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The Healthcare Hotel Master in Service and Experience Design 2011 Second Workshop: hospital[ity] - at home away from home Project Leader: Jan-Christoph Zoels Assistants: Nicole Neuberger Project Title: The Healthcare Hotel Team Members: Katie Chen, Dilara Durak, John Welch

Topics Contents

Project Context Our Proposal Feature Details Help Me Plan News From Home Collaborative Map Feature Snapshots Facilities Healthcare-Specific Support Value Proposition & Potential Appendix


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Project Context

at home away from home Healthcare Tourism in Milan general information

project leader

project assistant



Jan-Christoph Zoels

Nicole Neuberger

Nov 14rd 2011

Dec 21th 2011

• “Over 100 000 people from other parts of Italy arrive each year” • “Stay on average 3-10 days” • “Often they are accompanied by relatives” Design Objectives “The goal of this workshop is to investigate what ‘hospitality’ could look like in the future for patients and their relatives, and to envision service models able to support them.”

- Quotes from the hospital[ity] project brief

Problem Setting Problem


Hotels Don’t Cater to Healthcare Tourists

Provide Healthcare Support in a Hotel Setting

Hospital Housing is High-Priced

Offer Mid-Priced Healthcare Housing

Social Housing Have Limited Choice of Services

Offer a Range of Services

Our Hospitality Model Planning, Guides Affordability Discoverability Ease of Use Comfort Convenience

Ideal Healthcare Hospitality

Health Support


Social Connection

Choice of Service Quality

References & Inspiration Social Housing Affordability Common Spaces Social Connections

Healthcare Hotels Healthcare Needs Personalization Not Social

Gaustad Hotel, Oslo

Health Care Hotel Helsinki


Our Proposal The Healthcare Hotel A hotel providing facilities and services specifically designed for healthcare tourists. The aim is to meet needs such as comfort, affordability, and health-specific support. Keywords: Comfort, Affordability, Sociality, Ease, Choice 

Service Offering Map Planning


• Booking Assistant

• Shuttle Bus (Handicap Accessible) • Shared Cars

• Help Me Plan

The Healthcare Hotel Stay

Service Offering Map

Medical • 24-Hour Medical and Mental Support • Appointment and Medicine Reminders • Health Vending Machine • Emergency Assistance Bracelets with Deposit

Facilities • Connecting Rooms • Apartment Rooms • Artist-Designed Rooms • Medical Equipment

Social • Collaborative Map • News From Home

Comfort and Support • Shopping Helper • Catering

• Hometown Recipes

Basic Amenities Common Kitchen, Common Living Room, 24-Hour Room Service, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Pool/Hot Tub 

Stakeholder Map







Transportation Flow Information Flow Material Flow



Business Model Considerations A Range of Pricing •

Different hotel room types

Different levels of service

Different costs

References •

Capsule Hotels


Personal Shoppers

Capsule Hotel


Personal Shoppers 10

Feature Details Detailed Information on Three Core Services • Help Me Plan • News From Home • Collaborative Map


Feature Details: Help Me Plan Summary A service that helps guests create daily schedules by combining their personal information with daily activities, transport information, and hotel activities.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

Giacomo & Laura

Meet Giacomo and Laura Giacomo is a 50-year-old man who has a series of checkups after his heart surgery six months ago. His appoinments take place over one week. He is traveling to Milan with his wife Laura.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

Giacomo discovers Help Me Plan When Giacomo checks in to the hotel, the receptionist informs him of the Help Me Plan service and offers to guide him through using it.


Feature Usage: A Scenario Choose Activities Appointments Daily Needs Classes Social

Help Me Plan

Add an Appointment Date



Select a date range

Time Start


Add a Reminder

Location Set Location

Exercise Other


Add to Schedule

Giacomo is guided through the creation of his schedule The receptionist helps Giacomo combine his appointment times with activities offered by the hotel and daily activities such as grocery shopping.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

Add a Reminder SMS



Add Another Reminder

Set Reminder

Giacomo chooses to be reminded of his appointment The reminder can be sent as an SMS, email, personal phone call (at additional cost), or sent to online calendar. 16

Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

Dec 22

Giacomo Rossi

nd nd



Other Activities


Continental Breakfast


Travel via Bus - 57



13 14

Travel via Metro Green Line


Diagnostic Test with Dr. Marino


Travel via Metro Green Line



Giacomo chooses to have his schedule printed


Dinner in room

His schedule combines appointment, transit, tourist, and daily needs information. He could also have his schedule emailed. The back of his schedule contains location and transit details.


Tea Time





Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

NEW SMS Appointment: 1 Hour until your visit with Dr. Marino. Transit info on the back of your schedule.

While shopping, Giacomo receives an appointment reminder When creating his schedule, Giacomo chose to be sent an SMS reminder one hour before his appointment. 18

Feature Usage: A Scenario

Help Me Plan

Later, one of Giacomo’s appointments is rescheduled Giacomo is able to use the Help Me Plan kiosk to update his schedule. It’s easy for him to do after seeing the receptionist use the service.


