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Simon joins local councillors to complain about bus overcrowding in Rotherhithe

Simon helping two soldiers raise money the for Hope for Heroes Charity

Simon celebrates with Olympic and Paralympic medalists at the Trafalgar Square celebrations

Simon campaigning to raise awareness of breast cancer

Simon outside Borough High Street Post office during a demonstration against Post Office closures

Simon and the Leader of the Council on the site of new housing development at Chambers Wharf

Simon worked with the community and Southwark Council to save the London Bubble Theatre from closure, after the Arts Council announced plans to end its grant. Simon takes over as Chair of London Bubble in 2009.

Simon Hughes MP launches ENOUGH! Make Youth Violence History. Simon is leading the fight against gun and knife crime in South London.

Simon Hughes h Southwark and Bermondsey Member of Parliament for Nort

ber of Parliament This past year has marked for me 25 years as Mem northern part of for our historic old borough of Bermondsey and the e privilege to have the old borough of Southwark. It has been a hug and most exciting been chosen to represent our part of the largest d, but central and city in Europe. Many public services have improveenough affordable London government have failed to provide lves in financial housing, and many more people have found themse better and more difficulties. My priorities have been to work for ; helping local affordable housing and extended youth services and employment; residents with training, apprenticeships working to reduce supporting those clearly fleeing persecution and violence in our community. k done by my team This is my latest annual report to you, on the wormore information and me on your behalf over recent months. For ctly. I am fully please look at my website or contact me dire h enthusiasm in committed to serving you and our communities wit the year ahead

CONTACT SIMON Write: Simon Hughes MP, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA E-mail: Website: Phone: For help: 020 7403 2860 For anything else: 020 7219 6256 Come to a surgery by booking an appointment. Advice surgeries are held at least four times every month (except August) around the borough.

FIGHTING FOR OLDER PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Simon has worked hard to support the Downside Fisher Club with its new building. He helped to ensure the development of Mellish Fields, and has worked with Southwark Council and Blackfriars Settlement to make sure youth services in SE1 continue after the closure of Charterhouse. Simon supported the bid for a new youth centre on Mint Street Adventure Playground, and worked with Salmon Centre to solve financial problems in their new multimillion pound development. He also jointly initiated the south London campaign ‘ENOUGH! Make Youth Violence History’

During 2007-8, Simon has been Liberal Democrat Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, and in his final months as Liberal Democrat President. In the parliamentary year 0607, Simon contributed 398 times in debate, more than other MP! Simon voted in 78% of divisions, and asked 36 oral parliamentary questions including 5 to the Prime Minister. In 07-08 (to end October) Simon has contributed to 277 debates (currently 16th!), has taken part in 70% of votes, and asked 39 oral parliamentary questions. Simon has introduced a bill to improve rights for leaseholders and initiated debates on the humanitarian

situation in Sri Lanka and on youth violence in London, led major debates opposing attempts to exempt MPs from Freedom of Information, and successfully campaigned to prevent a local gay teenager being sent back to possible execution in Iran. Simon’s parliamentary priorities have included opposing the closure of the Maudsley Hospital emergency clinic and supporting plans for the Cross River Tram and the Olympics, as well as young people in care, disabled people in employment, mobility of blind people, treatment of NHS staff, the future of London police stations, opposing forced marriages and tackling fuel poverty

Published and promoted by Mark Gettleson on behalf of Simon Hughes MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Printed by Park Communications, Alpine Way, London E6 6LA

Simon works closely with the Southwark Pensioners Action Group, meeting them regularly and supporting their campaign to restore the link between earnings and the basic state pension. HE played a key part in their celebration of the centenary of the state pension, joining pensioners at commemorative events in East Street, Southwark Park and elsewhere in the borough. a hosted Simon for reception in pensioners and parliament proposed a Southwark Pensioners Parliament – which will meet for the first time early in 2009. He also attends special events and parties for local people reaching golden and wedding diamond and anniversaries 100th, 105th and even older birthdays!

INTERNATIONAL As well as all his work on local and national issues, Simon is passionate about international affairs – particularly for civil libert ies, human rights and economic justice around the world.

Simon has continued to call for our troops to come home from Iraq; to work for a just and peaceful settlements in Israel, Palest ine Cyprus and Sri Lanka, and to bring democracy to Zimbabwe. He also supports the peaceful struggles of Kashmiri, Kurds and Tamils for self-d etermination. Simon was the co-founder of a new parliamentary group on conflict issues. The group aims to deepen understanding and therefore help reduce violence and conflict around the world. In this capacity, Simon recently chaired a panel of experts looking into the war between Georgia and Russia.

Simon campaigns for carers and people with disabilities in Southwark and their local organisations. He regularly takes up road, pavement, safety, housing and benefits matters for them.

“Your contribution has been first class and it’s always nice to know if I need help or advice you’re there (not just for me but the rest of the constituents of North Southwark and Bermondsey)” SE16 resident, September 2008

Simon’s work for you 2006 - 2008 Simon Hughes has always had a reputation as one of Britain’s hardest working MPs. Since November 2006, Simon has received well over 5000 separate requests for help - below is a pie-chart showing the range of issues you have asked for help with. Other (armed forces, post office, etc) Crime, police & immigration 30% 10%

Housing 40%

Finance - debt, CSA, tax credits

7% 8% 3% 2%

Transport and environment

Education NHS

to Anood Al-Samarai who was elected as the new Riverside councillor in December 2007 and Magali Tang on her marriage in August 2008. to all those who organised and took part in my 25th anniversary celebrations, in particular Sally Burnell for a wonderful ‘This is Your Life’ evening. are offered to those who died after illness, violence or sudden death and their loved ones – especially 14 year old David Idowu. Special thanks for the long public service of Ann Yates, councillor and Mayor, who died in August, and Paddy Hughes, Simon and Jamie’s mum, for all her support for people in Southwark and Bermondsey for over 30 years. This report is paid for from funds made available to each MP to assist them in communicating with and representing their constituents.

Annual Report 2008  
Annual Report 2008  

Simon's Annual Report 2008