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Jeremiah Todd Baumann Portfolio Showcase

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Jeremiah Todd Baumann Portfolio Showcase

Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase 2

Jeremiah Todd Baumann PO Box 9 Hubbell, MI 49934 Scientific and Technical Communications B.S. Michigan Technological University May 2010

Table of Contents Title Page................................................................................Pg 2 Design Philosophy.................................................................Pg 5 Resume...................................................................................Pg 6-7 Graphic Communication.......................................................Pg 8 Photography...........................................................................Pg 22

Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

Technical Communication.....................................................Pg 32



Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

Design Philosophy

When it comes to graphic communication, audience analysis is always the key as there are so many options to consider. Obviously designers today are all limited to a budget, which drastically changes how we operate. However, the audience, the client, and the purpose of the piece should never be compromised or lost.

Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

Communication is something that is always changing and forever evolving. When it comes to technical communication, you have to stay on top of the learning curve if not in front of it to be successful. Using the basic rhetorical strategies will always keep you in touch with the purpose of your communication and lead you to a successful transmission.


O BJECTIVE My objective is to obtain a position as a professional graphic designer to advance my skills while enhancing my employers design accomplishments and cost efficiency.

P ROFESSIONAL E XPERTISE Skills: • • • • • •

Cross Platform Proficiency (Mac & PC) Photo expertise and editing Print layout and page design Cost efficiency Project Management HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS

Software: • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Flash • Fireworks • Lightroom 2


Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

University Marketing and Communications Michigan Technological University (Oct 2009-Present) Creative Designer Responsible for design work and updates for clients across campus and implementing identification standards.


Selected Accomplishments: • Was chosen to design the cover for the 2010-2011 Michigan Tech Student Planner • Designed the cover for the 2010 Clean Snowmobile Challenge booklet • Created many annual reports for different departments across campus for the 2009 year Alumni Relations Michigan Technological University (May 2008-Present) Creative Designer Responsible for design work for current and future alumni as well as website updates, content management and photography. Selected Accomplishments: • Designed an identity standard for all Alumni print/web communications • Streamlined the print process and cut costs for postcard production • Created a training video series for future designers working for Alumni Relations

P.O. Box 9, Hubbell, MI 49934 • • (906) 370-4478

JBaumann Consulting LLC Houghton County, MI (May 2008-Present) Owner Created my own design-consulting firm, which handled web design, graphic design/logos, and photography/photo editing while still taking classes as a full time student and working other jobs. Selected Accomplishments: • Completed research and demand for the business and established a local identity • Worked on many websites in and out of the state while expanding our services • Provided photography services to many community members and businesses M ichigan Tech Lode Newspaper (September 2007 – Present) Online Editor/Photographer/Reporter Working for the school paper gave me a chance to work on my media skills, photojournalism skills, team work and time management skills. This position was active from August—May. Selected Accomplishments: • Transitioned the website over to a Wordpress content management system • Established new media position on the web • Established a new online push strategy to cut costs of print Educational Technology Services Michigan Technological University (January 2008 – July 2008) Online Learning Media Production Assistant This position recorded classes in a digital studio to be broadcast online to Michigan Tech’s distance learning students. Selected Accomplishments: • Managed a new digital studio • Created graphics used for alpha channel overlays during classes • Managed new ways of making recordings available to students across the country


Areas of emphasis included: Visual Identity, Media Design, Adobe Software, Usability, and Photography

O RGANIZATIONS National Association of Photoshop Professionals (September 2008 – Present) Houghton Alliance of Paranormal Investigators (July 2007 – May 2010) President/Founder/Webmaster Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band (August 2006 – May 2009) Trombone Section Leader (January 2008 – March 2009) Public Relations Officer (January 2008 – Present)

Portfolio can be found at: P.O. Box 9, Hubbell, MI 49934 • • (906) 370-4478

Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

Will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Scientific and Technical Communications from Michigan Technological University.


Graphic Communications

“Graphic Communication can take many different shapes and forms. There are many tools that allow the creative mind to explode with colors and variance while being captured on the screen. Designers target their audiences to efficiently communicate their messages and to force a perceived message. The only thing I ask is that you don’t design in Microsoft Paint or Power Point!”


Issue 001 August 2009

Upcoming Chapter Events Alumni Reunion August 6—August 8 Alumni Association 2nd Annual Beach Bums Outing Friday, August 14 Northwest Michigan Chapter 4th Annual Tigers Baseball Outing Sunday, August 16 Detroit Chapter Angels vs. Tigers Baseball Outing Tuesday, August 25 Los Angeles Chapter K-Day Happy Hour Friday, September 11 Washington DC Chapter Indianapolis Pub Night Thursday, September 17 Indianapolis Chapter

Chapter Leaders,

In this issue ...