System Map

Help Me Plan

Shopping Collect Info from Guest

Cultural Events

Print Schedule


Help Me Plan Kiosk Send Schedule Collect Info from Guest

Information Flow Material Flow

Reminders Medicines Appointments Wake-up calls

Receive Schedule

Hotel Staff

Weekly Classes 20

Benefits For Users Customized schedule Considering transportation between locations; providing professional suggestions for different patient’s conditions Time control Besides planning the activities and transportation time, the guests can also choose to receive reminders

Help Me Plan For the Provider Accumulated expertise Learn more about guests’ needs in health tourism in order to provide better services Market differentiation Providing a service that makes the healthcare hotel stand out from others, and that healthcare tourists find valuable

Daily life as usual Helping guests perform daily activities as they would at home Privacy Protection The choice of support from a professional staff or self-service usage


Feature Details: News From Home Summary A service offering news from a guest’s hometown, family, and friends. Printed and slipped under the guest’s door each morning or night. Collected, designed, and printed to create a beautiful and meaningful connection to one’s home.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

News From Home


Meet Paola Paola is a 40-year-old woman traveling to Milan for oral surgery. She is single and will be traveling alone. Her surgery requires her to stay in Milan for one week in order to recover.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

News From Home

Booking Confirmation

Schedule your free personal newspaper! A printed paper delivered while you stay, with messages from friends and hometown news. Just choose the news you want to see and invite your friends, we’ll take care of the rest. Customize your news and invite friends.

Paola discovers News From Home After booking her room online, Paola reads a confirmation email that provides a link for her to customize her news. 24

Feature Usage: A Scenario Step 1: Customize News Florence, Italy

Set Location

News From Home

Step 2: Invite Family & Friends Your Message



So, I'm going to be in Milan next week for surgery and I'd love to hear what's happening back home. There's a really cool service my hotel offers that will create a newspaper from the messages you send me! Can't wait to hear from you,


Cultural Events


Choose Topics

Set Delivery Time Morning (9 AM)

Enter Email Addresses Evening (5 PM)

Next Step,,

Send Invites

Or, Invite Using:


Paola customizes her news and invites contributors Paola follows the link from her email. She chooses her news location and topics, decides when she wants the paper delivered, and then invites family and friends to contribute.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

News From Home

Send Paola Your News Your Headline New Coffee Shop in Town

Story Text The new coffee shop opened, and it's really good! We know you'll be better soon, and able to drink lots of coffee.

Your Byline

Upload a Photo

Giulia & Antonia

Send Your News

Or, Send Using:


Paola’s friends receive her invite and send her news It’s easy to send Paola news. Her friends can simply reply to the email invite, visit the News From Home website, or use one of their social network accounts to send her a message.


Feature Usage: A Scenario

News From Home

Daily news from family, friends and your hometown of Florence.

December 22, 2011

news From Home top news

Francesco planted the garden today. He put in a 10 rows of tomatoes! We missed having you with us in the garden, but we know you’ll be better soon. Rest up and we’ll see you next week. Love you! Your sister,

- Antonia

family & friends Birrificio Has a New Brew Birrificio Mostodolce, of Florence Italy, is awaiting the return of Paola from Milan to imbibe their new creation. In her stead, one Giacomo has offered to sample the latest brew.

- Giacomo f


Paola relaxes with her news after a busy day at the clinic She’s happy to hear from her friends and family in a beautiful and easy to use format. She doesn’t have to call or email or Facebook anyone, but she still feels connected.

Nephew Takes First Steps Two teeth and ten steps later, your nephew, Simone reached the pinnacle or toddler achievement by crossing the living room floor. Rumor has it that he’s planning on following the stunt with a self-guided tour of the bathroom sometime during next week.

- Andrea

New Coffee Shop in Town The new coffee shop opened, and it’s really good! We know you’ll be better soon, and able to drink lots of coffee.

- Giulia & Antonia


arts guide

tuscany welcomes soap opera Call it a sign of the times: China Central Television is shooting a big-budget soap in Tuscany.

50% Chance of Rain

Palazzo Strozzi Money and Beauty Bankers, Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities; Until January 22.

Temperature High 10° C Low 5° C

MamBo Arte Povera 1968; until December 26

Titled “The China Story,” the $14 million, 40episode sudser is centered around a family that emigrated from the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang to Tuscany, where they find hardship and eventually success. Shepherded by prominent Chinese TV personality Cui Yongyuan, the saga is targeting a potential aud of more than 1 billion.


Journey Map Hotel Guests

Be Notified at Booking

News From Home

Opt In/Customize News Topics

Invite Family & Friends

Family & Friends

Receive Printed Newspaper

Receive Invite

Send Message

Get Confirmation

Hotel Staff

Print & Deliver Newspaper


• Website • Phone

• Website • Front Desk




• Website

• Email

• Website • Email

• Website • Email

• Website • Print Out

• Print Out



System Map

News From Home

Collect News

Collect Info

Send to Friend


Local Aggregator

Collect Mail

News From Home Collect Info

Send Newspaper

Friends&Family Material Flow Information Flow

Print Newspaper

H - HOTEL 29


News From Home

Personalized News Services like Flipboard, Summify, and offer news based on social connections. Apps like Zite curate the news for you, based on your topical interests. These services also automatically lay out the news in customdesigned formats.

