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Master in Service and Experience Design 2011 Fourth Workshop: Design Differences - When Services Become Tangible Project Leaders: Mario Trimarchi, Elena Pacenti Assistants: Nicole Neuberger Project Title: An Apple A Day Team Members: Xing Huang, Dilara Durak, Francesco Sardu, John Welch

Topics Contents

Project Context Our Analysis The Problem/The Opportunity Our Proposal The Service Offering The Service - A Scenario Concept Assessment Benefits References Proposed Future Development Next Steps


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Project Context Master in service and experience design 2011 - 2012 4th workshop: service identity and prototyping Launch

Project Leaders

MariO triMarchi, FragiLe eLena pacenti, Msd directOr Assistant

February • 7th • 2012

nicOLe neUBerger

design differences

understanding of the essence of a service identity

and the translation of such an identity into all the aspects that contribute to the creation of a coherent experience for users.

when service identity becomes tangible

FRAMEWORK CONTEXT The definition of a coherent brand strate- Welfare Italia “Cure with care gy is crucial for any service company. The We are taking care of you and your loved ones, with workshop focuses on the understanding of a complete healthcare service offering at high quality and affordable cost.” the essence of a Service Identity and the translation of such an identity into all the WELFARE ITALIA is a network of medical centres offering a wide range of medical and dental care services (multiaspects that contribute to the creation of specialist medical clinics) covering 70% of the specialties a coherent experience for users. required in Italy (also including services in the areas of The values of the service become the drivers for designing its communication strategies, its visual and tangible elements, its interaction modalities as well as the overall experience. Working on service identity means identifying the core values of the service and creating a consistent briefing for all the aspects of the service experience (personnel scripts, media and communication, signs, information, corporate identity). Major challenges when creating and developing a service identity are: How to create a service identity through tangible and intangible elements? How to translate abstract values into concrete service experiences? How to ensure consistency across different phases and touch-points of the service experience?

rehabilitation and psychotherapy). It is a private company founded by social enterprises, which then combines social solidarity with business and market logics. Welfare Italia seeks to open 135 centres by 2015, with national coverage. The project is based on a franchising model.

offering a wide range of medical and dental care services.

a network of medical centres

The identity of the centres is based on a concept of “Cure with care” and the core idea is providing reliable services, offering quality at affordable cost, and, above all, adopting a patient-centred approach. While often associated to other entities, both public and private, that offer low cost healthcare (both general health care centres and dental studios) the centres of Welfare Italia aim at providing high quality medical services and to become a reference point at a local base (urban areas, quarters, zones). The layout of the centres and the communication campaigns have been designed for expressing the idea of “Cure with care”: they have a recognisable layout and visual codes. They are visible and accessible from the street and all the visual evidences have the corporate image. 1

Our Analysis Post-Visit Support and Guidance is Lacking The patient is left with little recorded information about how they should proceed after the visit. The information is presented in a technical language.

Forms Are Not Meant for Patients

Should patients call this person?

Prescription forms are difficult to read for patients and are designed for pharmacists.

Patients Are Unsure About Who to Contact The doctor’s time is limited, so patients may be unsure about the propriety of contacting the doctor.

Typical Prescription Form

Technical Language, No Guidance 

The Problem

The personal relationship ends after the visit.

The Opportunity

Maintain the personal relationship with the patient and help support their recovery. 

Our Proposal

Provide a personalized recovery service and a patient steward to guide the patient after the visit.

The Service Offering


• Personal Recovery Plan • Reminders • Suggestions (Tips, Groups) • Urgent Aid Phone Service




A New Relationship Giacomo


The Steward



• • • •

Provides further explanation of diagnosis Explains the Apple a Day service Is available for questions after the visit Is a point of contact for patients after their visit

The Service

A Scenario

Meet Giovanni

Giovanni is a 29-year-old man who has an appointment at Welfare Italia to see a dermatologist. He has a toenail fungus.


The Service

1 After the visit, the doctor accompanies Giovanni to the steward’s office.

A Scenario

2 The doctor introduces the steward to Giovanni and describes his condition.


The Service

A Scenario nni,

n D Deeaarr Giova

rprise I have a su apple a day an for you... ay. e doctor aw to keep th is on the very plan onal reco Your pers r. pe pa is 1 back of th we offer: e support, d like mor intments If you woul icines, appo ed m r fo 2 d more rs exercise, an • Reminde ns for diet, tio es gg • Su


e code To sign up t and use th Or appleaday.i e your plan. Visit www. personaliz u up, to M ni se d I’ll t yo Giovan an 33 59 7 338 38 call me at

ard, Your Stew

Giacomo Rossi

Apple a Day kit

3 The steward describes the service to Giovanni by explaining his personalized Apple a Day kit, she also answers his questions. 12

The Service Dear Dear Giovanni,

A Scenario Cover

Dear Dear Giovanni,

I have a surprise for you... an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

1 2


Our care doesn’t end with the visit... our free service can help you.

