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Texas Barrel Horse Australian Shepherd and English Bulldogs Ranch Our ranch is in Blue Ridge, Texas about 55 NE of Dallas. We have Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, English Bulldogs and horses here at the ranch. I have two children and we enjoy owning and raising these beautiful dogs here at the J Bar T Ranch. We are a home and family based breeder (we are not a kennel).We believe our Bullies and Aussies should be able to run, play and be a part of our family. So you can be ensured that our adult dogs and puppies are socialized with other dogs and people and receive lots of attention and love. We have large yards with walk in cottage style dog houses with doggie doors that have heat and a/c in them. A lot of the time our dogs are running free on our ranch with us and all of them spend some time in our house being a close part of our family. We take pride in taking care of our dogs and provide them with the best nutrition, shelter and social environment possible! While Aussies and Bulldogs are both great family dogs that are excellent with children they are also very different in many ways. Please go to their individual pages on our website for specific breeding formation and to see why we have fallen in love with both of these breeds. We have puppies available almost year round and provide stud and breeding services including progesterone testing and artificial insemination. My name is Tracy Mahan-Paskero and along with my ranch manager, Lorrie Parrish, we are the caretakers in breeding and raising these beautiful dogs that we love.

Along with the dog breeding I also raise and train barrel horses. I occasionally have barrel horses or prospects for sale. You can check our barrel horse and prospect pages for available horses. CONTACT US for more information on our puppies or stud and breeding services. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


By my heritage, we are a herder and guardian. Sometimes our instinct to herd can be mistaken as "meanness" when we are trying to herd other animals and/or children. Nipping at the ankles is not an uncommon trait in young Aussies with herding instinct, but is easily discouraged with a gentle shake and an "ah-ah" sound. Aussies, properly trained and socialized make wonderful companions; we are highly intelligent, loyal, affectionate and protective of our property and our human family. Our high-spirits and eagerness to please make us an easy to train dog who will generally show great enthusiasm for learning new things and being challenged on a daily basis. Aussies excel in the show ring, trial arena, obedience ring, and they can be wonderfully athletic agility and fly ball

dogs. Our high energy makes us a serious candidate for lots of daily exercise and play. Aussies are generally good with children and other pets, although they usually try to keep the "herd" together! With strangers, Aussies can be aloof and show reserve but this should not be taken as shyness, they are generally just keeping an eye on things and making sure that the new person is acceptable before making them a friend. As a rule if you, as their owner, tell them the person is acceptable they will accept your word for it. Once an Aussie makes a friend, they are a friend for life.

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Texas barrel horse australian shepherd  
Texas barrel horse australian shepherd  

Our ranch is in Blue Ridge, Texas about 55 NE of Dallas. We have Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, English Bulldogs and horses here at...