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Family Child Care Newsletter June 2014

From the Coordinator Please encourage your FCC parents attend the Monthly Parent Advisory Board (PAB) find out what exciting things are happening for children. Summer is here and so it the warmer weather, please enjoy the outdoor play areas and be cognizant of Moose and Bears while playing outdoors. Awareness of your surroundings and constant supervision is the key to keeping your children safe. Melissa

Expanded Child Care (ECC) ECC is an AF Program to assist parents who have to participate in Base Exercises, have Guard/Reserve Weekend Duty or have Additional Child Care needs due to a Active Duty spouse’s Deployment/TDY of 30 days or more. Providers interested in expanding their business and becoming an ECC provider, complete the Cyber Awareness training located at cyberchallenge/launchPage.htm. Click on the link marked Launch Cyber Awareness Challenge Department of Defense Version. Once the training is completed, print the certificate and send a copy to the FCC office. Your request will be forwarded to the FCC Panel for approval.

Special Dates 7-8 Jun - UTA Weekend - Air Force/ ARMY 4 Jun, 1200 – PAB, Bldg 600, FSF Conf Rm 14 Jun – Flag Day 15 Jun – Father’s Day 16 Jun – New ECC Requests accepted (JulySep) 25 Jun - Provider update due for Jul spaces 30 Jun – 1500-1700, Picnic –playground across from FCC 30 Jun–1800-2000 Lending Library 30 Jun – Training Assignment Due Ms. Ashley Knupp JBER 2013 Family Child Care Provider of the Year

Parent Involvement Activity Parents, please join us (the providers and your children) on 30 Jun 1500-1700. Our Parent involvement activity will be a picnic at FCC Park. Pack a snack for your children and join us for an afternoon. The park is located on 10th Street adjacent to the FCC Building.

Ms Knupp was presented with her award on 9 May by (L to R) Melissa Wesley (FCC Coordinator), Kathie De Shasier, Chief, Warfighter and Family Services, Ms Knupp, and Lt Col Kelly Sams Commander 673 Force Support Squadron for her outstanding contributions to her FCC families and their children in 2013.

Provider Apprecia-on  Day     9  May  2014  

Parent Information We hope you had the opportunity to extend your appreciation to your FCC Provider in celebration of FCC Provider Appreciation Day. Above are some of the providers that we visited to say “Thank You” to. FCC is a special program for parents that want a different environment for their children and sometimes older siblings. It is a home, low ratios, can better meet the work schedule and children ages 2 weeks to 8 can stay together. The same guidelines, training, and inspections are used as in the CDC and school age programs. Parent involvement: The combined CDC/FCC Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meets the 1st Wed of each month, 1200, Bldg 600, in the Warfighter and Family Services Conference room. You are always welcome to stop by your FCC home and spend some quality time with your child, have a snack or share by reading or participating in an activity . We will be planning some joint activities that parents will be welcome to attend over the next few months.

CHILD CARE FOR PCS The Child Care for PCS Program is intended to help relieve some of the stress felt by families in the process of a PCS move. The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) will pay up to 20 hours of child care (per child) in licensed FCC homes on base or in AF affiliated homes off base.

USDA Food Program Just a few reminders for June: If you are planning on continuing to claim your own children on the food program, please turn in a completed Confidential Income Statement along with a copy of your husband’s LES, and receipts of what the parent’s paid in the month of May along with any other necessary documents. If you need a copy of the Confidential Income Statement, please e-mail me and I will send you one. Please e-mail me with any vacation dates you will be closed.

Air Force families with PCS orders can obtain a Child Care for PCS Certificate at the base Relocation Office in the Family Support Center. Families can receive a certificate at both the base from which they are departing and at their new base. Certificates are good only at the base at which they are issued--unused hours do not transfer from one base to another. Families may use the 20 hours of child care within 60 days before the family's departure from a base, and 60 days after arriving at the new base. This program is open to all ranks unless there are a shortage of child care providers at the base in which case priority would be given to junior ranking personnel.

CHILD CARE FOR VOLUNTEERS If you choose to take advantage of the great weather we are having and take the children on a picnic remember to follow all of the USDA required food guidelines. You can still claim the lunch. Example of a good, creditable, picnic lunch: Whole Wheat Bread, Ham & Cheese, Carrot Sticks, Watermelon cubes, Chocolate Milk. Sue This institution is an equal opportunity employer

Note: Any individual conducting child care services in base housing for more than ten hours per week on a regular basis must be a licensed family child care provider.

Recognizing the importance of volunteers to the base community, the AFAS provides funding for the Child Care for Volunteers program. The AFAS will provide up to $1000 per month to pay child care expenses in AF licensed or affiliated FCC homes for volunteers who are engaged in supporting programs, which benefit the AF community. This funding is not meant to replace other moneys that may be available for this purpose, but rather, to provide additional funds to increase the number of volunteers at a base. It is hoped that this funding will be used to support as many volunteers as possible who work at a variety of agencies throughout the base. It should be noted that this program is not meant to pay for child care for volunteers in resale (Thrift Shop), fund raising, or social activities. Contact the FCC Office for additional information

FCC newsletter jun 3  
FCC newsletter jun 3