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1 INT. CHINESE RESTAURANT EARLY EVENING 1 AS JASON FINISHES UP HIS DINNER AT THE CHINESE RESTAURANT WHERE HIS SIGNED KOBE BRYANT SHOE IS NOW ON DISPLAY, HE DECIDED TO WALK TO THE OFFICE IN THE BACK TO SEE IF HE CAN MAKE A DEAL WITH THE OWNER TO RECOVER HIS SHOE. JASON (Knock, Knock) Hi Sir, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my dinner very much. OLD MAN Oh that's great, what did you have? JASON I had the beef with broccoli and a the egg drop soup. Both were very good. OLD MAN Good good, well we hope to see you again thanks for coming by. JASON Umm, there's actually something else I wanted to talk to you about. You know that Kobe Bryant signed sneaker in your display case? OLD Oh yeah, It's a great deal, Kobe, all our the shoe.

MAN awesome. I got it for people in China love customers talk about

JASON Yeah I bet. Look, I'm just going to be honest. That shoe used to be mine. I sold it to Bill, the man you purchased it from. I have been having a very rough few weeks and sold a bunch of my things in an attempt to get some sort of fresh start. I don't know why I did it, I realized all of those things meant something to me, something I can't replace. YOUNG MAN So you came here to get your shoe back, right?


JASON Yeah man, I had to at least try. My cookie after dinner said "Decide what you want, and go for it." So that's what I'm doing. I'm trying man, I'm trying. YOUNG MAN Hahaha. Funny, those cookies are written so that everyone thinks they're destined for them. They don't actually mean shit. Can you make us an offer for the shoe? OLD MAN Tao, sit down. Jason, I respect you coming down here and doing what you need to do. But I can't just give you the shoe. If you don't mind, I am in the process of passing ownership to Tao over there and I'm very busy. My books haven't been updated in years and I can't transfer ownership until the books are updated. I'm sorry I can't do more for you son. JASON Wait, I have an offer for you. I am skilled accountant and I recently lost my job. I have a lot of time and I can fix your books and oversee the transfer process. You'll save a lot of money having me do it than hiring someone else. OLD MAN Interesting, but you might have something. I'll let you start working on my business. I'm not going to pay you for the books, but if you do it you get your shoe. But listen man, you seem like a good kid. If you do a good job with my business, I'll introduce you to the community commerce network, and some people that are in need of a good accountant. We pay for top quality so make sure you do a good job. YOUNG MAN This is my business now man. Don't fuck this up and we'll be ok.


JASON You got it guys.

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