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Bulletin Board Locations Open for Public Use Please note that all boards are cleared of materials at the end of each semester, summer session,  or as required. Most bulletin boards are open, but need building contact to gain access to locked  boards. Building and Building Code Ball Residence Hall  (BR) Business (BS)



1126 West Michigan Street 801 West Michigan Street

BR 134 2nd Floor South Wing Near Room 2009

Coleman Hall (CF)

1140 West Michigan Street

Dental School (DS)

1121 West  Michigan Street

Basement Lounge

Education (ES)

902 West New York  Street

2nd Floor North Wing Near Room 2100

Engineering/ Technology (ET)

799 West Michigan  Street

Herron School of Art  (HF and HM)

Location For Contact  (if any)

CF 124 DS 105

ET 219

1701 North Pennsylvania

HF ­ 1st Floor HM ­ Basement

Lecture Hall (LE)

325 N. University

North Concourse

Medical Science (MS)

635 Barnhill Drive

Basement Lounge ­ North

MS 164

Nursing (NU)

1111 Middle Drive

1st Floor Lounge

NU 138

Physical Education  (PE)

901 West New York Street

1st Floor Student Lounge

Science (SL/LD)

723 West Michigan Street

Student Activities  Center (UC)

815 West Michigan  Street

Union Building (UN) University Library  (UL)

PE 251 or PE  252 LD 222

1st floor Next to UC 132

620 Union Drive 755 West Michigan  Street

HF 201

UN 153 Lounge in basement Student Study/Vending Rm.

UL 0120

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List of Open Boards  

List of Open Boards

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