Your personal recovery plan is on the back of this paper.


If you would like more support, we offer: • Reminders for medicines, appointments • Suggestions for diet, exercise, and more


To sign up Visit and use the code Giovanni M to personalize your plan. Or call me at 338 387 5933 and I’ll set you up,

This service includes: • Personal Recovery Plan in this kit • Reminders for medicines, appointments • Suggestions for diet, exercise, and more To sign up Visit and use the code Giovanni M to personalize your plan. Or call me and I’ll set you up.

phone 33 83 87 59 33

Your Steward,

Giacomo Rossi


Xing H.

Introduction 13

The Service Giovanni’s Recovery Plan

A Scenario Personalized recovery plan

Your Medicine: Lamisil


Questions & Notes question?______________________________ ________________________________________


answer ________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

at night with food

question?______________________________ ________________________________________

12 weeks

answer ________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

Your Diagnosis: Toenail Fungus DO • Wash your toe often • Clean nail clippers after each use

DON’T • Wet toes in socks • Walk barefoot in public places

For more information on Toenail Fungus visit:

notes __________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

Question prompts and note space 14

The Service

A Scenario Explanation of service features, calls to action



For pills, appointments you can choose: • SMS, email, phone • Time of day • How many days Call your steward to join, or learn more at:

NEW SMS Hi Giovanni. Remember to take your anti-fungal pills today at noon. -Giacomo

Dear Giovanni, Because of your interest in running, we suggest spending a special Sunday at the Milan City Marathon.

Suggestions events

Dear Giovanni, #!%# " !" #$!#!"! !#%"" "% " 

#% # %



$$$ "" # "$ 



Sunday, February 26th 9:30 AM

News and Tips you can learn about:


Parco Sempione, Arch of Peace

• Exercise • Diet • Local Events Call your steward to join, or learn more at:

sign up Your Steward,

Suggested local event email notice

Xing 15

The Service

A Scenario

Health Diary An easy-to-carry notebook to help patients remember their specific medical conditions. Useful in sharing with a doctor.

date date_________________________ _________________________ condition condition___________________ ___________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Front Cover

Pages for recording health events, symptoms

Back Cover


The Service

A Scenario 4 Long after Giovanni has been cured, he still finds the Apple a Day suggestions service useful. Giovanni reads an email from Welfare Italia featuring an event he may be interested in. Now that his toenail fungus is cured, thanks to the recovery plan, he can sign up for his very first marathon!


Concept Assessment Testing the Concept with Staff Testing validated many of the core concepts of the Apple a Day service. Quotes • “It should be possible to avoid redundancy, and the patient can immediately have a clear situation, without having to call again to ask basic information.” • “With clear information from the beginning, the doctor and patient can save time. Also, the steward can be an important contact point every time...” • “The steward can make sense of the medical report to make suggestions in an informal way... providing care and a warm feeling.”

reminder can be “ The an important service,

especially for people like old and solitary patients... Welfare Italia nurse

” 18


For Patients

• Better and faster recovery - behavior guide (type, timing, correctness) - understandable language - aids to memory • A personal relationship with someone who can answer questions directly and is not intimidating or lacking time • Tools to be empowered in understanding illness and improving their health, in the form of suggestions

For Welfare Italia

• Direct patient enquiries efficiently • Solve patient post-visit problems correctly • Doctors and reception staff can focus on core duties • Word-of-mouth marketing • Be trusted by patients






dailymile The Carrot


Proposed Future Development “... people want to be recognized across service touch points in all their health care interactions...” Frog Design

• Apple a Day interactive

• Monitoring • Save medical data

• Share information on the Welfare Italia network 21

Next Steps 1

Another prototype • Involve the doctor, steward and patient to test service journey and get feedback.


Proposal • Recovery plan: Set up a system to engage doctor with steward effectively. • Reminder: Build a platform to organize the patient time table including pill time and next appointment. • Suggestion: Seek partnership from gym, publishing company, government or other businesses to provide better services.


Go back to the center to get feedback


Apply this service to another center 22

Thank You! Xing, Dilara, Francesco, & John


An Apple a Day - A Healthcare Service Design Project  

A small intervention in the patient journey to provide a personalized recovery service and a steward to guide the patient after the visit.

An Apple a Day - A Healthcare Service Design Project  

A small intervention in the patient journey to provide a personalized recovery service and a steward to guide the patient after the visit.