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Fitness Challenge: Changing the Face of Girls who Run

Goal Strategy Create a lifestyle marketing campaign that caters to a wide audience and combines two entities, Being Mary Jane (TV Show) and Black Girls Run (Motivational Program), which have major influence the multicultural community.

This will continue to amplify Reebok’s holistic fitness positioning while inspiring the “Fit Generation” and showcaseing the brand’s pinnacle footwear and apparel offerings.


To launch lifestyle products for women who traditionally are seen as fitness challenged. We will activate strategic influencers to deliver products and services that motivate them.

Being Mary Jane Gabrielle Union, who in real life is engaged to basketball player Dwayne Wade, portrays Mary Jane Paul (MJ), a beautiful, successful and well-educated news anchor. She is extremely good at what she does and is very personable. Mary Jane seems to have it all, but there is a catch. She is caught in a love triangle that causes her a significant amount of stress. She is trying to keep cool and balance

her personal and professional life. To deal with it all, Mary Jane is often seen relieving tension at the gym or lounging around the house in active wear. Mary Jane is also an avid runner. When MJ is not working, or under stress, she’s very involved with her family and close friends. She does her best to always support them and is always willing to offer her opinion about their individual journeys.

Black Girls Run! Black Girls RUN! is a fun and collaborative running program. With over one-hundred thousand women joining the movement since 2009, it has been instrumental in reducing obesity in the African - American community. This program provides encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners. The mission of Black Girls RUN! is to encourage African-American women to make fitness and healthy living a priority.

BGR Demographics

Being Mary Jane

Black Girls Run!


Debut at 4 Million Viewers

60K Unique Visitors a month

35 - 44 (39.4%)

2.0 rating

99K Facebook Likes

Marital Status

900K Facebook Followers

5K Instagram Followers

Single (62.9%) Married (37.1%)

47K Instagram Followers

1, 267 Pinterest Followers 44 K Email Distribution List 61K Members 200 Brand Ambassadors

College Educated or Higher (78.7%) Household Income $75K (47.4%)

35K Twitter Followers

BET No. 1 Cable Network in African-American Households Target Audience:18 - 49 91 Million Viewers



• Product Launches in Store with Gabrielle Union Appearances Scene Treatment • Create a Buzz by Having Fitness and Fashion After a stressful week with her on again off again Bloggers Testing and Create Content for Products beau Andre, Mary Jane feels like she needs to refresh • Create a Blogging Experience During Events and herself. She decides to train for a marathon. With the Airing of TV Show (i.e. Watch Parties) impending health of her ill mother and the birth of • Create Video Content with Gabrielle Union her young niece’s second child, she has them in mind. Talking about the Importance of Fitness on BET’s She teams with the organization Black Girls RUN! and Website completes a marathon. Mary Jane leaves refreshed and accomplished; just another thing under her belt. • Create Video Content with founders of Black Girls Although her fitness goals are in tact she still needs to RUN! on encourage herself with her personal relationships. • Create Interviews w/ Stylists Giving Product Reviews on Implementation • Promote Show w/ Banners on • Use Current Relationship with Spotify to Create • Social Media Team tweeting before during and Branded Running Soundtracks after airing of #BMJ #ReebokBGR #FitnessGirls • Sponsor Black Girls RUN! Marathon • Polyvore Contest asking viewers to create the most • Product Placement on Being Mary Jane and stylish sets with new collection (sneak peak) Throughout Black Girl RUN’s National Marathons “It’s Time to Sweat W/ Your Sole”



We will create transitional clothing that double as both fitness gear and lifestyle wear. The focus will be on innovation for ultimate perfomrance and ease of wearing. It will maintain the best support and comfort. These core items will have the ability to be mixed-and-matched. So much style she will be inspired to work out. Items • • • • • • • •


Cropped Hoodies Leggings Loose Sweat Pants Shoes Personalized Laces Supportive Bras Headbands Onesies

Colors • • • • • •

Black & White Graphic Prints Pink Grey Black Gold Metallic

Key Design Components • Racerback • Mortorcyle jacket • Supportive and Sexy Undergarments • High Waist • High Fashion



Reebok proposal  
Reebok proposal