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O BJECTIVE My objective is to obtain a position as a professional graphic designer to advance my skills while enhancing my employers design accomplishments and cost efficiency.

P ROFESSIONAL E XPERTISE Skills: • • • • • •

Cross Platform Proficiency (Mac & PC) Photo expertise and editing Print layout and page design Cost efficiency Project Management HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS

Software: • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Flash • Fireworks • Lightroom 2

C AREER D EVELOPM ENT University Marketing and Communications Michigan Technological University (Oct 2009-Present) Creative Designer Responsible for design work and updates for clients across campus and implementing identification standards. Selected Accomplishments: • Was chosen to design the cover for the 2010-2011 Michigan Tech Student Planner • Designed the cover for the 2010 Clean Snowmobile Challenge booklet • Created many annual reports for different departments across campus for the 2009 year Alumni Relations Michigan Technological University (May 2008-Present) Creative Designer Responsible for design work for current and future alumni as well as website updates, content management and photography. Selected Accomplishments: • Designed an identity standard for all Alumni print/web communications • Streamlined the print process and cut costs for postcard production • Created a training video series for future designers working for Alumni Relations

P.O. Box 9, Hubbell, MI 49934 • • (906) 370-4478

JBaumann Consulting LLC Houghton County, MI (May 2008-Present) Owner Created my own design-consulting firm, which handled web design, graphic design/logos, and photography/photo editing while still taking classes as a full time student and working other jobs. Selected Accomplishments: • Completed research and demand for the business and established a local identity • Worked on many websites in and out of the state while expanding our services • Provided photography services to many community members and businesses Michigan Tech Lode Newspaper (September 2007 – Present) Online Editor/Photographer/Reporter Working for the school paper gave me a chance to work on my media skills, photojournalism skills, team work and time management skills. This position was active from August—May. Selected Accomplishments: • Transitioned the website over to a Wordpress content management system • Established new media position on the web • Established a new online push strategy to cut costs of print Educational Technology Services Michigan Technological University (January 2008 – July 2008) Online Learning Media Production Assistant This position recorded classes in a digital studio to be broadcast online to Michigan Tech’s distance learning students. Selected Accomplishments: • Managed a new digital studio • Created graphics used for alpha channel overlays during classes • Managed new ways of making recordings available to students across the country

E DUCATION Will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Scientific and Technical Communications from Michigan Technological University. Areas of emphasis included: Visual Identity, Media Design, Adobe Software, Usability, and Photography

O RGANIZATIONS National Association of Photoshop Professionals (September 2008 – Present) Houghton Alliance of Paranormal Investigators (July 2007 – May 2010) President/Founder/Webmaster Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band (August 2006 – May 2009) Trombone Section Leader (January 2008 – March 2009) Public Relations Officer (January 2008 – Present)

Portfolio can be found at: P.O. Box 9, Hubbell, MI 49934 • • (906) 370-4478

JBaumann Resume  

JBaumann Resume

JBaumann Resume  

JBaumann Resume