On behalf of the Michigan Tech Alumni Association, I would like to thank you for your volunteer contributions to your fellow alumni and to Michigan Technological University. We greatly appreciate your efforts and leadership in becoming a Chapter Leader for your local region.

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Welcome, Newsflash, Upcoming Events

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Event Highlights, Past Chapter Events

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Leading Your Chapter, Chapter Leader Spotlight

Page 4 To better assist your Chapter with Volunteer Opportunities communication between your alumni and other Chapters, we have created this biannual newsletter. Each newsletter will contain Michigan Tech news, information on past and upcoming alumni events, HuskyLink updates, helpful tips, and much more. By sharing your ideas, successes, and failures, all Chapter Leaders can learn ways to improve alumni connections in their area, strengthening our network of over 67,000 Michigan Tech alumni. Your dedication makes it possible to stay connected to our alumni, whether they are in Michigan, across the U.S. or half-way around the globe in Norway. Keep up the great work! Go Huskies!

Louisville Pub Night Friday, September 18 Louisville Chapter

Battle at the Ballpark Football Tailgate Saturday, October 3 West Michigan Chapter Homecoming 2009 October 9—October 11 Alumni Association Keweenaw Chapter Pasty Picnic in DC Sunday, October 18 Washington DC Chapter Hockey Pre-Game Saturday, October 24 Colorado Springs Chapter 2nd Annual Packer Tailgate Sunday, November 1 Green Bay Chapter

Brent Burns ‘03 Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Michigan Tech News Flash see all news by visiting Michigan Tech Students Meet President Obama in Ghana

Michigan Tech Tops the Nation in Women Earning PhD’s

July 16, 2009— Eight students from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies’ Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership at Michigan Technological University are in Ghana this summer working on community development projects. Last weekend, they had the experience of a lifetime. Not only did they get front-row seats to President Barack Obama’s appearance in the capital city of Accra; several of the students got to meet President and Mrs. Obama and shake their hands.

June 15, 2009— Michigan Technological University’s College of Engineering graduates a higher percentage of women with PhDs in engineering than any other engineering school in the nation, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) reports. Forty percent of Michigan Tech’s engineering doctoral degrees were awarded to women, according to the ASEE’s annual report, “Engineering by the Numbers.” The report is based on 2008 data.

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communications

Cincinnati Pub Night Saturday, September 19 Cincinnati Chapter



Graphic Communications

Technology and Economic Development



Economic Development Our Mission To Promote and Enable Innovation and Discovery We seek to achieve this mission through: Ŋ The development, application, and leveraging of intellectual and

infrastructural resources available within the University. Ŋ The creation and growth of internal and external partnerships in

research, innovation, and education. Ŋ The expansion of dynamic experiential learning opportunities for


The 2009 Annual Report for the Department of Technology and Economic Development at Michigan Tech was a fun project that involved including graphs from Excel and statistical information. The purpose of this document was to present the

Year in Review Ŋ Successfully completed a five-year project funded by the Michigan

Economic Development Corporation that built technology transfer capabilities at Eastern Michigan University, Central Michigan University, and Oakland University and began transition to a collaboration that also includes Ferris State University and Lake Superior State University. Ŋ Collaborated with personnel from the Michigan Tech J.R. Van Pelt

Library, the School of Business and Economics, and the Graduate School on a proposal funded by the National Science Foundation to develop innovative methods of delivering intellectual property ethics education. Ŋ Participated in a regional effort sponsored by the Economic

Development Administration to develop a Regional Innovation Plan for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northeast Wisconsin which will lay the groundwork for widespread economic advancement. Ŋ Presented to the Michigan House of Representatives Committee on

the New Economy and Quality of Life regarding innovation initiatives at Michigan Tech and the role of universities in advancing technology innovation and statewide economic interests. Ŋ Continued to successfully operate a satellite office of the Michigan

Small Business and Technology Development Center to provide business development and technology commercialization services to regional innovators and entrepreneurs in collaboration with MTEC SmartZone, the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, the Finlandia University Jutila Center for Global Design and Business, and others. Ŋ Actively participated and presented in a number of regional and

national forums and organizations advancing innovation and entrepreneurship interests including: Ŋ University Industry Demonstration Partnership Ŋ Association of University Technology Managers Ŋ Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, Commission on

Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity Ŋ Small Business and Technology Development Center Ŋ Future/Innovation Research Strategy Team (F/IRST) Ŋ Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance Ŋ Michigan Initiative for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ŋ National Council of University Research Administrators Ŋ Center for Technological Innovation, Leadership, and


departments standings to potential donators and researchers. What this meant is that I had to create an enjoyable document that had a consistent theme to it. The clean font choices make it easy to read and follow, with the cover art representing the Michigan Tech colors and report style graphics.

