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All you need To Know about Aquarium When setting up an aquarium it is very important that you build up the natural habitat for them so that they remain healthy and can breed. It would be cruel if you do not provide them their right environment. Do not take care of a fish if you want it to merely survive. It is crucial that they remain healthy otherwise they are better off in the wild. The easiest way to do it is provide them with freshwater aquarium plants. There are primarily four types of freshwater aquarium plants: Ferns, Rosette, Moses and stem plants. Every category of such plants has their own pros and cons. Stem plants and rosettes are flowering plants, Stem plants are easier to grow than Rosette, but rosette would surely be the centre piece of your aquarium if you have the time to give it extra attention and the care it requires. However Ferns and mosses are easy to grow and give your aquarium more greener look.

Live freshwater plants for aquarium are the most suitable choice. These plants not only provide a place for fish to hide but also add beauty to your aquarium. There are lot of different species or varieties of plant from which you can choose. The most popular of them are the Riccia and Fairy Moss. One of the good ways of incorporating freshwater aquarium plants is using Rhizomes. This particular plant grows upward and its root spreads over the gravel giving the bottom of the aquarium a lush green carpet look. The freshwater aquarium plants have a lot of benefits. It improves the aeration

and filtration capability. However these plants need light to produce these great benefits. Different species of plants require different intensities of light. Before buying you need to ensure that you have proper lighting system for the aquarium. Another emerging trend is going for fish that can survive in bowl. Regular sized aquariums are difficult to handle and maintain if you have a hectic schedule. Rather betta fish bowls is a good option. This type of bowls are very popular among beginners who does not have an in hand experience of maintaining larger aquariums. The most critical job is having the right habitat n such a small space. You need to be very conscious to keep your fish healthy. Going for right live freshwater aquarium plants and keeping it in right temperature will be a good initiative so that fish survives for a longer time. Not every variety of fish can live in a bowl. Goldfish is one fish that can survive in a bowl. Guppy is another fish that can live in a bowl comfortably. The goldfish can live up to 10 years and even longer if taken care, but most surprisingly most of the people can’t make it survive even for a year. One of the prime reasons of them becoming sick is the poor water quality. Make sure you change the water of the bowl regularly to keep them healthy. Fish need a lot of care so that it can thrive in fresh water. Make sure you take care of them. Do not make your hobby a curse on them.

All you need To Know about Aquarium  
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