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ABOUT KADE... Kade Bauman was a little boy who had more than his fair share of obstacles to overcome. At 5 months of age Kade started having seizures. After spending nearly a month in St Louis Children’s Hospital his family quickly realized he would have a tough road ahead of him.

His first hospital stay resulted in diagnoses of Epilepsy and Hypotonia. Within a few months an additional diagnosis of Cortical Vision Impairment was given. Even though Kade received several hours of PT and OT a week, his muscles would not support him. Kade’s family was able to aquire a wheelchair for him, but even with a wheelchair it was difficult to take Kade to places like playgrounds.

Kade was granted a wish from Make-a-Wish of Missouri, he and his family went to Disney World. While on the trip they were able to stay at a resort that had an accessible playground. This was the first time that Kade and his brother were able to swing and play on a playground together. Shortly after their trip Kade’s dad, Josh Bauman, reached out to Natalie Blakemore from Unlimited Play to see if something could be built in Jefferson County. Natalie was willing to assist with the installation of a high back accessible swing in one of the city parks. Kade’s dad tried to reach out to city leaders of their town, but they refused to entertain the idea.

In October of 2011 Kade passed away in his sleep at the age of 3 1/2. In August of 2011 it was announced that Unlimited Play and the City of Herculaneum would be working together to bring an accessible playground to the area. Immediately Kade’s family jumped on board and made it clear that they would help in any way possible. On October 13, 2012 the name of the playground was revealed. In what was a total surprise to Kade’s family, Unlimited Play and the City of Herculaneum announced that the playground would be named “Kade’s Playground”.

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“PLAY...SHAPES THE BRAIN, OPENS THE IMAGINATION, AND INVIGORATES THE SOUL.” – BY STUART BROWN, M.D. Currently, the city of Herculaneum has no playgrounds and the nearest universally accessible playground is Unlimited Play’s Tree Top located in Clayton, approximately 45 miles away. Play is a critical part of physical, emotional, mental and social development for every child. Often underestimated, playgrounds promote free-play, foster selfdetermination, spark imagination and get children active for longer periods of time. Additionally, playgrounds give parents and caregivers the opportunities to relax, spend quality time with their children, and connect with other parents. Unique Features of Herculaneum’s VERY FIRST Universally Accessible Unlimited Play Playground: Kade’s Playground • Located in Herculaneum, easily accessed by Interstate I-55 • Unique Mt. Vesuvius Volcano themed area completely accessible to children of all abilities, fenced around to provide the utmost safety • Safe, spongy surfacing that ensure mobility for children/adults in wheelchairs and walkers and for those who experience difficulty on uneven surfacing • Ramping systems from the bottom to the very top of every play element, transfer stations, specialized seating, hand-holds, and climbing systems slanted to assist children climb and reach • Swings including adaptive swings (high backs) for children with low muscle tone, toddler swings and the all-time favorite Biggo Swings that enable multiple children to swing together. • Stainless steel slides and roller slides to enable children with Cochlear ear implants to enjoy the experience of sliding (plastic slides shorten out hearing devices.) • Sensory rich environment including real harmonic musical elements • Numerous interactive panels including custom designed activity panels to spark children’s imaginations and promote the rich Italian history • UV protective shade structures and a very popular spray, water play area to help everyone stay cool • Family friendly restrooms Why bring a Volcano from Italy to Herculaneum, Missouri? In 1808 founder Moses Austin began to lay out the town of Herculaneum, Missouri as a site for his lead shot towers. One of his first orders of business was what to name the town. A classical name was chosen, Herculaneum! Austin had opted for that name because the eroded limestone cliffs resembled seats in the amphitheater of the ancient Roman town near Naples



Unlimited Play


Kade’s Playground

Club Sponsorship:

Club Sponorship is a monetary donation toward general playground funding, providing items such as soft tile surfacing, ramping, construciton, etc.

VOLCANO CLUB LEVELS A. Magma Club $100-$999 B. Lava Club $1,000 - $2,499 C. Crater Club - $2,500+

Club Sponsorship members’ names will be showcased on free-standing signs displayed within the playground.