Graphic Communications ı 3

Ŋ Michigan Tech Entrepreneurs and Inventors Club

4 ı Technology and Economic Development


0 1 0 f2 ! o s Clas Thanks Say Hey, Class of 2010 ... Thank those who supported you! Here is your chance to say thank you to loving parents, supportive friends, and helpful professors!

By participating in the Class of 2010 Tribute Gift Program, you’re not only thanking others, you’re helping students like yourself.

Visit for details on how you can get involved.

Minnesota Duluth Hockey Pregame • Saturday, november 14, 2009 • dinner @ 5pm • Join Michigan Tech alumni, friends, and fans as the Huskies take on the Bulldogs in WCHA hockey action. Come out, have fun, and win some great Michigan Tech prizes. Dinner starts at 5pm and the puck drops at 7:07pm

Graphic Communications

Event ticket includes game ticket and a dinner ticket for the pizza, pasta, and salad buffet


Grandma’s Sports Garden 425 Lake Ave South Duluth, MN 55802 coSt

$30–Adults $20–Childrent 12 & Under $10–Dinner Ticket Only

To register please visit: or by calling 1-877-688-2586

These designs were all for the Michigan Tech Alumni Association. The top card was sent to current students who are graduating. The bottom card was sent to Alumni, where the ad on the right page was published in the newspaper. All of these designs share a similar theme but target different audiences.


Graphic Communications

h atc w , al get actic d bu pr and a on rning tters e a a v i o l e. Le cial m t ave u ow inan h ou at yo ese f y , h s th ent on w age me. d u a n t e e s n ey r ma the g g e e oll eep a bett d of c t os nd k you ahea m a lp tay e s lik end, n he e ’r u sp s ca u o o ll If y hat y y ski w one m


This brochure was created to advertise Michigan Tech’s Hockey Development Camps. This brochure was directed towards youth hockey players and their parents. The cover art was designed to show how much fun the camp is by appealing to the future campers. The Snowmobile Challenge poster (right) shows a traditional layout for a schedule poster. Utilizing the competition’s booklet cover art, it carries a common theme throughout

Graphic Communications

all the marketing materials.


Challenge 2010 IC P U BL E OM WE L C

The Future of Fuel �f���en�� Grand Opening

Tuesday, March 16, at 10:00 AM Keweenaw Research Center, Houghton County Memorial Airport

Competition Sleds on Display

Wednesday, March 17, from 6:00 to 8:00 Copper Country Mall


Polaris Acceleration and Handling Event Saturday, March 20, at 10:00 AM Keweenaw Research Center Test Course Saturday, March 20, at 11:00 AM Keweenaw Research Center Test Course

Awards Banquet

Saturday, March 20, at 6:30 PM Memorial Union Ballroom, Michigan Tech Campus Banquet tickets are $25 and available by calling 906-487-2750 Sponsored by

Hosted by

Graphic Communications

Zero Emissions Range + Load + Handling Event


Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity employer.



67,000 Alumni living and working in over 100 nations around the world

• Build your network • Answer your questions • Prepare yourself for the future

Mentoring Check out these other programs we offer:

Alumni Invitational

Visit for more information After completing one semester at Michigan Tech, you are officially a member of the Michigan Tech Alumni Association. Alumni_Lounge_Poster.indd 1

1/26/2010 2:23:59 PM

The Explore Your Network poster is a large format poster that was created to capture

Graphic Communications

student’s attention on Michigan Tech’s campus. It is a 4’x3’ poster on a coated poster stock


sheet. The purpose was to keep the design current with common graphic design styles and use Michigan Tech’s gold to bring the students attention to the link and the logos on the page. The student planner cover mock up (right) was designed for the 2010-2011 school year. The student planner is given out to all the freshman and athletes. This is one of the different options I provided to the client for their input and decision.

Graphic Communications




Graphic Communications

made for Wordpress while the bottom design was made for the Joomla CMS. Above are marketing materials that I created for my consulting business. I put together a business identity so that I could easily be identified while in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The logo and colors were used on every publication as well as all of my public

Graphic Communications

The website designs (left) both utilize content management systems. The top design was

advertisements. 19

The fun design above was created for the Alumni Association’s 2009 Holiday card.

Graphic Communications

It was created using Illustrator and Photoshop. It was a compilation of layers and


masking to create the realistic effect. The brochure (right) was created to update the marketing materials for the sale of the University Diploma Frame. It follows a traditional layout and theme of a series of brochures across campus and has a clean look which allows for the brochure to accurately sell the product.

