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Ammonia Free Hair Color Women who wear mainstream cosmetic products may use as 175 different chemicals to their bodies every day. Most popular beauty products contain a vast of chemicals. The main groups are three cosmetics in particular: Today, there are millions of women who make use of hair color regularly. In fact, according to statistics about 60% of women color the hair regularly, making the industry to be a very big one with billions of dollars spent annually. The increase in demand has made it possible for different types of products to be released into the market, some of which are not helpful to the user or the environment. Many of them contain harmful chemicals which damage the body with time. One of those chemicals is ammonia, and there are different campaigns for ammonia-free hair color. For your own good, you should always embrace ammonia-free hair color. These are the ways of identifying such products: 1. Make sure the product gives you conditioning and lasting color with the use of aloe vera. Products containing this ingredient are always enriched with vegetable ingredients to give you a beautiful, long-lasting color. 2. It should be 100% premium henna because henna helps in improving your natural color. Henna seals and coats the hair shaft, strengthening and protecting it for gleaming lustrous hair. Products containing this ingredient are plant-based to give you a healthy hair that will last for a long time, instead of depending on harsh chemicals.

Organic hair color is very important in order to be free from the dangers that millions of order people are facing as a result of the use of bad hair care products. You can

even go for the products that have essential oils and other natural ingredients that bring out the beauty of your natural color. However, you should note that the lasting effects will always determine the nature of color products. A color may be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, and organic hair colors give the same effect. The key ingredients used in the product for ammonia-free hair color which are organic in nature are the extracts of different plants which can easily change the color of your hair. In addition, they are blended with plant extracts beneficial for the volume and growth of the hair, which is the reason for the use of henna as a major component. Many of the ingredients found in ammonia-free hair color products also maintain protein balance and moisture of the hair because of the need to maintain the natural look. Some other important ingredients are grapefruit extract, comfrey extracts, chamomile, orange peels, etc. The most common groups of products under the ammonia-free hair color products are the organic ones. However, before using the products, it is important to go for a patch test to make sure that the color you are interested in is right for your skin type to prevent any form of irritation or allergy after the application. To do a quick test, you may apply a small portion of it to your elbow and examine what happens after about 30 minutes. If there is no negative result that means that the color may be good for you. You may also check the internet for some ammonia-free hair color of good brands which can meet your color needs. If you're looking for the Board Certified Hair colorist, then this article is for you. These Austin hair color specialists represent the best in the business. They are dedicated to providing exceptional hairstyling and hair color to every client using advanced techniques to achieve classic and contemporary styles based on the ideal of beauty as a lifestyle. For More Information Visit

Ammonia Free Hair Color