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1 MARCH 2011

Sales & Business Leaders - ‘Hot Topics’ For those companies who survived the recession the new challenge is to switch focus to a mindset of growth. For some this means continued re-organisation and even re-invention. For others it means building on the decisions taken during the three years of trading in the toughest of economic climates. i2i polled fifty sales and business leaders to gain their views on what they saw as the priorities amongst the following ‘hot topics’ : Strategic priority to better understand and get closer to customers... 81% Aligning organisational processes to best serve customer needs......... 80% Creating a ‘customer experience’ mentality - going the extra mile...... 66% Create a culture that is viewed as ‘the best place I ever worked’......... 53% Understanding, adapting and embedding principles of leadership...... 51% One customer, one team - bridge the gap from knowing to doing...... 41% Living through re-organisation - then what ?......................................... 40% % Priority Response

The top three responses were all customer related and the feedback generally demonstrated a strong trend towards focus on the customer. One leader commented, “Each relationship with a client has to be based on a couple of simple principles. Deliver what you promised, know your client and recognise your client in each and every touch moment. Understand the role that your services have in your client’s core business goals, give pro-active advice to your clients in the areas of your expertise. Organisations have to build around these principles, including sales organisations”. Equally strong was the trend to switch focus from survival of the recession to regeneration and growth - perhaps a signal that businesses are entering a green shoots period. A common view was that whilst living through re-organisation is a hot topic for today, it will soon be overtaken by the need to create a ‘best place to work’ culture.

One leader commented, “creating the best place to work will become the hot topic of tomorrow, but I don’t believe it is yet taking off as it could/ should. However, it will become (a hot topic) when top management realise that retaining and developing talent needs to be one of their key priorities”.

Survey feedback showed signs of economic recovery

Other leaders spoke about the level of competition in the tougher market conditions and about the difficulty of survival unless meeting customer expectations. However even those implementing further initiatives to minimise cost were still focused on improving the customer experience.

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i2i Business Leaders Survey 2011  
i2i Business Leaders Survey 2011  

i2i Business Leaders Survey 2011