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Daisy joins the campaign in Felixstowe to save the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Centre.

Election Communication - Suffolk Coastal

Daisy Cooper your local candidate About Daisy  Local girl Daisy Cooper grew up in Walberswick, attended local schools and is proud to have played in the Suffolk Youth Orchestra.  After achieving a Masters’ Degree in Public International Law, Daisy went on to work at the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit.  For the last four years she has worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat, helping strengthen democracy, development and human rights in countries around the world.  At 28, Daisy is one of the UK’s youngest directors of a charitable trust, which publishes an international affairs journal. Daisy is also a governor of a primary school.  An energetic and effective campaigner for cleaner politics and a fairer, greener Britain, Daisy will be a strong and capable voice for Suffolk Coastal.

To support Daisy’s campaign visit or write to: Daisy Cooper, FREEPOST NAT 15494, Woodbridge IP12 4BR facebook - Daisy Cooper for Suffolk Coastal twitter - daisy4coastal . Published and promoted by Barry Slater on behalf of Daisy Cooper, Liberal Democrats, both at Yew Tree Cottage, The Street, Middleton IP17 3NJ. Printed by Leiston Press, Unit 1B, Masterlord Industrial Estate, Leiston IP16 1XS.

It’s time for a Real change

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My pledge to you “I was born and raised here on the Suffolk coast. I grew up in Walberswick and went to local schools. I have family across the constituency. I know this area, I love this area and I believe we deserve better.

Getting the economy right “You only need to look down Hamilton Road in Felixstowe or the Woodbridge Thoroughfare to see that the recession is still here. Gordon Brown and the banks let the economy get out of control, with too much debt and a housing bubble. People are paying with their jobs. To get out of this Vince Cable has set out some tough choices, scrapping wasteful spending – like ID cards and NHS bureaucracy – while boosting the economy by cutting personal taxes from the bottom up. We will also crack down on big business and the super rich who exploit tax loopholes and do not pay their fair share, and we will effectively regulate the banks to prevent irresponsible business practices.”

If you elect me as your MP I promise to listen to your concerns, and fight for you and our community. I don’t believe that two-party ‘them and us’ voting is right for our country. I pledge to represent all members of the community. I want to see a fairer, greener and more prosperous Britain. I want our politics cleaned up with more power given back to local people.”

Cleaning up politics “I know that the scandals of MPs’ expenses have undermined people’s faith in our democracy. It is one example of the complacent gentleman’s club that Parliament has become. Just because Labour has had its go at running the country, some people think it is the Tories’ turn again. No. It's time to make a real change. We need to have an open political system that's designed to listen to people and deliver what they need. Everyone should have an equal voice not just people who can pay big donations.”

Four steps to a fairer Britain 1. Fairer taxes to put money back in your pocket You will pay no tax on the first £10,000 you earn – cutting most tax bills by £700

2. A fair chance for every child Smaller class sizes, more money into schools and abolish university tuition fees

3. A fair future: create jobs by making Britain greener Invest in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes

4. A fair deal for you from the politicians Make politicians accountable and give you the right to sack corrupt MPs

The Lib Dem difference The Lib Dems will take action to protect vital frontline NHS services. We will put more police on patrol, restore the pensions earnings link and deliver fair pay for the armed forces. We can make this pledge because we

have identified real savings to pay for it. The Lib Dems are the only party with a plan to balance the country’s books after the recession. The days of uncosted political wish lists are over – even if other parties haven’t realised it yet!

election message  

election message