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Achievements: HuskyTHON: As most ofThis you year may our know, chapter, the university once again, nowparticipated has an accreditationinprogram the campus for all wide Greek charity organizations fundraising called event “Project Arete”. known This requires as HUSKYTHON. fraternities This andevent, sororities as imto complete assuming certain tasks most and of you comply know,with is ancertain 18-hour long requirements. Thisdance year, our marathon chapter toreceived raise money a status for the of Gold chapter. OneConnecticut’s of only three chapters Childrento Medical do so. Center Our results and The in Children’s this program Miraclewere: Network Hospitals. Last year, as a university we raised 156,000 • Our Academic Achievement: 61.5% (as roughly a result of This year, falling belowdollars. all men's gpa avg)our chapter had 33 particiapants in • Chapter Management: 97.4%Huskthon, and raised Champions Quest: Philanthropy: $6,967.50. As we move towards the end of this academic year, This past Fall Epsilon-Zeta heldThe our event annual • semester, Recruitment and Retention: 97.2%was an amazing experience for all of asawe got to spend we are proud to say that we will have brought “Knockout for Military Heroes” Philanthropy event. Itus, was • Membership Development: 100% timethat with theseout kids their families. The many more quality brothers in to our chapter. In knockout basketball tournament reached toand all the • Campus and Community Involvement: 100% amount both the Fall and Spring semesters, our rush other Greek organizations onuniversity campus asupped well asthe many non- raised last year • on External 95% byevent a large amount, raising committees ran outstanding programs, bringing in affiliated students campus.Relations: The raised around Five $188,558.51. • all OVERALL: 91.4% Nineteen great brothers in the Fall and currently Hundred dollars, of which was donated to the Military having Fourteen pledges this Spring, all who seem Heroes Campaign. This spring semester, we are going to be to have bright futures ahead of them in Kappa holding a Backyard Olympics that willwe consist a variety offor 11 different In the OFSLawards, wereofnominated Sigma. We look forward to these new members contests and awards games, also that will benefit the Military heroes and won 4 different awards, the most of any chapter. th Upcoming Alumni leading our chapter to a higher standing in the Campaign. This event will be heldWe on Sunday, April 17 . All were nominated for:areEvents: future. welcome to attend, and any donations would be greatly • Community Semi-Formal : 4/15 - This will cost a • Outstanding Involvement appreciated as all the money is being donated to such a totalScholar of $115 per couple to attend. • Outstanding Greek wonderful cause.

• Recruitment Alumni BBQ – 4/16 – Kappa Sigma • Outstanding and Retention House in Husky Village . *If you have any questions about this event, please contact • Outstanding New Member Program David Griggs(978-808-4224). • Outstanding Risk Management and Reduction Ritual: • Outstanding Campus Involvement This semester, learning the ritual is something that • Excellence in Ritual and Values has been taken very seriously, led by our Grand Master of Ceremonies, Nick Carroll. As of now, with A Thank You to our Alumni: • Outstanding Membership Development Program the exception of a few newly initiated brothers, our As we are the largest fraternity at the • Outstanding Chapter President entire chapter has at least one level of ritual University Connecticut, having 83 active • Outstanding ExternalofRelations Program proficiency, with 15 brothers having received at members, it would be impossible for our • Fraternity Man of the Year least a second level. This is a number that we hope chapter to be successful and thrive at this to increaseas the semester goes on. university without the guidance and support of We ended up winning: our alumni brothers. We thank all of you very • Outstanding Greek Scholar-won by Jeffrey Farrell with much for helping all of us, not only as a cumulative GPAof 3.85. undergraduates, but also in our transition out • OutstandingofRecruitment college and and into Retention. the working world. • Excellence in Ritual and Values. • Outstanding External Relations Program.

For all alumni brothers receiving this newsletter, we ask that you pleaserespond to the following questions. We hope that these questions will build further relations between alumni brothers and undergraduates, as well as provide resources for help for our future-graduating brothers. •

What is your name and bond number?

What pledge class were you a member of?

Where are you from?

Where do you live now that you have graduated?

What year did you begin school/graduate from school?

What was your major?

What positions did you hold within the chapter?

Where are you currently working?

How did you go about finding a job?

Did you have any connections that helped you find the job you have?

Are you in any position to help future graduating brothers find a job? If so, how?

**If all alumni brothers can pleaserespond to these questions through e-mail to the Alumni Relations Committee, this would be greatly appreciated! Our contact info is below. Pleasefeel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Contact Info: Brian Zahn – (301-758-7176) – Adam Lambert – (860-234-0723) –

--Edited By: Brian Zahn

Kappa Sigma Rush  

Draft of possible rush schedule

Kappa Sigma Rush  

Draft of possible rush schedule