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Jordan Bazia’s Animal Farm eBook

Instructions To use this eBook made through iBooks Author you can simply scroll through from page to page. Topics in this eBook will be background information on George Orwell himself for you to get an understanding on why his he wrote the book and the book itself so the satire used within it can be more easily see and/or understood. How Orwell chose to portrait human characteristics and situations through animals will also be discussed. I hope you enjoy reading it.



Background Information

George Orwell and Animal Farm

His real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Blair was born in India in 1903 and later

George Orwell was a writer in the 20th

moved to England with his mother and

century. Orwell was a pseudonym that

sister. He had many jobs, one he found

was used to keep him from embarrassing

made him a propagandist and he hated it

his family once he began writing novels.

so he quit. Animal Farm was the novel 2

that really attributed to his success,

against their farmer and escaping oppres-

there after he was known for his satirical

sion. They do and run the farmer off and

fiction. He decided to write a book that

work towards running a perfect farm.

held large amounts of anti-Stalin ideas

Soon after Old Major dies and two pigs

because of experiences he had in Spain

come up and try to work together to run

while he worked there in 1936. Just be-

the farm, one is very smart and named

fore going there he determined that he

Snowball while the other is very intimi-

was more of a socialist in terms of his po-

dating and powerful named Napoleon.

litical views, but while in Spain he was

The two appear to be working towards

helping Republicans and found himself

the same goal until Napoleon shows his

fleeing for his life from communists who

true nature, betrays Snowball, and runs

were being supported by the Soviet Un-

him off the farm and continues to be

ion. After making a life for himself he

leader of the farm and spread lies about

continued to write which led to his other

Snowball via his right hand pig,

more well known book ‘1984.’

Squealer. After many mishaps and fights with “Snowball”, they were made up and

Animal Farm is a novel that takes place

caused by Napoleon, the pigs that held

on a farm that is made up of talking ani-

all of the power became the very things

mals whose original title was ‘Animal

they and the other animals fought, hu-

Farm: A Fairy Story’. The story begins


with a boar named Old Major having a dream that showed the animals rising up 3

The flag of the farm the animals changed

be a connection between that of the work-

to Animal Farm (pictured above in

ing class and peasants coming together

green) has the images of a hoof and and

which is the foundation of communism

horn which are common characteristics

which was wide spread at the time.

among that animals on the farm. The

For more comparisons between Animal

flag parallels that of the Soviet Russian

Farm and the Russian Revolution, you

flag (in red) that is styled the exact same

can refer to the following chart.

way with only different features. Instead (

of a hoof and horn, it has a hammer and


a sickle. The Soviet flag is supposed to 4


Reflection Of Animal Treatment And That Of Humans A short intro. and recap of the book to keep the ideas fresh in the mind.

It talks a little about the motivations behind and symbolisms in the book. (via 60secondrecap on youtube)

In a story based on actual events during

people in power tended to assume that

his time, Owell was sure to take into con-

the workers and lower classes did not ac-

sideration the common factors of what

tually know what they wanted or what

was happening and why it was happen-

would be good for them. From this as-

ing to these citizens. He noticed how the

sumption they would take matters into 5

their own hands and, much like what Sta-

of propaganda in the the world to per-

lin and Napo-

suade and keep people

leon did,

on certain sides, most

would lead

commonly that of

to a dictator-

those already in

ship and con-

power.Orwell used sat-

tradiction to

ire in his writing

what the

through the attitudes


of the pigs, the ones

were started

holding the power, to-


wards those who may not stand up to their mental ability, the

Orwell also took a look at the personali-

other animals. Snowball was the pig that

ties of the people who were allowing

thought more about the feelings and the

themselves to be completely ruled. And

greater good, he was more for the “peo-

from that comes an observation that

ple� while Napoleon strictly wanted

there is a pattern to how these things

power and took advantage of the lower

come about and how they are played out.

animals. Napoleon takes advantage of

Those who fight for more power often

the other animals wanting equality to

fall to a leader they find to be on their

gain power over them feeding off of their

side but will lead them in the same direc-

wanting it so bad they will sacrifice more

tion. Orwell also alludes to the heavy use 6

than they are aware. The other animals

pressed by another animal but do not re-

believed that being “led� by another ani-


mal, Napoleon, that they would have

One way these animals are kept from no-

their best interests in mind and fail to re-

ticing what is going on is the work of

alize what is actually going on. Much like

Squealer, a pig that is close to Napoleon.

under the leadership of Stalin it became

Squealer talks directly to the animals

less about together in

and is more

power, but more together

of an in-

under a power.

between for

The animals that are actu-

them and Na-

ally doing all of the work

poleon so

and are being taken advan-


tage of, all though they do

they have a

not know so, stand a

problem he

chance to overthrow Napo-

is there to

leon and his fellow pigs but cannot come

calm them down and spin the situation.

to that conclusion. This could be an opti-

One instance within the book is when

mistic view from Orwell while also being

the pigs are caught breaking one of the

sad at the same time because these ani-

rules that was decided on by everyone

mals can do something about being sup-

and when the rules are looked at they have been changed. A couple of the ani7

mals suspect that that they have been

used the two main character as an outlet

but are not quite sure and Squealer

to show the personalities and true inten-

comes along to explain that what the

tions of the two real life people.

pigs are doing is actually okay and that the other animals have misread or misunderstood. This character is a representation of a “spin doctor” who takes the actions of well known people in the public eye and making them not as bad as they actually are. From Orwell’s perspective this may take jabs at how hard people work to get away with wrongdoing instead of simply just not doing anything wrong. The two main pigs in the book, Snowball and Napoleon, are set to parallel Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin, who were two figureheads during the Russian Revolution. This was a part of Orwell’s writing, he also made it his mission while writing to “make political writing and art.” He 8


Peer Pressure And The "Bandwagon Effect"

Another satirical point that Orwell

mals to give into. The sheep go around

makes in Animal Farm is how people

and constantly praise Napoleon and

tend to be so concerned with fitting in

shout what the other animals are to feed

they do not try to stir the pot. To get this

into. This creates a sense of many know-

point across the sheep are used to create

ing and believing so they should too, al-

a bandwagon effect for the rest of the ani-

though the sheep are not that bright and 9

easily manipulated. Throughout the

Boxer, a horse and strongest animal on

story once the farm is reclaimed and the

the farm, is also known for his strong

Commandments are set, the sheep go

support of whatever he is told to do,

around shouting “four legs good, two

even when it sends him to a glue factory.

legs bad” to enforce that the animals

He believes in what Napoleon is saying

should stick together to fight those who

so much and the other animals love and

walk on two legs, i.e humans. This

trust him so much they are willing to go

changes once the pigs learn and are seen

along with it as well.

walking on their hind legs which causes


a bit of a stir and Squealer is sent to fix All images via Google Images Advanced

it. Once he “talks” to them they begin to

Search through copyright limitations

chant what they were before, but wit h a twist; it is no longer “four legs good, two

Video from YouTube - 60second Recap

legs bad” but rather “four legs good, two


legs better” so that the pigs can still


come out on top. The sheep represent the “blind” masses who truly do not know any better than to listen and automatically agree with what they are being told because it is coming from those in power.


Jordan Bazia's eBook  
Jordan Bazia's eBook