Local News Services like Google News and Topix offer news specific to one town. .

Google Local News & Topix

The Appeal of Print Berg’s Little Printer shows the appeal of well-designed, printed materials persists in the digital age.

Little Printer

Flipboard 30

Benefits For Users Connection to Home A playful engagement of friends and family Easy-to-use format A printed format means you can read the news while eating breakfast

News From Home For the Provider Market differentiation Providing a service that makes the healthcare hotel stand out from others, and that healthcare tourists find valuable

Social messages aren’t missed A person may be “offline� all day and would otherwise miss the digital messages sent to them Messages are easy to send Email or simple website access means a low barrier to entry Something to look forward to The timing of the service builds anticipation


Feature Details: Collaborative Map Summary Touchscreen map for sharing and finding locations. Locations are categorized, rated, and commented on. Directions and location information can be printed.

• Medical

Hospital Rehabilitation Center Pharmacy

• Tourist Guide

Landmarks Shops Tourist offices

• Transportation

Metro Bus Tram Bikemi Parking Gas station

• Restaurants

Vegetarian Food Ethnic Food Local/Organic Food

• Daily Life

Supermarket Laundry

• Entertainment Theater Sports Music Art


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Touch Screen Google Map API Region Quick Select


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Six categories related to medical tourism


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Total number of stores in the region Check boxes for multiple choices


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Send to Email or Print the Map Add a New Location


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Select for Details Include the address, phone, operation hour, website address, rating, and numbers of rating Rate and Write a comment Distance Calculator


Service Mockup Time: 14:20

Collaborative Map Different Criteria for Evaluations


System Map

Collaborative Map

Tourist Information Add Suggestion

Print Map


Collaborative Map

Local Business

Information Flow Material Flow

ATM 39


Collaborative Map

Health Communities Health patients are likely to share useful information with other health patients.

Crowdsourcing Collaborative information services such as Wikipedia have proven feasible and effective.

Patients Like Me

Mapping Mapping API’s such as Google Maps allow customdeveloped maps.


Crowd Map 40

Benefits For Users Easy Navigation, Knowledge of Locations Guests can quickly be familiar with their new environment and aware of their options Contextual Information Compared with general tourism information, knowledge from other hotel guests is more useful

Collaborative Map For the Provider Increased Customer Loyalty Differentiation from other hotels Less Staff Time Spent on Guests Self-service option allows guests to get answers on their own

For Local Businesses Targeted advertising A free advertisement channel for healthcarerelated businesses


Feature Snapshots Brief Views of Additional Services Facilities Modular Rooms Artist-Designed Rooms Healthcare-Specific Support 24-Hour Medical and Mental Support Health Vending Machine


Facilities Modular Rooms

Artist-Designed Rooms In order to avoid a hospital feeling, we envision custom-designed rooms.

Doors connecting two rooms

Room Types • Small, single bed rooms • Standard rooms • Rooms with kitchen • Rooms with kitchen and living room • Connecting rooms that form apartments 43

Healthcare-Specific Support 24-Hour Medical and Mental Support

Health Vending Machine

A partnership with doctors and psychologists for 24-hour on-call availability

Non-prescription drugs, health aids, healthy food


Value Proposition & Potential • Values for Actors Involved • Possible Future Developments • Applications to Social Housing • Proposed Next Steps


Values for Actors Involved For Users Better Support of the Healthcare Journey The location and use of services is simplified through the hotel’s coordination Choice of Quality The ability to determine the level of service desired, matching needs with context

For the Provider Increased Customer Loyalty Differentiation from other hotels Increased Business from Health Tourists

For Partners Increased Business from Health Tourists


Possible Future Developments • Integrate services E.g. combine Help Me Plan and Collaborative Map • Provide access from other touchpoints • News From Home: applications for social network sites • Kiosk services: provide applications for smartphones/tablets, website • Offer packages Travelers can book transportation, food, accommodation, etc. with one purchase


Applications to Social Housing • Self-Service Services that can be automated may take strain off of volunteers (Collaborative Map, Help Me Plan, Health Vending Machine) • At-Cost Services Offering of additional services at cost (Shopping Helper, Catering)


Proposed Next Steps Validate Concepts • Prototype • Test with users • Refine • Repeat Assess Business Feasibility Additional Competitive Research


Thank You! Katie, Dilara, & John 50

Appendix Printed Materials 50 Ideas to Improve Healthcare Tourism Healthcare Hotel Offering Map News From Home: Newspaper Mockup Help Me Plan Daily: Daily Schedule Mockup


The Healthcare Hotel  

A service design project envisioning a hotel providing facilities and services specifically designed for healthcare tourists. The aim is to...

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