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   Mysterious  Mary   By  Jane  Ellis  Brown   Chapter  I   On  a  frosty  winter  night  it  was  my  sister  Emily’s  birthday.  She   has  been  waiting      since  she  was  five  for  the  biggest  chocolaty   cake  ever.    As  I  was  pouring  an  entire  bag  of  sugar  into  to  the   rich  creamy  batter  I  heard  a  horrified  shriek  come  from  my   sister.  I  dropped  the  creamy  over  sugared  chunks  of  sweet  on   the  floor  and  ran  down  the  hallway  to  her  room.  When  I  got   there  the  window  was  open  with  wind  colder  than  a  glacier   blowing  through.  The  lights  went  out!  I  heard  another  shriek   and  they  flickered  back  on.  There  was  a  blood  trail  as  red  as   the  devils  piercing  eyes  that  went  up  and  out  the  window.  I  had   a  sick  feeling  in  my  stomach  of  the  thought  of  my  sister  being   dead  on  her  birthday.  

Chapter II   I  started  to  cry,  whimper,  and  freak  out,  all  the  things  that  lead  to  sadness.    I  ran  to   the  kitchen  and  fell  to  the  floor  in  what  was  supposed  to  be  a  cheerful  cake  but  was   now  a  dark  pile  of  sadness.  When  I  needed  to  lift  my  head  out  of  my  hands  and  catch   my  breath  after  crying  so  hard  I  realized  the  room  was  pitch  black  with  nothing  in   sight.  I  looked  around  and  saw  a  ghost  staring  at  me  with  pulsing  red  eyes.  I  looked   to  my  left  and  saw  a  knife  dripping  blood  as  red  as  her  eyes.  I  was  shivering  like  a   puppy  out  in  the  cold.  Then  she  asked  me  for  my  name  I  said  Mary  stuttering  several   times.  Stuttering  several  times  I  managed  to  say  Mary.  Then  I  asked  for  hers  kind  of   sounding  sassy  and  scared  mixed  together.  She  said  it  was  also  Mary.  Bloody  Mary.  

Chapter III  

I was  running,  running  from  that  name.  I  heard  stories   about  her  but  I  didn’t  think  they  were  true.  Then  people   teased  me  about  being  Bloody  Mary.  I  was  traumatized   by  that  awful  person…  ghost…  creeper…  I  don’t  know  

what to  call  her.  I’m  just  running.  I  turn  to  look  behind   me  and  end  up  tripping.  I  see  she  is  less  than  thirty  feet   away.  I  stumble  to  stand.  While  I’m  running  I  see  the  tall   brown  trees  in  the  bright  and  cheerful  woods.  Even   though  I  thought  the  woods  wouldn’t  be  bright  and   cheerful  at  night  it’s  better  than  sleeping  with  a  ghost.   As  soon  as  I’m  in  the  woods  I  climb  a  tree  hoping  she   won’t  see.  While  I’m  in  the  tree  she  comes  by  trying  to   find  me.  When  she  can’t  she  lights  up  in  flames.  Then   she  goes  away.  I  was  thinking  I  was  safe  but  not  for   long.  I  decided  to  stay  for  the  night  for  two  reasons.  A   ghost  or  a  bear  might  attack  one  if  I  came  down.  Also  I   was  scared  to  go  back  to  the  house  thinking  ghost   invaded  it.    As  soon  as  it  became  dark  I  decided  to  go   higher.  

