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Eden’s Edge

Eden’s Edge Envisions

To be major health care hub in Southeast Asia; a MECCA for people who wish to be cured not only their physical ailments but to be nurtured of their spiritual needs as well. As real estate developers, we envision ourselves as pioneers in an industry still in its incipient stage. We see ourselves as a major force in changing the face of health care and bringing it to level that patients and the elderly really deserve. Above all, we wish to be a major contributor to our nation’s drive towards absolute economic sustainability. Thereby improving our country a better place to raise a family once again.

Eden’s Edge The Project The Plan... To spearhead the development of an eco-tourism, resort and retirement project in Puerto Princesa, Palawan that caters to ever increasing global demand for healthcare services like medical tourism and elderly care. Incidentally, the concept is perfectly aligned with Palawan’s local government’s thrust of safeguarding the regions most valued economic treasure – its resources. To create and introduce a one stop medical tourism facilities for medical care, long term nursing care, and all other aspects of medical tourism. Eden’s Edge is a landscape preparation or real estate development that is meaning to capitalize in weaving an environment conscious community that will give the highest regard for health and wellness. A place where one can build a lasting relationship with nature. At Eden’s Edge, to own a real estate is a privilege not just an opportunity......

At this point, the developer wishes to invite all interested parties in this first-of-a-kind land preparation in the city of Puerto Princesa, the goals of which, is to unite all advocates for land development and progress, and all other commercial and institutional entrepreneurs who believes, as we do, that modernization and the preservation of mother nature’s resources are both of utmost importance and are not totally irreconcilable.

Eden’s Edge

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Eden's Edge