For donation information, see the registration form on the back cover of this brochure. Your donation is tax deductible! Page 4



Commemorative Tree $ 300

Bike Rack $ 500

Crunch Bar $ 1,000

Trash Can $ 1,000

Benches $ 1,500

Leaf Seat $ 2,000

Drinking Fountains $ 2,500

Bongos $ 3,500

Round Mirror Panel $ 3,500

Tic Tac Toe Panel $ 3,500

Maze Time Panel $ 3,500

Sounds of Water Panel $ 4,000

Hand Cycler $ 4,000

Language Panel $ 4,000

Crow’s Nest with Kalidascope $ 4,500

Custom Panel $ 5,000

Freenotes Manta Ray $ 5,000

Freenotes Tuned Drums $ 5,000

Freenotes Glass Imbarimba $ 5,000

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Rings 1,500


Freenotes Outdoor Pegasus $ 5,000

Table & Seats for 2 $ 5,000

Spiral Step Climber $ 6,000

Web Trail Climber $ 6,000

Wildslide $ 6,500

Stainless Steel Slide $ 7,000

Clover Leaf Climber $ 7,000

Ridge Climber $ 7,000

Double Zip Slide $ 7,500

Leaning Wall Climber $ 7,500

Side-By-Side Monkey Bars $ 8,000

River Rock Climber $ 8,000

Dueling Wave Zip Slide $ 8,000

Roller Slide $ 10,000

Shade Structures $ 10,000

Lava Slide $ 15,000

Mountain Top Clubhouse $ 20,000

Swing Set $ 35,000

Custom Lava Field (Seats) $ 40,000

Pergola (Seating) $ 50,000

Entire 2-5 Section Pompeii $ 100,000

Water Play/ Splash Area Sea of Naples $ 150,000

Entire 5-12 Area Mt. Vesuvius $ 200,000

Wave Climber $ 6,500

Naming for Entire Playground $ 450,000


What is Inclusion?

Inclusion means all participate and all belong.

Who is Unlimited Play?

Unlimited Play is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps to plan, design and build fully accessible playgrounds that allow all children – regardless of their abilities – to play together. Join us in our efforts to build this universally accessible playground. Your generous support will enable children and caregivers of all abilities to engage in the joy and benefits of play. The location will be at City Park easily accessible by Interstate 55. This destination playground will attract children, families, schools, groups and other organizations from around our community and truly impact tens of thousands of people a year. Play is vital for all children’s cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development. Playgrounds are the perfect place to foster self-determination, friendship and memories that potentially can last for a life-time.

Together, we can create a place where limitations are forgotten and differences celebrated.

How can I help? From individuals making donations, businesses sponsoring playground equipment, corporations contributing grants and volunteers offering gifts of time, we welcome your involvement.

Here’s how you can help:

• Make a monetary donation using the form on the back of this booklet. • Donate your time to a fundraising event or Community Build Day. Complete and mail the contact information on the back of this booklet to be contacted about upcoming volunteer opportunities. • Donate goods/services such as concrete, fencing, shrubs, etc. Complete and mail the contact information on the back of this booklet, noting what goods/services you would like to donate.

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Step 1: Choose either a Club Sponsorship or Component Sponsorship

Club Sponsorship Opportunity: Check desired Club Sponsorship Level

____ Magma Club – $100 - $999 ____ Lava Club – $1,000 - $2,499 ____ Crater Club – $2,500 +

Component Sponsorship Opportunity:

Please note that item quantities are limited and may no longer be available. Unlimited Play will mail you confirmation upon receipt of both this application and the gift amount. Component as listed in catalog:__________________________________ Cost: $________________ Unlimited Play is is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which makes your donation tax deductible

Step 2: Complete Donor/Volunteer Information: (please print)

Name:______________________________________________________ Company/Organization (if applies): ___________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ City:__________________ State:_________ Zip:__________________ Phone: (_______) _______ - ____________ E-mail:______________________________________________________ Step 3: Complete Sponsorship Signage Information Please print wording as you would like it to appear on signage. Note that sign space is limited and any wording may need to edited. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Please make Checks payable to: Unlimited Play 4140 Old Mill Parkway St. Peters, MO 63376

Any questions, please contact:

Unlimited Play Phone: (636) 449-1770

E-mail: •

Kade's Playground  

Catalog for Playground items.

Kade's Playground  

Catalog for Playground items.