ORDER TODAY Diploma Frame


Display Your Success!

Address: Address 2:

With a Michigan Technological University Diploma Frame today

City: State:


Telephone: (___) Year of Graduation

Frame Selection (please check one) Black Metal (Campus Pickup) $45 Classic Wood (Campus Pickup) $55 Classic Wood (3-4 week delivery) $65 Method of Payment (Please check one) I have enclosed a check payable to the Michigan Tech Alumni Association Charge My Credit Card Visa Mastercard


Name as it appears on card Credit Card Number


ORDER BY PHONE: 877-688-2586 or ORDER BY FAX: 906-487-3171

Graphic Communications

Expiration Date




“Photography isn’t just a hobby, its a way of looking at the world. When I work on design, it becomes much easier when you don’t have to search for that perfect photo, you can just grab your camera and go take it yourself!”


Photography 23

















Technical Communication

“Being a technical communicator can mean many things. However, this is the point. We are those who read between the lines and adapt messages from one transmission to another.�


Technical Communication

Technical Communication


Jeremiah Todd Baumann

906 Champion St. Apt. 3. - Houghton, MI 49931 – 906-370-4478

Date: September 23, 2008 To: Ann Brady and those looking for a position at Michigan Tech From: Jeremiah Baumann Re: What it takes to be a Creative Designer This document contains the breakdown of the requirements of a Creative Designer at an educational institution. Specifically this document pertains to the position of the Creative Designer position in the Michigan Tech Alumni Relations office. This is a part-time position that is very demanding and requires at least 25 hours a week to run smoothly.

Background To be a successful designer, one must be willing to learn the rules of graphic design and then break them. The basic breakdown of the job is to “Provide professional quality graphic design for all print, web, and other communications.” –Brent Burns, Alumni Assistant Director. You need to have a background specifically in design and rhetoric. From these basics of knowledge, you must also learn the technology of the position. Familiarity of both PC and Mac operating systems are very important working with the design and server side of the job. Adobe Creative Suite software is also a required knowledge for this position.

Qualifications Experience in the field is very helpful when it comes to the creative designer position. You should know how to work and communicate with clients of the office and external sources as well as have experience using Adobe Creative Suite to visually represent a purpose or idea. Knowledge of the principles of creative design and the PARC principles are used everyday and should be a second nature to you. You also must be able to provide a successful portfolio that can prove these principles and skills. Besides all of these technical skills, the most important thing is communication. You must be able to read raw data and translate it into a successful design. You have to be able to work with a small group of people to get your message fine-tuned. This entails communicating with people of all ages, ask questions, receive criticism,

Technical Communication

and place yourself in the mind of the specific client and their needs. Along with those skills, you must be


able to take on multiple projects and multi-task.


The document is a breakdown of the requirements for the graphic design position within the Michigan Tech Alumni Relations office. It was written as the basis for a job description that accurately provides the details of the position.

Jeremiah Baumann      Abstract  While working with usability and studying technologies in the classroom, I was  presented with the Seaman Mineral Museum. With this case, our class was to  conduct research to see how to integrate the museum into the classroom curriculum  for every one of different ages.  Each member in the class chose an aspect to  research and design to help the Mineral Museum become a broad classroom tool.    Purpose  The purpose of my project is to first deconstruct and analyze the current website. I  will run some tests to find out if it is currently running efficiently. The next step is  research to find and create a more appropriate style for the website along with a  new filing system. The last step is to implement and create a better website  specializing around a system that is easier for teachers to utilize the mineral  museum and inform the general public about the benefits of the museum.    Audience  The audience of this reconstruction is anyone who has had any interest in the  Mineral Museum. The purpose is to create a more user‐friendly environment which  makes the website welcoming and informative and generally bring more people into  the museum.    Project Details  The project will take form in report documents being constructed into the visual  website itself. The research and analysis will come first to determine the right media  and process to create the new website. User related questions will come up in the  analysis to determine what design elements will be best for the broad user range.  Location of the majority of users will also take into account the speed and amount of  content on the website.    I will not be rebuilding everything with the website as time won’t allow it, however  the teachers page and probably the home page are the priorities of this re‐design. If  time allows more pages will be created. I originally was going to create a page that  fit identity standards however decided that since the museum is looking to move to  Quincy Mine at some point in the future, I wanted something that could be carried  over to that.    Research/Timeline  Due to my background in web design and audience analysis, there will not be much  research needed to conduct this renovation. I will however research other mineral  museums sites and find a common theme between them to apply to Michigan Tech’s  Mineral Museum page. 

