Batavia, N.Y. September 2010

Kirk Rush Murry's Upper Marlboro, Md. September 2010

Thomas Taylor PETCO Joliet, Ill. September 2010

Fredrick White Anheuser Busch Houston, Texas September 2010

Intermodal Drivers of the Month

Elvis Burns Kansas City, Kan. June 2010

Brian Pyfer Morrisville, Pa. June 2010

Jerry Harris Memphis, Tenn. July 2010

Robert Holladay Kansas City, Kan. July 2010

Wayne Wheeler Elizabeth, N.J. July 2010

John Gugliotti Middletown, Pa. August 2010

Chris Myers Kansas City, Kan. August 2010

Larry Ocheltree Memphis, Tenn. August 2010

Brian Coleman Memphis, Tenn. September 2010

Joy Stoll Kansas City, Kan. September 2010

Please submit your Drivers of the Month to 22 Today Fall 2010

Maintenance – Accident Free!

Austell, Ga. 6 years accident free

Houston, Texas 6 years accident free

Fowler, Calif. 5 years accident free

Today Fall 2010 23

Maintenance – Accident Free!

Kansas City, Kan. - 4 years accident free

Niles, Ohio - 1 year accident free

St. Louis, Mo. - 1 year accident free

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