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In 1999,  filmmaker  Jeremy  Gilley  founded  Peace  One  Day,  a  non-­‐profit  organisa/on,  and  in  2001   Peace  One  Day’s  efforts  were  rewarded  when  the  member  states  of  the  United  Na/ons  unanimously   adopted  the  first  ever  annual  day  of  global  ceasefire  and  non-­‐violence  on  21  September  –  Peace  Day.

Peace One  Day’s  objec/ve  is  to  ins/tu/onalise  Peace  Day  21  September,  making  it  a  day  that  is   self-­‐sustaining,  an  annual  day  of  global  unity,  a  day  of  intercultural  coopera/on  on  a  scale  that   humanity  has  never  known.

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are utilized, often in a localized fashion or large network of individual cells, to convey or promote a product on the idea. The term guerrilla marketing is comes from guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare uses typical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment.

These are some examples of guerilla advertisement. They are all very unique and capture peoples attention. This is interesting because it gives you an idea how up close and personal photographers get to the animals they are taking pictures o.

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This is a brainstorm what our group done to get some ideas flowing for peace one day.

Individuals will  write  what   peace  means  to  them,  put  the   message  inside  the  balloon,   and  then  at  precisely  1pm   release  the  balloon  into  the   air.   Whoever  finds  the  balloon   follow  the  instruc/ons  of  ‘pop   me  please.’   Take  a  picture  of  the  message,   upload  to  twiQer  or  Facebook   and  other  social  networks   ‘hashtag2AS1.’

Loyalty Card      

This idea  does  not  promote  peace  however  it  does  no/fy  people   about  peace  one  day  through  using  a  widely  used  franchise  such   as  Starbucks.  Customers  can  collect  peace  s/ckers  found  on  the   coffee  cups  and  put  them  on  their  loyalty  card,  once  they  have   collected  a  certain  amount  of  s/ckers  then  can  collect  a  free  hot   drink.  Also,  we  could  put  leaflets  about  peace  one  day  around   the  shops  as  many  people  oWen  like  to  read  whilst  having  a   coffee.  

Paper Chains  

This idea  is  to  create  paper  chains  with  messages   about  peace  one  day  on  them  and  place  them   around  popular  areas,  this  idea  could  catch  peoples   eyes  as  it  is  unusual,  there  could  also  be  spaces  for   people  to  add  their  own  views  on  peace  to  make   the  idea  more  interac/ve.    

What is  our  concept?  

  #2AS1  PEACE  ONE  DAY,  Collec/vely  we  came  up  with  a  slogan  ‘together  as  one’  wriQen  in  the   style  ‘2gether  as  1’  The  numbers  within  the  slogan  highlight  the  date  off  peace  one  day  21st September  2013.  To  develop   this  into  a  concept,  which  can   be  adapted  throughout  the   world,  we  came  up  with  an   idea  off  releasing  white   balloons  at  1pm.    The  balloons   metaphorically  represent  the   white  flag  raised  during  a  war   or  fight  of  some  sort,  along   with  this  people  will  be  given   the  opportunity  to  wear  white   clothing  on  this  day.    Every   person  will  be  en/tled  to  a   balloon,  given  the  opportunity   to  personalize  it  by  adding  a   peace  encouragement   message  inside  the  balloon  to   the  unknown  person  who  finds   it.


This  idea  is  to  spray  peace  related   graffi/  in  the  style  of  Banksy  promo/ng   peace  one  day  in  an  eye  catching   no/ceable  way,  the  graffi/  could   include  the  peace  one  day  logo,  along   with  the  logo  we  created  and  an  image   that  promotes  peace  one  day.    

Example of  bansky  

Peace One Day  

Peace one day 1

Peace One Day  

Peace one day 1