This project plan is for the creation of an updated website for the Mineral Museum located on Michigan Tech’s campus. It provided details to switch a traditional and outdated HTML website over to an easy to use content management system.

Technical Communication

Mineral Museum Website Renovation 


Technical Communication


This link is where my training videos are all housed. I have made training videos for a few different situations including training for content management systems and training videos as training for the graphic design position at Michigan Tech Alumni Relations office and the position of the Online Editor for the Lode at Michigan Tech.

Education Michigan Technological University Scientific and Technical Communications Bachelor of Science August 2006 - May 2010

Work Experience Creative Designer (web/graphic/print) (May 2008-Present)

Personal Information

Michigan Technological University Alumni Association

Classes • Rhetoric of Everyday Texts • Fundamentals of Photography

• • • •

Effectively communicate and market upcoming alumni events Runs PC and Mac to effectively design and distribute • Graphic and Information Design • Publications and Information Management Takes photographs to document events as well as for design aspects Technical And Scientific Communication Visualizes and works as bridge between event host and• target audience

• •

Worked on multiple client projects from University departments Updated materials for annual client projects

Name: Jeremiah Baumann • Presentation Skills & Speech Communication Birth date: June 2nd, 1988 Creative Designer (web/graphic/print) (October 2009-Present) • Adobe Photoshop I,II,III & Illustrator I,II Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Michigan Technological University Marketing and Communications Address: City: State: Zip:

P.O. Box 9 Hubbell Michigan 49934

Michigan Tech Lode (September 2007 – Present) Michigan Technological University Newspaper • • • • •


Online Editor (April 2009 – Present) Web Designer/Photographer/Writer Update website and upgrade when necessary • Student Member (September 2008 – Present) Balance freelance work with other organizations and jobs National Association of Photoshop Professionals Familiar with AP standards in writing and the art of photography

• Founder/Webmaster (July 2007 – May 2010) Creative Designer (web/graphic/print) (May 2009-October 2009) Michigan Technological University Career Services • •

Houghton Alliance of Paranormal Investigators

Develop marketing materials for current career services offered Plan future events and photograph those events • Trombone

Section Leader (January 2008 – March 2009) Public Relations Officer (January 2008 – Present) Student Member (August 2006 – May 2009) Michigan Technological University–Educational Technology Services • Recorded classes for online distribution through BlackboardMichigan Tech Huskies Pep Band

Online Learning Media Production Assistant (January 2008 – July 2008) •

Maintained the studio for optimal recording

Blackboard Technologies Assistant (November 2007 – June 2008) Michigan Technological University–Educational Technology Services • • •

Educated faculty to the new change over from Web CT to Blackboard Ran a customer service phone line and e-mail ticketing system Held office hours and went on location to help users make this change

E-mail: Phone: (906) 296-2133

a resume. The contrast between the two documents allow for you to send the correct document for the position you are applying for. The personalization of the CV will tell an employer a lot more about you and give them the chance to see your sense of creativity as well, as there is no direct standard for CV creation.

Technical Communication

The design of a curriculum vitae (CV) can incorporate more of your personality then


JBaumann Consulting LLC • (906) 370-4478

Contract for Photography Services You have requested the services of JBaumann Consulting LLC to photograph an assignment. Prior to conducting the needed research to fill your request, we ask you to sign, date, and return this form to us

acknowledging our terms and conditions in advance. This procedure alleviates any surprises when the detailed estimate material arrives. When we receive the proper signatures, a detailed estimate will be generated, the assignment will be booked and the client contacted for the nearest available shoot date.

Client Contact Info:


X_________________________________________________________________________________________ Client Signature Date

Technical Communication

X_________________________________________________________________________________________ JBaumann Consulting Signature Date



This contract was something that took a lot of time and research before I created it for my consulting business. It allows me to customize the photography request for whatever the specific event may be while keeping a standard layout and form.

Photography Services Requested: Type of Photography:______________________________________________ Date of Shoot:____________________________________________________ Event:__________________________________________________________ Location:_________________________________________________________ Hours of service:___________________________________________________ Specific Shots Requested:

Interested in Packages:


Hourly rate:



No If yes, how much per hour:_________________


X____________________________________________________________________________________________ JBaumann Consulting Signature Date

This second page allows for all the details of the shoot to be properly documented so that there are not any problems or chances for confusion with the ideas of the client compared to those of the photographer.

Technical Communication

X____________________________________________________________________________________________ Client Signature Date



Jeremiah Baumann Portfolio Showcase

JBaumann Design Portfolio  

JBaumann Design Portfolio 3/2010

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