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How Your Web Design and Logo Reflect on Your Brand Many web designers as we have often seen tend to overlook the importance of colors when they are in the process of designing of web sites. It is very important that we do realize the relevance we should give it to the colors in designing the websites. This article will deal with the colors that have to be used. One of the primary concerns while designing the site should be colors. In case you do not give colors the essential importance then result that will be driven is that either your website will end up to be too plain or there would be difficult to read the content present in it. The colors you are selecting should be taken for a clear prescription once you have properly though about the impact they would have on the feel of the site. As a matter fact the web browsers can see only 256 colors but this number is also not sure as not all browsers share the same 256 pallet combination. At present the browsers share the same 216 pallet. So it is essential that when you are considering choosing the color combination then do select the 216 pallet. In case you go beyond the 216 pallet then you will take up the colors that are beyond the pallet capacity of many browsers. In such cases the computer has to resort to dithering wherein there is a mixing of the color to make the colors that are not present in the pallet. This will not produce good results making the reading of the text very hard as the text will be placed on top of the dithered dots. Hence it is essential that you use browser safe colors for the design element as it will make the readability easy. Be sure that you use some of the browser colors with caution.

If you go outside the 216 color pallet you start to use colors that do not exist within that browser. The browser has to mix the colors that do not exist. In order for the browser to display the color, it needs to take tiny dots from the colors native to that browser to come up with an approximate color. This is known as dithering. Some displays will distort the tiny dots to the point where the image is so speckled that it does not appear to be a solid color. This makes text very hard to read if it is placed over the dithered color. Austin Web Design uses a browser safe color when using solid color as a design element. Some of the browser safe colors should be used with caution though. It is quite essential to remember like all the other muscles get tired the eye muscles also do get tired. So it is essential that you do not use extreme contrast colors as they will have an impact on the reading. Use colors like yellow and red as they attract attention very easily. But ensure that you use them in few areas where you want the attention to be really diverted like the areas of important information. So while you are in the process of designing website do ensure that you get the right colors in the right areas. If you are new business, or even an existing business, you know how important getting your brand name out to the masses is. Getting a good brand reputation is very important to the number of clients or customers that you will have returning to your place of business and telling their associates about you. This in turn equals more business for you. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that your logo and brand are two different things all together. Your logo and website are designed and built to represent your brand. Logo design can help you create a logo for your business that will do just that, represent what you are trying to say about your business from the first look. Houston web design will then take that logo and incorporate it into website that explains exactly what services you will be providing the potential customers. Merging the two together will create an image of excellence that you want to become known for. Web design and logo design are the ones that can give you a great finished product. For More Information Visit

How Your Web Design and Logo Reflect on Your Brand