Chapter IV  

I woke  up  startled  by  a  banging  noise.  Believe  it  or  not  it   was  bloody  Mary  holding  an  ax  trying  to  cut  down  the   tree.    I  screamed  thinking  of  what  to  do.  Then  it  hit  me   literally  a  branch  two  feet  away.  I  jumped  to  it  and  was   on  another  tree.  As  soon  as  I  landed  on  the  tree  the   other  tree  fell.  Down  at  the  bottom  there  was  Bloody   Mary  as  searching  for  me  in  the  tree  ruble.  When  she   couldn’t  find  she  got  so  mad  she  broke  the  ax  acting  like   it  was  a  twig.  Then  she  realized  I  was  in  another  tree.   She  got  so  mad  at  herself  for  breaking  the  ax.  She   grabbed  a  sharp  shard  from  the  ax  and  cut  her  head  off.       Since  she  was  a  ghost  no  pain.  All  she  did  was  put  it   back  on  and  glide  away.  The  next  thing  I  thought  was   find  better  shelter.  As  I  was  climbing  down  I  saw  

something moving  in  the  woods  it  looked  scared  and   lost.  I  got  a  closer  look  and  realized  it  was  my  sister.   Chapter  V   Next  thing  I  knew  I  was  walking  towards  the  girl  that   looked  like  my  sister.  She  turned  with  a  start  and   screamed  for  my  name.  I  was  hoping  she  was  real  so  I   ran  towards  her  about  to  hug  to  see  if  I  would  fall   through  her  or  not.  Turns  out  she  was  real.  As  soon  as   we  greeted  and  said  things  like  I  love  you,  I  thought  you   were  dead  I  told  her  we  need  to  find  better  shelter.  She   offered  to  go  to  the  house  but  I  told  her  it  was  not  safe.   She  wanted  to  know  why  but  I  decided  not  to  tell  her  so   she  wouldn’t  scream  her  head  off  and  attract  ghosts.   Next  we  walked  in  the  direction  we  thought  was  north.   We  had  been  walking  for  a  while  and  I  noticed  that  a   tree  fell.  I  looked  around  and  there  were  lots  of   branches.    I  thought  we  should  stay  on  high  ground  so  I   thought  of  a  tree  house.  Emily  thought  that  was  a  great   idea.  Luckily  it  was  6:00  in  the  morning  so  we  had   enough  time  to  build  it.  Then  I  realized  we  didn't  have   hammers  and  bolts  but  Emily  suggested  we  just  fit  the   branches  together  and  snap  them  place.  After  eight   hours  of  work  it  was  done.  It  was  actually  pretty  nice   there  three  rooms  two  bedrooms  and  one  kitchen  and   living  area.  Next  we  covered  the  ladder  in  onions,   pumpkins,  vanilla,  tomatoes,  and  leaves.  All  the  things   that  evil  spirits  hate.  Next  thing  we  new  it  was  8:00pm   so  we  decided  to  go  in  the  tree  house  to  be  on  the  safe   side.  Once  we  got  inside  we  decided  to  make  dinner  a   leaf  salad,  berries,  and  boiled  tree  bark.  As  soon  as  we  

finished we  wanted  to  look  out  side  at  the  peaceful   wilderness.  Squirrels  jumping  from  tree  to  tree,  mama   birds  chirping  to  their  babies  saying  rest  now,  and  the   beautiful  twinkling  stars.  But  it  wasn’t  peaceful  at  all   there  she  was  Bloody  Mary  trying  to  get  us  again.  This   time  she  was  trying  to  burn  the  tree.  Except  all  she  had   was  a  matchbox.  Emily  and  I  were  calm  we  didn’t  think   she  could  make  it  light.  But  we  were  wrong  she  actually   made  the  tree  catch  fire.  So  I  panicked.  But  I  was   prepared.  At  the  push  of  a  button  the  whole  tree  house   turns  into  a  tiny  box.  Emily  and  I  climbed  out,  clicked   the  button  and  grabbed  the  box.  We  jumped  from  tree   to  tree  until  we  couldn’t  see  Bloody  Mary  anymore.   When  she  noticed  she  was  confused  and  madder  than   ever.  She  lit  up  in  flames  cut  off  her  head  put  it  back  on   and  glided  away.  

Stay tuned  for  Chapter  IV…   By  Jane  Ellis  Brown  

Mysterious Mary  
Mysterious Mary  

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